Ageing populations

People are living longer than ever before. While this might seem like good news, it can cause problems because it means that populations are growing and that there are more elderly people in communities.

This is known as an ageing population.


In Japan one in ten people are aged 80 or older.

This puts a lot of pressure on the working population, for example, because they have to look after elderly relatives.

It can lead to higher levels of unemployment (because people are too old to work) and stress on essential services such as healthcare.

Japan is now relaxing its immigration laws to encourage more skilled workers into the country.

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  • When there is lots of old people it can put pressure on the government, the tax system and the services. Also if there are more old people than young people there could be less people working. I think relaxing the law is a good thing to do if the government want more immigrants. The government needs to make sure that they get the people they want. The government needs skilled young people.

    1. Rightly said kind_meteor.
      An aging population can strain government resources, tax systems, and services, especially when there are fewer working-age individuals due to a higher number of elderly people. Relaxing immigration laws could be a beneficial strategy for increasing the workforce, but it is crucial for the government to target individuals with the necessary skills.


    2. I disagree because if they are elderly people in the country, they can advise and make things easier because their advise might make more sense and even though they are not strong enough to work and don't increase technology but they advise is very good. The act of reducing old people will not only reduce advise but will also reduce the amount of people in a country.

    3. Hi kind_meteor;
      I think your comment is not entirely logical. What you said is true. But, a bit tricky. It would be a complete mistake if a country could be improved only through immigrants. People who come from other countries through immigration (immigrants) may not be skilled workers. As a result they may not improve your country. However, if they can be trained, they will contribute significantly to the development of your country. But you said that the country's taxes would put a strain on the elderly. One thing to always remember is that knowledge is the most valuable resource in the world. Now if knowledge is possessed by a young person then it will be valuable and if knowledge is possessed by an old man then it will also be priceless. It is not true that efficiency can always take the country forward. Along with efficiency, right mentality and intelligence are required. Now if the old people are wise and they (the old people) can help the young people with wisdom in their (young people) work then they will not be a burden to the country anymore. What is your opinion about this? I have explained my questions and opinions to you.

    4. I disagree with you because I think that when there are less strict immigration laws, yes more people would be encouraged to come to that country but there is no guarantee that the workforce will be improved. Rather it could out more stress on the necessary industries such as healthcare. When there are relaxed immigration laws, more people would immigrate but more immigrants would be young people and in most countries, it is often hard for immigrants to get work and thus would lead to more pressure on the existing workforce.

    5. I agree with you. Relaxing the immigration laws would be good to encourage the citizens because if all we do is to allow immigrants come bringing what they have instead of the young citizens to bring in their own , a lot of young people would just relax making the country go down in bringing in things. If they relax the laws, there will be lots of immigrants that would come, fixing them in places that need skills.

    6. I agree with you that the government should relax the immigration laws to refresh the ageing population. It is obvious from statistics that if nothing is done, in the next fifty to hundred years, Japan will likely be faced with the danger of extinction which means factories will be shut down, and older people will forced to work longer hours which is possible. The government runs on taxes and where there are no people to pay the taxes, basic infrastructure will be affected.
      I think the government should modify or fine-tune immigration and make it more people-friendly.
      Thank you.

      1. While I may agree with you that there is need for the government to review the policy for the aging population, I also feel that that's not a the way to keep the originality of a nation. Immigrant of the years will naturally change the face their host country. I think Japan should have a long time plan of actually repopulating the country with her citizens by encouraging the citizens to have have at least up to four children. The government can make policies that can encourage like making funds available for school up college, food-support funds families with up 4 children, salaries for mothers with up 4 children etc. This way, within a space of long time, the present statistics will be reversed. But working out how this fits, the immigration laws should be reviewed to welcome young immigrants with professional skills where they are needed.

      2. I agree with you that fine running the immigration law to have human face will help the ageing population because there are a lot of skilled people especially in Africa looking for opportunities abroad but want to sure the place is friendly. Some will want to go with their families so will want to check what the law says about migrating with your immediate family. They want to check tax laws, human right etc. I think these are areas the law should be made to very welcoming.

  • I believe that relaxing immigration laws for aging populations can be beneficial because many of these populations are in need of skilled young people which they lack .By allowing immigrants to enter or by relaxing immigration laws,they would be able to have skilled immigrants in areas where they are needed. This would help to improve the economic status and the productivity of the country as a whole

    1. Exactly because the ageing population are like children in adult form so relaxing the immigration laws for them would be really great because they get to live the remaining day of their lives in countries they have longed to go for a pretty long time and having achieved a lot of thing in their life they deserve a break. Also in times of war the immigration policies should be more flexible to the old people because they are very vulnerable in such situations because they are all weary and incapable of coping in hard conditions.

