Is it good to have ECO-anxiety?

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  • I have a balanced opinion regarding 'Eco Anxiety: Good or Bad'.

    I feel, it is somewhere bad to have eco - anxiety, when a person is feeling that everything is going to be destroyed, or soon humans would lose everything, because it has the power to depress young people. Youngsters might feel insecure, if they listen that future is going to be nothing. Further more, I think, people get so much affected by such a thought psychologically that they not only get depressed but don't understand that we can still save our lives and our planet, and they go through some mental disorders.


  • On second thought, I feel it is good, because humans have already wasted so much time, in understanding the requirement of environment. I think, that eco - anxiety will help the environment in the best possible ways because people having eco anxiety do care about the nature and find ways to preserve nature, as it is really important.
    Eco-anxiety lets young people understand that if we don't work now, we can lose our future, nature or environment has already provided us with lots of things, so it becomes our responsibility to take care or those things and use it wisely.

    Altogether, eco-anxiety according to me is good because it will make people take measures for the protection of ecology. But, eco-anxiety should not affect humans in such a way that they give up, because that won't be useful, neither for humans nor for the environment.

  • I think it is good to have eco aniaty because eco aniaty pressures people to do more for the environment like recycling and using environmental friendly reasorses.

  • I think it is good to be worried by the dilapidation of Earth due to pollution and many more because it means they are worried about the future of this planet which is good as they could protest against it.

    1. How important do you think societal collective action will be in combatting climate change?

  • Anything that makes you stressed and anxious for me is not good for your health and your well being.
    Personally speaking eco anxiety can have a negative impact on your health too.
    However in order not to be led to that feeling first of all, the public needs to be informed what is actually climate change and what actions can prevent it or even moderate it.
    So if you know that something can be done you will feel more positive and relaxed.

  • It is not good to have it but it is important. This is because if we come together and work with our community we can make a change. Our governments may think that eco anxiety is not important and make sure to sustain the world rather than preserving.

  • I feel like it's good to have eco-anxiety as it will give you the urge to take actions. When you are suffering from eco-anxiety it means that you are worried about the climate and are more likely to take actions. Eco- anxiety becomes bad for us when we failed to take proper measures to protect the climate. When we take tangible actions, we feel good and find inner peace. At the same time, we are also protecting the climate by changing our lifestyle. SO, it's it good to be conscious about the climate? I do not neglect the negative effects of eco-anxiety. But we can easily reduce the negatives effect by taking step. So, if we all see eco-anxiety as a good think and take proper measures then we can easily protect the climate and environment. Let's try to normalize eco-anxiety and protect ourselves along with the world. All I want to say is that it depends on us whether we will take eco-anxiety as a good thing or a bad thing.

  • More people than we think suffer from eco anxiety. Professor Doctor Sara Schwartz informs us that research shows that three-quaters of young people are scared of climate change but don`t even have a mental health disorder. I don`t think that being afraid of climate change is necessary but that we need to work together to protect the environment.

    Climatic changes become clear as the poles melt away and with that the sea level is rising, heat waves are more widespread or animal species are being wiped out. I totally understand why people need to deal with eco anxiety, but if you don`t face your fear, nothing will change. The question shouldn`t be weather eco anxiety is good or not, but how we can avaid eco anxiety and with that being said, there is no doubt that the only solution is to protect the environment. There are many possibilities to reduce CO2 emissions such as riding a bike instead of driving by car or producing less plastic. If more people fulfilled those tasks, people dealing with eco anxiety would feel saver and know that they can count on the support of the society.

    But there are still many people who deny any climate change and describe it as "some kind I of made up thing" for example. Former US-President Donald Trump is one of them. And since he has some kind of role model function, many people follow his intentions. That means that our society is divided into people being afraid of climate changes and people denying them.

    In conclusion, I can definitely see why people feel anxious about this negative climatic development, but we should try to bring together our society into one that takes care of the environment and protects it in every way possible and not seperate it into one part that denies climate changes and one that fears them too much.

  • Yes, I think it is good to have eco anxiety.
    Eco anxiety is a feeling for the environment. Most of the young people like me face eco anxiety. Eco anxiety helps us to think about climate. Eco anxiety helps to choose what we have to do and not to do.
    The climate are changing gradually all over the world. The temperature is increasing indiscriminately. The southern part of the world is becoming hotter day by day so that the north part too. Antarctica is loosing it’s ice. Ice caps are melting faster than ever. Think about Bangladesh, Bangladesh was well know for it's six season in a calendar year. But now we are not feeling six season. It has mostly become like 2 season. They are Summer and Winter. We feel another season but it’s not that much and that season is Monsoon. Nowadays Monsoon come late. Even, north part of Bangladesh is facing draught. Southern part is facing flood durning monsoon.
    When we feel eco anxiety, we take a step to prevent it. As every part of the world is facing climate change, all people will think about it. Thinking more about it will help us to create more innovation to prevent climate change and make our world sustainable. But some people get depressed thinking about eco anxiety. I think rather than getting depressed they must take some proper steps to prevent it.
    We must give our best to prevent climate change and make a sustainable future for future generation.