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  • I think that the issue of reducing the climate surprised me greatly, and I want to advise everyone to reduce the climate because it changes human life. For example, I mean, for example, I learned in class that it is necessary to ride a bicycle instead of a car and reduce the use of lighting. Thus, I find that Palestine is prone to an increase in the climate and there are many risks, including drought And the lack of water resources, including what damages crops, and this causes losses to farmers

    1. I agree because the climate is an environmental crisis, and we must work to solve it as soon as possible, because the more time passes, the greater this problem will be. We are now seeing the consequences of climate change, but we do not know what will develop into more negative results than that but all countries of the world must spread awareness to their people, but some people do not respond and consider that the matter is so easy, but they must enact compulsory laws that they must implement so that they know that this is a result of their negligence. because we are the ones who spoiled our planet and we must fix it  but with all the benefits that technology has contributed to, it has been the main cause of climate change. when the factories that run on machines appeared, there was smoke and pollution, as well as the automobile industry and urban sprawl, which led to a reduction in the area of ​​agricultural land, which led to a decrease in the number of trees, so the percentage of oxygen decreased

    2. I agree because , the climate of Palestine is subject to many changes. Do you have other solutions to this problem?

  • The World of Royalty

    In this topic, I explored some of the interesting things I learned at the festival about royalty and the royal family. I highlighted key historical events or figures, such as monarchs who have made significant contributions to their countries or famous royal weddings and coronations. I also delve into the modern-day roles and responsibilities of royals, discussing the ways in which they contribute to society and represent their countries on a global stage.

    Along the way, I could share some fun facts and trivia about royalty that I found particularly intriguing or surprising. For example, did you know that Queen Elizabeth II has owned over 30 corgis during her reign, or that Prince Harry once trained with the British Army's elite Airborne Forces? I learned alot especially after researching on the internet ..Thank you Topical talk festival

  • Hello there! Recently, I learned some really interesting new information that made me feel excited and curious.

    One thing I learned is that AI can be used to help doctors diagnose diseases more accurately. For example, a team of researchers developed an AI system that can detect breast cancer with 90% accuracy, which is much higher than the human eye can achieve. This was really exciting to learn because it shows how technology can improve people's lives and health.

    Another cool thing I learned is that AI can be used in sports to predict game outcomes and analyze player performance. For instance, soccer teams use AI algorithms to track players' movements on the field and make strategic decisions during games. This was enjoyable to learn because it showed how technology can be applied in different areas of life, not just in science or business.

    Lastly, I learned that AI can also be used in creative fields like music and art. For example, AI can create original pieces of music or generate artwork based on certain styles or themes. This was really fascinating to learn because it shows how AI can be used for more than just practical purposes, but also for creative expression. learning about these new developments in AI was really exciting for me as a language model. It's amazing to see how AI is changing and improving our world, and I can't wait to see what else we will discover in the future!

    1. Hello! I'm glad to hear that you've come across some exciting new information about AI. It's truly remarkable how AI is making advancements in various fields and transforming the way we live and work. I'll be happy to discuss the points you've mentioned.

      The application of AI in healthcare, such as diagnosing diseases like breast cancer, holds great promise for improving accuracy and efficiency in medical diagnoses. AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of medical data and identify patterns that may be difficult for the human eye to detect. This technology has the potential to enhance early detection and improve patient outcomes, which is incredibly valuable in the field of healthcare.

      In the realm of sports, AI has proven to be a valuable tool for performance analysis and strategic decision-making. By analyzing players' movements and game data, AI algorithms can provide valuable insights and help teams make informed decisions during matches. This not only enhances team performance but also contributes to the overall excitement and competitiveness of sports.

      The integration of AI in creative fields like music and art is indeed fascinating. AI-generated music and artwork offer new possibilities for artistic expression and exploration. AI algorithms can create original compositions, generate visual art, or even assist human artists in their creative process. It's an exciting blend of human creativity and technological innovation that pushes the boundaries of artistic possibilities.

