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i think mulan is quite a insparational film as it shows how women and black people can fight... Films that make a difference 09/12/22
Qatar should not of hosted the world cup because they did not think of the safety of the workers... LEGACY OF THE WORLD CUP IN QATAR 02/12/22
i think everyone in the univeres owns space as not one person found it multiple people did. Like... Expert challenge: who owns space? 02/12/22
i would love to be a leader but i think it will be a hard job. As you know Boris Johnson... Would you be a leader? 11/11/22
black widow for me in my opinion . she really shows how woman can be as strong as men can be .... Who could change the world? 11/11/22
I agree because... there are many different reasons like you said climate change and wars . But... Why haven't we solved the problem of world hunger yet? 07/11/22
I agree space is more than just rockets and planets . Space is beautiful in many different ways... Space: a positive human future? 05/11/22
I think that it is unfair to the girls because they shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of who they... Iran: Should people speak out? 05/11/22
Having a good prime minister or government means a lot . For example Boris Jonson was a terrible... Older or younger lawmakers? 05/11/22
Well i think since the tutors and romans a lot has changed but it can still be bad in other... Gender inequality: have your say! 05/11/22