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Hello jubilant_accordion As much as i understand your point of view, I would like to disagree... Too much negative news? 24/1/24
I agree because in the picture there are a lot of alarming thing to note that need immediate... Climate change: regular reminders 23/1/24
As much as I understand your point of view about online interaction with other student online,... AI and the future of education 23/1/24
hello everyone! during our class discussion, at first I was certain that all jobs will someday... Classroom spy! 23/1/24
Hello prodigious_globe, as much as there will be a lot of jobs created as a result of AI like... Jobs of the future 22/1/24
In the aspect of having AI systems replace humans as teachers, I feel that as much as an... AI and the future of education 22/1/24
The main reason why healthcare workers go on strike is most at times because or the problems of... People v robots 22/1/24
I do agree with this because yes, though AI is a great help to our every day lives, there are... People v robots 22/1/24
Although AI has its disadvantages , in my opinion i don't think that it should be completely... Suggest a discussion 22/1/24