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It's the start of the Festival so we'd like to get to know you! Please take 2 minutes to fill out this short survey about you and the news. We'll ask you to do it again at the end of the Festival to give you a chance to reflect on what you've learnt!

Can't see the survey? Click on this link:

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  • I agree because... this is a fun way for you to get to know me and it was very intelligent that we do this at the end of the year as we can use it as an opportunity to remember what we have learned and how we improved our work.

    1. hello enigmatic leopard, I agree here, loads! These questionnaires help improve our work.

      1. Hi respectful_anteater and enigmatic_leopard,
        I agree very much to your comment as these fun surveys are here to make our work better and let us get to know each other. These are very helpful and made an exciting first thing to do when I first logged onto Topical Talk! People understand others better when they do these! As this is a survey,the people who run Topical Talk get to know about us and how confident we are in different topics!

        1. I agree because it's very useful it helps in boosting our reasoning skills and get to come across people who would help in our way of thinking, and it's an exciting way for us to learn new and different things from different set of people across the globe. And also to check how much we've improved since the beginning of the topical talk.

        2. I agree that filling out this survey can help us feel better about ourselves and our level of confidence in various areas. In order for them to comprehend the people they are interacting with, they are curious about our identity. Indeed, some people might find it enjoyable, while others might use it as motivation to try the subjects.

        3. Hello splendid_fish, respectful_anteater, enigmatic_leopard,
          I agree because these surveys gather information using relevant questions and aid in the understanding of the topics discussed on the hub. I was confused about why we were supposed to take this survey at the start last year but i know understand the relevance of the survey.

    2. I support the idea enigmatic leopard, this is because the questions help us remember and I agree on how we can reflect!

    3. Even though this is an indirect way of asking for information about you, it also tests your ability to be truthful and rate yourself. So I personally will rate this a 10\10 because it is an also an indirect way of asking about ones belief in his ability.

      THANK YOU.

    4. I also agree, and it is also a safe way to talk to other people

  • This sits well with me because it is very important that we know our beginning and our end on this forum to genuinely look back and be proud of what we've become and see how much we've grown all round especially how much knowledge we've gained and how the experience shaped our life for the better

  • I agree with this as, these questionnaires help to get to know people. This is an amazing way to get to know people and let everyone see how you feel about things! People can understand others more with this. It helps out work, a lot!

    1. I agree because these questionnairs tells people about how your progress is going and what skills or abilities you need to improve and work on.And it also tells people how confident you are in well you doing these skills or abilities.

  • It's fun to do as we get to know at the end that how much we have learned from it. What improvement we have done in the past moment from the festival.

  • It's fun to do this because at the end of the topical talk festival ,we will know how much we have learn't from this,and what improvement we have achieved when the festival ends.

    1. Yes I agree with you dear approchable_television! Because with this tropical talk festival, it's has a great impact on students in which the topics discussed in the hub expose students to new trend and learn about new things
      Am going to take myself for example,when I joined the tropical talk festival I learned new things or should I say I am still learning because I got so much knowledge on eco-anxiety and lots more in which this has been a positive impact on me and also I got a chance to discuss with my fellow teenage friends around the world by which we share our ideas and opinions on a particular topic. It feels so amazing to be discussing with others in which they suggest a new topic and we learn so much from it!
      I will like to say a big thanks to the founders of this festival!
      Thank you!

      1. I agree because... The topical talk festival has taught me a great deal about AI. Previously, I was unaware that AI could perform tasks beyond human capability. Joining the economic festival expanded my understanding of AI's potential. I also gained insights into the global issue of climate change and its impact on displacing communities. I am eager to witness the improvement of my skills by the end of the festival and I'm excited about this transformative experience.

  • I agree because participating in this festival has given me an opportunity to gain knowledge as well as to know others. It is improving my work skills and helps me to analyze a subject.