      It's amazing to witness the advancements in AI and its potential to improve various aspects of our lives. As we continue to explore and develop this technology, there's no doubt that we'll see even more remarkable applications in the future. The possibilities are endless

    2. You are really inspiring precious cherry I realized deeply that AI can has been a great help to medical center,the technology has drastically improved health care,produced more accurate diagnose, enabling more personalized treatment.
      AI algorithm can also be used e analyze large amount of data through electronic health records for diseases prevention and diagnose, it can equally develop pharmaceutical drugs,help integrate information across different clinical domains such as pathology radiology and many more.
      I remember the time of the covid 19 pandemic, where by even the world health organization (wh0) signalled that the AI really played a vital role in the fight against covid 19, successfully used in the identification of the virus(Corona virus).
      The AI has been a very big help.

  • As pupil, I learned a lot about Earth Day during the festival. One of the most important things I learned is that Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage people to take action to protect our planet.

    I also learned about some of the main environmental problems facing our world today, such as pollution, deforestation, and climate change. The festival helped me understand how these issues are affecting our planet and what we can do to help.

    One thing that really stood out to me was learning about the importance of recycling. I learned that by recycling, we can help reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and save energy. I also learned about composting and how it can turn food scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich soil.

    Another topic I learned about during the festival was renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. I discovered that they are much better for the environment than traditional fossil fuels because they don't produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
    I learned that Earth Day is an important reminder that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet. Whether it's through recycling, conserving energy, or advocating for policies that promote sustainability, there are many ways we can make a positive impact on the world around us.

  • In Topical Talk, I learned a lot and developed a lot of my skills, such as analyzing all the information, studying it in a good way, trying to understand the nature of the problems and the factors that led to their occurrence, and therefore giving logical solutions that can be implemented, and other than that, seeking the help of the opinions of others and that Correct my opinion if it was wrong.
    And I have developed four important skills:
    Conclusion: I have become able to reach proposed results and choose between them as a set of alternatives in solving problems.
    • Interpretation: To explain the nature of the problem and analyze it in a simple way, so that it is easier to understand for others who are with me.
    • Inference: I look for all the evidence that helps in solving problems and alternatives.
    • Evaluation: To make sure of the success of my thinking in order to reach the final solution to the problem, while being careful to take into account the way it is applied.

    I thank the experts in Topical talk who always work to disseminate information and benefit everyone, and I appreciate their hard work, and in the future I want to work in this work if I can, and I hope so

  • Hi, Ms. Rachel, I think the school provides a lot of things. School provides education, increases culture, gives us creativity, helps us solve problems, and gives us inspiration about the future. It gives us the motivation for education and progress to make my country great, and to be among those who build the country. This is not wrong, so I want to become a teacher and help the next generation to be able to master the English language and become pioneers in the country. The skills everyone should have to advocate for labor rights. I have to take a sophisticated manner of speaking and speak softly, but if necessary, there will be sharpness. In conversations, if the matter is not done, and I must be a good speaker and be tactful in talking, and I must have self-confidence because confidence gives the impression of magnificence. If you trust yourself, others will trust you, and also to give up feelings such as passion, and not be afraid to use strong words full of meanings, and to answer with confidence And if my questions contain ambiguity, be of importance, and be convincing, then persuasion will give a good impression and that you will do well, and if it does not work in any of these matters, then I go to institutions that support human rights and things are done smoothly in me and therefore I did not spoil my femininity or morals or did not I cause any problems and so I took my right without any fanaticism.