    2. I agree with you because if the ageing population vote they are more matured and understand more about the voting policies. Also it helps to fight immature voting from younger people if they do not fully understand how to vote correctly.

    3. I agree allowing immigrants into a country can be useful because they are many hidden skills and talents in them. If they get a proper work place they would be able to nurture their abilities more. But if they don't enter countries that have job opportunities all their hidden talent and skill will not be useful to them and the world!
      THANK YOU!

    4. I agree with precious swan because by allowing or relaxing the immigrational laws, it will go a long way in improving the countries human capital development and also aid the aging population.

    5. Hi precious_swan
      I agree with you because even though there are skilled immigrants there will always be people who are not skilled who will take advantage of the relaxation of those laws and would contribute to overpoulation so I think instead of us reducing the immigrant laws, the laws should be at a point where only people who are getting and education or adding to the work force can immigrate there.
      THANK YOU !!!

    6. I agree because by relaxing immigration laws there are enough jobs but less youths and more old people. For third world countries which are over populated like Nigeria there is a high rate of unemployment and many youths so the youths can can go to other countries and be a benefit to those countries and the third world countries.

    7. I agree with you because young people are the ones that have the power to work and if they allow immigrant to come to their country, it will be a means to fill in the gaps for the vacancies that exist in the country and help the economic for greater development in the country.
      I also think that allowing foreigners come into the country will bring strain to the social amenities of the country and may even result to overpopulation as time goes on because the people may come in with their families and relatives or even recreate as time goes on. Apart from the fact that the country is going to have a large population, food is going to be very expensive or it is going to rise to a high price. Therefore, relaxing immigration laws can be a blessing to the country and a curse at the same time.
      THANK YOU!

      1. I disagree with you bases on the following reasons:
        You said immigrants will stretch the existing infrastructure forgetting that these facilities where in existence supporting larger people before now. I also believe that when government reviews immigration policies, part of what it takes into consideration is existing infrastructure such too much people will not sent cities with less facilities. This same analogy goes all the concerns you raised as the side effect of relaxing immigration laws.
        Finally, I think the you professional who migrate are within marriage bracket, if the law does not support them bring in their immediate family or bring them over later, it will be counter productive.
        Thank you.

    8. I agree that it is really a beneficial decision to relax the immigration rule if that country has an aging population because their economy will collapse and there would be a rapid lose of population because if the country is not stable the citizen will go to a better place.t The country that is in this situation should do it but with a different situation I believe it would be bad decision .

    9. I agree with you precious_swan, this is because if this law for immigration was added both the country and people will be helped.

  • HELLO!
    Because if young people come in as immigrants they will become the young people of the country and reform he country.

  • I believe that relaxing immigration laws for aging population is fruitful because immigration can help fill in labor shortage that arise due to an aging population. Younger immigrants can contribute to the work force, pay taxes, and support social welfare programs that benefits the elderly. Immigration can also bring cultural diversity and innovation to a country.
    Thank you!

    1. Well, do you think they should let older immigrants in too? Some people might think that this would be counterproductive, but ANYone can be skilled, no matter the age. So I don't think that elderly or older people should be taken out of the "skilled workers" category. I think this because sometimes, older people might be more seasoned or have more knowledge in different areas, like certain mathematicians or scientists who are older, and are coming to immigrate from another country maybe to collaborate with this country's innovators, but that's only because they've been solving these problems and these things for years, so they definitely have experience and should be counted as "skilled".

    2. The younger immigrants would always contribute to the workforce as they themselves need to contribute to their families and feed themselves and when they take part in this contribution in the market they in turn develop the economy of that country.

  • I think relaxing immigration laws has positive and negative effects in the aging population. It is good if the immigrants are young skill individuals who can use their skills to improve the economic growth of the country. It is bad if the immigrants are also old people which will increase the number of aging people in the country as a result increasing the number of unskilled individuals in that particular country.
    I think it will be a good thing if relaxing the law will be implemented which other protocols so that both the immigrants and the country can benefit from each other.

  • From my point of view, I think that the eligible individuals for immigration are young people. If they immigrate to other countries, they will increase production in the countries in various fields, such as politics, industry, and trade, and this will help the countries to grow.