    1. I agree so much with you, because Participating in this competition, I will develop critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, creativity, imagination, citizenship, and student leadership skills. I am able to adapt and contribute knowledge and understanding to a world that is constantly, rapidly evolving. I will like to say cheers to say the founders , coordinators and managers of topical talk.🙂

      1. I totally agree with you because i think just because of topical talk I have gained so much knowledge and in future I am going to learn more and more!! In fact I honestly say that before it I was not aware that AI is so ahead but when I came here i understood the value of AI, technology, and so on

  • This was very fun thing to do and I agree alot with this, as by this survey you get to know me and about the news. This is is a very good thing that we will do this again at the end of the year as we can reflect on what we have learned from the beginning of the Event. By this survey we can even improve our work skills and also our studies.

    1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the survey! how do you think it might impact your approach to work and studies in the coming months?

      1. Well, this survey asked about various questions which are related to our studies and we will have to do this survey again at the end of the year from which we can recall the things we have learned. With the help of this survey, In the coming months we will be confident and we will think about the problems that we have to face with an open mind as well.
        This is my point of view to your question and thank you for the question.

        1. Indeed! Looking back at what you've learned can make you understand things better and be more open-minded when dealing with future challenges.

  • I concur because this provides an enjoyable avenue for you to learn more about me. It's particularly clever to conduct this at the year's end, offering a chance to reflect on what we've learned and how we've enhanced our work.

  • I concur because this provides an enjoyable avenue for you to learn more about me. It's particularly clever to conduct this at the year's end, offering a chance to reflect on what we've learned and how we've enhanced our work.Reflecting at the end of the year allows us to assess our growth, acknowledge achievements, and identify areas for improvement. It's a strategic time to gather insights, celebrate successes, and set goals for the future. This process promotes continuous learning and development, contributing to personal and professional growth.

  • It is a fun and at the same time exiting thing to do because after each topic that is been treated here you will find out you seem to understand that topic better, that is because you get to know other people's opinions throughout the world.
    So I think this program is very important and it is good as it done every year

  • These surveys are so quick and easy and fun i enjoy it because it helps me embrace who i am!!

    1. How did you score in your

  • i thought i was very mind opening and nice to relax your mind

  • This survey is definitely a really good idea. The questions presented in the survey make you think about yourself and your take a look at yourself from a other point of view and see where your flaws and strengths are. And the fact that we will do the survey at the end of the year again is really interesting because it will show us how much we improved ourselves and how much progress we made.
    Looking forward to it :)

  • This event is actually very beneficial for us. Because by the help of this event we can understand us that how much actually we know us, how much we know about the news of our surroundings. We learn all this in a way which is also fun to learn. Although I joined it by the speaks of my classmates and teacher but now literally I started loving this event.

    1. I solidly agree with what intellectual planet said. Yes of course, this event 100 percent beneficial in so many ways. It can be in a way of hearing or sharing news that happens between or in our country, tropical event is a place where students come together to share their ideals and also explore the world. Is is also interesting and fun. It helps in advising people on how to stay on a safer place or how to manage things for it not to lead to danger, for example Ai, this tropical events has gathered a lot of facts about AI both negative and positive and from there, people learn how to adapt and make the use of AI in the right way.

      I joined this event from my teacher through the knowledge in have gotten about this program or event rather, this is my first time of participating in this event and I literally love this event and am so excited about this event

      I think this event is the one of the best way to interact with different schools all over the world to share ideals. Bravo to all the coordinators and directors of this tropical event.

      1. Thank you for providing importance in my comment nice eagle

      2. I agree with you nice_eagle, honestly every time there is a discussion on this hub I personally, don’t leave without achieving anything. it could be in form of an information, a developed skill and vast amount of knowledge from other topical talkers. And also how things are going on in different countries and places The opinion of young minds and most especially, I got interested in listening to the news and gave my opinion.
        I discovered interesting and important informations . Thanks to topical talk festival.

  • This is a very interesting thing for me. From here we can learn many things very easily. We can see what problems there are in the world and we can solve problems like ours. Know and understand information.

  • This year tropical talk festival has been so amazing and captivative towards me, personally saying have I leant a lot of things in this tropical event which includes many things about AI the news going round the world and some other things that I can't remember.
    I think this tropical event has helped me me a lot And it has also helped many students today because I find it excited for interesting with people round the world.
    This tropical event has help us a lot in making the right decision and I agree with what nice_eaglen said that it is beneficial to us we all are here to make a better world and it helps us to stay on the safer side. Thank you all, all the tropical event directors we or I really enjoy this event although it is my first time of participating in this event after when my teacher spoked to me about it so I decided to partake in it. Thank you all.

