How Businesses Can Impact The Turnout Of A vote.

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  • I agree. Businesses have manipulative power, and this power is mainly used for good when it comes to influence. I believe that they invest in the leader that coul actually benefit them the most, for example, some businesses would tell people to vote for someone because of particular things that they have done. I mainly feel that the businesses make choices for the betterment of their economic position of theirselves.


    1. I agree with you glad outcome because most businesses are put under the power of the government and they don't have control of themselves. I'm thankful for your idea glad outcome and you have now made me interested in what you have said and it's made me inspired in your work so maybe I might read more about what you have said about the world and government. Thank you so much, I am grateful for how much effort you have put in this speech from allowing_acorn

      1. hello topical talkers
        I agree with you to some extent that a lot of businesses are being controlled by the government and not by their self . I say this because , I have heard that many people who run a business vote for candidate that would bring benefit to them either in their lives or in their business .

    2. However, do you believe it is appropriate for corporations to meddle in elections? I am aware that businesses have rights just like citizens do, but some exploit their target audience, celebrity endorsements, and brand loyalty to feel as though they can influence the public. As a result, the public may begin to view businesses as their primary source of authority when it comes to selecting leaders.

  • I agree that business have the power to manipulate people when they’re voting but it Is not for the great or good, political parties can pay businesses to use their status Andrew their following to improve the chance of their candidates winning the election also businesses can use elections to increase their customer rate because if they support a candidate and he wins they can get a contract with him which would increase their customer rate and improve their reputation. I really enjoyed your standpoint and you pointed out good points but it is better to list both the pros and the cons on a matter that you think it I should important to you.

    1. True businesses can determine its customers mindset on who to vote for but we should remember that a voter is someone who votes for who they think is the best for that position, and so a businesses say should not influence a voter's decision.

  • I don’t really think businesses have power over their customers choice of votes so why should businesses be restricted from involving in politics because they actually get involved in politics for business purposes not because they want to support a particular person maybe a candidate might work in favor of their company like tech companies. Let say a candidate wants to make the country digitized so as a tech company I know supporting that particular candidate would grow my company , wouldn’t it be a right choice so businesses should have their say in politics.

  • This is rather surprising. But it does make sence in a political way.

  • I think you're right about what you just said about the impact of business on various political issues, and it's something we all need to think about. Businesses play a vital role in shaping the way people think, and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing in some cases, but in general if you think businesses generally support stronger people and can The coming future and benefiting them most of the time are not that important in supporting one's decision. I think this is an unfair situation for the people who support these businesses and believe in them, so I think businesses should disclose who they are talking about and what kind of benefits they get from the promotion . In addition, I think it is necessary for everyone to be aware of the situation around themselves and not believe everything social media and companies promote .