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In Mahajan 2023, I got acquainted with several topics, but the topic that caught my interest was... Tell us what you think! 18/5/23
Welcome The parents are rich, what an amazing thing. They had a baby girl. They named her... What should be done? 18/5/23
What if private schools turned into public? It will have its pros and cons: Of the... What should be done? 16/5/23
Yes, I think it has benefits from broadcasting demonstrators, because the monarchy era has... Not for everyone? 16/5/23
I do not agree with ideas 1 and 2, because this thought will have a negative impact on the first... What should be done? 15/5/23
Idea 1: Banning private schools This idea I do not like because through it we cannot reduce... What should be done? 15/5/23
I agree because...Killing their children's dream. I like your question. It depends on the... Nepotism poll results! 11/5/23
I agree becaI agree with you because when I hire a person from my relatives in my company, I... Nepotism poll results! 11/5/23
Hello, I will be frank in my answer in the future. I hope to have a private company whose way... Nepotism poll results! 11/5/23
I agree because... I agree with you. Favoritism is an accurate concept when a person wants to... Where does nepotism start? 10/5/23
I have two questions: *1 What is the reason for people using favoritism and not thinking about... Suggest a discussion! 10/5/23
Nepotism means favoring relatives or personal friends because of their kinship rather than their... Suggest a discussion! 09/5/23
It's a great test, because I didn't know that 46 countries live in a monarchy, what a fun... Test your knowledge 09/5/23
Do you think that there is a role for the monarchy in the modern world? I do not think, because... Are royals relevant? 09/5/23
After watching King Charles's coronation, I wondered how the children of the royal family... Suggest a discussion! 09/5/23
It is effective for artificial intelligence to provide effective means to develop art, but... Test your knowledge 04/5/23
Hello Mister Matthew🖐🖐 What is the dark and frightening side of social media and metaphysics,... ...Matthew Ball! 01/5/23
I agree that the worker has the right to strike, since the strike is the person's failure to... Can everyone strike? 19/4/23
It is an important test because it informs us of the effects of carbon dioxide and climate... Test your knowledge! 14/4/23
Law 3 is illogical. We cannot use electricity for only 5 hours a day. Electricity is used in... The law in your hands? 14/4/23