Nepotism is a monster that has taken over human minds

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Favoritism is one of the most widespread manifestations of corruption in society. There are many people who do not know the negative impact of nepotism on our society, so they practice this phenomenon with ease, and in this way they violate the laws and betray the country, to fulfill their interests. An example of this is employing a person, the son of His Highness, in a job to fulfill a personal interest. At his father, but what should we do about these people and reduce this malicious phenomenon??

First: Working to spread awareness of the dangers of nepotism, which is spreading injustice, robbing others of their rights, spreading corruption, causing strikes and disputes among people, dividing society and dispersing its members, lacking unity among members of the same society, spreading hatred and hatred among members of society, and God forbid that that is violating the law Incorrectly without taking the legitimate punishment, by holding seminars and conferences on nepotism.

Second: Enacting transparent and clear laws on nepotism, to deter those who do it and to teach him a harsh lesson to avoid it in the coming times.

Third: self-monitoring the actions that we do, to beware of them and avoid them, and to reprimand one's conscience for doing them.

Fourth: Preferring the public interest over the private, to avoid preferring relatives over people with competencies.

My opinion: I liked very much the behavior of the topical talk project towards the calculated one, as it published a topic about this phenomenon to educate generations about its danger, introduce them to it, and introduce them to the places where it occurs in society, to avoid falling into it.

So we must protect society from every pick that works to destroy it.

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  • Yes, I totally agree with you. Nepotism is a really bad thing which can cause a business to slow down. Nepotism can accommodate the feeling that you are not good enough because someone with good talent may not be picked which can lead to one feeling less but the head of office may want to reserve a space for his relative which is not right at all.
    It can also bring a business down because in the name of 'helping' a relative he choses one who doesn't have the right attitude to work like punctuality and diligence. Also picking a family member may lead to disrespect for their boss.

  • Nepotism can also create an environment where people feel like they can't succeed unless they have connections to the right people. This can discourage people from pursuing their dreams and limit their opportunities.

    Moreover, nepotism can lead to distrust and resentment among co-workers, which can harm teamwork and productivity. In short, nepotism can be harmful to individuals and society as a whole, and it is important that we strive for fairness and equal opportunities for everyone.

    1. Yes,and it will cause division among individuals, because they feel they will not get a fair chance to be heard . It will contribute laziness among the individual,who get jobs through nepotism. They are not encourage to be hardworking,but they do depend on others. It can create dissatisfaction among employees, which will cause.
      *Poor quality product.
      *Low performance
      *Hatred among employees.

      With all this negative lmpact,why do people still practice this.why don't they focus on generating equality among the individual.

    2. What an amazing facts you have got , i agree with you because , nepotism can lead to resentment and division as people who are not related to the one in charge feel love like they will never get a fair chance .
      Nepotism also encourages laziness , for example , if a young man realizes that weather he works hard or not , there is job waiting for him from a family member.
      Many people with working capabilities are been discouraged due to nepotism .
      Nepotism has become a bad culture that is common in every society and the solution to nepotism is showing equity among people.

    3. Hello, I strongly agree with you.
      From my point of view, it all starts with attachment and admiration for them and considering them as a source of inspiration and motivation by seeing them as they are motivated in a very good way.
      Then you will start working harder so that you can be like them in one day, but after a while you start to realize that the results will not appear, so there may be some small results, but when compared to them, there is nothing like their success.
      After that, you will begin to compare your achievements with theirs, and you will see the big difference between you and them. You will begin to feel injustice or jealousy, or you will begin to feel a failure.
      And this will affect you by not continuing to succeed under the pressures of society.

    4. I agree with you nepotism creates an environment of inequality, favoritism, partiality and injustice which diminishes or reduces ones self esteem in the society or workplace because one will begin to think that without connections to powerful people in society he or she cannot or will be unable to succeed or go places in life and that is not true one does not need to have connections to prosper the thing about life is that in life when you are talented and show much promise in your area of expertise despite of your status people will still look for you and patronize you thus giving you a thrust to greater heights in life.
      People use 'loving support' as a cover to be partial and do things in excess for their relatives or whoever they choose to and the thing is that people do not know the magnitude of what their so called help does to people especially in the workplace because when the other employees realize tat the employer or someone of high rank is treating one more better than the others it eventually leads to conflict, distrust and enmity between fellow employees and this leads to decrease in productivity because they won't be together as one to have a common organizational goal and work towards and it will reduce teamwork which is essential for a group to succeed. So, the truth is that nepotism has a lot of downfalls to individuals, society and even the nation so we should curb it give everyone equal and fair opportunities to prove themselves and show their true potential as that could potentially help change the world to a better place where there are less social vices and problems.

