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Thank you to the whole team of the Economist! And congratulations to all the students ! Alastair Burnet Award: winners announced! 25/3/24
Anything that makes you stressed and anxious for me is not good for your health and your well... Is it good to have ECO-anxiety? 22/3/24
In a way you have right, there is still a long way to achieve the fullest equality between men... Women online - more than just a pretty face 19/3/24
You have a good point but I think that immigration happens because people are forced to most of... Helping countries stop migration 14/3/24
These days, media has the most influential power upon the public opinion. That is more apparent... Who has the power? 12/3/24
I agree with you privacy is a big issue but I must confess that is and a way to tackle... AI: Education and the Future of Work 07/3/24
It is rather difficult to make the rules but I will give it a try. For safety I would... You make the rules! 07/3/24
I think that opinion C is right. We need to make sure that everyone is safe and they won't get... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 03/3/24
Some athletes might have some advantages when they take part in international games. For example... Unfair advantage? 03/3/24
As I am preparing a presentation on Olympic games I came up on an article on the internet about... Suggest a discussion 01/3/24
Working in prisons is a challenging job in many ways. They face poor working conditions,... Prison staff 25/2/24
It is so hopeful that the gender pay gap is progressing to the best in many countries. There is... Gender inequality: have your say! 25/2/24
I scored 6 out of 10. It seems that there us still a long way to have a 50 50 percentage on jobs... The women in media quiz 24/2/24
I absolutely agree with statement A . A nationis responsible to make laws that protect both... “Nations that fail women, fail.” 24/2/24
I believe that all of them have the power to stop biases. But the root of all are teachers... Who has the power to stop social bias? 21/2/24
I am somewhere in the middle. I do believe that all people are equal and both men and women can... Selam Gebrekidan: this topic’s poll! 19/2/24
That's right! When we act collectively there are better and faster results. We are all... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 18/2/24
The immigration policy that Poland offered should make them feel proud as they put safety and... Fair or unfair? 18/2/24
This pictures are very nice and show us that the kids in the Topical are very intresed about it Festival snapshots! 14/2/24
Thank you Jerome! Nice ideas and some of them new to me! For example restorative justice is... An interview with Jérôme Mangelinckx 13/2/24