Breaking the mould

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  • I agree with you. In the olden days, the belief was that women belonged within the four walls of their houses. This tradition has caused our minds to be encaged in a mold which tells us that women should not be allowed to speak up or do anything a man can do. This is exactly why awareness should be spread. The old stereotype should be discarded and a new era should start. An era where women and men are seen as equals and anyone can do whatever they want to do, become who ever they want to be, regardless of who they are or where they are from. Reserving some particular jobs for men especially when a woman has a passion for it is unfair. Everyone should have equal opportunities. We are not asking for women to be taken to the top or be held at a higher regard than men. We are simply asking for equality.

    1. I agree with your points, I have often wondered why in the age and time where boys and girls take the same examination and, in most cases the girls beat the boys in the so-called men-related subject yet when it comes to the workspace we begin to think differently. This stereotype needs to be broken. Everybody should be given the same treatment for society actually to benefit.

  • Yes I do agree with each word you said about the stereotypes regarding careers that are already decided in the society for genders without seeing their capabilities like womens were supposed to become nurses not doctors as society thought it as so called safe job or sports like cricket,kabbadi, wrestling etc were supposed to be only played by men in earlier times which is wrong also as you said from childhood womens are taught their goal in life is to have marriage and handle children..also in this also womens also face discrimination for their dark tone or girls having spots or acnes are of no use!!..for those I wnat to ask who are you to judge their usefulness??..but for this luckily womens have an opportunity to raise their voice against the rules set up for them on women's day..if we all come together today we can have a safe and secure future tommorow..!!

  • Yes I strongly with you, because back in the olden days, women are believed to be object which are to be priced (paying of their Bride price) and also women are believed that there education always end in kitchen because when they get married they will end up cooking for their husbands and children in the kitchen but these are all stereotypes, which is barbaric and a savage custom, it is supposed to be thrown away and embrace new world, a world which will place both Men and women in the same level, a world which will forbid gender inequality, a world which will see that we need both gender in order to survive.
    So I will like to conclude by saying that we should not make the mistake which our forefathers made by having the mindset that women are inferior in the society, but rather we should try our possible best to over this stereotype and pass to the upcoming generations.
    THANK YOU......

  • I definitely do agree with you on how woman aren't getting treated fairly, people say international woman's day, isn't important because it doesn't show message no, all people say say that it's important, but in Google, I searched or researched that some people don't celebrate that woman's are here, we need woman, and if we don't have them, it would be meant to live, which we don't want. Not to be offensive, but woman, we need women for loads of things and many people wouldn't survive without women, they could be very professional are also talented. If men can do it woman come to, we should never give up on ourselves women and most people should respect women because of how they act. If men would only hear it, wouldn't feel different and I woman would feel bad because they are not here, so we always want to make a difference, one difference can make the big one with differences, and we should never judge a woman for men. Thank you for listening..

  • A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection.
    Today's quote.

    1. Thanks for the quote generous_mood! It would be good to know who quoted this so people know who said this

      1. Nancy Rathbun said this and thank you for asking 😇😁

        1. I agree because...

    2. I agree because a strong woman is not just a woman that can do everything a strong woman is someone that can do everything help solve emotional problem, help solve things you can do. so I agree with you generous mood. woman can not just be in the kitchen and believe that they cannot do the things that men do because studies have shown that there are things that women do better than men such as endurance, multitasking, time management and organization. .

    3. Don't you feel that statement is just a little bit bias as saying a particular emotional trait belongs to women is actually quite wrong as even though we have many great female instructors, journalists and many more, there are also remarkable men in those areas.

  • Hello everyone!
    Since long ago in society, the importance of education has not been judged equally for men and women. Not only in the field of education, women were also deprived of their rightful rights in the earlier era. In earlier day's women were considered only for the welfare of the household. Women will become active in realizing their rights through higher education . Women have already proved that they are not inferior to men . Women are also currently contributing to the development of society through their education, creativity, skills etc, in all fields.