    5. I agree because... I'm in great support of your comment because I see, understand and like the aspect in which you are coming from/trying to prove. Nepotism actually make individuals with great dreams start to undermine themselves and it also discourages them and bring down their self esteem to nadir.
      The word, NEPOTISM, actually carries a strong negative connation. And if it happens that its being practiced in a workplace, they are unknowingly cultivating a toxic and harsh environment for some of the workers. The issue with nepotism in my own opinion is that it has a high tendency of destroying a positive work environment and demoralizing employees/workers.

    6. I completely agree with your perspective on the negative consequences of nepotism. When individuals feel that their success is dependent on connections rather than their own abilities and qualifications, it can create a discouraging and demotivating environment. It undermines the principles of meritocracy and fairness, as opportunities are unfairly distributed based on personal relationships rather than skills and accomplishments.

      Nepotism not only affects individuals but also impacts the overall dynamics within a workplace or society. When certain individuals are favored due to family or personal connections, it breeds a sense of distrust and resentment among other employees or members of the community. This can lead to a breakdown in teamwork, collaboration, and morale, ultimately affecting productivity and hindering the overall growth and success of the organization or society.

      Promoting fairness and equal opportunities is crucial for fostering a healthy and productive environment. It allows individuals to compete on a level playing field, encourages diversity, and enables the discovery and utilization of the best talent available. By creating a merit-based system that values skills, qualifications, and achievements, we can ensure that everyone has a fair chance to pursue their dreams and contribute to society.

      Addressing nepotism requires a commitment to transparency, accountability, and meritocracy in various aspects of life, including education, employment, and governance. Organizations and institutions should implement policies that promote equal opportunities, fair recruitment processes, and mechanisms to prevent favoritism and bias. Furthermore, creating awareness about the negative effects of nepotism can help change societal attitudes and encourage a more inclusive and equitable mindset.

      By striving for fairness and equal opportunities, we can create a more just and productive society that rewards individuals based on their abilities and achievements rather than their personal connections.

    7. Hi fair_pineapple,

      Great comment and reasoning!

      Can you think of any way we can stop nepotism and encourage equality?

      1. One way to prevent nepotism and promote fairness is to implement blind hiring practices. This means removing identifying information such as names, ages, and educational backgrounds from resumes and applications, so that employers can evaluate candidates based on their skills and qualifications alone. Additionally, companies can establish clear guidelines on how to avoid favoritism in promotions and assignments, and regularly monitor and evaluate their hiring and promotion practices to ensure they are fair and equitable.

    8. I agree because nepotism has already created an environment where people have to know people before they can get whatever the want and this has brought people's hope down and has made them to look for another alternative[a bad one to be precised] to get what the want.
      Nepotism has caused low self esteem to people and has made people not to be hardworking and look for another alternative to get what they want. Nepotism is a bad thing and should be avoided by everyone.

  • I must really commend you for your splendid standpoint, it really was something. It touched my heart that you showed care for the future generations by aiming to educate them on nepotism and it's dangers. Actually, the thing is, some people are nepotic innocently, some of them do not know what it is all about. See it as some one who comes from a poor background and only had his siblings to cheer him up and that support that he got from them took him to a very high position. When that person is there, he will not want to forget the people that stood by him and so therefore if such an individual has not being taught about nepotism from the start he may give those people positions that they do not merit and live others stranded. You can see that this person was not wicked nor selfish, he just wanted to bring those his helpers into the picture because of what they did for him and you can see that without the proper educational knowledge on nepotism he innocently aided it. So, in order to avoid these and other similar situations, we need to enlighten the masses on nepotism. It can be taught as topics in subjects such as National Values Education and Civic Education, enlightenment programs should also be carried out by the government.

  • Well nepotism is a bigger monster than You think. It is a negative act in politics and in our society. This act has made so many people unemployed today,and it has changed the mind of many students on getting a proper education, because most of them think they are going to be jobless, because most company are ruled by the same people, without giving others a chance. Unknowingly to them and those who engage in nepotism they do destroy their organization, by making most of their employees undervalued, uncomfortable, resentment and divu

  • Favoritism, particularly in the form of nepotism, stands as a deeply entrenched form of corruption that permeates our society. The far-reaching negative consequences of this phenomenon often go unnoticed by those who engage in it, as they unscrupulously violate laws and betray the very foundations of their country in pursuit of personal gain. A striking example lies in the flagrant act of employing an individual solely due to their familial connections, even if they lack the necessary qualifications or merit for the position. This perpetuates a culture of entitlement and undermines the principles of fairness and justice.

