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I think that AI and business link because AI(Artificial Intelligence)is a concept where it could... Competition #3 winners 07/2/24
I agree because a prison is only a prison if they don't let prisoners roam freely.It's for our... What if prisons aren’t working? 31/1/24
This was a really hard decision.I voted that people should only be shown bad news about climate... Too much negative news? 25/1/24
I think AI might be an assistant teacher to a normal human teacher because AI will never need to... AI and the future of education 25/1/24
I agree because these questionnairs tells people about how your progress is going and what... Tell us what you think! 24/1/24
Hi,enigmatic leopard,I strongly agree with your statements as us ,humans,throw millions of... Suggest a discussion 24/1/24
splendid_fish I agree because people on Google Meet who are shy to show their face can hide... Balanced discussions on the Hub 24/1/24
Hi, I chose curious because I really don't know what AI can really do or accomplish something... What's your reaction? 24/1/24
I think the news that caught my attention most was the one about a caring,lovely 13 year old... Competition #1 winners 22/1/24