How should we deal with AI?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like clever computers that may learn and make selections on their personal, without help by human. They are used in many areas of our lives, from the smartphone we use to the way groups and companys run their organizations. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of AI, and then I’ll share what I reflect onconsideration on it.

First, the good stuff about AI. It can do tasks simply and fast, like sorting through more statistics or helping us be more efficient in repetitive tasks and difficult things. For example, AI allows medical doctors diagnose diseases faster and sometimes better than without any help. It additionally can help companys make better choices about what to sell and to whom. Also AI is useful to us in our each day lives, like when it recommends our favorite movies or songs.

But there also are issues with AI. One of the largest troubles is that it could make people loose their jobs, because sometimes it's more profitable for companys to use AI instead of Humans Also, AI can every now and then be wrong. For instance, AI systems may want to deal differently with one institution of people than other when making selections like approving a mortgage. In addition, over-reliance on AI could make us less independent, could cause problems to schools (Students can use AI instead of doing the homework themselves) and provide more power to massive companies or governments.

In my opinion, AI is a very good tool if we use it well. We need guidelines and suggestions to make sure AI doesn't damage us. It is important to apply AI to make human beings’s lives better and to make sure that it respects all rights and freedoms. With care and responsible use, AI can be a useful tool for every body. So, it’s up to us to make sure that AI works for everybody’s benefit.

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  • In my opinion AI is very complicated as you never know what could happen. Maybe they could take over the world, who knows all i want to say is that it is dangerous and you never could trust it no matter what. You know what they say, never trust a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    1. I agree with the people should not be reliant on AI because it can fail you at any moment in every robot involved movie the robots take control of the other devices and robots and then take over the world it becomes a robot apocalypse the robots try to kill every human being to start a new age of robots in conclusion the AI cannot be trusted because it can fail you at any moment

      1. Do you think the way AI and robots are betrayed in movies are a reflection of reality?

        1. It may not really be the case now but that is how we sometimes see it in movies and from how rapid and intelligent the idea of AI seem, it seems that they can also do that. For instance in a futuristic world where AI's take over most of the aspects of work and our duties, there may be a competition between companies who produce this AI's. In a bid to outdo the rival company , other companies may send virus to compromise its functioning or its capability or make it betray its producer. That is my opinion and why i said that AI's may betray their producers. THANK YOU.

        2. Well, g, really. On one hand, films often exaggerate AI capabilities for dramatic effect – think sentient robots plotting world domination or AI systems seamlessly integrating into daily life without a hitch. On the other hand, these portrayals can inspire real-world innovation and give us a glimpse into what the future could hold. But let's be real: we're not quite at the 'robots taking over' stage yet. Most AI today is specialized, designed for specific tasks like voice recognition or playing chess. So while movies might get some things right, they're more a reflection of our hopes and fears than an accurate prediction of the future.

    2. I agree with you easygoing ladder.AI can take over the world and rule us.If we are not careful they will be our owners.they will use us instead of us using them.If they are too much different effect of AI will increase.

  • Dealing with AI devices involves a thoughtful approach to maximize benefits while addressing potential concerns. Here are some strategies:

    Democratize AI:
    Instead of considering AI as too complex, let’s make it accessible to everyone. Educate and communicate about its potential value for society. It shouldn’t be limited to scientists and engineers.

    Action: Promote AI literacy through education and collaboration.
    Privacy and Regulation:

    Risk Assessment: Before purchasing an AI-based system, conduct a risk assessment and complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) if necessary.

    Privacy by Design: Ensure AI systems meet privacy requirements from the outset.

    Regular Testing: Regularly test AI systems to ensure compliance with regulations.

    Addressing AI Anxiety:

    Digital Detox: If overwhelmed, take breaks from screens. Reducing non-work-related digital screen use improves overall well-being.

    Understanding AI: Confront fears by learning about AI, understanding its limitations, and exploring its potential benefits.

    Remember, AI is a powerful tool that can enhance our lives when used thoughtfully and ethically. 🤖🌟

  • Hi,
    I think that the best way to deal with AI is by applying moderation in the application of AI. AI is a product of humans, hence it can evenly be controlled by humans. AI is meant to aid humans and nothing more than that, meaning that the best thing to do is to keep the situation in our hands. Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) can be very manipulative, but it being an aid should not be made to get the best of us, I rather think that the robots are just made to fill in the limitations of human beings.
    In conclusion, I believe that AI should be treated as a tool and not as a necessity, so that humans can still have some heritage.


    1. Your ideology is correct @glad outcome throughout these discussions and topics, I have seen a lot of post pertaining to how AI will be useful in society, but what I am confused about is what will happen to the original ideas and thoughts of us before. there is this designer called copilot it designs what it is that you type in and it generates the picture for you, but that does not mean that is creative it is just doing what you told it to do, AI can have a lot of negative consequences on people including the fact that it can possibly take over the world or begin wiping out humans for no apparent reason we must be careful AI was meant to assist us not us becoming so dependent that we almost seem that we cannot do anything without it doing it for us.

  • I agree with you on the point that there are a lot of good sides to using the AI.
    However, I think that we should focus more on the downsides. I said this because the AI can take a off jobs from people not even paying them back or anything like that. Sometimes, the companies that are doing this are not even aware of what their decision to use the AI can do to the workers. The decision leaves the workers sometimes in poverty with their family members.
    Do I just think that looking at the downsides of the AI is better than the good sides so that the people that made it will know how to fix it best.

  • In my opinion, Al has both importance and harm, but in very few cases. It is true that Al has a role in agriculture, medicine, education and even politics. Any task can be done much easier and faster with Al. But Al can never guarantee that the work is completely accurate. Moreover, using AI will make everyone lazy and inefficient in the future. So it cannot be said by any means that using Al properly will improve the world. Moreover, it is not possible to ensure that Al robots will be in favor of humans. What is your opinion about this?

  • Robots can betray us the way the betray people in people even more in reality because in movies the creators make the programmers make things well-working in most movies but in real life it is depending on how we can code and how we manage and treat that AI.If we do not code very well a robot can malfunction and I bet their next move when the have finally taken power is to destroy the humans,so we should control how we deal with AI because they are very dangerous but at the same time playful and useful.

    1. Can you provide some evidence for you claim that "for their next move wen they have finally taken power they will destroy humans"?

  • I agree with easygoing ladder because we never know what will happen next with AI also

  • Artificial intelligence has many advantages and uses.
    But when it comes to me, I strongly believe that It can be extremely beneficial if we use it right
    Many people use it in the wrong way especially
    After Artificial Intelligence has grown so fast.
    So how can we use AI responsibly?
    Firstly, don’t overshare any personal information.
    2- you should understand the technology right.
    Finally, spread awareness about AI.