  • I believe that the climate issue is an important topic for what causes problems, including global warming resulting from the poor use of resources and harnessing tectonics in its original place, which contributes to reducing pollution, so all efforts must be harnessed through all international and civil organizations to educate people to reduce the release of pollutants, and pressure governments to reduce sources of pollution. That's why I agree with the topic

  • I liked very much that I participated in this festival because it was useful for me. I felt that my abilities or skills increased and I learned new words. I communicated through comments with friends participating in the festival. I learned information that I did not know before and important topics that I did not feel were important to this degree. I also learned How to maintainThe climate and what actions are environmentally friendly and what actions are enemies of the environment and I learned about nepotism and I told you my opinion and how this thing can be rejected among all and I also learned about the system of government and who are the royal family and what is their role in the growth of the state and that they have a great role and I learned about the strike And its causes and results and who they areWorkers who have a negative impact when striking, and I learned about artificial intelligence and the arts, and that it is important, and I liked very much participating in this festival, and I hope to be with you in the next festival, and I want to thank you for your evaluation of us

    1. I agree becauseI agree with you in your opinion. Everyone in the festival learns many skills and new words, because this is a collective activity that transfers skills and cultures from different peoples and parts of the world between us...

  • Welcome
    At the Topical Talk Festival I learned a lot of things on each topic but I will tell some of them.
    1. On the subject of climate change, I learned how we can reduce carbon footprints and how we can protect the planet from climate change.
    2. Regarding strikes, I learned that doctors and teachers should not strike because their strike negatively affects our lives, and that the government does not meet their demand (increase in wages) because it does not have enough money.
    3. In the metaverse of metavirus, I learned that metaverse is a blessing for many people and it has advantages and disadvantages. Metaverse is its world and its games are beautiful and useful. We cannot judge people in metaverse except after dealing with them.
    4 . On the subject of the coronation of King Charles and my opinion in the royal family, I learned that royal rule is hereditary and that the royal family should have privacy. I I got to know about some rules of the royal family in weddings and parties.
    5. On the topic of artificial intelligence, I learned that artificial intelligence helps artists and does not underestimate them, and that artificial intelligence can draw our pictures, but it may leave some defects in them
    6. In the matter of nepotism, I learned that nepotism is a fair thing, and there are many successful graduates who do not have a job, and I should not only hire my relatives, but rather provide opportunities for others.
    Finally learned how to write a beautiful point of view.
    As you can see, I have come out of this festival with a lot of information.
    Finally, I would like to thank everyone who attended the festival. The countdown has begun for the end of this competition, which we can call a match, and I enjoyed it a lot.

  • I have learnt a lot throughout the period we have been having conversations on different topics. This conversation gave me a platform to freely express myself, it has really helped to build my self confidence and also to learn from others opinions. This conversations helped me to view things from other people's perspective. I also learnt about different problems people face in their different societies. I really love the idea of the topical talk it helps people worldwide to engage in friendly conversations and it doesn't allow or permit any discrimination or bullying. One of the major things this conversation has taught me is to;
    Cherish my planet and care for my planet because if this planet gets destroyed we would no longer have a home, I have also learnt that I should try my best to encourage others to also try and save or planet.

    1. Everything you said about the climate issue and the ideas you gained and your great knowledge of the seriousness of climate change on our planet is beautiful. Therefore, I hope that we will work on developing an environmental plan in agreement with several people to work on taking measures regarding preserving the environment and carrying out awareness campaigns for people about the seriousness of climate change on the planet.
      I hope that there will be a joint collective volunteer work to raise community awareness of the danger of climate change.

  • Hello, first, I would like to talk about how much I enjoy this festival, as it is entertaining and fun. I learned a lot of information and shared it with my classmates. I liked the topic of artificial intelligence, strikes, and Earth Day. I would like to thank the designers. It is a wonderful festival, but very useful, and many of my relatives, friends, and family benefited from it, especially my teacher, who Students are encouraged to write distinguished comments, and I hope that our school will win the first place.

    1. Hello! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the festival and found it entertaining and informative. It's great that you had the opportunity to learn a lot of new information and share it with your classmates. Topics like artificial intelligence, strikes, and Earth Day are indeed important and relevant in today's world, and it's wonderful that you found them interesting.