    To combat this pernicious practice and reduce its prevalence, a multifaceted approach is necessary:
    First and foremost, raising awareness about the perils of nepotism becomes paramount. By conducting seminars and conferences that shed light on the inherent injustice, rights infringement, and corrupting influence of nepotism, we can educate individuals and communities, fostering a collective understanding of its detrimental effects.
    Secondly, enacting transparent and unambiguous laws against nepotism serves as a crucial deterrent and punitive measure. By establishing stringent regulations, those who engage in nepotistic practices can be held accountable, serving as a deterrent for future transgressions.
    Furthermore, individuals must engage in self-monitoring, conscientiously scrutinizing their own actions and holding themselves accountable for any tendencies toward favoritism. This internal reflection prompts a heightened sense of responsibility and fosters a commitment to ethical conduct.

    Additionally, it is imperative to prioritize the public interest over personal gain. By consciously avoiding the favoring of relatives or acquaintances over individuals with the requisite competencies, we can safeguard fairness, meritocracy, and the equitable distribution of opportunities.

    From a personal perspective, I commend the Topical Talk project for its commendable efforts in addressing this crucial issue. By dedicating a platform to raise awareness about the dangers of nepotism, educating future generations about its perils, and identifying the areas in society where it thrives, they play a vital role in preventing its proliferation.

    Ultimately, it is our collective responsibility to protect society from the destructive forces of favoritism. Through relentless commitment, comprehensive education, robust legislation, and the unwavering promotion of the public good, we can combat nepotism and forge a path toward a more equitable and just society.

  • I agree nepotism is a very bad thing especially to humankind. One of the negative consequences of workplace nepotism has increased employee turnover. This is because employees do not feel appreciated, and there is a significant drop in employee satisfaction. This prompts them to change jobs in search of opportunities where they will be appreciated for their efforts and that's my opinion. Thank you

  • To say nepotism is "a monster" is a bit of harsh statement to make, especially when there are examples of where nepotism has worked for good. For example, nepotism has worked for many years to act as the force driving countries. When a king passes the throne to his son or daughter, that is nepotism. And because of this system, many nations thrived for centuries and managed to survive, because of their royal families, formed by nepotism.

  • From my point of view, there is a complementary relationship between improving the economic and social level, so that to ensure the elimination of nepotism in the future, we provide a good life for our children. This matter is obligatory for the state in terms of providing a good level Economically, but in order to ensure an honorable future for our children, we must educate them on justice and equality, as well as schools and the surrounding environment. For example, in schools, there is a big difference between white and black people or the son of a teacher or principal And distinguishing it from an ordinary student, we must educate our children (future youth) to bear social responsibility and not rely on parents in achieving personal interests. From my point of view, we guarantee a fair society in which no one is oppressed, and we also guarantee The future belongs to our children, and most importantly, we eliminated nepotism on both sides, economic and social, and we improved the conditions of the state and ensured a strong future for our countries

  • I think that nepotism corrupts, I think in various ways, and it can cause the attraction of a lot of businesses, and he was able to create a community of people in it. It is a place of losers and he cannot succeed because of discrimination. It gives the rich a higher position in work, and if the owner of this business does not have any talent at that time, the profession may give it because Privileges and the spread of nepotism spread corruption, self-confidence, and willingness among colleagues in business, so it becomes harmful to individuals and society. We are striving to obtain opportunities for everyone, and this leads to many divisions in which people start to hate each other and work with each other and work in solving problems in order to support the authoritarians, and so on.

    But if the person they put to work has talent, he can show his talents without media, which means that he must overcome all difficulties, like other workers, to show talent, because I believe that you must overcome all difficulties and hard stages by yourself.

    It is important to note that opinions differ about when nepotism began, and some steps may be more controversial than others. The discussion can revolve around where individuals draw the line between normal family support and the unfair advantages associated with nepotism.

  • I strongly agree with you, because nepotism is a very bad thing that must be curbed as quickly as possible due to its many negative aspects. When we deal with nepotism, the world will become full of fraud and inequality. When an official or manager gives his relative a position in which there is not enough experience and competence, this will deprive the employee who has the ability and experience for this position from what Work will weaken, which will affect the economy, but work will be less efficient, but nepotism is illegal, and the perpetrator must be prosecuted for what he did.
    I hope that no one deals with nepotism because this will affect us negatively.

    1. Do you think people who are given jobs because they know someone who already works at the company are always underqualified for the role?

