How to stay safe on the Student Hub

To make sure everyone on the Student Hub stays safe we have a few rules.

If you feel upset by a story in the news


Find an adult

Find someone who you feel comfortable discussing the issue with and let them know what is upsetting you.


Check the facts

Sometimes facts about a news story are exaggerated or even made up. If you research the issue, you might find out that it is not as bad as you thought or there are solutions to explore.


How we keep you safe

  • Everything you put on the Student Hub is seen by the Topical Talk team before it is published and seen by everyone. If we find abusive or offensive content, your work will not be published and we will let your teacher know
  • We don’t hold any information about you that can identify you - we don’t even know your real name!
  • We work with your teachers and make sure you have permission to go online. Any video recordings you upload are also checked and approved by your teachers

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  • I agree because staying safe online is very important as criminals target people online by pretending to have a harmless conversation. If you have read something that makes you upset you should not tell a friend who might not know as you don't want them sad as well. That is why telling an adult is the best thing you can do as they are likely to already know.

  • I also agree because it is very important for us to stay safe, not just when we are outdoors but also when we are online.
    When we are online, so many things can happen, to prevent such thins from happening, you'll have to follow some guidelines to prevent it from happening.
    Your security system should be tight because hackers are everywhere and you also need parental guidance when using the internet.

  • I agree due to the fact staying safe on the Student Hub is vital, and it's like developing a shield for your self in the on line international I intended to mention social media. Keep your info, which includes your full name and address, private to guard your self from one of a kind cyber crimes. Choose your online friends accurately, just as you will in real life, and be cautious approximately sharing statistics. Think before you publish or share whatever, considering whether you are comfortable with all in the social media. Being kind and respectful to others makes the web space more enjoyable for all of us. If some thing online feels off or makes you uncomfortable, don't hesitate to share your with your parents. It's critical to apply the equal recognition and caution online as you'll inside the bodily world, making sure a safe and enjoyable time in on the Student Hub.

  • I also agree because when we are online, we often share our personal information such as our names, addresses, phone numbers, and even financial details. Staying safe online helps prevent this information from falling into the wrong hands and potentially being misused