Profits or the planet?


In another discussion, enthusiastic_buffalo wondered whether businesses have a duty to address environmental issues.

What do you think


“Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses.”


“No because businesses should prioritise making profits over environmental concerns.”


“Sometimes, depending on the business.”

Well done, enthusiastic_buffalo! You have won 5 stars for having your suggestion published.

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  • Hello,
    The statement that I agree with most is C. I say C because not all businesses are able to profit from their products and still worry about the earth,but some can.For example Coca-Cola tries to recycle and reuse the plastic bottles,but there has been 85,035 Coca-cola bottles and cans found just in the United States so imagine the rest of the world.But with company's like beyond meat don't just try they actually do.Beyond meat instead of hurting the animals which hurts the environment they use plants to make plant based meat which does not hurt the environment.

    1. Hey there Rational Hippopotamus.
      😊 I wanted to share my thoughts on your opinion that's been on my mind. 🤔 🌍 In my opinion, we only have one Earth, and it's important for everyone, including businesses, to do their part in protecting it. If businesses continue to pollute the environment without any consequences, we risk causing irreversible damage to our planet. That's why it's crucial for businesses to focus on eco-friendly practices that not only protect the Earth but also increase profits. 💰 Customers are becoming more aware of environmentally friendly alternatives, and companies that prioritize sustainability can gain a competitive edge.

      1. Hi reliable lobster
        that is a very good point I did not think about that.You actually changed the way i thought about this topic. Thank you.

    2. This standpoint is a prime example of why the united states is a fundamentally flawed country in terms of how the US citizens radicalize the actions of the corporate elite “decapitalism” is a actual thing there and prioritizing profits to the point of saying it’s sometimes ok for companies to ignore their environmental impact because they “have tried but can’t”
      I disagree because as a company you should have morals especially if you are unable to undo the damage done by your company you still have to at least rectify said mistakes

      1. I totally agree with you eager_meteor, it is the responsibility of everyone to actively participate in caring for the planet including businesses. Profit can not be treaded for protecting the planet, after all we all live the same space, if the planet is sick, everyone will be affected, it won't ask who is directly responsible for it destruction. The list anyone can do even you feel your business is not directly imparting the earth is to join in awareness campaign.

    3. I agree with but there is a point where I don't agree, I think that people is responsable of their acts and the brand coca cola does nothing todo with what the people do with their cans. The brand has make the cans recyclable but if people don't care about enviroment.

      1. You have made a very valid point gracious desert; truth be told the manufacturers have nothing to do with the environment or any of the happenings in climate change the time that we may be able to quarry them is when they release dangerous fumes and pour toxic chemicals into the oceans but we, the consumers are equally to blame for not disposing our trash correctly it is an eyesore to the environment and the worst part of it all is that most of us don't even care about the consequences or the outcome of everything, we just follow the crowd.

    4. Hello,
      Although your points are valid enough to convince, your pogic here is not quite flueless. In my perspective, opinion A is the most compelling. To illustrate my point, both businesses and individuals are accountable for showing care to the environment and addressing its problems. Businesses can lance campaigns about the environment and they also can use other types of alternative energy like renewable. Humans can do small simple actions, like recycling and participating into environmentally-friendly actions and organisations. Besides, every small actions can make a difference!
      Thank you!

    5. I agree with you because no matter how much you will profit from your business you will have to look out for your environment. I choose A because when something like flooding happens because you have have not been looking out for your environment, there is much to be worried about in terms of the dangers that lies ahead by neglecting the society. If you focus on your business and neglect the society's need, you can be sure that all the profits you will make will not be enough to solve the problems that will arise as a result of your negligence. My teacher once told my classmates and I that whatever you give to the environment that is what the environment will give to you, which simply means is when you throw waste products on the ground it will repay you with erosion, flooding and so on and you might regret why you did not focus on your environment.

    6. I agree with your option C, this is because not every business imparts the the planets, the likes of Coca Cola whose business directly affect the planet should shoulder the responsibility of caring for the planet. This will make them come up innovative ideas of raw materials that planet friendly. Government should also enact laws mandating these companies to pay eco-taxes, sponsor audio-visual programs to help with people who are suffering from eco-anxiety.