      1. Thank you for your response to my comment
        We cannot say that they are completely unqualified, but they do not have sufficient ability for that role. Certainly there are people who have experience and high competence for that role. They may be capable of that role, but not like those who have higher degrees and high competence. They are qualified for the role, but the work is less. efficient and weaker.
        Therefore, I advise everyone not to deal with wasta simply because it is illegal and can negatively affect our lives and our society.

      2. I think no is my opinion, this may happen sometimes, but this is not a rule, as not everyone who is employed by someone he knows does not deserve the job. There are those who enter through nepotism, but he deserves the job because he is competent in practical life and distinguished, and he holds certificates that qualify him for that, but when he enters a competition for employment, he may experience a state of panic and confusion when entering the competition and he may fail in it because fear controls him, and here nepotism has served him and made him overcome the stage of failure, prove himself in work and achieve the highest successes. Although this can happen, I'm not encouraging to give always someone job because you know him before.

      3. I believe. It is not always that people are qualified or unqualified. There may be a worker who is related to the boss, but he is talented, qualified, masterful at work, and works hard, so the boss raises him to a higher stage or job than the one before him, but people do not think that this person or worker is talented, they only think about Favoritism and that the president is unjust and unfair, and sometimes people's thinking may be correct, as the president may exalt the worker because there is a relationship between them, as this worker is not qualified to work...

  • Favoritism is a monster that has taken control of human minds... I liked your use of the word monster, as it is definitely a monster that has destroyed people and made them think negatively about many things, whether at work in society or in the family. Favoritism sometimes destroys the family, especially the children. And that is when distinguishing between them, which leads to children hating each other, and it may also reach their hatred for their parents and their fleeing from homes, which makes the family disintegrate, weak, and dissatisfied with itself.This is while it is in the family. What do you think if you go to a society to an institution, of course it will collapse partially, and disputes will occur between them

  • I completely agree that nepotism is a beast that fights people. It's an eloquent analogy.
    When I saw the title, I imagined a picture of a monster chasing people, and there are heroes fighting it with equality.
    I do not know if you understand how I imagined it, but it is a very wonderful analogy.
    Also, I see a lot of people taking the rights of others and making them at the bottom instead of promoting them and making them at the top.

    I tried this and was very oppressed because someone took my right and my opportunity, but I know that one day people will despise those who did this and say that she deserved it.

    Therefore, I hate the labels of favoritism and mediation for loved ones and relatives.

  • I agree with your words and wanted to express my opinion on this subject
    I believe that nepotism is a serious problem in some cultures and can lead to ignoring important qualifications and competencies at work and thus lacking justice in job opportunities

    Several things can be done to reduce the impact of nepotism, for example, we can introduce clear criteria for recruitment and admission to schools and universities, we can encourage companies to implement clear policies for evaluating and promoting employees, we can promote awareness of nepotism and its impact on society, and encourage people to work together to reduce the negative impact and provide equal opportunities for all In obtaining education and job opportunities and encouraging cooperation between individuals through teamwork

    But in front of all these laws, there must be penalties, and they may be different according to the country. It can be financial fines, imprisonment, suspension, dismissal from work, or expulsion from school. It is important that these penalties be applied fairly and equally without any discrimination. Thank you for asking This topic and I hope you accept my opinion

  • Favoritism or nepotism, or what is known as nepotism, has forms and templates that are difficult to limit, such as preferring relatives for their kinship and not for their competence, and promoting discrimination for those who provide personal benefits or exchanging goods and services in exchange for political support, and it is one of the most dangerous types of administrative corruption, and it results in injustice to a wide segment of society. We work to combat nepotism in many ways: such as forming integrity committees and monitoring those who occupy sensitive positions, or recording their budgets before taking work and after termination of services, and making sure that there is no kinship between officials and new employees.All these methods are not enough to eliminate favoritism, as it is usually rooted in some societies, where biologists indicated that the tendency to have an instinctive matter and spread quickly in the absence of censorship and values, so what is our duty as individuals to limit favoritism in society?

  • I agree with you fully. Nepotism is a really bad thing that has a negative effect on the world, Businesses are slowing down and people are losing confidence because they think that they need to be related to a famous person to achieve success. It is also affecting the world because of equality so people would not have a chance to prove themselves.

  • In recent times, diseases of society have spread widely throughout the world, and the most important of these diseases is nepotism. I will now talk about nepotism, which is preferring relatives and loved ones over others, employing them in positions that are not their right, and rejecting those who are more competent than them. Nepotism is represented in many areas, as we knew the Indian Kapoor family, who inherited acting for generations without giving other actors the opportunity to work with them, and many examples have spread at the present time. This habit is wrong, so we must put the right person in the right place.