    But the elderly people who immigrated and lived abroad will not help in anything. They will only take advantage of the state’s resources. The growth rate will increase. It will not help in anything.

  • Relaxing immigration laws could help and hurt Japan. This could help as japan could have more workers to improve their GDP. This could hurt japan as there would eventualy be a lot of eldely.

  • Immigration policies could help countries with ageing populations because if a countries immigration policy has more of a welcome to immigrants that could increase the youth among the population. Countries like America, China, India should have certain immigrations laws because of its overfilling population.

  • From my point of view, relaxing immigration laws can be a positive move for countries dealing with aging populations. Here's how:

    1. Workforce Boost: By welcoming younger, skilled immigrants, countries can fill labor gaps, supporting industries and preventing economic stagnation.

    2. Economic Growth: Immigrants contribute to economic growth by paying taxes, starting businesses, and stimulating local economies, helping countries facing demographic challenges.

    3. Social Security Relief: Immigrants contribute to social security and pension systems, easing the strain on these programs as the native population ages.

    4. Diversity and Innovation: Immigrants bring diverse skills and perspectives, fostering innovation and enriching society.


    - Canada: Canada's inclusive immigration policies attract skilled workers, helping maintain a dynamic demographic balance and drive economic growth.

    - Germany: Germany's "Blue Card" program draws skilled workers, addressing labor shortages and contributing to economic development.

    - Australia: Australia's points-based immigration system attracts skilled migrants, ensuring a youthful population and a robust economy.

  • I feel that relaxing immigration laws to allow for better workers will definitely benefit the country a lot. Having a large population of elderly people in a country can put a strain on the government and economy. Allowing more people to enter the country to increase the size of the workforce will help improve the economy in spite of the large amount of senior citizens in the country.

  • When there are a lot of older generations that can put pressure on governments to supply more money for them to live for example old age pension funds. I think that if country relaxed immigration laws it could make it easier because they would have more people to employ and more people to care for the elderly. But from another point of view it could put them in debt and more poverty because they have to pay more people and then they have to pay them even more if they have more skills. But overall I think it will be a good idea to let more people in to help out the country’s in need.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. The immigrants can help in taking care of the elderly and help in filling up spaces where skilled people are needed to help the country. I also think that if immigrants come , the country will begin to grow in development as the immigrants would bring in their own ideas they have from other countries and I believe it can be of great help to everyone at large.

  • According to me Relaxing immigration laws will help us in the development of a country. If the number of elderly in a country is high, then immigrants will contribute to the development of the country. Many of the people coming from abroad (immigrants) will be skilled and intelligent. As a result, they will be able to improve the country's economy considerably. But there is a problem here and that is that many of the immigrants will be uneducated and unskilled. As a result, they will not be able to work for the development of the country. Rather, like the elderly, they will become a burden to the country. It will cause more damage than the development of the country. What is your opinion about this? Hope you are able to understand.

  • In my opinion, and I cannot say I am.sure about this, I believe that older people are becoming less. I can see so many illnesses around us and a lot of stress that I thought this had a negative effect on ageing population.
    Concerning immigration I think that relaxing laws can help the populations with older people.
    However they need to ensure that the immigrants entering their country are indeed skilled and they can offer their working skills in the community or else it can lead to more unemployed people and unskilled workers.

  • During an election, it is essential for individuals to carefully consider the news they read or watch. Some news stories can impact how individuals decide to vote, so it is vital to find information from trustworthy and impartial sources. It is recommended to find news that shows a fair view of various perspectives on significant topics. People should be mindful of where they get their news to make well-informed decisions during the election process.

    1. What advice would you give to a voter about how to be "mindful" of where they get their news?

      1. Hi Katie
        I think voters should check their resources. Several websites and news channels provide fake news during elections. It is important for the voter to know which news channel does not give fake news. Often we believe forwarded messages we see on social media. We should ensure that we check important news from various sources instead of depending on just one. This would help the voters be mindful of their news.

  • I think the government should stop taking money out of peoples wages and finally try to stop this problem. old people shouldn't be allowed to work because they are know to old to be working i agree yes people do live longer then before and there are more elderly people but we should take care into there mental health and well being as well as young people.And i would say we need to get more young people to work about 20 becauses there younger they may not have more working experience .but now people do training before they work that benefits it a lot.

  • Hello,
    I personally think that changing immigration policies wouldn't help a lot in this problem, because most old-aged people do not really like to immigrate. If there was going to be an immigration policy, I would choose to create one that will help to filter based on their level of expertise. Mixing old age people and hardworking youths will help in the economic stability of the nation, while at the same time will attract elders who have dignity and can also contribute too.

