The Festival is coming to an end…


We are in the final week of Festival 2023!

Thank you to all of our Topical Talkers and Topical Talk teachers who have made it such a success. The discussions have been of a very high standard and we hope you have enjoyed your learning.

Your last day to add comments on the Hub will be this Thursday, but Standpoints will remain open so that you can submit any work that you do in class.

It’s time for our final question. What was your favourite part of Topical Talk Festival 2023? Choose one of the things below and explain why you chose it. Would you recommend other schools to take part in future?

  • Icon - Class

    Doing Topical Talk lessons in class

  • Icon - Competitions

    Taking part in competitions

  • Icon - Perspectives

    Experiencing new perspectives

  • Icon - Experts

    Hearing from experts

  • Icon - Other countries

    Learning new knowledge and skills

  • Icon - Other countries

    Talking to students from other countries

  • Icon - Standpoints

    Creating your Standpoints

  • Icon -

    Something else…?

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  • I'll go with option 5 (Learning new knowledge and skills ) because i have gain alot of knowledge and learn so many new things after participating in this fantastic festival .According to my opinion this type of festival should be held every year because it is really nice festival as we talk to the students of the other countries , gain alot of new knowledge and skills,and also as we experience new perspectives . I even emphasize my friends and cousins to participate in this talk festival and they also find it amazing .

    1. I agree with you that learning new skills and knowledge is an important thing, as the more a person acquires skills, the greater the chance of him getting a job and the ability to manage his life properly. The first question he asks in interviews and in life in general is always “what skills do you have?”.
      With regard to acquaintances, knowledge is linked to culture. The more a person knows, the more his culture and work increases.

  • As a pupil, I'm glad to have participated in Festival 2023 through Topical Talk. The discussions were indeed very engaging and informative, and I learned a lot from my fellow Topical Talkers and teachers. Thank you to everyone who made this festival a success!

  • Learn knowledge and skills...
    To be honest, I wasn't familiar with the story of King Charles' coronation and the information it gave us, so I loved this contest.
    In addition to talking with other students from other countries.
    I love talking to people from other countries and I love that they have questions and I share them with them.
    It was really a great competition
    I benefited from sharing information.
    Really a lot and I shared it with the class.

  • Hear from the experts...
    A doctor who was a journalist encouraged me to be like her, and enter great specialties with a position.
    That's why I liked his experience in both areas.
    I want to be like her.
    I advise everyone to strive.
    Therefore, my brothers, strive hard, study and succeed in order to be like her and enter the specialty that you love.

  • Welcome . This is a great question. Every part of Topical Talk Festival was a favorite of mine. But the most favorite part is talking with students from other countries. I am actually very shy when talking to new people but the topical talk festival allowed us to do so. I was able to overcome this shyness. Otherwise, it is the exchange of opinions, and this made me think that everyone has their own solutions, opinions, and points of view. And talking with new people from other countries made me get to know some of the laws and things in their countries and get to know other cultures. As an fitter person in this festival, I advise any school that did not participate in this festival to participate quickly, because it will benefit them. The Topical Talk Festival has provided us with everything so that we can come out of this festival with a lot of information and ideas. Finally, I would like to say that I am very sad that the festival has ended, and I hope that my school will participate in it again next year. I loved everyone in this contest.
    Thank you topical talk festival for everything, and I will not say goodbye, but I will say see you soon.

    1. we're very glad you found it so fulfilling, happy_flower.

  • The program was interesting to have a conversation with students from other countries and to talk to them and find out their opinions, and it is also interesting to listen to the experts, as there were a lot of interesting things and information. It is also interesting to learn a lot and get to know a lot of information that university students may not know as well. This informed me that it is related to some of our lessons, so I interview my teacher as I learn from this program

  • Honestly, I learned a lot in this festival, but learning new knowledge and skills caught my attention more because I developed my skills. And I gained the best skill, which is a skill that speaks with other students from other countries, and this means. We benefited from the skill of building public relations and the benefits of talking and communicating with others * To be a priority for every person, because communicating with others enjoys the advantages and benefits, and I learned a lot, but this is what I mastered 👍

  • I really enjoyed this competition, and I hope to participate in it in the coming years. The best things I learned from the competition are hearing the opinion of others, and I learned the English language, and I got to know topics that I did not know before

    Doing topical hadith lessons in the classroom is interesting because it works to develop knowledge and science among other students, and I must share my information with my colleagues and discuss their interests in opinion and hear their opinion. Participating in competitions is a beautiful thing because it enhances the spirit of competition and opportunities to display student talents and discover new skills as well as learn skills and work To motivate students to participate in learning new things. Talking with other students is something that I really enjoyed because you talk to other students from around the world in different languages, in different cultures, and we listen to the problems that people face in every country and listen to their opinion

  • liked the point of view experience because it is fun because the person gives his opinion on a specific thing, and this is what I liked.

