What can we do about eco-anxiety?

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Across the world, global warming is when our home the earth is really warm, because of pollution. In fact the 10 warmest hottest years on record, are since 2005.Sadly some people are not trying to stop climate change. Indeed it is a huge problem, and that’s why people are not doing anything we feel we can’t make a difference.

Some people believe that it is not normal for a child to know news about climate change. Because it’s not fair that a lovely, innocent, child should know that the earth could explode. Like it’s just not fair that a child should suffer because of their, parent’s doing their not to blame, their not to suffer it is the parent’s who should.

On the other hand, certain people believe that a child should know about climate change .some people think that a child think it is fair that children should suffer because they are also responsible, for it but it’s the adults fault. Like the adults are supplying are they not?

Ultimately, we need to stop sitting around and make a change. For example we could help and stop chopping down trees or reusing paper. We don’t need to do much but we have to change. I believe we can make a difference if we try! The future is hopeless but that can all change if we just try. I think we can change in time or can we?

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  • I agree with you, resilient_signature. I think that children should know something about climate change because the adults cannot do much to stop climate change as it will take a very long time. I think it might not be possible to stop chopping down trees completely because paper is made of woodpulp and many other materials. I think we should make a start by planting more trees and at the same time, chop down less trees. We can use wind turbines and solar panels to provide electricity for us. We can also reuse paper, cans, plastic, and many more. If most of the world's population is helping (I say most because some people might not have recycling bins near them), I think climate change will eventually stop but it will take time so children should learn about climate change as the future of the Earth relies on them.

    1. Hi thoughtful peak I totally agree with you. it would be beneficial to us if we practice the habit of afforestation. In addition, scientists should stop the use of chlorofluorocarbons which is dangerous to the atmosphere and to the ozone layer. The ozone layer helps to prevent sun rays. So the depletion of the ozone layer must be stopped to ensure the continuity of humans. We as individuals should discourage bush burning as it also contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer. So finally, the government should make policies relating to climate change and also children should be thought about climate change so the can also help in protecting our planet because the future relies on them.
      Thanks 👍

      1. Hello dynamic musician

        I am in accord with the point that you have stated because we make paper that requires wood pulp which by the name comes from trees. Although, even as we cut trees down for various purposes, we are expected to control the way that we cut them down because trees also play a very vital role in the protection of our environment as well as the prevention of global warming because they remove the carbon dioxide in the air, store carbon inside the trees and the soils, then release oxygen into the air, thereby stopping global warmings from taking place.

        In conclusion, even as we partake in deforestation, we are expected to also take part in re- afforestation so that we can maintain a good and healthy society without any trace of a natural disaster occurring.

        Thank You!!!

    2. I completely agree with you that it's important for children to learn about climate change. As they will be the ones leading the world in the future, it's crucial that they understand how to protect the environment. One way we can do this is by following the 5R principles: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover. We should also start afforestation as soon as possible, as time is running out. Additionally, we must reduce the use of plastics to help the environment. Therefore, we must educate children about climate change.

  • Hi,there.
    I agree with you, resilient_signature. Every child should be made aware of eco-anxiety and climate change. If a child is aware of climate change from a young age, he can contribute to climate change when he grows up. If a child is not informed at a young age, he will grow up to ignore climate change and his actions will change the climate. People need to make a collective effort to combat climate change. Carbon dioxide and temperature are increasing due to burning of fossil fuels. It is necessary for every country to reduce the use of fossil fuels to prevent the temperature increase. Also, planting more trees will play an important role in combating climate change. .Man is cutting more trees for his own needs. It is not possible to stop cutting down trees in the world. People should plant more trees. Besides, tree plantation programs should be implemented as trees keep the global temperature under control by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide. Besides,to combat climate change,proper steps must be taken like reduce the use of petrol-diesel, reduce the amount of greenhouse gas, and provide financial support to poor countries. In this way, every person should play a role in combating climate change by taking small steps. If people do not take steps to combat climate change now, the earth will be destroyed and human existence will continue to disappear. Through the evolution of time, everyone must bring about a big change together. Thanks.