    1. I feel when we work together we always get more work done and with the expertise of the elders it would help the younger ones to work faster and better.

    2. That's absolutely true.
      Immigration usually represents younger people who want a better life and a better work environment.
      Elderly people are not keen to the idea of moving to another country even if their country is in a bad situation.
      Additionally we can see that in many countries there are decrease of birth rates which means that the population is not increasing.
      Elderly can contribute to economic stability as you said but they can't provide work as they are in an age where they need a comfort zone to their life.

  • I think that changing immigration policies may help countries with ageing populations, but it can never be the true solutions. Because then the number of immigrants may become more than the real citizen. So, we can take it as an option. We need to take some steps to solve this problem. For example- increasing the birthrate of the country so that in future we don't have to face the same problem. Secondly, we need to engage the old people in different works. For instance- there are many old people who likes to write or draw or make crafts. We can make arrangement for selling those products so that they also can contribute to the economy. We have to take necessary steps to convert their hobbies and happiness as a source of earning money. The old people will also feel good if they can at least contribute to the economy according to their ability. If the young and old people work together then this problem, can be solved easily.
    It will definitely be beneficial for the country if we take skilled workers from other countries. It will help to strengthen the economy. But it will not ensure the good life of the old. The old people may suffer from inferiority complex as they no more can earn money and remain as a burden of their child. So, if we can engage the old people in different works according to their ability and likings then they will be able to lead a stress free and normal life free from any inferiority complex. We also need to give allowance for the old people. So along with changing immigration policies, if we can make arrangement for the older people to be engage in different works according to their will and ability then this problem can easily be solved.

  • Hey everyone!
    I wanted to share my belief that making adjustments to immigration policies to welcome more young workers in healthcare could make a real difference. Let's look at my country Ghana as an example, where implementing a free visa policy has opened doors for more healthcare professionals.

    Ghana is facing a shortage of healthcare workers, especially doctors and nurses. By inviting young healthcare workers from abroad, Ghana's government can fill this gap and ensure better healthcare for everyone.

    I completely agree with kind meteor's point about the challenges of an aging population. It can strain resources and make things tough for everyone. By bringing in more young workers, we can balance things out and keep the country thriving.

  • Relaxing immigration laws can indeed help countries with ageing populations in several ways :

    1. Ageing populations often face labor shortages as a significant portion of the workforce reaches retirement age. By attracting skilled immigrants, countries can fill these gaps in the labor market. Immigrants can contribute their skills knowledge and productivity to the economy and help to sustain economic growth. For example : Germany has been actively seeking skilled workers through its immigration policies to address its ageing population and mitigate labor shortages. They introduced the "Skilled Immigration Act" in 2020 which aims to attract qualified professionals from outside the European Union to meet the country's workforce demands.

    2. Ageing populations often require increased healthcare and caregiving services. Skilled immigrants in healthcare professions can help alleviate the strain on healthcare systems and provide essential services to the elderly. By attracting healthcare professionals, countries can ensure quality healthcare for their ageing populations. For example : United Kingdom has implemented immigration policies to attract healthcare professionals from around the world, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These policies have support the provision of healthcare services to the ageing population.

  • Relaxing immigration laws could potentially benefit countries with ageing populations. By allowing more immigrants to enter a country, it can help address the demographic challenges that come with an ageing population. For example, in countries like Canada and Australia, where immigration policies are more flexible, they have seen economic growth and a more diverse workforce. This diversity can bring new skills and ideas, which can help boost a country's productivity and innovation. So, changing immigration policies can indeed have a positive impact on addressing the issues faced by countries with ageing populations.

  • I think relaxing immigrantion laws will help countries with ageing population but it also depends on how the countries native citizens feel about immigrants. Many countries has had bad history with some immigrants and this could impact how the countries citizens feel about more immigrants entering the country. If not, it could be a problem of racism. If we do not account these things however, relaxing immigrantion laws could definitely help as it'll encourage more people to enter a country and help out with things such as the economy and the working class.

    1. But regardless there would always be some sort of problem between the immigrants and citizens such as rivalry between neighboring countries like China or Japan both countries haven't had the best history. That grudge may lead to civil unrest.