  • First, thank you for this wonderful project
    It really is one of the best things I've done
    The thing I liked the most about the project is that I was able to talk to students from different countries and express an opinion with their comments

  • My favorite part of topical talk festival 2023 is talking to students from other countries and making standpoints. As both of these built much more confidence in me by talking with such friends who are foreigners, discussing problems, and also by searching about problems to make a standpoint.
    yes!!! I want to take part in Topical Talk festival 2024.

  • I believe that what motivated me most to participate here was the presence of students from all over the world. It was fun. Each of us has a different culture, one problem and one goal to solve it. Each of us was creative to find solutions. Every country we saw how citizens suffer because of the coronation of King Charles as in America and the opposition of some residents to him Or the spread of nepotism in India and strikes in Nigeria, a number of realistic examples from which I learned a lot, or judgment from experts such as Dr. Charles, who benefited from how to deal with people in moments of anger and annoyance, and Matthew Paul discussed with us many of the terms of metaphysics, their dangers and positivity, and do not forget Clover Hogan Honestly, I loved her spontaneity and her fun personality. Watching her video never gets tired of it. She taught me to follow our dreams and that the climate is everyone's responsibility. We young people have a role to play in preserving our climate. Class discussions and enjoying the opinions of my friends is great, as they give me multiple ideas on the subject and The most important person I discussed these issues with was my mother, who helped me a lot, and this festival was fun, and I hope it will be repeated again.

  • Hello, I liked option number 1, so you can teach others what you learned in this festival, as I do every day. I talk about new topics. I also liked option number 4, so listen to the experts and you can ask them questions, and I like adding the point or option number 6, you can get to know my opinion Students from one country to another, and I would like to thank the festival designers for agreeing with my point of view.

  • The last topic we comment on. This is really sad. How I wished the festival would continue more. The thing I liked most about the festival is giving my opinion and listening to experts. I made 4 opinions and really everyone liked them, but the most important thing is that I am one of the 5 winners in the best opinion. I cannot say for sure that I will win a brush. Each of us to win is 1%, however, I hope to win. As for listening to the experts, I learned about new people and they have their mark in life, and I want to be like them. They are my idol. And that we must take care of our planet, and we learned from the Metaverse that we create our own world, and artificial intelligence that it will invade many professions, the first of which is art and about favoritism, not associated with newborn children ..

  • I had the opportunity to get to know people from other countries.
    I got to know distinguished people who have great ideas and beautiful opinions on important and interesting topics.
    We contributed to expressing opinions together, respected and discussed each other's opinions, and we reached the important points.
    Together we have developed our knowledge about objective aspects that benefit us on the near and long term level.
    And we liked the positive competition between us, and each of us did well to reach high points, and most importantly, the values ​​that I gained, such as cooperation, respect for the opinions of others, and acceptance of their points of view.
    What makes me very happy is this large family from different countries in the world, and we have become a family that complements each other, seeking excellence, self-affirmation, respect and acceptance of others, and dealing well.
    All the love and respect to all colleagues and friends ❤
    Thank you to those who gave us this wonderful opportunity.
    Thanks to all responsible for this wonderful work.

  • I will go with all because I really enjoyed doing all and I wish to join next time if possible

  • I benefited a lot from the topical talk and learned from it topics that I was not aware of.
    We used to do Topical Speaking lessons in the classroom every Monday. The teacher used to introduce us to the topic of the week and ask us what we know about it, and then start explaining the new topic. This lesson brought together all the participating students and we used to exchange opinions with each other, so We were having a nice time.
    As for participating in competitions, I was not regular, but I was very enthusiastic about them, as they generate creative thinking in me and express my opinion and present the information I possess to other students, and at the same time I gain information from them.
    The thing I was most excited about was experiencing new perspectives, because it made me reflect on all the information I gained on a particular topic, summarizing this in specific lines, and otherwise, offering my opinion to the other participating students.
    As for the experts, I had many questions that I wanted to ask, but their answers were in the answers they presented, because they were trying to answer as many questions as possible in the least time, so I enjoyed listening to them and benefited a lot.
    As for the new skills that I acquired, they are very important in our daily life, such as the skill of explaining reasons and persuading others to the correct opinion, and the skill of solving problems in a creative way. This is an important skill because it helps me find the most appropriate solution in the least possible time.
    And I liked to respond to other students by conveying information or my point of view to them with an explanation of the reasons that make me think in this way, either they help me with their opinion or I convince them with my opinion, so I liked this a lot.
    And there is another thing that I liked in the recent period, is responding to the points of view that belong to others, because through it I can understand how he thinks, what information he benefited from, and how I can convince him of my point of view or how he changed my thinking.

