Are young people political?


If you did this lesson in class, you would have discussed the BIG QUESTION for ‘US midterms: are young people political?’

This topic’s BIG QUESTION is:

Are young people political? Why or why not?

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  • Are young people politicians?
    My answer is yes, because it must be because young people are the force of the future, and they are considered the mainstay in the progress and construction of every society. He urged others to actively participate in his progress.

    1. I disagree because it's like a 50/50 or 40/60 because young people these days are very distracted by other stuff like games and school, and home. While young people are also ignorant and less experienced than older people, so they aren't very used to stuff like politics etc. But sometimes the young people grow up in an environment for this type of stuff so they end up very political which probably passes on to their kids. The probability of this type of stuff is around 30-27% chance and a 59- 60 when they get older. In conclusion their are at least a equal amount of young people who are political and those who are not.

      1. Do you think adults get distracted by things too? What do you think the biggest issues for young people are compared to adults?

    2. Well i disagree, because young people don't focus on things like that. Young people are usually online in there free time. Young people tend to push things like that aside. Not to mention, young people only vote 51.4 % of the time. Now that is a good percentage, but that still means that 49.6% of young people are not voting. What are those 49.6% of people doing? Also 49% of young americans aging from vote for the presidential elections. That also means that 51% of young americans are not voting for the president. Even though the president will run their country.

      So in conclusion, i do think that young people can be somewhat political but i just think that older people (people 30+) are overall more political than young people.

      1. I disagree because... I do not think that the elderly are more experienced than the young. It is possible that the elderly may develop Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases that may lead to death and this can reduce the experience that they have

    3. I disagree with you agreeable_dusk. I don't think young people are political. In the world today,youngsters engage more on social media activities and are not really interested in politics.

      1. What evidence do you have to back this up?

        1. I generalized my opinion to my school populace. In my class we are 75 and we engage more on social media talk than political talk. For example the news of the popular artist who lost his son was the main discussion in my class and the national elections in my country are coming up next year but we don't hear anything about it in my class.

          So this proves we aren't into more of political activities.

          1. A frustrating circumstance I'm sure @compelling_interaction.

            How would you see we encourage young people to engage in political activities? As I am sure you know, politics and social media are increasingly interwoven. If you observe that your peers engage ever more in social media could this also mean they become more political?

    4. I agree because... young people are the force of the future ,and they are considered the mainstay in the progress and constructing of every society is actu true according to the comment..

    5. I agree because I'll give you a little example. Many of us have older brothers. When parents are busy , away from other children . then the older son playing many roles in the family; He takes care of his brothers, takes care of the house when his parents are absent or sick, caters for the various needs of the house, and takes full responsibility for the family's burdens and many difficulties. He is the first to practice parental policy. And he manages to drive the house so beautifully and perfectly. This is the case for young people who hold political office or have political responsibilities. I think they will play an active role. They are the symbol of enthusiasm, renewed energy, activity, ambition and creative ideas.

      1. This is s good example of young people taking responsibilities.

    6. I agree with u that young people are the force of the future and they are politicians but not all of them and some of them are politicians but they dont know how they act . And i want to shed lights on something in your comment that if the state did not encourage them to take responsibility and provide them with what is necessary to carry out their duty, which is of no use to them .

  • Politics is the base and strength of any given country. Politics acts like pillars of a country and if those pillars are broken then a country wouldn't exist.

    To make the pillars strong the young people of the country needs to be political.

    According to me yes young people are political. In most of the Democratic countries families are always discussing about politics on the dinner table like what are the pros and cons of a particular government? What all things have they changed in the society? Which party should we vote in the next elections?This thing makes young people more interested in politics.

    Moreover If we cast our eyes over the crowds that gather at protests , look at some movements like black lives matter and watch students all over the world strike for climate change. We will get to know that the young people are political.

    I feel that the young people are more in tune with politics online than in real life. They’re not disengaged with political issues, they’re just disconnected from the system.

    1. Yes i agree they are politcal after 18 years they should be able to vote and aslo when you siad you people are more in tune with online then in real life your right people nowdays often use the internet instead of real life so they can share their ideas and get a better understanding.