  • I am very glad that I live in the 21st century and that I can take advantage of opportunities like this at all. Just the thought that this Topical Talk Festival 2024 will give me the opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas with young people from all over the world is overwhelming. I'm sure I'll also learn so many new things. It's just fantastic. I'm really looking forward to the exchange, the diverse topics and the different opinions. Besides, we will also learn to engage in respectful polemics and use constructive criticism positively for our own development. Many topics will be discussed from very different perspectives. That alone sounds very exciting. In the end, we will see how we have grown in the process. I am sure that the learning process will also be a lot of fun!

  • I am a beginner in Topical Talks and the community is so nice and positive.Some of the comments really made my day.The survey was also fun and easy and I look forward to doing this next year! Have a good day! :)

  • I think that it is fun and interesting way to you for knowing me with some questions. And it is also very important to know us at the beginning and last.
    So that , we can realise that what we were before and how developed we are now.
    Thank you.

  • Hello.
    I'd like to say a big thank you to topical talk for creating the survey to try to get to know me better.
    I'm sure other students feels the same way .
    The survey was very helpful to me because it opened my mind to a lot of things like how we listen to the news around.
    Am I a problem solver.
    And also about the news around my society.
    This basically mean You care about us and want to open our mind to become better thinkers and be more beneficial to our society.
    Thank you.

  • This is very fun and interesting. We can learn new things from here and also can share the information we know. This helps us to improve and increase our creativity and speaking skills. When we share the information we also get awarded which helps to motivate the students alot. At the end of this we get to know how much we have improve than before.

  • This was a very coperhensive research which helped me to become more familiar with technology, learn how to introduse myself to others , practice my English and '' get in touch '' with the language. In my point of view those are some of the various benefits that TOPICAL TALK offers us generously.

  • This app has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn and interact with others. By enabling conversations with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, it opens up a world of knowledge and perspectives. This app could serve as a platform for language exchange, cultural understanding, and collaborative learning.

    1. We certainly hope so, humble_mulberry!

  • I really liked the survey and it was realy intelligent of you to think of this survey and thanks to the topical talk it really makes us to learn more about people from different places and what news are around us all thanks to the topical talk I have learned alot of things and got to know things about the earth and the crisis in it, I have learned to speak in open and also confidently all thanks to the topical talk I've become really confident and interactive thanks alot thumbs up to you.

  • I think why only 13+ students here. If juniors get a chance then they can learn a lot from here. Their mentality will develop. If we all do this together I think everyone will be more motivated. Conversation between all. As it goes on, we can learn a lot from each other when they give different opinions. I think for myself, if they get the chance, they will grow up and show interest in doing it.

    1. There are younger students involved, cooperative_guineapig. Take a look at the leaderboards page and take a look at the "Age" leaderboard!

  • I agree and it was fun thing to do. In the end of the year, we can reflect on what we have learned from the beginning of this event. This survey makes us think about ourselves and we can take a look at ourselves from other point of view and can see where our flaws and strength are. It helps in boosting our reasoning skills and get to come across people who would help in our way of thinking. Participating in this competition I will try to develop critical thinking, creativity, citizenship and leadership skills.

  • I agree with this because it shows our confidence and get to know us I think this helps me get to see how I improve over the year

  • I very much agree to this because...this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know me! A great way to understand each others feelings about this. I support this idea!

  • I think this is an amazing idea as it is a way you can get to know me and I can express myself, and at the end of the year we can look back on all of our new learning and achievments.

  • I think this is a fun and interesting way of understanding me, it asked questions I really had to think about

  • I think it is very useful that it helps your skills when you get older and get your own job. And its good to help your brain and body.

  • AI is transforming the workplace by automating tasks, enhancing productivity, and fostering collaboration. It enables humans to focus on creative and strategic work while reshaping traditional office structures with remote capabilities. However, challenges like job displacement and ethical concerns need attention for a sustainable future. Embracing AI's potential while addressing challenges will shape a dynamic and inclusive workforce.

