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The topic that interests me the most and the passion of many is the global food crisis. It must... STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic 30/11/22
Medical care must be free for all so that everyone can access that care without suffering from... What should be free? 29/11/22
In general, the doctors' strike will constitute a major crisis, but the steps to obtain their... What causes doctor shortages? 27/11/22
What is required of Qatar is to address many of the rules of freedoms in its country. Perhaps... Controversy in Qatar! 25/11/22
Indeed, Qatar's hosting of the World Cup is a golden opportunity to enter the world with a... Controversy in Qatar! 25/11/22
I believe that those statements did not come from him in vain, because he knows the truth and... A speech that got people talking 23/11/22
I believe that hosting Qatar or others in the World Cup is a legitimate right, as long as it is... Controversy in Qatar! 22/11/22
Many of us dream of hosting a huge event like this, but in my local area it collides with a... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 22/11/22
The doctor’s words make me feel sad and despair over the difficult situation of doctors, and I... A doctor's words 21/11/22
we are with you !! Here, words are not enough to prevent him from leaving the arena. ... A doctor's words 21/11/22
Could this be a sufficient reason for brain drain and doctors! Where do we look for national... What causes doctor shortages? 18/11/22
Many attractions, such as increasing wages, giving doctors fairness financially and morally,... What causes doctor shortages? 18/11/22
Your question here may be a dream for me during this period, and difficult in my country in... Would you…? 17/11/22
I believe that the global shortage of doctors is due to exhaustion, fatigue, and dissatisfaction... What causes doctor shortages? 17/11/22
A patriotic political song that talks about the suffering of our Palestinian people called... Protest songs: what would you choose? 17/11/22
I am not able to convince myself that the Internet is one of my basic rights, and at the same... Should the internet be a human right? 17/11/22
Songs can be a means of actual expression and awareness of the masses. Through songs, we can put... Protest songs: what would you choose? 16/11/22
First, the change begins with the individual himself and his convictions in the sustainable... How sustainable is YOUR community? 15/11/22
Are young people politicians? Yes, they can be successful politicians, when we change outdated... Are young people political? 14/11/22
I do not agree with her opinion, people can draw inspiration from people who have passed through... Do you have to see it, to be it? 14/11/22