  • I think relaxing immigration laws will help countries with ageing populations in several ways :

    1. Ageing populations often face declining birth rates, leading to population decline and imbalances. Skilled immigrants of childbearing age can help stabilize populations by contributing to higher birth rates, which can counteract demographic decline and support long-term economic sustainability. For example: Canada has implemented family reunification policies that allow skilled immigrants to bring their families to the country. This approach not only helps attract skilled individuals but also supports population growth and demographic balance by encouraging family formation.

    2. Skilled immigrants bring diverse knowledge, expertise and experiences to their host countries. They can contribute to research, development and innovation.They help in driving economic growth and technological advancements. By welcoming skilled immigrants, countries can benefit from their unique perspectives and help maintain their competitiveness in a globalized world. For example : The United States has a long history of attracting skilled immigrants particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. Many foreign-born scientists and entrepreneurs have made significant contributions to innovation and technology advancements in the US. They are helping the country in maintain its leadership in various industries.

  • As population increases the issues of available spaces,equal opportunities etc arises. As inequality arise people start moving abroad in hope of a better life. This is mainly observed in less developed and the developing countries due to gaps in opportunities and the beneficiaries. So they travel to developed countries. Now even they have a limit. So in the end I believe easy immigration can help better distribution of opportunities but it isn't pure of problems. Changes in demographics, the insider-outsider things.
    So it can be beneficial but risky.

  • I think it is prudent to have relaxing immigration laws to encourage youth who are skilled to help countries a higher dependant rate.
    A country with high ageing population will have problem running, why,because the government will not be able to generate enough money through taxation to build the country just because the aged who are not working are exempted from paying tax but are also depending on the government to pay their social security.
    It is however very crucial to have more skillful youth to work so that the government can mobilize resources to run the country and to pay social security to the ageing population.
    Thank you.

  • When there are many old people in the country, then for their they will be a burden. But the family members doesn’t think about them that what experience and qualities the elders have transferred to them. They do not think about that why they are at that post or that higher level, but the reason behind is the elders , that how they put their efforts and made them applicable to do anything and reach higher and higher only.
    Their hard work Their children to do great in the world and achieve everything . According to me, thinking the elders as burden is very wrong. When we are in trouble, the elders only help us with their experiences and thoughts to overcome the problem. At that moment, the elders will be only there with you and will always stay with you. When they were young they did everything they could for the society and achieved many many things . Now it’s our turn to do the same and not see them as weights on the.body .

    But on the other hand I am not opposing to the fact that relaxing immigration laws I are wrong . In there place , they are right . And country should always ways to enhance their people . But we should always respect the elders too……..

  • Well, personally I believe that encouraging skilled people to enter the country could be extremely beneficial for the community. A person who is experienced in a specific sector and is qualified enough to make changes in it, then he/she will be more than acceptable and useful for the local inhabitants and mostly elderly ones. With their plethora of skills they could run a nursing home where elder people would get all the help they need in a regular basis. Besides, any help to society counts!

  • Hi topical talkers my name is fun_conclusion as you can see, I think that relaxing these immigration rules would be good for Japan because in this case the country is looking for talented workers that can help in making their economy better, in this process they can come across not only young but old individuals.
    some individuals would might start making profit for the first time creating money for the family members.

  • Yes. Relaxing immigration laws may help with the economical crisis, and employment problems, but there can always be the issue of overpopulation and deporting the the immigrants would cause more of an issue than good so, I feel instead of relaxing immigration laws we could make work permits to allow for more immigrants to come as not just ordinary citizens which would inevitably cause the same overpopulation, rather they are made up of workers who will build up society of that country.

  • I think that relaxing immigration laws will help because when young workers have to stay home to take care of their older relatives, foreigners will be the ones to close the gaps in unemployment. This will help the country in its economic and financial growth. The country's youths will still be able to work and care for their relatives simultaneously.
    So, I think that the country bringing in more immigrants can be beneficial to them because they will not have any loss, they will not because the foreigners that are immigrants will fill all the country's employment spaces and jobs. So, it is like a plus-plus.

  • I think relaxing immigration laws would be a good idea because immigrants will be able to go to other country because of wars or education. If there are more aged people in a country, there will be less jobs. Examples of countries that have ageing populations such as Japan, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Greece. Relaxing on the law can help this countries which has ageing population.

  • In my perspective, there would be benefits in a community if immigration laws are relaxed. For instance, young immigrants have more skills and because of their young age they have a good perception, resourcefulness and they perform better. Thus, they will make more changes and they will be more suitable for a difficult and menacing job. On the other hand, elder people will not be able to have the best performance possible and mistakes can be made which can affect the whole community.

