The Change of Times

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Royals or similar absolute power systems have been governing territories for thousands of years. Today, some countries still have royals, either for ceremonial purposes or having great power. These countries include the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. Though there are a select few powerful coutnries with royals, today, most countries are democracies for a reason. Royals shouldn't still be in power and democracies should be structured.

United Kingdom has been recieving attention for its new royal crowned. King Charles the 3rd was crowned after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. Queen Elizabeth had the longest hold of power in history, and many believe the U.K.'s royalty should have ended with her death. The royal's power in the U.K. was largely ceremonial as of currently, while Queen Elizabeth's power during her span of rule was greatly more. With the royal's power as of now, a democracy that could govern the U.K. would significantly allow the country to prosper because of the greater desicions that could be made by a large governing body.

Saudi Arabia also has a royal family. The senate of Saudi Arabia is always made up of members or distant members of the royal family, and the King is always the next oldest male in line. Saudi Arabia's government and King have immense power because of being and autocracy. The government monopolizes the oil industry for neighboring countries, and there is fear of Saudi Arabia emptying deposits of oil. A democracy would have a large impact on the business decisions in the country, as many citizens aren't allowed to create businesses. The country would then be able to have interactions with other powerful countries and develop.

America currently has a presidential democracy, where citizens are very much involved in government affairs, such as voting for decisions and representatives. A royal family being in power limits Americans' freedoms, having potential risks of another rebellion such as the American Revolution. Though some may say, "Royals make important decisions for citizens and their plan is to make their country become a better place," royals sometimes jeopardize the country and there is no one to stop them. Royals in our world today are inefficient, as democracies allow citizens to have a say and support the government.

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  • I really like your points active_forest you have clearly mention about the royal system followed in the two countries UK and Saudi Arabia but I have a small doubt you have mentioned that the government is following monopolize for extraction of oil and also in Saudi Arabia the oil deposits amount is decreasing but if a democratic system comes in force into that place will it decrease the amount of oil extracted?you have said that everyone should be allowed to create their own businesses on oil but what will happen to the oil deposits in there? even during now when the government alone is collecting the oil we are in a great risk of getting the oil deposits emptied but what will happen if everyone started to extract?will the people agree for monopolize in oil extraction if it was a democratic rule?or will they protest??

  • I feel the royals should be a little more modern because i was privileged to watch Kings Charles III coronation and it now looked at if that their whole concentration was on the crown not on the fact, he was going a rule a kingdom and also, they were still using carriages and horse which made it so old fashion.

    1. Change and renewal is an important point if it leads us to the better.
      I believe that the kings have a major role in attracting attention to their countries by preserving their heritage and customs and increasing tourism opportunities, so in my opinion this should not end, but they may not take full control of matters, but there must be advisors elected by the people to help them rule the country..
      I do not agree with you regarding chariots and horses. I liked this because they preserved their habits. Although they are old things, they are a beautiful thing with many advantages even in our present time. Horse riding is an enjoyable sport that many do not master. It also attracts everyone’s attention. There is even a unique authentic fort that participates in matches The world is watching...
      Using them as a means of transportation instead of cars helps to protect the land as well

    2. Sorry to say but I am not sure about this because that is their tradition and tradition means a way of belief that has been passed through generation so I believe people respect and maintain their tradition for example foreign kingdom mostly use horses and carriage even though it is old fashion to some people it is not to them.

    3. Hello, candid_keyboard!
      Well, I agree with you, the topic leading to this conversation is are royals relevant in our modern world. My honest answer is yes, simply because I feel royals carry such history ad tradition and I think it would be very rash and unfair to hash them out just because we feel they don't fit into the modern society. On the other hand I feel that if monarchs are actually going to be allowed to stay in our modern society they have to develop and uphold better ways which will conform to our modern society. Just as you have said the use of carriages looked totally old school even though they think it upholds tradition I think new ways and methods should be found to conform with our modern world, although I think that they fact that they concentrated on him being coronated and getting the crown is because his role is largely ceremonial as a monarch rather than the roles of monarchs that we were used to in previous centuries.
      I think the idea of having royals in the modern world is good but for them to remain they have to become modern royals.

  • I disagree with the notion that a royal family being in power would necessarily limit Americans' freedoms or jeopardize the country's well-being. In fact, there are many countries around the world that have constitutional monarchies where a royal family serves as a figurehead and does not hold significant political power.

    In these countries, citizens still have the right to vote and participate in their government affairs, just like in America. The role of the royal family is often ceremonial, and they may serve as an important symbol of national unity and tradition. It is unfair to assume that all royal families would make decisions that would be detrimental to their country. Like any other political leaders, members of a royal family could be well-educated and experienced, and may use their position to promote positive change and make important decisions for the benefit of their citizens.

  • It is true that Saudi Arabia has a royal family, and the government holds significant power due to the country's vast oil reserves. However, whether or not a shift towards democracy would have a positive impact on the country's economy is a much-debated topic.

    While democratic systems promote transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in decision-making, they are not always a panacea for economic growth and development. Some experts argue that autocratic systems can be more efficient in implementing economic policies and attracting foreign investment, particularly in countries with weak institutions and social divisions.

  • note that a royal family being in power goes against the essential principles of democracy and freedom. In a presidential democracy, citizens have the right to elect their representatives and participate in decision-making processes, ensuring that the government is accountable to the people.

    Having a royal family in power places all decision-making power solely in the hands of the monarchs, limiting citizens' ability to participate in the government's processes. History has shown that unchecked monarchy can lead to abuses of power, corruption and oppression which could potentially lead to rebellion and unrest.
    Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a presidential democracy to uphold the principles of democracy, freedom, and equality for all Americans.

  • My opinion at the beginning of the topic was that there should be a royal family in every country, and I also used to say that this would make the country more prosperous, and they would be role models for citizens, and citizens would be proud of them among countries

    But ... When I read your comment, I found that my opinion was incorrect. It is better for there not to be a royal family in the countries, and it is better that there be one king for them. I think this is enough, and I agree with the people who said that the royal family should end in the United Kingdom after the death of Elizabeth, and not only in the country United States but all over the world I think it will be somethingHe saw it as the longest reigning queen in history and the last queen