  • Topical Talk is very helpful and beneficial. It helps others understand easier. It gives extra resources. It has a variety of different topics. This is why Topical Talk is a great resource.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative force with immense potential to revolutionize various aspects of society. It presents opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and problem-solving across industries. AI-powered technologies have the capability to automate repetitive tasks, analyze vast amounts of data, and assist in decision-making processes.

    However, along with its benefits, AI also raises ethical and societal concerns. Issues such as algorithmic bias, data privacy, and job displacement need to be carefully addressed to ensure that AI systems are fair, transparent, and equitable for all individuals.

    Furthermore, there is a need for ongoing research, regulation, and collaboration among stakeholders to harness the full potential of AI while mitigating its risks. Education and awareness about AI are crucial to foster informed discussions and decisions regarding its development and deployment.

    Overall, the responsible and ethical advancement of AI holds the promise of creating a more efficient, equitable, and sustainable future for humanity. It is essential to approach AI development and adoption with a thoughtful and inclusive mindset, considering its impacts on individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

  • Hello Everyone! I perfectly agree because this is the superb way for you to get to know me .It one of the positive platform to learn and build our self confidence . As a member of this platform i will surely share my ideas, views and thoughts.

  • I think this is a great way of knowing me and also keeping safe on the Internet.

  • Hello Everyone! this topical talk festival has been so wonderful and more interesting towards me. As we can reflect our ideas ,views and thoughts This topical talk has helped me a lot to know about the new topics happening all over the world. This event is one of the best way to interact with disparate school to share new thoughts. I feel glad that i live in 21st century and that I can take advantage of opportunities like this at all.
    I am sure that i will learn newly discovered things all over the world. Being the part of this member I will try to develop critical thinking ,creativity and leadership skills. This topical talk gives extra resources. It has variety of topics. This is why topical talk is amazing resources. THANK YOU.

    1. I completely agree with the comments in this discussion. The ideas and opinions shared by the community are interesting and creative, and I am excited to be a part of Topical Talks for the first time. This festival has introduced topics and concepts that I wouldn't have thought about before. As they say, you learn something new every day! It's great to have a website where I can share my thoughts and opinions, and also hear from others. The survey is a fantastic addition, as it allows us to see how we've grown and where we can continue to improve. I'm truly honored to be a part of this festival, and I agree with careful_maths .

  • I agree because I think that this survey is a good, fun and appealing way to see your improvements and to reflect on what you have got better at over the year. I also think that it is a great way for children to get ready for the big world of work and decisions and to help them understand what it will feel like when growing up.

  • Hello everyone!
    I am very excited about this festival because its a platform to give us knowledge about advanced and hot topics that are not a part of our daily routine. We will learn beyond books and festivals topics will polish our personality and develop j critical thinking. I am feeling very lucky to be a part of this festival. Looking forward for more interesting topics.

  • It is very important idea that make us open to all of the students around the world and know a new topics and news that happening around us the competition is very nice the experts that we ask them about different problems help us alot so thank you for doing such an festival

  • I agree because it's serve as an avenue for fun and it's makes me understand what's happening around the world and it's also help in problem solving

  • Climate change is now a global problem. Climate change means the change of the normal state of our enviroment.Almost every living being is affected directly or indirectly by the climate change.

    1. I agree because people use cars all the time and not thinking what their actions is that's why global warming is very ,very dangours to the Earth so we need to do something now!

    2. I agree with you. Global problems now affect our environment as well as people's lives. Its impact is increasing day by day. Melting glaciers in the polar regions have caused discomfort. We all have to solve it and inspire others to do the same

  • This festival plays a unique role in skill acquisition. I learned to solve problems through creativity in problem solving. This festival is very important for teenagers. Through this they will become a smart citizen, develop creativity, understand each other. All over the world they can extend their hand of cooperation. I am very happy to attend this festival

  • I completely agree because… This is a lovely and fun way to see how other people think and help grow our learning. We can improve, expand, agree or disagree with each other’s work together. This is our opportunity to connect and bond with people what we know and remember throughout the year.
    Thank you and have an excellent day❤️😁

  • I agree because it teaches you about subjects in school and Fun things You learn🥰

  • It is really fun to think about what you are dealing with and teaches you lots of fun things you can do

  • I think that this is an amazing idea on how to get to know us and helps to reflect on our learning from the beginning to the end of the year.