  • I agree with you. In older times, women were seen as objects which may be used to clean the house, take care of children and didn't have opinion. Nowadays, we are trying to change that wrong point of view, but, as you have said, it is imposible to avoid the social biasses that are in our present which omes from the past. Sometimes, society isn't conscious of such acts due to the given daily treatment of those biases. Since we are little, our minds develope constantly, and we are easily influenced by society thinking. It is a complicated thing to finish with, but I hope that way of thinking would finally be avoid and equality will rise all over the world.

  • Hey everyone!
    In the past, our women's society was neglected. Their modesty was limited only to household chores, child production and rearing. Education and initiation were almost forbidden for them , As a result, they were not aware of their rights as human beings. They did not have the opportunity to develop their own personality or talent just as men did not give them that chance, they did not make strong demands either. Nation building is not complete only with the performance and capability of men . The role of women at the same level as men must also be prominent in this. Because men and women are complementary to each other, only their combined efforts can ensure complete nation building. Women should be educated in appropriate education and strengthen their position in national development - I sincerely express this hope.

  • I think Women in the olden days didn’t have the complete freedom to say what they wanted to do or work and even some girls were persuaded to not complete their education at a young age. Some parents in the old days forced their daughters to learn how to cook and clean
    However, with the growth of social media and the Evolution of ideas and minds, women can work in anything they want to.
    I believe that anything men can do women can do too.

    1. I disagree with you because, yes, in the olden days, young girls were persuaded to not finish their education. but when you say that with the growth of social media and the Evolution of ideas and minds, that is where I disagree with you. Don't forget that some people still think that the job of women is to cook and clean the houses. Those people sometimes are on social media but their ideas and perspectives are so strong that they are not going to be influenced anytime soon.
      So, I think that some aspects of social media are unbiased but some other parts are.
      SO BEWARE!

    2. I agree with glourious_melon yes I agree with the aspect where you said, women in the olden days don't have freedom but I will say that even now, there women that still don't have freedom. Some of them are either shy or scared . Even though there are some women who can stand up for their selves and their parent did not only force them to cook and clean or even marry at a young age. Even though the result turns out to be that we now have w children who don't listen to their parents anymore. I also agree with what you said that what men can do now women can do too but in the olden days they don't have the right to even say they can do what women can do because I think they might get punished.

  • Good morning! Everyone
    Women's society today has progressed in education and they are not behind men in terms of talent and ability. They are engaged in all areas of public and private sector. Even lakhs of less educated women are actively working in other sectors including garment sector. Many of them have also shouldered the responsibility of the entire family. They have gained fame and appreciation in the home and international circles by sitting in high position. As a result, the society is also improving alone with the prosperity of the family. It's positive reflection is happening in the national life as well. Now women are not helpless, not neglected. Women are now no equal footing with men. Their contribution to improving the quality of life is certainly enviable.

  • The government has already taken various practical steps to ensure that women can be engaged in employment and commercial enterprises. All these steps include the construction of working women's hostels, the establishment of child care centers for the children of working mothers, the reservation of women's quota in government jobs, the implementation of women's entrepreneurship development projects , the creation of self- employment opportunities for technical education etc . It is hoped that if appropriate planning and practical steps are taken , the women's society can play a more positive and fruitful role in economic development.

  • Good night! Everyone
    For ages, the joint role contribution of men and women has been at the root of all the great works of the world. Women have always directly or indirectly provided strength, courage and motivation to their work by the side of men. But still the role of women is not properly evaluated. Their role has not been duly recorded in the pages of history. Women should be given due recognition for their work. Child rearing and housework should not be underestimated. Rather, men should also come forward equally in these activities so that both men and women can participate in the work equally inside and outside the house.

  • I completely agree with you. For decades, women have been suppressed and undervalued; they have advocated for their rights relentlessly and have been forced into fear and forced to feel unsafe in a world that is equally theirs as well. They have been pushed into certain roles and are told that it is all they are "allowed" to do. An example of this is that during the pre-colonial period of India, women never wore blouses or petticoats under their sarees, but after the colonization by the British, the parda culture (covering their faces) as well as wearing blouses and petticoats became the norm. Even those few celebrities or big personalities who tried to represent our long-lost culture were shamed and humiliated by the public. Times are changing, and so are things. Women around me are advocating for change and fighting for their rights. I am sure that with the efforts of our generation, we can make a world that equally values men and women.