  • I would say that this question goes both ways because the young people of this current generation are two minded they can choose to be political and then choose not to the next time they are asked. Another factor could be that some young people became political due to peer pressure, like no one wants to feel left out in their friend group and if your friends majorly talk about politics, a person could be pressured to learn about politics such that they can fit in with the rest of the group.

    1. Of people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s say thry are in volved in a social cuase all believe young people influence how the world creates and changes

    2. I agree because... The youth can influence each other to either be political or non-political.The youth have a role to
      play in politics to either bring votes to the party or not to bring votes to the party.If I were a leader i would focus on the youth in order to win and also make an impact on them to create a change in them which would be reflected in the society.

  • Yes in my opinion ,young people are political because in schools democracy is exercised to show students that their is freedom of expression where by student contest for different posts like here in Uganda at my school St.Andrew Kaggwa Gombe high school ,we are allowed to be political through electing leaders of our choice so meaning that young people are political

  • yes, i think young people are political because now days at schools,some students decide to take on posts like headgirl,head monitors,dormitory leaders.These first carryout campaigns to look for voters and this is done by using convincing words to their fellow students,some use gifts to soften the hearts of the voters,others design posters with thier desiring words like ''VOTE FOR PEACE, VOTE FOR CHANGE".

    1. Hey Polite Football, do you think the exposure of politics and voting inside of school makes young people more interested in politics outside of school - such as following your own country's politics or even the international political situation?

      1. Yes, I think exposure to politics and voting inside school makes young people interested in politics because they get to learn how the campaigns are help and how the general elections are organized. They also enjoy to see that the person they supported won and this makes them get interested and later even get involved in the country's politics.
        But the good thing is that by the time they leave school they will have known how the election process takes place. That's why you realize that young people have the best ideas when it comes to politics. They can make decisions that would help to develop the country and it won't be hard for them because they know how to handle the people of this generation since they are socially influential with everyone.
        But there are also more chances of them making mistakes because some of them are careless and playful. That's why if they are to come into leadership they should also have an older person to guide them because older people are wiser and have more experience in politics and if that is done the young people won't make many mistakes with their guidance.

  • There is a group of young politicians and there is a group of non-political youth because young people have a major role in building the future. Young people are an indispensable group and have the ability to bear

  • Are young people politicians?
    My answer is yes, the youth must participate politically, because the youth stage is the stage of giving and creativity, and this creativity and giving is a precious revolution that cannot be compensated. Young people can change society. Therefore, they are the ones who make the future. Involvement in politics is the low level of culture among young people, and engagement occurs for many reasons, including many of the pressures they are exposed to, whether family or social.
    Young people also represent a large proportion of society. They are the crown of the nation and the main effective and vital driver in all political, humanitarian, economic and cultural fields. They are the ones who reform and change their societies for the better. Youth are the present that makes the future. Understanding the mainstay in the progress and construction of every society. There are many examples of people leaders Including Napoleon Bonaparte and Yasser Arafat and others.

    1. I agree because the fact that we are allowed to offer some certain subjects like government which broadens our scope about politics makes us politicians and even also with the influence of the social media has given us various platforms to express our opinions. In my country there is an Instagram page that gives room for youths to run for political positions and act like they are in charge for some period of time.

  • Yes, I think they are politicians because after the reduction of the age of nomination to 25, the percentage of political participation was increased, which led to development in the economic and political fields, and because of the issuance of the United States resolution "International Year of Youth" in 1985, young people have the right to make decisions and have the right to participate in politics, which gave them opportunities to influence various aspects of life, which led to the development of society

    1. Very interesting point Storytelling Cherry, do you think that reducing the age to vote from 18 to 16 would further influence young people's impact on the development of society for the better?