  • Hi,
    I mostly agree with option A " yes because protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility, including business". Since, business plays an important role in environmental conservation through sustainable practices, reducing carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly initiatives. For example: nowadays, Tesla is making some efforts in promoting sustainable transportation through electric vehicles. The vehicles which works with the help of petrol or diesel release toxic gases. That toxic gases are polluting the environment. So with the help of electric vehicles, there will be less pollution in this world. There are other more business or companies which are making some efforts on protecting the environment. Patagonia, it is an outdoor clothing company which is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability. This company didn't just try to protect the environment but it has done it. This company is using recycled materials, promoting fair labor practices and mainly donating a portion of it's profit to environmental causes.

    1. I agree with you because protecting the planet is everyone's responsibility. If businesses don't care about the planet and the tend to produce things that are not eco-friendly, it will affect the planet in the negative way. But if businesses care about protecting the planet they would be cautious about the material stake produce and also what they use to make the production . They can use renewable sources of energy to run their businesses as well as selling things that are a eco- friendly. I believe if businesses and everyone join hands to work together we can help protect the climate and have a greener future

      1. I agree with your comment strongly, many business around the world use more of plastics for their products, I think this is not eco-friendly to the evirnoment. I think businesses should reduce the amoutn of plastics they use in their product, instead I think using more paperbags and aluminum foils more,I also think using brown papers bags can be eco-friendly. Here in Ghana many businesses use brown paper bags and aluminum foils to package products, I think it is eco-friendly to the envirnoment around them. Businesses can also plant tree in the enviroment around them making a it effective for employees to work outside and be close to nature. Donating more recycle bins to the envirnoments can be helpful and having fundraisers to help regrow forest can help protect the environment, like the saying" when you help nature ,nature will also help you". I think businesses like car businesses should produce more electric cars instead of diesel cars. I think businesses should banned employees from bring plastic bottles to work ,instead using bottles like Themo Flasks and Alkaline bottles are very eco-friendly to the environment.

        1. I strongly agree with you because you address critical environmental concerns that need to be addressed. Firstly, your point about the excessive use of plastics by businesses globally is well-founded. Plastic pollution is a severe threat to our environment, affecting wildlife, ecosystems, and human health. Just as you stated, we need to decrease the use of plastic by using alternatives like paper bags and aluminium foil. This would make a big difference

      2. ex it is everyone's responsibility for the environment to be clean and the environment also affect a business because when an environment is dirty consumers won't want to buy product and if the product was made in a dirty environment there will be high possibility that some substances may enter the product and when it is brought and the buyer notices that substances it will bring a bad name for that company so, everyone is responsible for their environment.

      3. yes because if they don't, people will boycott them, they won't attract any customers, and that will cause the business to fail. Additionally, certain industrial companies can pollute the environment by burning materials like rubber, which can also contribute to a company's demise.

    2. I agree because protecting the environment is a shared responsibility, including that of businesses. Just as you stated, Tesla and Patagonia are examples of companies that tell us what all companies should do, and that's to promote eco-friendly initiatives. However, I would suggest that while Tesla and Patagonia are commendable examples, they represent a fraction of the whole business landscape. While some companies are indeed making efforts towards environmental protection, there are still many businesses that prioritise profit over sustainability and continue to engage in environmentally harmful practices. An example of a business that is actually not eco-friendly is Amazon. Research shows that Amazon's carbon emissions are still far from where they need to be. I believe it is essential to acknowledge that not all business's are been eco-friendly.

    3. Hi unbiased groundhog,
      I agree with you because it is everyone's duty or responsibility of protecting and maybe preventing the environment and including business workers or people. Busniess should not just focus on profit making but also social respomsibilities one of which is to make policies that are eco-friendly. As matter of fact, we need clean energy to drive the future factories. I actually think government should come with policies that mandate businesses to commit certain percent of their profit to care for the environment.
      THANK YOU!!

    4. Hello
      I agree with option A because it is everybody's responsibility to care for the earth including businesses operators. There is the need to deliberately rebuild the ozone layer which has been depleted. Businesses should put environment first before profit because, if there is no space to operate, there will be no profit to make, it is that simple.

      1. Hi funny twilight,
        I agree with you because if we all don't care for our houses we will not be able to live in the house. In fact without the planet being safe in our environment, we aren't going to make any profit or gain or without cleaning our environment we would get sick and not be able to go to businesses to even make any profit or gain. I agree with opition A because its every body's bussiness to take care of the society and make it a priority even over the bussiness that we run. I think most times people do not care because they do not see the nagative effects now but i feel we should begin to care because the effects of these negligence as i have learnt so far in this festival is something that is dangerous and something we will not want to see in time to come. Therefore, i think prevention is better than cure. let us do all that is in our hands to prevent the nagative effects as much as possible if we can.
        THANK YOU!!!