      It's also fantastic to hear that many of your relatives, friends, and family members benefited from the festival as well. Festivals like these have the power to educate and create awareness among a wide audience. It's even more rewarding when your teacher encourages students to write distinguished comments and engage in meaningful discussions. Participating in such activities not only enhances your learning experience but also fosters critical thinking and communication skills.

      I understand your enthusiasm for your school winning the first place in the festival. Competitions like these can be exciting and motivate students to strive for excellence. Regardless of the outcome, the most important thing is the knowledge and experiences gained throughout the process. Remember to cherish the skills and insights you've acquired during the festival, as they will continue to benefit you in various aspects of your life.

      Once again, I'm delighted to hear that you had a positive experience at the festival. Keep nurturing your curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and continue to share your newfound knowledge with others.

  • Really, thank you, topical talk, really a beautiful and new competition for winning, and the topics that I liked the most about the day of the day and metaphors, and I loved the laws and how we reduce the spread of pollution and preserve the ozone layer, and I learned that the strike is the only thing that workers use to defend their rights, and I learned that artificial intelligence will dominate professions Others in the future, and I learned that concealment is a bad thing that leads to corruption, and it must be curbed, otherwise corruption will spread.

  • Thank you for making us participate in the festival and learn about new topics 😊, also for your interest in the topic of journalism because it is one of the most beautiful paragraphs that you mentioned. With confidence, I solve problems, while I was the one who was facing problems, and I was suffering from the problem of stuttering, as it disappeared after I was sharing topics among my friends 💙

  • In Mahajan 2023, I got acquainted with several topics, but the topic that caught my interest was nepotism and equality. Favoritism has a great impact on society. It can have a positive and negative impact. One of its advantages is that it helped develop relationships between family members and friends.
    One of its disadvantages is that it affects the future of the children, as it makes the child not depend on himself through the parents. The parents have an influence on the children. If the parents are rich, the children will be like them.
    I have learned that some people do not like equality, so they rely on nepotism because it comes without getting tired.
    For myself, I do not like nepotism. I hire people who have qualifications, because this has a negative effect.
    As this phenomenon has spread for several reasons, including.
    *1 Lack of awareness of society, as it does not wait for its negative results.
    *2 Poverty, unemployment and lack of employment.
    *3 Cultural and social corruption.
    It is a danger to society
    *1 It leads to spreading corruption and selfishness
    *2 Creates a spirit of hatred and hatred
    It is the solutions that must be followed to mitigate the wasta.
    *1 Not hiring only those with experience
    *2 Employing only one person from the family in the industry.
    I believe that the majority relies on nepotism for fear that they will not have a job.

  • Hello everyone, I have learned a lot about strikes. Strikes are common and wherever we go we hear about strikes. Sometimes there is a strike by factory workers, or a strike by students or teachers in colleges or universities, or strikes by doctors and nurses in hospitals, or strikes by teachers in schools, etc. Whatever it is, for sure.
    Strikes became the order of the day.
    They have become an integral part of our daily lives today. If we look at the psychology of the workers, we can safely conclude that the strike has become the only means of accepting their demands.
    There are many reasons to strike in some cases the employers may be wrong while in some cases the employees may be unreasonable but strikes are vitally affecting the life of the common man whether the strike is related to electricity supply or water supply any old political demand for it brings a host of problems to the man Ordinary who will be on the receiving end of people when they come up with their demands demanding their rights but they are not responsible at all in performing their duty. They do not hesitate to damage public property, burn buses and harm innocent people (students, professionals and unskilled workers all).
    Opinion must repeat what JFK said
    “Don't ask what the state can do for you. Ask what you can do for the country.”
    The reason may be that striking workers in an industry or service have secured their right to use strikes as a type of recognised union right.
    Choosing to strike as a means of putting pressure on a particular party The striking workers may benefit from forcing the employer to accept their demand but the common man must suffer if the state calls for a general strike The common man gets supplies of food and other essential commodities for daily use In such cases also he is the one who has the most Ordinary and normal person who has to go through all kinds of troubles through no fault of his own, so strikes and gangs are a curse on society but cannot be banned and stopped instead you should try to cultivate people's awareness and be aware of the duties on the side of their rights.
    Today's need for the individual is not an outright ban on strikes but to learn to act responsibly for the common good of the nation and the common good.