      1. I don't think so, I think lowering the voting age to 16 will have bad results for society because it's a teenage period in which a person is not responsible for his decisions. I think that the appropriate age for voting is 18 years because a person goes through many experiences that he learns from and is responsible for his actions and his ability to make the right decisions that help in the development of society

        1. I disagree because...
          How will that 18 year old learn how to vote if they aren't involved earlier. For me I think lowering the age the age to vote from 18 to 16 is actually a very good thing because at 16 we believe the person can make his or her decision because you realize that there are some people that are even 14 but they follow politics and they can even tell you that for me I support this one and I don't think that one will bring change to the country. So when you involve 16 year olds to vote by the time they make 18 they will have gotten used to the system of voting and they will be better than the ones who started voting from 18 because to start voting they are first guided which the 16 year olds will have finished. So I would advise the government to involve the 16 year olds earlier so that they can guide them as soon as possible before they even make 18.

  • So are young people political short answer is :YES .
    But there are few up and downs
    ## UPS:
    ●they are more open minded and fresh this helps them to think out of the box .
    ●they can be quick in applying new strategies for solving problems like climate change.
    ●they can be more open towards their public .
    ● they will definitely focus on making strategies for their youth.
    ● experience, it's abig down point for them it is the thing that matters a lot people who are experienced politicians can solve some problems more effectively.

    Politics is wide topic but it's definitely not age restricted. According to me the answer is yes .i myself am very interested in politics.

  • Are young people politicians?
    My answer is yes because many people believe that youth are leaders of tomorrow however,they are leader of today , and it's unique experiences and different origins that will help shape their political attitudes therefore , it is imperative they learn more about politics and get involved to channel their energies for positive change , Thus , becoming vanguards for the promotion and protection of democracy

    1. How can young people learn more about politics?

      1. Young people might not have the cagnivity ability to understand our complex political system, but they are very aware of issues of justice and fairness . Talk with young people about the role of president to : to lead our country and help make decisions . Discuss the idea that we vote for leaders who we think will do the best job . Try creating voting opportunities for young people and the whole family by holding votes on where to go out for eat , what family game to play etc

      2. Young people can learn about politics first of all when they are still in school. You see that most learning institutions like the primary, secondary and universities involve these young people in politics . How? They allow their students apply for the posts of leadership, then they allow them have their general campaigns, organize for them their general elections and finally their swearing in ceremony. In secondary and university institutions you see that they further go ahead and the students' Disciplinary Committee where they hold meetings for all the prefects in the school and handle most of the cases in the school then when they fail to handle a certain case then that's when they take it to the teachers' Disciplinary

      3. Young people can learn about politics first of all when they are still in school. You see that most learning institutions like the primary, secondary and the universities involve these young people in politics. How? They allow their students apply for the posts of leadership,they also allow them have their General campaigns, organized for them General elections I'm finally their swearing in ceremony. In secondary and University institutions you see that they father go ahead and have students disciplinary committee where they hold meetings for all the prefects the school and handle most of the cases in the school and when they fail to handle a certain case they take it to the teachers disciplinary committee. So they grow up knowing how the system works. So I advise most of the learning institutions to involve their students in politics. The government can also start educating the teenagers about how the political system and how the national election process takes place in the country so that by the time they make 18 they will know what to do.

    2. I agree because in my eyes i agree with what @charrsmatic_eel said because he listed great details and he talked alot about politics and different origins.

      1. Yes I am interested in politics because In my view politics help us to socialize and educate citizens we also learn decision making process

  • In my view of heads of state and their policies, most of them are old people, ages 40 and up, but there were leaders in other countries when they started politics, they were 28 years old. Like Korea, but I think young people are not politicians

    But the elderly have high experiences with the passage of time. Young people in their states only want to control and rebel against the state, and they do not bear this great responsibility, but the old people mix with leaders from different countries and they can control state affairs without disputes and provide aid to the state, so the young people are not politicians.