    5. I agree with you and I find your examples extremely compelling and convincing. A business in order to be truly profitable and prestigious has to be able to comprehend the importance of taking care of the environment. It should prioritise taking actions in order to make a better environment and stop only valuing profits.

  • I agree with A.
    The impact on ecosystems is really important to think about. When businesses do their activities, it can cause big problems for the environment. Things like cutting down trees, making pollution, destroying habitats, and making species go extinct can happen. But if businesses start to care about the environment, they can help protect ecosystems and all the different kinds of living things that depend on them.

    Another thing to think about is saving resources. Businesses use up things like water, energy, and materials from nature. But if they start to care about the environment, they can use resources more wisely, make less waste, and have a smaller impact on nature.

    Climate change is a big problem that affects the whole world. It can cause a lot of bad things to happen to ecosystems, economies, and people's well-being. Businesses can make climate change worse by making greenhouse gases when they do their work, get things from their suppliers, and make products. But if they start to care about the environment, they can do things like reduce emissions and use more renewable energy. This is really important for stopping climate change from getting worse.

  • I agree with option A: "Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses." Companies aren't just by themselves; they're part of communities and environments. When the environment gets messed up, it's bad for everyone, including businesses, because of things like climate change, using up resources, and making things dirty. So, businesses need to do their part to make sure they're not making things worse for the environment. Putting money first instead of caring about the environment might seem like a quick win, but it could cause big problems later on. When businesses focus on being eco-friendly and taking care of nature, it helps them stay around for a long time. They save resources and keep the environment healthy, which is super important for their survival.

    1. I see where you are coming from, but when someone first opens a business their aim is to survive. To do this they need to make profit so they can continue to stay open the next semester. So in this instance it won't be their top priority until they are further into their business journey.
      However, when it comes to more well known businesses for them to survive they have to appeal to their consumers. So to do this they will become more environmentally friendly to gain more customers.
      So in conclusion, it depends on the circumstance of the business and how much profit they are gaining besides whether they are helping the environment.

  • depending on the target audience of your product you can switch your approach if targeting the top 50% you can adjust the price they will still buy your product. if under the top 50% cost is more important to them than the environmental impact. doing it for the bottom 50% will impact sales in a cost of living crisis, if the top 50% they may absorb the cost and not effect sales and revenue .
    As a business we are still responsible for peoples wages and living standards even their kids school, so must position ourselves correctly in the market we trade in, but try to do as much as we can to be environmentally responsible.

  • I agree with statement A because everyone is responsible for the environment including businesses. One-way businesses can help the environment is to stop dumping left-over oil into water bodies. Instead, they could use that oil for meaningful stuff like making roads.

    1. I'm totally confused about your statement because if you are saying oil, it might be any type of oil but the oil used for making roads is crude oil. Apart from that, crude oil is also a source of income to the nation THANK YOU ☺️

  • Hello Topical Talkers,
    I agree with option C, "Sometimes, depending on the business.". I agree with this option because I do not think every business should be involved in environmental issues. I think all businesses should make sure that their products are not harming the environment, however, not all businesses specialize in environmental issues. All businesses should prioritise the environment over making profit. For example, shops can make sure their materials such as plastic and metal don't harm the environment, however they might not be handling environmental issues, and that is not something that should be enforced on all businesses. In conclusion, I do not think it is every business's duty to address environmental issues.

    1. I also agree that it is not all businesses that should get involved in protecting the environment. If a business is directly or indirectly involved in producing or using things that would affect the environment in a negative way, then they should get involved by using and producing eco-friendly materials to run their businesses which will reduce climate crisis. But if a business is not directly involved or do not produce oh cell materials that affect the environment, then they can concentrate on their business to make profit.

      1. I do agree, polite king, if a business is directly producing products that put the ecosystem at risk, then they should stop and try to cooperate with helping the ecosystem. Thank you for your point of view.

    2. Yes, not all businesses are able to help the environment. But, they should try all of their best to help the planet. They should reduce their use of products or whatever their company has those effects the environment. If they are a company that produces a lot of smoke, then they should be able to discuss with their team members to have a limit of the amount of smoke or products they can produce each day.

