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I think voting in the election should be age restricted to 16- 18 and above. I think this is... Age restrictions 22/2/24
Yes, even if a lot of people are eventually let out of prison more come in. Also, it can't be... What if prisons aren’t working? 01/2/24
You didn't give me any stars 'This discussion was inspired by enigmatic_leopard of Cheam Fields... Animal rights 30/1/24
If prisons weren't working the world would be at stake. I know this because people go to prison... What if prisons aren’t working? 29/1/24
I suggest we could make a topic called 'weather.' I think this because climate change will start... Suggest a discussion 29/1/24
Hi splendid fish, I agree with your comment as healthy eating is one of the main causes of... Suggest a discussion 26/1/24
I think a good discussion would be 'how does this affect our planet.' I think this is because a... Suggest a discussion 26/1/24
We could encourage people from all ages to join topical talk by maybe asking schools if they... Balanced discussions on the Hub 25/1/24
Hi, I choose the curious feeling as I am intrigued to what AI has to offer. I think it would be... What's your reaction? 24/1/24
The decision was a hard question for me. I believe we should be shown bad news and good news. I... Too much negative news? 24/1/24
I am very sorry to hear that, no person should feel unsafe in their home. I feel this would be... Suggest a discussion 23/1/24
I got 9 out of 10 , I suggest you could make us do the tests at the end of the year to see how... Show what you know 23/1/24
Hi, This picture means a lot to me as my family is very passionate about the environment. I... Climate change: regular reminders 23/1/24
I agree because the more people the merry! Google meet is a fun way to get to know other people... Balanced discussions on the Hub 23/1/24
I think humans can make a huge difference by walking to school, making sure their rubbish is in... Suggest a discussion 23/1/24
I agree because... this is a fun way for you to get to know me and it was very intelligent that... Tell us what you think! 22/1/24
I agree because staying safe online is very important as criminals target people online by... How to stay safe on the Student Hub 22/1/24
The topic I would be really happy to learn about is animal rights. Animals all over the world... Suggest a discussion 22/1/24