    1. Do you think the priorities of people of varying ages may influence their level of political engagement?

  • Obviously it would be Yes, young people are political. As young people are much more sincere, focused to their future and have been gaining a lot of skills , knowledge and have experienced the life. If we are focusing on young people to be political, probably they can as they see the future of the country, and obviously the youth are the star of tomorrow who can be making the world bright and shine .And there's no doubt that the youth are much more creative and explore a lot by their own and also they can change the old society into the new society of positive thoughts. And also the youth can take the country to progress, prosperity and development. So, I think young people are political

    1. Great explanation but I have to disagree.Yes,young people are gaining knowledge but it really depends on what knowledge they're taking in.In my old elementary school they never taught us about politics,the government,slavery,women's rights,or LGBTQ+ rights.And yes I know that is just that school I used to go to but in Florida they made a law to not talk about problems in history or problems that are going on now to children so they won't be able to learn anything about those specific subjects.Social media is also big thing to young people's knowledge.I've heard so many false information about the government and politics and saw so many people actually believe it.Some presidents like Donald Trump has lied about inventing something he obviously didn't.Based on an article i've read and the news has stated that"Politicians and their supporters accuse those in the mainstream media of peddling fake news,a term President Donald Trump claimed,in October 2017 interview with trinity broadcasting network,he invented.In fact he didn't." So many people actually believe that he did and most of them were adults! And i'm sure if a young person saw that they would believe it too.

      1. Great comment spirited_plum!
        You've engaged with other Topical Talkers and used example from your own experience and from the news. I'm particularly interested in your point about schools banning certain subjects or discussions. Why do some people think this is a good idea?

        1. Well,In florida they thought that not telling children about slavery will make the kids feel less guilty on what happened in the past!I guess having kids upset about what happened back then is bad,but they still need more knowledge and learning this stuff is important.The florida's "Don't say gay bill" was made so kids wont know about them,since to them its "sinful" and "disgusting".They think telling kids that being gay is a good thing more kids will come out.Kids should be happy about who they are and need more knowledge to stand up for what's right and call out for what's wrong.This shouldn't be a law but sadly it's already is one.

          1. Thank you for sharing examples of ways you see the adults who make laws trying to control the political conversation around children and young people. Do you think young people are political, regardless of what adults think or do? Why?

  • Yes, young people are political.
    As much as I say yes, I don't mean that all young people are political because I personally I am not really political but I say yes because I study with people who are political , this is because of their personal experience with this world. I mean when you just interact with them you can really see your future leader, not only in their words but in their advice as well, when they are advising you or anyone else you really see a future leader who is going to solve global problems like food crisis.
    Young people are also political because they are able to contest as prefects in their schools. As I said earlier that not all young people are political because even during these contests not that everyone is interested but those few that are interested contest and people select whom they really see changing things for them just like how it is during selecting of country leaders not forgetting they both have campaigns where they all tell the people what they are planning to change and develop. And when they are chosen they work hand in hand with the administration to solve people's problems and develop the school in many ways just like how it is with the politics among old people.

    1. Well i think they cant, because young people do things like get on tiktok or facebook in there free time and kind of push things like the mid-term elections and the real elections themselves. I do think some young people can be political but im still saying no.

  • This depends on their age because they have different thinking capacities like ( 10 and above) are able to think for themselves but indeed young children are political, in ways like democracy is practiced in some schools where children are allowed to vote for their own leader and they put a minimum age they should be to vote because if you look at the 6-9 yr olds they are not able to choose for themselves because as long as they are given a snack or sweet they can easily vote for you but 10yrs and above even when given a bribe they can take it but when they reach voting time they see vote who is worthy of that position.

    Politics are also practiced in schools like when they organise political debates and quizzes they give reasonable opinions during the process and they can also make their own choices and solve problems easily.

  • Are young people political?
    My answer is no, because young people see what happen to their elders when its the voting season. During this time of "voting" the candidates start their open campaigns and this is the same time people start protests and with protests we all know the police or the riot control is forced to act and people die in this session making these young people timid or for that matter frightened of voting candidates representing the same area they come from.
    So, in my opinion young people aren't political. Or they are political, but maybe they are just so frightened of the outcome of the protests.

    1. I disagree because... 5,000 people from the age of 11-15 engage in human rights. Such as BLM, Women's rights, And more. Young people are also the reason people are talking about social media. Young people have a voice and I know that because I have one or two, I have an opinion and so do other young people. And 59% of voters aged between 17 and 29 said that they plan to vote in midterm elections. The people that aren't even able to vote yet still think and have an opinion about the senator, Governors, and presidents.