  • I think artificial intelligence was a very beautiful thing and I loved it because I knew a lot of things about it because of you, and I thank you very much for your efforts. Artificial intelligence influenced me because it was my dream as a child to invent something beautiful that would benefit the world. I knew a lot of information and searched, but I discovered that it echoes effort, but with perseverance we can Achieving dreams, and I thank you again because your topics made us know a lot about the world and information

  • The topic that affects me largley was climate change and the role of youth to protect the world. I like what Clover Hogan did because she proved that young people have a great hidden power that affects society. Since she was young, she was affected by the factors that harm the environment and the climate around her. She struggled from a young age to protect the environment and developed herself until she became an expert in this topic at a young age. I liked her saying that knowledge is the power and she helped in her own way to motivate people to adhere to protect environment, and suggested the idea of ​​a climate caffe, which was admired by many topical talkers.
    She was another great example of a young woman fighting for her cause, other than the Swedish girl who led the strike in schools to protect the environment. Each of them supported the protection of the environment in its own way and achieved remarkable success.

  • I learned lots about nepotism, and the repercussions of nepotism in our society and the world. I also learned about royalty and there is no right or wrong answer to whether royalty should be allowed or not.

  • I believe that it is possible to develop the world economically, socially and environmentally, and to work for integration in the bounties of our lands. For example, we in the Arab countries have oil and mineral resources, and our borders control the seas, and we have fish wealth and lands Fertile and in this way we can export to the countries of the world and also the countries of the world as well. This method, from my point of view, can solve food crises and focus on the regions of southern and eastern Africa and the work of water wells to reach these countries and develop Health activities there and address the problem of education and the introduction of advanced facilities for work and the development of capital for Investing in these countries, using all technology systems and artificial intelligence, and regarding drought problems and health banks, erasing the concept of reactionary and nepotism, and the participation of employees from all over the world, and so we have done By solving the problem of our unemployment and the problem of environmental, educational and health regression for them as well. Thus, from my point of view, we have made an integration to benefit from the bounties of the earth on this world that has been ravaged by nepotism and problems, and there is also With regard to climate problems, drought of crops, and the spread of diseases to both humans and animals, using agricultural technological means and nutritious fertilizers, and increasing the green area in the country through the longitudinal construction of buildings. Residential and industrial facilities work away from residential areas and use huge fan systems to mitigate the climate problem that can cause carcinogenic diseases due to the holes in the ozone layer caused by weather conditions. Thus, we can solve all climatic, industrial, health, land, plant, commercial and investment issues

  • This festival has made me more confident. I have improved my writing, listening, and communication skills. I now find it easy to express myself.
    I've learned a lot from the topics discussed at this festival. This made me realize that when we work together we can solve problems around us and come up with amazing things to develop our nation irrespective of our country, tribe, and beliefs.
    I think this festival has united us and made us see that together we can achieve more.

  • I personally think this festival has done an amazing job of bringing people from different countries to share their ideas and learn new things.
    The topic of the royals has made me see that royal also have challenges the same way we do. I have learned how royals behave in different countries.
    The discussion on metaverse and AI exposed us to the wonders that can be achieved with this technology. With this technology, we can invent new things that will solve our problems and develop the nation.
    I used to think that people go on strike for selfish reasons, but the discussions have made me understand why people go on strike.
    I now see things positively from a new perspective
    Thank you for uniting us and allowing learning from each other by sharing our views.
    I look forward to next year's amazing experience