  • I learned a lot of skills in this festival, and I chose the sixth part because I speak to other students. It affected us as students, or me in particular, because it helped me understand other ideas and strengthen language skills in the English language. It also helped me change my point of view on many things.
    😍😍I am happy that I have been selected for this theme festival, and I hope to be selected in this festival again🙏.

  • I thank the Economist for this wonderful global discussion. I was part of this project last yr but I didn't contribute and my school won the award. I felt very bad that I didn't contribute so, I grabbed this chance once again and I think I have used it wisely. I really loved it. The main problem is I will not see any news but after this I'm gaining much more knowledge from the news. I used to cry over small small problems which I faced. Through problem solving skills, now I'm going to solve my problems on my own. This is the platform where I have gained more skills. Whenever I felt bored, I will read the comments posted by others which made me to think in different ways. This will make my brain to be more engaged.
    The part which I loved the most is talking to students from other countries. I wanted to explore the world but I'm the one who will not step out of the house even in holidays. India is a country which has so many cultures but I only know about ours. So, this platform made me to explore the world not in terms of scenery but what's going on in other countries. This is the best platform which I have participated. I'm eagerly waiting to participate in next year with my school juniors.

  • The topical talk festival was beautiful and wonderful in all respects, but the favorite part that I had was doing the topical talk lessons in the class because sharing new information with the students of your class will open a broader door for discussion and knowledge will be exchanged, for example on the topic of climate change. When we discussed it in class, I saw many ideas And good solutions so there will be more awareness in my school

  • All I can say is, thank you very much and all the praise for these creations that we have always dreamed of reaching one day. I thank your creative thinking in creating this most wonderful festival, which worked on developing our skills and building our creativity. What a wonderful experience. Thank you for this festival. I am proud to be one of Participants, I am proud of all these achievements with you, I am proud because you were my teachers, this participation will remain an unforgettable imprint, those discussions were attractive and distinctive, and the experts were like scientists who gave the students of the earth valuable advice, this festival made us one of the most distinguished students speaking the English language, and I advise Other schools with these wonderful posts that will always build from the wreckage of their personalities aware people and good societies

  • I had the opportunity to attend a festival that was among the most intellectually stimulating and educational experiences I have ever had. What I liked best about this festival was listening to the experts.
    Throughout the festival we had the unique opportunity to hear from experts in various fields including: These people were extremely competent and passionate about their work. They shared their research, insights, and best practices, providing us with valuable insights and lessons that we can apply in our lives and work.
    What I particularly enjoyed listening to these experts was the variety of viewpoints and ideas they presented. Many speakers challenged our assumptions and encouraged critical reflection on the issues raised. Through this festival we have been able to broaden our understanding of the world and gain new insights into the complex challenges we face as a society. Overall, I left the festival feeling inspired and empowered to make a positive difference in the
    world based on what I learned from the experts who shared their knowledge and passion with us.

  • Thank you for arranging this wonderful program I had lot of fun posting my opinions and thoughts in the hub I had fun filled sessions conducted about the topics in our
    my classes in which I learned many new concepts and ways of thinking on the same topic and how to make my writting much more impactful which should contain facts and examples to make the readers get convinced that my opinion is also right and the experts inspired me in many fields and it was a great experience to have a discussion hub with people from different parts of the world who addressed their content based on the interesting news stories and events happened in their country from which I got to known about many possible answers to a single topic espesially the weekly pool is my most intrested part of this festival it went on like a debate filled with questions and different examples given by many people for their opinions and the weekly competion part is also really great which was like an trail for adding my final standpoint.

  • I learnt a lot of new skills in the Festival!

  • Talking to students was the best...
    Because I have achieved many responses to students from different countries...and I enjoyed every part of this competition...
    However, I wished to meet the students face to face...
    Perhaps I have an idea for the 2024 festival..which is to reward the first five places by implementing a day for the students to see each other from different countries and it will be face to face...
    I know it's expensive.
    But when you see the happiness on our faces that day, you will realize its meaning for us...
    I would love to hear your opinion about my idea