    3. While yes, not all businesses specialize in the ecosystem, they should still put in an effort to help the environment. Coca-cola, although they have just released their 100% recycled soda bottle, should put in an effort to encourage recycling. Even though these bottles are 100% recycled, research from the EPA states that about only less than 9% of plastic is recycled in the U.S. If companies urge consumers to recycle, this could possibly build up to a greater effort. An effort such as the Coca-cola glass bottle return deposit helped with glass bottles ending up in the environment. Something like this for plastic bottles could greatly help. Other companies could also help by trying to turn to more eco-friendly power for some machines and such.

      1. Thank you, impartial desert for this reply. I also agree that all companies should put in effort to help the eco-system. However, I do think there might have been a misunderstanding with my comment. I did mention that if a company is harming the eco-system, then they should stop making harmful products and try to co-operate with the idea of helping the eco-system become a safer place for living beings.

        1. Hi! Just wanted to thank you for clearing up the misunderstanding! The last sentence had me a bit confused so it's great that you clarified what you were trying to say. I apologize on my part for not reading thoroughly enough. Now that I understand your comment further, I 100% agree with you. That's all I have to say. Have a great day!

  • hello, i mostly agree with option A 'yes because protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility, including businesses' because the environment is important and is everybody's responsibility, even important people's.

  • hello,
    i think that option A is the best because no matter what you should always take care of the environment and even if your goal is money you can start a cleaning fund raiser to boost popularity among the world

  • Hi everyone!
    I disagree with option B because protecting their environment is everyone responsibility. They live in this world and if they do not protect earth then where are they going to live. So, I agree with option A.

    Thank you!

  • The statement that I agree the most with, is A. Protecting the planet, I believe is everyone's responsibility and not a task to be handled by a few. It is the planet that is providing businesses with resources. If the planet detoriates further, businesses would not be able to function as well. Each one of us is a part of the planet, so to say that, protecting the planet is only sometimes necessary, is absolutely wrong. I believe if the businesses help in making the planet better, they would also be able to flourish as they would alsi be able to use the resources. For example - if a factory does not release waste in rivers, treats them first and helps in keeping the river clean then they would also be able to have more fresh water resources. Further, even if there are no benefits of helping the mother Earth, one should not be selfish. It is the Earth that is helping us live, so when it is our chance to protect it, we should very well do so.

  • I disagree the opinion C because...
    If you say it the depends on the type of business.
    The businesses can help by donating money so we can buy the tools needed.
    The business can also send some people that don't have jobs to help clean up.
    Thank you

  • In my opinion agree with Option A, the earth is everybody's responsibility including businesses, Businesses can impact the environment positively by coming up ways to eco-friendly and find effective ways to help the environment. Most businesses use plastics to package their goods /products, in my opinion I strongly believe that using paper bags and aluminum foils to package these can be effective and useful, the paper bags and aluminum foils can be reused and recycled, businesses like KFC in Ghana haves started using paper bags to package their product. Chemical Businesses can find effective ways to dispose these chemicals, rather dumping them in waterbodies in dangerous and harmful, in my opinion I think these should use these chemicals to clean public areas, and local parks. Metal businesses can use left over metals to fix drains and pipes, this can help stop pipes and drains form spilling chemical and trash in waterbodies and other areas. Businesses can use sun and wind to power the systems and devices this is eco-friendly and can reduce carbon emissions. Businesses should fund money into projects that can help restore forests and stop deforestations in other environments. In my opinion I think businesses can help the environment positively after all in will impact them positively at the end.

  • I agree that protecting the environment is a responsibility for everyone, including businesses. Each individual and company plays a vital role in safeguarding our planet for future generations. By adopting eco-friendly practices, businesses can reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a sustainable future. Taking proactive steps to minimize waste and pollution can make a significant difference in preserving the Earth's resources. Together, we can work towards a cleaner and healthier environment by prioritizing environmental conservation in our daily activities.

    1. HI objective revolution,
      I agree with you because (A) which is protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses. You made a really good point because safeguarding the future is very crucial for businesses to thrive. Businesses exist in environment so where the environment has been polluted or destroyed, how then would businesses exist. Everybody must prioritize healthy environment including businesses.
      THANK YOU!!!