  • In my opinion I think that Relaxing immigration laws could indeed help countries with ageing populations in several ways:
    Workforce replenishment
    Tax contributions
    Innovation and entrepreneurship
    And also.....
    Social cohesion: Immigration can foster cultural diversity and social cohesion, enriching societies and revitalizing communities. This can counteract social isolation and improve the well-being of elderly populations by providing them with diverse social networks and support systems.

    Real-world example supporting these views include:

    Australia: With its points-based immigration system, Australia attracts skilled migrants who contribute to economic growth and innovation. Immigration has played a crucial role in sustaining Australia's economic prosperity and supporting its ageing population.

    These examples illustrate how changing immigration policies can benefit countries with ageing populations by addressing labor shortages, fostering economic growth, and promoting social integration.
    Thank you.

  • Relaxing immigration laws has the potential to significantly stimulate economic growth and enrich cultural diversity within a society. However, those who are against this idea are concerned about the potential increase in criminal activity and the strain it may put on available resources. It is essential to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of implementing effective and successful immigration policies.

  • In Europe births have been significantly decreased. Due to the subfertility, population is expected to reduce over the next decades. However, at the same time with subfertility, the average life expectancy has increased. Thus, the reduction in the proportion of young people and the rise in the proportion of elderly consist the demographic problem. This problem has made the influx of immigrants necessary, because immigrants are mostly young and they can take after unwanted jobs. They can also achieve to give vitality to the society and they can also support the insurance and pension funds. So, relaxing the laws of immigration is of major importance.

  • And my country is also very poor and other countries also need help.

  • I don't think relaxing the laws related to immigration will affect this case in any way. Immigration might play a big role in this case, but it isn't the main one. Immigration can never be beneficial for everyone. At the same time, people who live in underdeveloped countries move to another country, causing huge chaos for the underdeveloped country due to a smaller population and resource-related problems in the country everyone is moving into. Other than this, it may damage the country's reputation. For example, an increasing number of highly educated individuals from Pakistan are seeking opportunities abroad, particularly in countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, which raises concerns about talent retention and economic development within Pakistan.
    Nowadays, in most countries, young people are moving to places with better career options, causing countries to be filled with more elder citizens. For example, Japan has 1 elder in every 10 people. This is possible in both ways. When an immigrant immigrates to another country, let's take Canada. From another country, Japan, the person might wish to stay in Canada for a long period of time, eventually becoming a citizen right in Canada. The population of Canada increases more and more over time with this process being repeated, whereas elderly people, who are requested not to travel on planes due to age or due to medical conditions, are left in Japan. People who went to Canada grew older there, resulting in more elderly people in Canada with a larger population, whereas in Japan, there were more elderly people with a smaller population. If we are able to change immigration policies, I would put a limit on how many people can immigrate to and from a country in a year. This will benefit the countries, causing a little problem for immigrants but a huge benefit to the country's population.

  • Hi topical talkers,
    A flexible immigration policy can help countries with ageing populations. An ageing population means fewer young people entering the labour market. Immigrants fill the gap among working-age adults and boost the economy through taxes and spending. This helps protect employee health. Immigration policies can also attract skilled workers who face shortages due to an ageing population. This brings new knowledge and skills and contributes to the economy’s growth. Germany is an example of this. They created skilled worker immigration programs to attract talented workers to their country.
    Thank you.

  • When there are lots of elderly people in the country, the government get stressed. When more people retire, they need to get their pension and when there is not enough people working then the pension problem would get hard. A way that they could help this problem is to make more care homes and let the people aged 70 to 85 do a little job where they earn a bit of money. When I hear that the lifespan of an average person is getting longer, I think that is good. But there can be a bit of a problem. A very easy way of fixing this problem is to make the average pay of a person higher so that the country have enough money to pay for the pensions.

  • I believe that changing immigration policies could help countries with ageing populations by relaxing the law and allowing other immigrates to travel to their country. The reason I say this is because a lot of people can die and a lot of people change and grow old which may or may not harm the population and stress the government. It would be great to let other people around the world come to work in their country, especially since all humans are different and have different skills.

  • Changing immigration policies could help countries with ageing populations because when there is many old people, that have retired from a job, it can increase a huge amount of pressure on many essential people, who have a really reliable and busy job to do. For example, the government, King Charles II or Sadiq Khan. So, let's say the government could create care homes where some old people, who feel okay, could do a little job to earn a little amount of money just like thoughtful agency said.

  • That would be very good as you can help lot's of old people and have relaxing immigration!