  • * Equality is the opposite of nepotism, and nepotism is one of the manifestations of corruption and the destruction of society. As for equality, it is one of the manifestations of justice and the advancement of society. Favoritism: It is the preference of relatives and friends over those with high qualifications, and this negatively affects society, so the very rich classes appear that mess with money and wealth and practice forms of arrogance, extravagance and corruption, in exchange for the presence of other classes that are unable to secure the minimum requirements of life, and this does not achieve justice and equality. Equality: It is giving everyone his right, and it does not mean excluding qualified people, so the right man must be put in the right place. Favoritism and its various forms must be fought through: Achieving religious, moral and patriotic commitment in the state Imposing maximum and severe deterrent penalties on violators that make people wary of this malignant tumor. The results of this negative phenomenon spread in society like wildfire. Therefore, we must defend our homeland with all our might, so let us strike with iron hands against corruption and the corrupt. The homeland is for its children who build, not for those who loot and destroy.

  • Yes, it is possible to eliminate it gradually, but not in all matters, and I am totally against wasta in matters that cause injustice to others, such as getting a job and other applicants are more qualified for this job, or you are in a circle waiting for your turn for a long time, and someone comes to complete his transaction directly before everyone else only Just because he knows someone in the department and there are many examples, but in order not to be too perfect. If one of the participants on the site is looking for a job and got a job opportunity through an intermediary, and he is qualified for this job and has experience and certificates, and he is in dire need of work, will he refuse and say I will not work Through nepotism, there may be, but this is a rare thing, and here I am not contradicting myself, but the word nepotism is very broad, and sometimes its harm is great, and sometimes its harm is light.

  • As young students, it's important to recognize that nepotism is not a fair or ethical way to make decisions. We should strive to be fair and just in our own actions, treating everyone equally regardless of their connections or background.

    It's also important to speak up if we see examples of nepotism happening around us, and to advocate for merit-based decision making that rewards hard work and talent rather than just who you know. By working together to fight against nepotism, we can create a more equal and just world for all.

  • I agree with your opinion, as nepotism might make those not as privileged feel as if they might need to cheat or skip ahead in life to succeed. If only a chosen few have success then others will feel left out. We will need to educate others about nepotism and the dangers it presents to society.

  • Rational_mood, I would like for you to reconsider your opinion. Yes, I do agree that some people have a wider range of windows to seize opportunities far from another person's reach just because of their ancestors, but the truth is, most of the time, people do not even know they are doing this. There is a major difference between simply giving someone a helping hand or favour rather than intentionally choosing an individual regardless of their talent to that particular field. Your strong advice on step one really got to me and made me think: how should we stop people from using nepotism? Personally, I would not undertake aggressive rituals to those who have favoured others because that will arouse another uproar under the topic aggression. Do we want our countries to be seen as brutal for the consequences we institute to condemn one that may be innocent? I for certain, would not and it is in my best interest to solve this issue in calm and composed ways. If someone is being hired and the person is in fact a descendant or friend to the manager, a vote should be held. Hence, not one person's opinion but several will be acknowledged so no nepotism will come into play.

    1. I liked your question and I respect your humble opinion, but let us think more deeply. We all know that there are many people who do not know that some actions that we may consider as service may be among the most dangerous actions that lead society to corruption, so I suggested that we do awareness-raising and seminars on the subject Favoritism, in which it is clarified and its purpose clarified, and we think about our actions fully and are keen to avoid them, but whoever does it to exploit this act for his benefit while realizing and intending it as nepotism, this person must be stopped at his limit, and I suggested that we put in place clear and transparent laws regarding this phenomenon, and put in place for each violator The law has a penalty,but let us be more clear, if I had the power to set the law and the legal punishment for it, then I would impose a financial violation on the violator of the law, and if he repeats this act after violating it more than once, then he deserves to be given a decision to dismiss him from his work for a few days.

  • we all know that the concept of nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives, friends, or associates, especially by giving them jobs. this practice has become very common up to the extent that nobody questions it anymore. This isn't right at all we should speak up for those who have a passion for something but are deprived of doing it due to nepotism.

  • Nepotism relates to activities associated to favouritism; it can often be identified in cases where an individual hires a family relative. Nepotism also presents itself in cases where someone in a position of power hires and promotes an individual undeserving of a position. As an example, a supervisor constantly offers the same employee the best projects, even if that employee performs below par.

  • Nepotism is really bad and can affect businesses, some people get the feel that they can't succeed without connections with friends or family members. But I think this thought is wrong.