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Well in my opinion, parent and teachers have very important roles in encouraging an equal and... Who has the power to stop social bias? 24/2/24
the topic I would like to be discussed on the Hub is 'the subordination of women in African... Suggest a discussion 22/2/24
Hello Well, in my opinion there are a few groups of people that can influence children's... Who has the power to stop social bias? 20/2/24
Hello In my country, one big challenge women face because of gender equality is their... Gender inequality: have your say! 20/2/24
Hello Well its a mix of emotions between A and B, this is because in the first option which... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 19/2/24
hello highspirited_concept, well that may not always be the case. like in my country which is... Fair or unfair? 17/2/24
Hello! From my perspective, one of the benefits of accepting immigrants into a country is... What are the benefits of immigration? 12/2/24
Hello courteous_honeyberry, As much as I respect your point of view, I disagree because in my... Businesses and elections 09/2/24
Hello With respect to your third question that is 'what else could businesses do to help'... How could businesses make positive change? 09/2/24
Hello I will actually withdraw from doing business in that country, although it might lead to... Countries behaving badly 08/2/24
Hello In my opinion, companies should have a certain level of control over celebrities... The “face” of a business 06/2/24
I understand your position, but I personally see it differently because we as young people also... Are young people politically engaged? 05/2/24
Hello, The student that made me think differently is jubilant_accordion. They made me change my... Competition #2 winners 31/1/24
hello trusting_interaction In my opinion prison should not be too comfortable or flexible for... How should prisons be run? 31/1/24
hello lets put B "a bad prison can make crime wore instead of better "into consideration. In... What if prisons aren’t working? 30/1/24
hello from my point of view, in order of priority prison should be the secure first because... What’s the purpose of prisons? 29/1/24
hello I choose protection because it is impossible to completely prevent crime in the world, so... Prevention or protection? 29/1/24
hey unassuming_apricot As much as i respect your opinion, i hold a different view about this... Jobs of the future 29/1/24
I disagree because in the aspect of more jobs being gained than lost, there are a lot of jobs... Jobs of the future 26/1/24
Hello Abigail, well, in my opinion i feel there is a downside to showing only good news because... Too much negative news? 25/1/24