AI taking over the future - a huge chance or a high risk for our society?

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AI or Artificial intelligence, is technology that enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities. Good examples would be Chat-GPT or IPhone Siri. Slowly but surely AI is entering our daily lives, whether it’s by aiding in everyday activities like home automation or helping with research for example for school homework. There are even more impressive things, AI is already capable of doing, like taking over in the car, health monitoring and being a personal assistant. The interesting question is, is AI going to completely take over control in the future? Are there only chances that come with Artificial Intelligence, or are there also risks one should keep in mind? How could our life look like in a world full of modern technology, robots and AI?

While many people fear, AI will take over and stea many many jobs and careers, others might argue that AI is going to transform the global economy by complementing human work. They say AI will make our lives easier, less complicated - better. Some people even say AI will most certainly create new jobs and fields of work such as Data Annotators, developers/Trainers of the AI, as well as AI model and prompt engineers as well as designers.

As already mentioned, AI will and already is having its impact on our daily lives. Everyone is affected - Students, people that work in management, consultants and business analysts, financial managers, accountants, but also doctors and psychologists etc.. When making assumptions about the future of our society, one always have to keep in mind what people want and what people need. While people want to get diagnosed as quickly as possible when seeing a doctor or going to the hospital, they maybe also need an actual human being talking to them. Someone who has feelings and emotions. A person who is not only giving a diagnosis, but also a humanly advice.

People are constantly trying to make their life easier: driving should be less stressful; cleaning up should be less annoying; doing research or analyzing statistics shouldn’t take too long…

Still people also want to be independent and in control of this world. Since it’s the future what is being talked about here, one can never be a hundred percent sure how Artificial Intelligence will intervene in this world, but if the society ends up seeing AI as a chance that comes with risks, and still decides on working together with it, there will most likely be a future where humans and AI will become partners and cooperators.

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  • Yes, i agree with you. We should be able to regulate how and what we use AI for. We shouldn't overuse or abuse it. It will be more effective if we use it in situations when we really need it, not when we can do it ourselves but still choose to take advantage of AI.

    1. I agree because... Must of the people use AI in the wrong way because things the can do the will rather live for AI to do it, for example in school you are been giving an assignment to do in and the assignment is to write an essay an you know you can write the essay but rather than doing the assignment by your self you will use AI apps chat GPT and bing to do the assignment and it is reducing the rate of smart and intelligent students round the world but in some countries the banded the use of mobile phones and when the is on use of phone you can easily know someone that is intelligent so I will suggest that parents should reduce the way their children use AI because you might not know what the are using it to do and also in schools ipads and laptops or G-mail accounts should be restricted most especially their access to the internet .

  • I agree, our future is in our hands. But, I feel it is important for people to know about both, advantages and disadvantages of AI, at present and in the future. This is because, AI can really become life changing for all of us in a positive way, only if we develop it in that way. If we, humans, simply look for making our tasks easy and unknowingly getting dependent on AI or AI machines, then we are leading AI to take over everything in the future.

  • I whole hearty agree with you this essay delves into AI's societial impacts, weighing opportunities and risks. While addressing job displacement concerns, it underscores AI's potential to forge new roles and enhance efficiency. It underscores human needs, like interaction, in certain domains. Ultimately, it posits that the human-AI dynamic hinges on society's adept management of its potential.

  • I agree. AI could change many things in our lives, like making things easier, making healthcare better, and making science better. It can help humans become more productive and innovative.
    In addition, AI could become more intelligent and autonomous than humans, which could lead to disastrous situations where humans lose control over AI systems.
    I think the future relationship between humans and AI will depend on how we choose to lead and control its development. If we take action and address problems, using AI wisely can be a useful tool for improving society. But if we don't worry about the dangers and let AI spread without stopping, it could harm our society and make everyone unhappy. So, it's important to think carefully about using AI in our society and balance the benefits with the need to protect human values and interests.

  • In my opinion AI will be a huge part of our lives in the future and will also improve our daily life as well as help us grow as a specie. we as humans tend to always want to make our lives easier. first we had to walk to get from A to B then we used horses to get from A to B after that we had cars and now also Planes, Helicopters etc. So its safe to say that humanity as a whole has a desire or a goal to make its own life easier. In doing so we develop as species as well, our lifes get easier and we can concentrate on science and discovering our planet. I think AI will help us do exactly that. The downside is that our lifes will eventually get purposeless when AI has developed far enough. We will reach the maximum comfort that we can get and many will have meaningless lifes because not everyone can focus on science, philosophie etc. because theyre not interested enough or dont have the intellectual qualifications for that. I think it will be important for us humans to find a purpose for all of us when it comes to that because if we want it or not, it will come to AI taking over almost every job and doing it 100 times better than humans.

  • Hello confident peach!
    I really like the idea of yours that AI and humans will collaborate and cooperate. That gave me a new perspective. I have seen everyone talk about robots taking over the world and them being a huge risk to our society. It's impossible to foresee the future but I think humans do have a tendency to be pessimists so they always think that the future of AI will be bad but there's always a chance that it could be bright. Instead of robots ruling the human race, we could work together for creating a better world.

  • I feel like AI can be a high risk. The reason that I say this is because AI is used to make others lives easier. When people use AI they are slowly losing their own brain power and creativity when using AI. It's like they are using AI to think all for themselves. Then when AI starts to get bigger and bigger soon the human mind will be dumbed down. I just think that this will put extinction on humanity.

  • Hello
    AI is a crucial thing these days it has grown by 54% in the last couple of years. AI will be more powerful and valuable in the future. I believe that AI could be a huge chance for my society, it will offer many things such as jobs, healthcare services, higher education, and a bunch of other things.
    Otherwise, AI can also be a huge risk as some people use AI incorrectly, for instance, lack of privacy moreover manipulating opinions and other people on social media.
    After all, AI can be a huge chance if you use it correctly and it also can be a huge risk if you use it wrongly.

  • I will not say that Ai will take over the world or not take over the world but I think it will be more better if humans regulate the use of AI and also the coding and robotics engineers should make a high level of restriction in making of AI because AI has a very high level of intelligence and also why I will say AI can still rule the future is because AI's has the ability to analyze massive amounts of data within a short pirod of time and AI is very good at decision making, currently companies don't need to stress their self cracking their brain to think of what to do the will rather use AI to make their decisions.