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I have been wanting to talk about this for a while and now that I have the oppurtunity I want to say a few things , I have truly learnt a lot from this topic and learnt a lot from other students opinions ,when a crisis is occuring people tend to be very grumpy and irritated when they hear about a curfew, something that we fail to understand is that it would be better to be trapped indoors for as long as an iternioty rather than to live with the feeling of insecurity and living in fear at the fact that danger is lurking everywhere .Here in nigeria we have a lot of security issues were soceities communities and even whole tribes and ethnic groups are killed (I dont want to go down into the other parts for the sake of younger users on the hub)To put these points into clear detail I want to use the example of an anime called shinkeki no kyojin(attack on titan) humanity is faced with an almost undefeatable enemy and in order for them to survive they build walls around their city though the people complain and squabble at least the people live with this feeling of relif in their hearts with them knowing that the enemy is not coming for them,this is virtually the same thing that occurs with human beings (but without the titans) people should learn that their security matters more than anything and they should be aware of the people around them.Then moving on to the second topic of discussion ,acceptance this is in the perspective of the prisoners ,after all that they have done will they have a point or a reason to remain in society people will see them as horror movie characters even though have been completely reformed and tested and the people see that the individual does not have a problem people will still not believe afterall "people will be people" people just need to change their view and opinion of the people and the prisoners just have to get acustomed to that kind of environment the problem about acceptance is that the prisoners will only be seen for their old self it's just simple human phsycollogy , as long as the individual is able to showcase his new self or behaviour and people will be sure to get used to him as a normal person it is just a dynamic change and behaviour.THANK YOU FOR READING.

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  • your write up actually says so many which happen to be very true. As you said people will always remain people, because there is this bad and cold express given to people that have just been realized from prison they are put away like they are not humans , sometime they find it difficult to start a new life like getting jobs, to be honest most employer would not want to employ someone who has a criminal record; we cannot blame them because they might feel if anyone finds out he hired someone who has witnessed the four walls of a prison yard and it eventually gets leaked out his company's or organization's name would be tarnished, because of the place the society have placed ex-convicts. that why even after becoming a changed person a person has a high tendency of returning to a life of crime because the society has given them the impression that the prison is where they belong
    ways stigmatization be reduced
    1. we as individual who already know stigmatization is bad should form a habit of including people in certain thing or activities we do like going to prisons to celebrate holidays with them, conducting educative seminars in prison and we should try as much as possible to invite other people so they can also see the value of inclusion
    2. supporting people: we should try our very best to support people around us because anything thing we do good to a person obliges them do same to other people
    3. Educating people or creating awareness: individuals who know the effect of stigmatization should try our best to tell people around us the implication of they way we act and benefit of inclusion to the society.
    4. the government should provide job opportunities for ex-convicts so as to enable them rectify their mistakes and do some good in the society
    countries around the world should also employ the "YELLOW RIBBON PROJECT" as singapore did so as to make prisoners secure a hope of a better life and give them to withstand societal pressure since they have support from the government. and we as individuals should commit ourselves to good deeds to make the society a better place. THANK YOU

  • I agree. When prisoners are eventually let out of prison, they find it hard to cope with their immediate environment.
    I feel that the most important thing is that we should accept them. We mustn't throw a big party for them, but we can rather do-little things and gestures that can help them to feel amongst.

  • I agree with your words of wisdom because it's better to be confined indoors with a sense of security than to live in constant fear and insecurity. The anime "Attack on Titan" is interesting. The anime portrays a society surrounded by external threats, and they had to build walls for protection. Similarly, in real life, people should prioritise security measures even if they come at the cost of some personal freedoms.

  • You made a very good point. People fail to understand the importance of a curfew. The view it as a restriction of their freedom and worry about losing out on business opportunities. However what they fail to realize is that a curfew a is necessary measure to ensure our safety and protection against unnecessarily risk. When things return to normal the curfew will be relaxed and we can all resume our daily activities. I believe that we should focus on understanding the benefits of the curfew rather than worrying about what we might be missing out on in terms of businesses.

  • You raised an important point about the challenges faced by prisoners upon their release from prison. It can be very difficult for them to be accepted back into the society and even when they apply for jobs, they have passed records prevent many employers from hiring them. Unfortunately many people will still view them as criminals not recognizing the hard work they have done to rehabilitate themselves. We need to raise awareness and educate people that individuals who have served time in prison can turn their lives around and deserve equal opportunity to rebuild their lives. If they face discrimination, it may push them back into a Life of crime. Therefore it is important for the government and society to work together to end discrimination and provide support for this individuals as the transition back into society

    1. I agree because... Prisoners really face discrimination when they are being released from jail. I also think there are needs to be public awareness turn lighting people that ex-prisoners can come out clean and rehabilitated. People need to know that ex prisoners can also contribute positively towards the progress of the community. This is because most prisoners undergo rehabilitation and various skills training during their stay as such they come out clean and ready to face the new world. If this discrimination is not addressed, the ex-prisoners might go back to their bad ways which will negatively affect the community

      1. I agree with you because prisoners are really disgraced when they are being released from prison. In my opinion when prisoners are being released, it is very hard for the community to accept them back in the community and when they want to be employed because of their news going around in the society it might be very difficult to employ them simply because they are Ex-Convict . I feel this could prompt them to want to go back to their old ways.

      2. I agree with you precious_swan because when prisoners are being released they get rejected by the society, when this happens prisoners go back to their old ways. Take for instance a prisoner was released and started a new job and life. The prisoner might get rejected and people will ignore him. So in other to get money he might go back to his old ways.
        Sometimes it is because of our actions and what we think about them that changes their behavior after coming out of prison.
        What I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't think everyone is still in their formal behaviors before we address them.

  • I have always believed that prisoners have been wronged in a bad way but there are some who even manage to reduce their sentence because they change their way of being. There are even some who committed the crimes out of necessity and repent. It is true that they will always be wrong as individuals who committed bad acts, some worse than others, but it is also true that by not giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their change, we do not become better than them. It is better to give them the benefit of the doubt and give them the opportunity to change because rejection by people can affect a lot to that person so that he can commit the same acts again. A clear example is when a man or woman with a criminal record tries to get a job and because of this they are not given one. This man or woman, being desperate because of the need, can leave. to commit the same acts that they committed in the past, that is why it is important to give people an opportunity to demonstrate their change and even this can be a very good change for the entire society.

    Thank you for reading

  • I agree that keeping ourselves safe is super important, even if it means putting up with rules like curfews. Especially in places where there's real danger, these rules help us feel more secure. Comparing it to "Attack on Titan" makes sense because it shows how walls can protect us from threats.

    When it comes to accepting ex-prisoners back into society, it's all about giving them a fair second chance. People might be scared at first, but we should focus on how they've changed. It's about giving them a fresh start and not just judging them for their past mistakes. Building a more forgiving and understanding community is the way to go.