      1. I disagree because older people from 40 to 80 have always been very more political from all of the knowledge
        they have contained from all of the years they have been alive.

  • yes sometimes but other times no according to news most young people make a lot of mistakes but other than tthat sorta.

    1. i agree with this comment because some young people actually like doing things to be political but others would rather sit on their phone taking pictures and dong meaningless things

  • are young people political This is a question many people have been asking ! And in my eyes it goes two different ways . Because politics are like pillars that hold up the country and if any of them are broken the society and country would not exist.

    And to make all of these pillars strong we need young adults that are political .

    And according to my opinion yes they are. Even though you may have seen multiple documentaries about it being good or bad, And since people may understand this information they happen to talk about it , Like at the dinner table or even on live tv.
    Without no one spreading this information it will not be heard and if its unheard a lot of pillars will fall down / Pillars are known as the stable holding of the community and if any are broke or not correct, most countries wouldn't exist or be the same .}

    Moreover If we just cast our eyes over the crowds that gather at protests , / We can look at some movements like black lives matter and we can watch students all over the world strike that strike for climate change. We can and will get to know that the young people are political.

    plus I feel that many of the young people are more in tune with politics online than they are in real life. They’re not disengaged with political issues, But they’ just happened to have disconnected from the system.

    1. What issues do you think young people care most about?

    2. I really really agree you are right we need right built pillars or it will fall and that is like society

      1. Can you explain what you mean by pillars, clever_wasp?

  • Are young people political?
    I think young people are rather political because young people like to talk about women's rights, lgbtq+ rights, blm, and abortion rights and love to share their opinion on topics like this. According to statistics, 70% of people born in the late 1990's and early 2000's say that they are involved in a social or political cause, also 52% of all people, even young people themself, believe that young people influence how the world creates change.

    1. Well done for researching and finding relevant evidence (remember to tell us where you got your facts from next time). There is an interesting gap between the two statistics you found. Nearly 3/4s of young people say they are political, but only half of them believe they have actual influence. Why do you think this is?

      1. Thank you for the insight and constructive criticism. I think some young people don't believe that their opinion has an impact because when they share their opinion they get shut down and also the change does not happen right away so they think that the change will never happen, but they still like to voice their opinion.

  • Young people are yes are political because according to me people with intense preferences tend to become more engaged in politics; they are more likely to donate time and money to campaigns. or to attend political rallies the more money. that has one and the more highly educated one is. the more likely he or she will form intense preferences and take political action. In conclusion yes young people are political.

  • Young people are not political. This is because most young people don't really understand politics. And since they don't really understand politics they just go off of what they see on ads, the news, or what they hear from other people like their parents. And plus most young people don't really talk about politics unless its about something like Trump is bad or Obama good, they don't really know any more than that.

    1. I think you've made a couple of interesting points here. Firstly- that young people might be easily swayed (although I think adults might be to!). Secondly, that young people only engage in the extremes (good or bad). Why do you think this? How could young people become more engaged in local, day-to-day politics?

      1. Young people can become more engaged in local, day to day politics first of all the the government should involve the young people in the country's politics as early as maybe 16years of age. This is by organizing programmes for them to educate them on the politics of the country and how the national elections of the country are carried out. And by the time they make 18 they won't have any difficulty in choosing the right leader. The National Curriculum Development Centre can also add politics as an optional subject on the curriculum of the secondary schools. This where they will teach them the qualities of a good leader and they will also discuss about how different countries' politics differ so these young people will have prior information about politics and am sure that if this is done they will make good leaders in future.

    2. I agree with you because young people can't be politicians because they didn't understand politics (I didn't to) and they didn't have people to support them.

  • No i do not think young people are political, because young people tend to do things like get their phone, hang-out,gaming and things like that in their free time. They tend to push thing like that off to the side and forget that things like that are important. Also younger people are also busy with things like school, collage, and getting a job. Young people also only vote 51.4% of the time, and that's only people aging from 18-20. I just think older people (people 30+) are more educated in things political.