      1. Hi openhearted music,
        I strongly agree with you because protecting the environment like you said will probably help everyone in their every day live. I think businesses needs to protects the environment because without the environment and people, they will have no where to buy and sell their goods and services.
        And I feel it true because if our environment is not healthy a tidy I am not sure we would be able to live, be save and healthy.
        Therefore, the society and our environment is very important and if we do not care about it and protect it, there will be no place for businesses to thrive.

  • I think A, protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility including businesses. I agree with A, because 74% of the United States say they support groups that helps stop climate change, however nearly 200 countries tried to end climate change and if business helps maybe more countries will help. For example, if there is a business like Mc. Donalds they could put things about stopping climate change on the boxes and bags they put the food in. Businesses like Nike could also put things about stopping change on the things they sell. In conclusion, if everyone, including businesses work together climate change might be able to be stopped at least a little bit.

  • In my own opinion, I strongly agree with option A, this is because it is only when the environment is safe that businesses operate on it.
    For example, when there is an earthquake in a particular place, can businesses operate there, the answer is no.
    protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses because also when the environment is safe and sound that is when they will have customers that will patronize the business which will lead to them making profit as I know that the main sim of a business is to make profit but that will only come through when the environment is protected.

    1. Hi educated_harmonica
      I solidly support you with option A, yes as you said that is when the environment is safe that businesses operate on it, for me I will say yes that it is everyone responsibility to keep the environment clean even business men and women because if they environment is clean customers will come and patronize his or her goods because they will say that this environment is clean and they will love to come and buy from that person. For instances, if a customer comes to buy a goods from a retailer and sees the environment is not clean, yes they customer will buy the goods but they customer will not buy from that retailer again and he or she will go and patronize from another retailer where they environment is clean and good for customers to come and buy and they customers will help you to draw people’s attention to your products or goods to come and patronize from you and tell them that your environment is clean and they products are good.
      For me I will say that it is everyone responsibility to clean they environment clean including business to join the people to keep the environment clean and make their business to flourish.

  • Hi,
    I deeply concur with option A “Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses.”
    I think that protecting the environment should be everyone's duty. The environment affects everyone including the businesses, helping out in the environment could just be a bonus for the business.
    I feel like this help should be instilled in a very basic thing which is Tax. The businesses can be offered special tax, different from the ones they give out on a normal. Informing them would help them to budget for this kind of tax.
    I think that the responsibility should be taken seriously by businesses as this affects their customers too.


    1. What do you suggest the tax goes towards or gets spent on?

      1. Hi Olivia @ Topical Talk,
        How I think that the tax should be spent is mainly on the environment and charity companies that help the environment. Let's take Patagonia as a case study, they are a business who invest in the climate, but sometimes they find it hard on themselves because they might not have the adequate funds, supporting them with some percentage of the money would really help them to boost the climate.
        I also think that the tax should go to the NGO's. They use some of their profit to contribute towards something that will benefit the society, and this is putting their business at risk, but despite that they still do it any way. This little support could see to a massive upgrade in services that they provide to us.


        1. Great suggestions - well done!

  • Hey,
    I agree with statement C. I think it depends on the seriousness and the type of business for example, a clothing brand may care about the environment due to their textures and what they need to produce the clothing items, however a watch company doesn't need to care about the environment just as much.

    1. I disagree because... Not actually want you are saying is right because in my own perspective or rather point of view towards your comment is totally not properly well detailed. Why because, in all environment it must be clean so as to will be attractive towards customers and potential customers for the betterment of the business organization. Thanks.

  • I agree with options A because everyone has the responsibility to protect their environment. Because if no one is taking responsibility of their planet it would affect everyone in the country negatively. Businesses plays a great role on the environment because most of the businesses causes environmental hazards example oil companies they affect the environment and the toxic gas are polluting the air the company need to recycle materials used instead of dumping the refuse in oder to help the ecosystem.

  • Hi everyone,
    I agree with option A which says business protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility because everyone has a responsibility in keeping their environment clean which includes business organization because business organizations will gain a lot more such as: getting more customers which will help the organization to grow due to their attractive environment.
    Lastly, if the environment is not clean it would affect the employees and other individuals health condition as well as the decrease in the number of customers due to lack of clean business environment. Thanks.

  • In my opinion I say C. I think this because I feel like businesses should take part in taking care of the environment. Sure a business doesn't need to do everything they can to help the environment if it is going to bring down their business down, but they should be trying to at least help the environment since I feel like if this is everyone's job to do.