  • I agree! This question gives me extra confident

  • I agree with this because it is a good way to get to know everyone. It is also a good idea that we get to do this at the end of the festival too. It's always good to reflect on what we've learned.

  • In my class we thought of lots of jobs and then we thought would the job be better as an AI or human. My favourite was the actor because it would be funny if you would see a robot acting in a movie!

  • I agree with this because this can help collect data to see how much people have grown from the beginning of the year to the end. This will also help us know how much we have learned over time and what we can improve on.

  • Multidimensional use of artificial intelligence in education will mean changing its entire structure. But if artificial intelligence can be used properly, and if artificial intelligence can improve its efficiency, it can be of additional help to students and teachers alikeIt can be used to tailor courses to students' needs, identify their weaknesses and provide feedback to them accordingly. Based on the information received from the students, the artificial intelligence can generate a detailed report with an appropriate recommendation and send it to the teacher. Even students can similarly find their weaknesses and overcome them.
    Artificial intelligence can also be of additional help to students with special needs. Since its algorithm can analyze the student's skills and advise them accordingly, it can help students with special needs progress at their own pace. However, AI has a long way to go to truly revolutionize education and control and innovate technology.

  • Although robotics in surgery has been around for some time, it is only recently integrating with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning is currently being integrated into robotic surgery for some purposes. For example, automation of sewing and improvement of surgical instruments. Machine learning is also being used as an evaluation tool to monitor the surgical skills of doctors. Some surgeries, especially neurosurgeries, require a sensitive procedure and continue for a long time. Even the best surgeon can falter. Since it is a matter of life and death, training a robot for surgery can guarantee more accuracy

  • This was the best survey for knowing how the person is from inside.It has a great benefit to people to know their own confident level,courage and personality etc.I always like this type of quiz,it gives us information about ourselves, knowing ourselves better and to do better.

  • I agree to complete this survey because it is a helpful way to know me and what has been improved or learned in my work. These surveys helped me brainstorm what I could use for my next competition idea. Participating in this competition allows critical thinking and more. In addition, we can reflect on what we have learned.

  • Now all over this world are affected by warming. Deforestation is a contribute to global warming and is often as on of the major causes of enhanced greenhouse effect. The water cycle is also affected by deforestation. Deforestation generally increases rates of soil erosion. Deforestation also has economic impact. Trees help to keep the proper function of our ecosystem. I think we should all be careful so that trees are not cut down.

  • Environment pollution is one of the greatest problem in all over the world.Environment pollution means the process of making the main elements of environment dirty and contaminated. Air, water, soil etc.are the main elements of the environment. This all the environment things are polluted now by us. Trees play important role in maintaining the balance of environment. They absord carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. So, we all have to plant trees in large number
    to keep the environment balanced.

  • In all over the world now has a dangerous pollution that is air pollution. But no creature can live without air. It is life giving force . Air sometimes get polluted and becomes a danger to our life. It can be polluted by different ways.Smoke is the main thing that polluted air. Men becomes sick by inhaling that polluted air. Serious air pollution occurs in big cities. We can take measures to prevent air pollution by operation purification process so that air is made congenial to breathing.

  • I very much appreciate your comment splendid_fish. These surveys will help each and everyone of us to understand ourselves. The survey provides questions that really make you question yourself and your abilities. This can make you strive for growth and be better than you are right now.

  • I think after attending this festival my knowledge has increased a lot from before. This festival is very important for becoming an efficient citizen. This festival is providing the motto of change in developed countries. This festival plays an effective role in making yourself competent, smart, creative and understanding yourself as well as others

    1. I totally agree with you! We have already learned so much at our lessons and the discussions with my classmates were very interesting. They were different opinions on topics but we were all curious to learn more. They are modern topics in this festival and most of the questions make me think more deeply. A rewarding experience for all of us

  • i think that surveys are important because surveys can help u learn so much of what a person is saying or going thru.
    surveys can help somebody embrace themselves because they can choose between multiple choice answers. People don't know how important surveys mean, a survey could help you improve your house, mental health, schools and more. I think it's important that student should do survey AT LEAST once a week because administrators should know how students feel.