  • young people are not political because they would want something that just benefits them,they just do what they want to do i mean even adults act like that its not just young people

    1. Do you think life priorities may be influencing how political people are?

  • Yes, they have the right to vote and 36% of young Americans are involved in politics but 45% thinks its a negative effect on their health.

    1. Why do you think politics can affect young people's health?

      1. Probably by stress, what other people think, if the person they voted for didnt get elected, stuff along those lines probably

  • I believe that young people are not political.Young people including teen and tweens are not as political as most adults since young people are normally on social media watching videos that are meant to make them laugh.Most young people don't watch the news like adults do,they don't read informative articles based on politics like adults do,I'm sure that young people don't pay attention to the government.Lets be honest even if young people see anything politics related or anything government related I'm pretty sure they won't care.Based of something I read it states that,"36% of young Americans believe that being involved in politics rarely achieves anything.This percentage has increased from previous years."Based of that information it shows that most young people don't care about being involved in anything political.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Well done for using a statistic to support your reasoning. It seems like one reason why young people aren't involved is because they don't think it will make a difference. How can we change that mindset?

      1. Well,we can change their mindset by giving them more information about voting!
        They think it won't make a difference but it really does,we just need to tell them how big of a difference it will make.In order to do that teachers should teach more about politics in their classroom,If they do that they will have a better idea on why voting will make a difference!
        Young people should know why voting can help their government,even if it's not as big of a difference,even the little things count.

  • Are young people political?
    Yes, young people are political. One reason is because there are many ways to be political. For example, if you like art, you can make a poster. Another reason is some people make accounts on social media. Another reason is that young people believe the current government cares about young people like them. Some people are not interested in political activities, but some people are political. Young people globally said they would boycott a product,company, country or state because of a political, social or environmental stance.

    1. Why might a 'boycott' be a way to get attention?

  • Are young people political?
    Yes I do think young people are political. At the age of 18-29 some young people are in college and they are political. Some people may also think that all young people are on social media and yes this is true but so many young people spread news on social media about the law, global crisis, and voting, etc. The people on social media are young people and the young people spread news to other young people and the cycle keeps going more young people become political and get more and more political overtime. It is also known that 79% of young people get news daily and nearly three quarters say they get their news from social media. So social media is not bad for young people who use it all the time.

    Young people do watch the news young people also vote and sometimes people forget even though they say it on the news... EVERY.VOTE.MATTERS

    1. How reliable and fair do you think social media is as a source of information?

      1. I think social media is a reliable source at most times and I think social media is fair people have their opinions on social media .

        1. You're right that social media can be a reliable source, however it is also important to check the information you find there, because like you mentioned, it is also a place where people like to share their opinions - and opinions are not always factually correct.

    2. I agree with you on this well most young people do share news on social media with the use of their phones, laptops and so on. Well most at times when people say young people are always on their phones, I would say most of the people are there on social media sharing important news on arising matters in the world. I think that most young people are political but they are not given the opportunity to participate in elections, from what i have seen in my country most young people would like to participate in politics but because the older one's in the society see young people as unexperienced and unfit to do the job they most at times hinder opportunities for young people and also discriminate them. Well I would say that peer pressure also influences young people to not be politically active. Bad governance also contributes to young people having political apathy.
      I think it is time to start giving young people a chance to participate in politics let their voices be heard a peaceful protest through all platforms like the media, workplaces and so on would be very helpful in letting our voices be heard.

  • Are young people political?
    My answer is yes, to this day you can go on any social media instagram, facebook, tiktok anything and find "blm" or "our bodys our choice" stuff about lgbtq ect this shows that young people are political even if its just a little text in a bio. Not only that young people above 18 or so can vote and there is a slight chance they do vote.

    1. It sounds like you think that being political isn't all about voting! Why do you think the issues you've mentioned are so important to young people?

