The climate crisis: The urgent need for action and hope for a more sustainable future.

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Eco-anxiety and climate change are ever-growing concerns in today's world. In recent years, the earth's climate has risen exponentially which has created some major backlash on our day-to-day life and mental wellbeing. Climate change is one the more challenging and one of the biggest problems the younger generations are facing today. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), human activities are responsible for approximately 1.1°C of warming since 1850-1900. This rise in temperature is causing a problem that we may never be able to recover from.

Due to the increasing global temperature, ice caps are melting which is causing several problems including decrease in water temperature, rising sea levels, damage to crops, disruption of currents, coastal erosion. The thickness of the Arctic Ice has decreased by 40% since the 1960s and the rate of ice loss has increased by 65 percent between 1994 and 2017. A whopping 750 billion tons of ice is melting every year due to global warming. the sea level is rapidly riding because of the melting ice caps, increasing the flood risk around the world. Furthermore, with the melting ice caps an increased amount of cold water is being introduced to our oceans. This new stream of cold-water current causes significant issues for our marine environment. These currents can alter the distribution of nutrients and affect the temperature of the water, which in turn can impact the survival and distribution of marine species. If the marine species cannot adapt and survive many will die and in a few years' time some species may even become extinct. Additionally, the loss of Arctic ice affects global temperatures, coastal communities, food security, shipping routes, and wildlife. It’s a complex issue with far-reaching implications for our planet’s ecosystems and human societies.

There may be a lot of doubt and concern when trying to combat the environmental impacts in the face of the climate crisis but there is some hope and positivity. If we can all help to combat climate change, we can reduce the effects of climate change is having on our planet. There are many strategies for reducing the effects of climate change. Some of them include reducing emissions, policy changes, public awareness and education and developing new technologies. Governments around the world are working towards implementing new policies that limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. This includes international agreements like the Paris agreement.

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  • I love this post. We need to work together globally to help stop climate change. In today's world there is some many ways that we can help our planet. From big community projects to using your car less. We all can pitch in and do our part. I hope that in the near future we can create more environmental polices to help our planet. Everyone is being affected by climate change so by spreading awareness and positivitiy , we can make little changes that will become big ones.

    1. Thanks. Climate change is becoming and even worse problems in our ever changing world which is why we all need to work together and pitch in any way we can to help combat this crisis.

      1. Working together is the key to success in helping to stop climate change. We can all do something to help the environment. Because climate change is get worst this should encourage more people to pitch in and create new ideas. Little things can become greater than we ever imagined. This is your call to help our planet, for their is no planet B.

    2. I agree, if we all work unitedly, we can achieve sustainable future! But, for that, we need take some steps to save our environment. And, we don't have to do this for someone else, but for the planet, environment and future generations. The beneficial point is, that if due to some reasons we can't do a lot for the environment, we can do small things for it, we are just required to do things, like mentioned by fun_mandarin, car pooling, not wasting natural resources, planting a tree and most importantly, by planting, our duty doesn't get over, we need take care of all the plants. So, lets spread awareness, take some steps for prevention and hope for the best!

      1. The key to a sustainable future is we as a global community coming together to help our planet. There are so many more ways we can do it. Spreading awareness is just one step in a chain of steps. But, if we all come together to pitch in we can achieve great things for our planet. It takes a village not just one person to stop climate change . We all hurt our planet in some way so we all need to help in some way.

  • I absolutely agree with this standpoint! Climate change causes a chain reaction of negative things happening in our environment. If people continue to downplay the effects that climate change can have in our environment, the issue will never be solved and the state of the environment will collapse and ultimately cave in on itself. If we want a place for our children and grandchildren to live then we must take action as soon as possible.

  • I definitely agree with this post. Climate change is becoming a horrible raising issue in our world that is always changing around us too rapidly through the years. Everyone must play a part in helping our planet to make as much difference as we can together, even as small as reducing energy use or respecting green spaces can make a huge difference if we all play a part. As climate change affects all of us even our health, increasing our chances of developing breathing issues such as asthma to even more extreme situations such as extreme weather events.

    1. I agree climate change is affecting everyone one way or another. We need to spread awareness about what is happening. Climate change is happening fast, so we need to act fast as well to help our planet be sustainable for years to come. We are not only affect the present generations but also future generations. We all can lend a helping hand in so many ways. No matter what your race, income, or background. We need to save our planet first, before we don't have one. Community is the way we can stop climate change, not working alone. I hope that we can put away our differences and help the planet first not ourselves.

  • Excellent standpoint, I strongly agree with you, climate change is a serious issue that has affected our surroundings and our mental health, and we are cause of it. We must work together to solve this crisis we have made and by solving this mess we must come together. There is a saying "you must be the change you wish to see in the world".
    Funding money into projects to help regrow forests, shutting down factories that produce tons of carbon and smoke can protect the ozone layer and the atmosphere. Putting warning signs around waterbodies can help inform people this isn't a place to dispose trash. Recycling plastics and reusing can be effective to the planet. If everyone is being positive and believe there is hope the future then I encourage them to spread the news to show others there is opportunity to save the planet.
    Thank you.

  • Awesome standpoint, I strongly agree with you because you're right. Climate change is a huge issue facing our generation, and the eco-anxiety that comes with it is understandable. The facts you mentioned about rising temperatures and melting ice caps are true. The point about the impact on marine life iis very important. Most people think of climate change as just a temperature issue, but it has these strong effects throughout the environment, and we must work together to fix this. There is still hope or a chance to fix this. If we don’t, it will be the younger generations that will face the consequences of our actions. The fact that there are international agreements like the Paris Agreement shows that there's a global will to tackle this problem.

  • Lovely standpoint. You are right. Climate change is a detrimental issue that affects everyone worldwide in different ways, either good or bad, but in order to help, we must come together as a world or a nation to fix this problem. The meaning that if my country alone can accomplish this, it will be praised whatsoever has to end because, in the end, the goal hasn't been accomplished in helping restore our planet. There is no praise for a particular country; we all mishandled our planet, and this is the time we can all come together to redeem it. Countries can set up particular dates for clean ups, innovative inventions, and the progress being made on helping restore Earth. There must be meetings held to fundraise money so low developing countries can catch up.