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Imagine AI crashing as a giant oopsy! It’s like a mix-up in the kitchen where everyone tries to... AI accident: who is responsible? 27/2/24
exactly! Imagine an AI attacking a superhero to change the world to come. It’s like having a... Will AI transform the emerging world? 27/2/24
Accepting immigrants can substantially gain a country by including its diversity and bringing in... What are the benefits of immigration? 14/2/24
As thе ownеr of a global businеss facеd with thе nеws of Country A invading Country B an'... Countries behaving badly 10/2/24
In most countries thеrе arе agе rеstrictions in placе rеgarding who can votе in еlеctions. Thеsе... Age restrictions 10/2/24
I think a responsible person is someone who cares about others and the world around them. They... Responsible citizens 10/2/24
I think businesses can play a significant role in elections and politics, but the extent of... Businesses and elections 07/2/24
As the boss of a big company that works around the world, hearing that one country has attacked... Countries behaving badly 07/2/24
Hi! I appreciate your perspective on the balance between freedom and safety. Your concern... Freedom v safety? 04/2/24
Hi there! Your thoughts on schools and artificial intelligence are spot on! You bring up... Will schools exist in future? 04/2/24
Absolutely! Your description of the ancient ritual in Africa is quite eye- opening thing. The... Animal rights 04/2/24
Just imagine you are having a picnic in a paranormal wooded area. Now, freedom is like dancing... Freedom v safety? 29/1/24
Your talk on climate change is like a tale of two sides – one, a bit gloomy with hotter days,... Too much negative news? 29/1/24
In my opinion, sharing only positive news about climate change might make people feel good... Too much negative news? 29/1/24
I agree due to the fact staying safe on the Student Hub is vital, and it's like developing a... How to stay safe on the Student Hub 23/1/24
One of the coolest and most exciting things I remember hearing in the news was about the landing... Competition #1 winners 23/1/24
I agree to option C due to the fact While it is right that machines can help in analyzing... Will schools exist in future? 23/1/24
Having AI bots for all people should offer several advantages, enhancing efficiency and comfort... AI and the future of education 23/1/24
Absolutely! In the future, schools will continue to exist, but they might change. Imagine using... Will schools exist in future? 23/1/24