Why countries need immigrants to thrive.

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Countrys need immigrants to thrive. Let me explain; As the oxford dictionary states, immigrant means "A person who comes to live permenantly in a foreign country". there are various reasons as to why people become immigrants but thats not what im talking about today. Im talking about how immigrants effect countries, ecenomical, social, diversity, jobs e.t.c. Many immigrants come to countries with no money and no place to live or reside. It is the governments job to help the immigrants coming into their country. I admire Poland after hearing how inclusive and mindful they are to immigrants and it made me want to do more. I've heard quite a few story's of immigrants struggling since and would like to get into more detail about how we could help them more since they are vital for countries.

Many countries react to immigrants differently, while some are very welcoming others can be less keen on having immigrants come into their home land. Take Poland for example, when Russia attacked Ukraine there were many people left defenceless with no where to turn to. Poland immediately took in refugees and offered them permanent residency as immigrants. They took in every one in need of a step up, gave them money, housing, food, clothing and much more. While it might have been expensive Poland understood that Ukraine needed the money more than them and were okay with helping them out no matter the difficulties. Other countries I have heard about have not been as inclusive. No offence to this country but take America for example; many people wish to go here because America is known as "the land of opportunity". I don't know the exact reason but after my research it seems the main reason America don't want immigrants is not because of overpopulation (excessive numbers of people) or lack of resources but every site I've seen such as https://www.cato.org/blog/14-most-common-arguments-against-immigration-why-theyre-wrong , state that America doesn't want immigrants to take their jobs. I personally don't agree with this reason as it is unfair but understand what they are trying to get across. America is suffering with extreme racism in everyday life. Many Immigrants in America are unrepresented and oppressed and people don't treat Immigrants as people in America, simply because they weren't born there. Immigrants from what I've seen personally help communities to be more open-minded when it comes to different cultures and communities tend to be more close-knit. This is why immigrants are needed for countries to thrive and stay diverse.

I believe that having diversity in countries is good. When immigrants come to countries it mixes cultures spreading awareness. Countries are more likely to have a diverse community when they have immigrants. Different types of foods and traditions being taught to other people, raising more open-minded tolerable people. Having multiple types of cultures makes countries more congenial (liking on account of having similar interests or qualitys) to tourists. Also I think that more privileged people could help out immigrants. Immigrants have trouble fitting in to countries because they usually come with just the clothes on their back. I personally don't have enough money to help out people except for a few Pound donations every now and then, but people who may be more fortunate could help out. Although it's wrong most of the time privileged people ignore immigrants or other people as it upsets them . They don't mean to but typically stop reading when they read about immigration or stop listening when they hear about it. This isn't really their fault it's simply because it can be an upsetting topic but it needs to be spoken about even if it doesn't affect them personally. If more privileged people actually pay attention to the issues immigrants have to face they could use their privilege to lend a helping hand in any way they can. Immigrants are needed for countries to thrive so lending them a hand is the least we can do to keep our countries welcoming and diverse to everyone.

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  • Hello, countries need new ideas, and no scenes, we want change. Countries should stop pushing them out because everyone is unique. In addition, immigrants are needed for demographic changes because, for example, the United States, Japan, and Malaysia suffer from declining birth rates. Immigrants can help overcome language barriers by inculcating more languages. Now , In Ghana is doing gradually well with tourists and immigrants visiting Ghana but before it experienced unemployment and skills shortages in certain sectors, shortages in certain professions or industries, such as healthcare, education, and technology Policies that attract skilled workers from abroad can really help Ghana. Lastly, immigrants aid us a lot by contributing to taxes and support welfare for young children in need. Thank you

  • countries need immigrants to thrive because they come with positive attributes and can bring new skills to the country they come to.

    1. What you have said is completely true. When you consider all of the discoveries that countries have made, the majority have had the assistance of immigrants or were entirely discoveries by immigrants. Without new people constantly coming to and leaving countries the world would not be able to evolve successfully. So therefore immigrants bring so many positive opportunities for everyone involved.

  • immigrants are people with diverse values and ides that changes society. for example in the UK there are multiple cultures and ideologies that people follow. there can only be diversity if immigrants, who are people with different values come to a different country and completely immerse there culture into the society.

  • Hi, I'd like to say that Poland, the country, is doing a great job by temporarily accepting immigrants from Ukraine. You mentioned that America, for example, is declining immigrants because they don't want immigrants to take their "jobs." Well, I don't think that is an excuse because they don't know what good or benefit can come from accepting immigrants. When people from different backgrounds migrate to another country, they bring their food, culture, and customs. This can result in a mix of cultures. Establishing new art, music, food, etc. This can benefit the country.

  • Countries need immigrants to thrive because immigrants occupy many job positions which are crucial in our society for example in healthcare, education, technology and public services which allow them to earn money and make a living to provide for themselves and their families whilst providing us with services. They also increase the culture and diversity of a country and allow the citizens to find it easier to embrace other cultures which allows the country and its citizens to thrive and develop as some prejudice can be overcome. Thank you.

  • In my opinion i think that immigration should happen i think this because...
    1. Job vacancies and skills gaps can be filled.
    2. Economic growth can be sustained.
    3. Services to an ageing population can be maintained when there are insufficient young people locally.
    4. The pension gap can be filled by the contributions of new young workers and they also pay taxes.

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    But It's important to understand that immigrants play a big role in making our countries diverse and interesting. When people come from different places, they bring new foods, traditions, and ideas. Countries like Poland have been really nice to immigrants, giving them homes and help when they need it. But not every country is as welcoming. Some places, like America, are worried immigrants might take their jobs. But that's not fair! Immigrants are just people looking for a better life. We should be kind to them and help them out when we can. Being nice to immigrants makes our countries better for everyone.