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The news I feel strongly about is the cashless policy . It has been so pathetic ever since the... The news where you are 21/5/23
I agree with you for the fact that you made mention that a teenage girl needs a male to sponsor... The news where you are 21/5/23
You are really inspiring precious cherry I realized deeply that AI can has been a great help to... Tell us what you think! 21/5/23
What problem might AI cause if it can clone people's voice. We now live in the age where... Photos and voices 21/5/23
Yeah! Your points are really fancinating,I agree because striking on such an important... Which situation is best? 17/5/23
What should be done to make big corporation more climate friendly. The legal system has been... Climate change in court 16/5/23
Addiction: it is one of the challenges I face in the metaverse, because looking at the time I... Expert challenge: The metaverse 14/5/23
Yeah!you have really made an educating point here,I totally agree with you about your ideas ,but... What should be done? 14/5/23
Well,you have really made an educating point,you have enlightened me more in when nepotism... Where does nepotism start? 10/5/23
Your educating points really got me captivated, based on the two images given above,it made me... Thinking questions 09/5/23
What would you design in the metaverse using your creativity skills. As we all know,the rate at... Expert challenge: The metaverse 06/5/23
I agree with you,as I would also like to create a learning and teaching environment at the... Expert challenge: The metaverse 06/5/23
How can I make a difference if I do not agree about something. An Argument is best appreciated... Expert challenge: Earth Day 04/5/23
Well , taking a deep thinking at this topic I think there is nothing wrong with copying,as long... Inspiration... or stealing? 04/5/23
In my own point of view, and looking at how technology has made life easier and convenient I... Particular people 02/5/23
I got inspired through Leonardo Dicarprio through his efforts to take care of the planets and... Who inspires you? 30/4/23
I agree because... Everything in life has it own advantage and disadvantage same thing applies ... Teenagers and social media 28/4/23
I strongly believe with you and all your stated points,I am also going to choose sam for this... Pick ONE person 28/4/23