  • HEY! topical talkers. This topic is very compulsive and an alarming topic.Children should be aware of the problems facing society. The rise of climate change can cause serious harm and danger to everyone in the country. The use of fossil fuels,and carbon monoxide are significant to greenhouse gases which can cause climate change.Some adults feel like they can't stop climate change in society because they feel like they don't have time for it as there are other responsibilities they have to perform.So because of this,children must be educated on the topic as children have more potential in them and can feel like they can grow up and prevent it. Also i feel like we can all practice the 3 R's in our lives which are Recycle,Reuse and Regenerate, In order to prevent the rise of climate change.So that, we can all have a brighter future without having to worry about it. But if we are trying to prevent climate change, how do you think we can acquire other needs such paper and furniture without cutting down trees?

  • I think I and many other people can ride a bike instead of a car because that has gas or if some people don't like that idea they can pick up all the rubbish they or some one else had thrown away or just tell some one and spread the news so every one will know what is happening to this world and we can also use less time on are phones or TV or anything that uses technology

  • I totally agree with you. We, young people can't do that much about it but we can help other people to reduce it maybe a little bit and that little bit can protect the world. We can raise awareness about it through social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Many trees have been cut just to make paper. So, if one tree has been cut, then more than one trees should be planted. Recycling can be done rather than throwing things here and there. Recycling can decrease the amount of unwanted wastes which will be less polluting for our environment.

    1. I agree because when young people help in solving problems even if they can’t totally solve them, they will be able to solve them when they grow older. Some ways they can help are reduction of throwing objects that can be recycled, and increasing the use of public transport to reduce pollution. Other ways of reducing pollution is to create more sustainable alternatives such as better farming practices and gardens that will reduce pollution and emissions. The last way to reduce pollution is to service cars and make sure that smoke doesn’t evaporate into the atmosphere and reduce the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

  • Our enviroment is our responsibility throwing rubbish in basket doesnot cost you anything but it helps the enviroment very much we completely depend on factories so we can plant more trees because it absorb carbon dioxide gas and produce oxygen we all know that it is a serious problem and it can cause many things as global warming melting ice extinction of some animals

  • To deal with eco-anxiety, we can make more eco-friendly moves for earth. Firstly, this would soothe eco-anxious people as they will know we are helping earth and think that's one step towards earth to having a happy future. Secondly, this will soothe eco-anxious people as they will know we are doing good for earth and know that we are helping. Additionally, this will calm down eco-anxious people as their sufferings (sleeplessness, loss of appetite, weakness and stress about earth) may vanish or decrease leading to their health go up again. Finally, this will soothe eco-anxious people as they'll know earth is safe from harm.

  • I agree with you resilient _ signature that none of us children should suffer and live in a damaged world because of our elders' and the older adults behaviour. We should make a change not only by spreading the word o global warming but also by sharing ideas on how we can stop it. I think we can take a step in stopping global warming and climate change by saving the few wild places we still have left in the world, many politicians and business men earn most of their money by investing in companies that go around cutting down trees and hunting animals to extinction in order to build huge factories, super markets and cities to make our world more "civilised" but there is a way to preserve some places of wild life. The different governments in the world to sign an agreement to spare some of these places where tropical animals live and nature exists fully. Not necessarily as a zoo, or a nature park but a place where no pouching or deforestation is allowed. People caught doing those things will be penalised. It will be seen as a place where no factories or cities will ever be built , and all the countries around the world should have at least three each of these wild life preserves. Gradually, even if the government continue destroying these wild life there will always be at least some preserved to look onto inspiration and motivation in the fight against climate change.

  • Eco-anxiety is basically the worry of people about the environment and climate change.
    People get concerned about climate change issues so much these days as the problems grow faster. So, here are some ways to cope with eco-anxiety:
    One of the best ways is to think about how can help the environment.
    2- stay away from unsettling news
    3-spend time outside (outdoors)
    4- try practicing activities like yoga or talking to your family, reading books, writing, and many other activities…
    In my opinion, there is nothing to worry about as science is growing faster
    there is nothing impossible with the existence of science.

  • Hello everybody!
    I'm sympathetic _ clarinet
    Environmental concern is a real and valid concern. Below we learn about some things that can help us get rid of this environmental anxiety:
    First, connect with nature: Spend time outdoors and enjoy the natural world because this helps you feel more grounded and hopeful.
    Secondly, focus on what you can control: There are many things that can be done to live a more sustainable life, such as: reducing your use of fuel, conserving energy, and not eating large amounts of meat and poultry.
    Even small changes can make a big difference.
    Finally, educate yourself: learn about the environmental difficulties we face. And also on the solutions and progress that has been achieved.
    Thank you for reading this topic