  • I think that this is a good idea to improve your learning and gain more knowledge as well as knowing a bit more about other peoples as well, This is also a good way to reflect on what you have learnt at the end of the year.

  • AI technology is improving enterprise performance and productivity by automating processesor tasks that once required human power. AI can also make sense of data on a scale that no human ever could. That capability can return substantial business benefits.

  • I think this is an amazing opportunity get to know us well; learning about each other is a great way to widely boost our creativity within ourselves!

  • I agree because this is a valuable method for getting to know someone and understanding their progress. It also serves as an effective way to assess improvement over time. I'm eager to take this test again at the end.
    Thank you 😊.

    1. Absolutely creative_personality

      👍, self-assessment is a valuable tool for personal growth. Reflecting on progress allows for targeted improvement and a clearer understanding of one's journey. Exciting to see your enthusiasm for taking the test again at the end!

  • This was useful because it shows us what we need to work on/improve for our future experiences later in life. With the questionnaires showing us what we need to remember to improve in the future of our lives.

  • I totally agree with you! Joining this competition will help me enhance important skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, creativity, imagination, citizenship, and leadership. I can adjust to changes and share what I know in a world that's always changing fast. Big thanks to the founders, coordinators, and managers of topical talk!

  • In own understanding, I think its an advanced way of having fun, because as we engage in this topical Talk, we get to no more of what we have been taught in the class. This is because as we comment and also read others comments, we get to see the opinions of others across the world, now exposing us to go deeper into a particular topic.
    In conclusion, I will say that it helps us to boost our critical thinking as we get to know how others think which might look different from your own point of view.

  • I think this is a great way to get to know me and it will massively help with our work. I truly believe, that we shall do this over the years and if we think different to what we thought through the previous times. I would love to get to know all of you ; it is great to hear that we mostly all agree!😊

  • I also agree since their is no one watching our every tipe which creates a safe haven to share your ideas since their isn’t many websites you can talk freely on these days due to the fact every thing is public and it’s creepy as you have no idea what can happen to your original thoughts once it’s posted so it’s very nice to have a place to talk freely with people who’s thoughts are respected.

  • A topic that I feel would people would benefit from talking about would be their communal spaces due to the fact it has been proven that outdoor areas can benefit the mind and boost your concentration so I think we should create an awareness not to not litter or abuse our communal spaces as many people could benefit from having an area to unwind in. Or just a places to socialise outside of an environment that they spend most of their day in so that they can benefit from new surroundings.So I guess what I am trying to say here is that we should create an awareness of our communal spaces as they can benefit our health mental and physical.

  • These kind of surveys must really help the people who are running this website get to know a lot about us, and I think that it is a very good thing to have 2 or 3 of these. But, if you include to many of them, then it will seem like you're being bombarded by questions.

    1. That's exactly what the surveys are for, intellectual_crow! We hope you don't feel bombarded. We will only have two surveys during the Festival: one at the start (now) and one at the end. This helps to show us what you've learned.

  • This survey is fun and lets us get to know each other, show others how confident others are in other topics, and helps us agree on what we can reflect . It helps in boosting our reasoning skills and coming across people who could possibly help in how we are thinking. It feels nice discussing with others about these topics.

  • I feel as if this is a great opportunity to find myself.. I haven't yet reached my potential according to finding about job opportunities and what path I want to walk down for the rest of my life, I'm excited to get to know myself through this program! I can't wait to read my survey after this experience.

  • This was a good way to get know me.This survey had some great questions like how confident and strong do I feel In certain areas.This was also nice way to get peoples gears running and learning to be more understandable and socially active in many types of areas like there speaking skills.

  • I agree we should do this festival every single year to see how much we have improved with our ideas and I’m sure we’ll be better each year with more thoughtful ideas

  • Topical talk inspired me because it teaches me things I never knew and encourages me to do things I didn't like to do very often and my opinion is that topical talk is very, very interesting, that I feel sorry for the people who was not able to be selected to join Topical talk

  • Topical talk is a responsible role model to me because it helps me to get through difficult times that discourges me often,so I think topical talk is the best thing for I can talk to.

  • While filling this typeform ,I felt free of thought a state I've never experienced before.