  • I agree most with C. I say this because not all businesses harm the environment. I believe that if the business is actually harming the environment it is indeed their duty to change and work to better the environment from the damage done. Another reason I say C is because small businesses may not have the resources to help the environment. I business that is just starting up would have difficulty trying to help the environment and grow their business.

  • Personally I agree with statement C the most. Statement C states that "Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses.”. I feel like since were living on this planet we should protect it at any cost. This is because it can affect us as much as the environment. For example we depend on a clean enviroment for our air/oxygen. We wouldn't be here without it. So everyone should protect it because lives are in danger.

  • “Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses.”

    I agree with this option because I believe that all individuals and entities, including businesses, have a duty to address environmental issues. The environment is a shared resource that affects all living beings, and it is crucial that we all take steps to protect and preserve it for future generations. Businesses, in particular, have a significant impact on the environment through their operations, production processes, and supply chains. Therefore, it is important for businesses to take responsibility for their environmental footprint and implement sustainable practices to minimize their impact on the planet. By addressing environmental issues, businesses can not only contribute to a healthier planet but also enhance their reputation, attract environmentally conscious consumers, and even save costs in the long run. Ultimately, it is in the best interest of businesses, as well as society as a whole, to prioritize environmental concerns.

  • I agree with option A because it is the responsibility of everyone in the world including businesses to help protect our environment because if we everyone doesn’t lend a helping hand in stopping environmental issues it would take a very long time to achieve this goal and businesses play a role in theses issues because businesses use materials that are harmful to the environment and these materials come from industries or factories that produce harmful substances when creating the materials and if businesses don’t stop this now it the process of creating a greener future is a long way from achieving.
    So let’s start to save our planet today.

    1. This is good I agree. But let's agree to disagree. In the sense that the more factories and businesses produce, they will still have wastes which affects the environment. Which is not good and is very bad. So, we need to start environmental remediation in order to save our planet. because the more the waste, the more we devalue our environment and even cause harm to ourselves. But if you look carefully and logically into this, you will notice that even with the environmental remediation, there are still some challenges. Like waste or contaminants that are persistent for example lead or mercury. Or those that are complex or those that hardly have complete removal, which are risky. What do we do?

  • For me, it is not always the profit as this can be changed dramatically if it doesn't take into consideration what is best for humanity.
    For instance we can't say that factories should care only about profit when we know that some of them have a detrimental effect on planet.
    And in the end they will lose because if they have a bad effect people will stop using their products or even governments will impose big fines.

    1. I agree because.....
      Prioritizing profit over what is best for humanity can have serious consequences, especially when industries disregard the harmful impact they have on the planet. It is shortsighted to focus solely on financial gains without considering the broader implications for society and the environment. Ultimately, businesses that fail to align their practices with ethical and sustainable standards risk losing both customers and facing penalties from regulatory authorities.

    2. I agree because It is good to take care of the environment because it is your home . So let us take care of our environment and think about our planet and its safety.
      Thank You

  • I agree with opinion A because it is true that we all have to do our part in saving the planet and we do not want to loose planet earth. Actually, when businesses do an action to save the environment the world want to respond to it or even copy what they are doing. Big businesses are known world wide and if people see what the brand are doing then they would want to do their part in saving the world.

  • I completely agree with point A. Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, not just the responsibility of companies. On the contrary, the issue starts with people first, and we must instill in the minds of our children the importance of preserving the environment surrounding us, and we must inculcate the idea of reuse. Also, factories and companies must use resources that do not cause harm. environment, and we must develop the idea of afforestation and planting plants everywhere so that we can obtain oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide resulting from the exhausts of factories and companies.

  • I will go with both A and B. I say this because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses and there should be no excuse about that from the businesses. I will also go with B because businesses should prioritise making profits over environmental concerns in some cases that are really critical and important to the business.
    For A, businesses need to contribute to the stopping of the world's current environmental problems and I also go with B because without the money and resources from the company or business, the contribution might not be much and this means that there will be less contribution to the environment. This means that businesses should have some special occasions when they keep the environment aside so that they will generate income and resources for the thriving of the world's current environmental problem.

    1. Hi reflective_conversation, you have clearly thought this through. I am interested in what you think of option C, is there any room for that?