      1. Sometime as a young person myself, i want rights like not wanting people to control our bodys and wanting to get the right to be a human like everyone else and do what we want without being judged. Even adults want to be respected and have rights. so if thats considered being political then yeah, young people are political.

    2. i agree with this
      because most adults believe young people have bad things in their heads and think they don't want to do anything while others vote and take a stand to help people around them just to do something about it because not all people are the same yes they might have done some bad things but they can make a change aswell

  • I say yes young people are political, because many people on social media make protests with young people who are political and support other non-political people. Seeing my family members that are young in the 2020 election I see them cheering and supporting Trump instead of Biden.

  • Yes, young people are politicians, because the youth stage is the stage of creativity and thinking. At this stage, young people have wonderful ideas and innovations for the development of society, and they are understanding in all situations because they have many skills and wonderful scientific news.

    1. Great explanation but I disagree!Young people could have wonderful ideas to improve society but, young people get their ideas based on other ideas or things they've learned in the past.If young people don't get the right information they don't have ideas to develop anything.A lot of schools and religions don't talk about politics so young people cant have "wonderful ideas and innovations for the development of society" if they've never been taught about politics or told how to be politicians.Honestly anyone can have "many skills", "creativity and thinking", and "wonderful ideas" but being those things don't always mean you're a politician,you can be all those things and not pay attention to any politics.
      My reasons aren't really the best here but I just wanted to argue that being creative doesn't mean you have to be involved in politics.

  • Teens need to have the enought knowledge about politics to make them participate and also this is going to help the country when they are selecting new presidents for the country and not having someone that is just going to make bad decisions for the country politics not only mean laws, taxes or some legai issyes that can be seen as boring. Politics have a direct influence in out Lifes and as soon as we being yo understand this and care about it We will be starting to build a better life a better world

  • Are young people politicians? Yes, they are politicians, and they are also the youth of the present and the future, and they are the mainstay of building and developing every society. Also in the youth stage is the stage of creativity and giving. Young people think with positive thinking and different from all the old thinking, they think about something new, but some young people, we can say 20% of the world’s youth are not considered political youth, they may be lazy at this stage and do not like to work

  • Are young people politicians?
    Yes, first we look at some countries. If the percentage of young people exceeds half of the percentage, then this is the stage in which countries rise because of them
    They also have physical strength and wars are waged against them and they are able to defend
    There is a problem of mistrust between young people and governments and parties and they are working to increase political problems, which reduces the chances of young people to become politicians.

    1. Hi accomplished_frog -- if there is a problem of mistrust between young people and their governments, wouldn't that be solved if many more young people entered government?

  • Are young people politicians? Why and why not?*
    I believe that not all young people in society are politicians. There is a political type and there is a non-political type. But I support the political youth because of his prominent importance in society because if he is a president, he can easily control society.
    Knowing that the political youth is the young man who deals with people in a soft and gentle manner and can easily take his things without relying on violence

  • Young people are not political because they do not know politics as well as the older people do because they have witnessed a lot more than as, there are even some that were around the time Uganda got independence and when Museveni fought in the bushes and when he came into power so they have more knowledge and wisdom about politics than the younger people who just get information on politics from news, there are even some who land on them on some social media apps by mistake and then after they say that they know politics yet politics needs experience and determination which younger people do not have. So they don't qualify to be political in anyway.

  • Yes, of course
    Young people are considered a vital and effective element in society and have the ability to influence various aspects of life, including politics
    Young people face many different issues that only young people can solve and understand. Therefore, the participation of young people in political life is very important to help young people and enable them to improve their living conditions and enhance their political presence.

    1. How do you think social media impacts the way in which young people are, and can be political?

  • I think young people can be political
    In our time, all ongoing political events are very widely covered in the media.
    In order for young people to form their own opinion about current political events, young people must be well educated, know history and draw conclusions.
    Practice shows that it is much easier to influence the worldview of younger people.
    Very often, incorrectly formulated slogans can motivate young people to take to the streets and participate in uprisings, strikes, various and unauthorized political events.
    Only thinking educated literate people can assess what is happening in the country, draw the right conclusions and actively participate in the political life of the country