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I agree with you and I find your examples extremely compelling and convincing. A business in... Profits or the planet? 26/3/24
Hello poetic_laboratory. I absolutely concur with everything you aforementioned on your... How are women portrayed in contemporary society? 22/3/24
It was a variety of interesting and challenging topics to discuss and comment! Some of them were... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 21/3/24
I gently disagree with you because I believe that a country should prioritise safety and during... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 19/3/24
Personally, I believe that the ideal leader for my country would be a person who would try to... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 19/3/24
In Europe births have been significantly decreased. Due to the subfertility, population is... Ageing populations 18/3/24
I absolutely concur with you. I also believe that athletes should focus more on their... Sports and politics 18/3/24
I absolutely agree with your persective and I also believe that discriminations should be... Stereotypes 18/3/24
Well, I must say that I had suspected that most people would think that athletes should reveal... Performance-enhancing drugs: poll results! 18/3/24
I absolutely concur with your thorough and kind of compelling perspective and I also believe... Profits or the planet? 17/3/24
In my perspective, stereotypes still prevail although there has been actions for their... Stereotypes 17/3/24
In my perspective AI is still in progress and we haven't reached seeing its peak. I think that... AI is going to be a must in the future? 14/3/24
In my perspective, there would be benefits in a community if immigration laws are relaxed. For... Ageing populations 13/3/24
Hello, I totally concur with your valid and compelling perspective and I also believe that... Stereotypes 13/3/24
Well, personally I believe that encouraging skilled people to enter the country could be... Ageing populations 13/3/24
Hello, Although your points are valid enough to convince, your pogic here is not quite... Profits or the planet? 12/3/24
When an election happens, everyone has the opportunity to vote. This way they express their... Suggest a discussion 11/3/24
Nowadays, elections are held worldwide with a purpose to choose a leader who is capable of... Suggest a discussion 11/3/24
From how I perceive it, I believe that during a conflict or even worse a war, elections... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 10/3/24
I absolutely concur with your valid perspective which is illustrated by examples and thorough... Who has the power? 09/3/24