  • Hello everyone;
    In my opinion I agree with opinion C. In my opinion, the contribution of business in protecting the environment is small. Because, in all the countries of the world there are some businesses due to which the environment is changing day by day. For example, there are several companies and factories that use various engines and machines that produce large amounts of black smoke. Eg: Brick kiln. There are also some businesses that sell wood from trees. Moreover, various construction companies are building houses by destroying forests. Forests are being destroyed. However, to solve these problems, the business may have to be closed. However, if black smoke can be stopped by using machines in the factory and furniture can be made using something else without cutting trees and if construction companies can build big houses in a small space, then the environment will not be destroyed due to business and profit will be obtained. So I think that, of course, business has a responsibility to protect the environment. Hope I have made it clear to you all.

  • Hello Topical talkers,
    I agree mostly with option C. I agree with that "sometimes, depending on the business". I agree because not all businesses want to help the planet or they are too focused on the products they produce than helping the planet. If they do they donate to the environment. Many businesses are mainly focused on their company more than the planet. For example, shops can make their products come in plastic bags and they make sure that they don't harm the environment too much this is when they think about the planet. Sometimes I think that they are doing this just to have a good face to express that they have been taking care of the planet. This is what they have to do to have a successful business. But one thing that I want them to think about is that there were plants and trees before they started their business building.

  • Hello,there.
    I most agree with option A because everyone in the world, including businesses, needs to come together to take action to combat climate change. Climate is changing mainly as a result of human-made activities. Recently, it has been seen that about 80 million wastes are being thrown into the sea every day, which is seriously damaging the environment. Most of these wastes are generated from businesses. Every business needs to recycle their plastic. Most businesses use trees as raw materials. Businesses should reduce tree cutting and plant more trees. Chemical waste released by businesses is dumped into water, which pollutes the water. Therefore, dumping of chemical waste into water should be stopped.

    After all, personally I think that every person has to solve the problem like climate change from their own position because it is not possible to deal with climate change alone. Earth above all. Everyone must fight together to save the world.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. I am not sure about this triumphant_context because we can not force them neither we can make them do it since all businesses do not directly affect the environment in the same measure. I think the best way is to encourage them to do it. Also if they focus on their businesses it will bring profit for the country, which the government can use part of the money to help the environment.
      I think the best thing is to tell companies to reduce what they use or take out.
      When they leave their businesses to protect the planet the country will lose money, which they can use the money to save the environment.

    2. Great opinion triumphant_context!!!
      I totally agree with your opinion because picking this point 'it is not possible to deal with climate change alone' is a very true and brilliant opinion because most of the things said in your points are literally true. Why i say this is because nowadays, we abuse our climate so much that the effects are beginning to pop up and if we do not do something about this, it will resolve to a bigger problem. While it is everybody's responsibility i think that those operating businesses should take on greater responsibility before investing their resources to restore the damaged Eco-system.

      THANK _YOU!!!

  • I agree with point A the most because I think that saving the planet is everyone's job, including businesses. I think that because climate change is doing a big impact on a lot of people around the world and I think it is up to us whether we will save the planet or not. I also think that businesses should do something about climate change because I think that a lot of people will support them and maybe the will make some more money out of it as so much people are supporting them. But how would the people support the businesses? By buying more of their products? Or by simply giving the company more money?
    After doing some research, I found out that businesses that are trying to save the planet such as Tesla has made loads of money out of it. The other businesses that had put some effort into saving the planet I found was Coca-Cola and Bonaqua, who were both trying to make their packaging 100% sustainable by 2025. Coca-Cola has already achieved that in Canada.
    In conclusion, I think everyone should have some responsibility on protecting the environment.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your sources?

      1. Hello Chloe,
        I found my sources on the internet(Google) and I find them quite interesting because I never thought about the packaging could make a huge difference so I decided to share them with other topical talkers. I think that is pretty interesting because Coca-Cola is quite a famous company and you can find their products from all over the world.

  • Opinion A is obviously the proper answer, though I understand If someone else disagrees. The environment is declining and its hard to get people to notice it. Businesses could help a lot by simply putting the word out there with their influence as a business. While yes lost of Businesses help out by changing to recyclable products and packaging, they still produce carbon emmitions by shipping their products over by plane but there isn't much to do about that if there aren't any local options. What they could do to try and make up for this is simply spread the word. Let people know about climate change and effect on the environment with a simple message on their product or commercials or if they have stores then they could have posters about it to spread awareness.

    Yes it is important to focus on profits as a business like opinion B states, but honestly there isn't much point in money if the planet your spending it on is rotting. I've mentioned this in one of my previous comments but, wouldn't you rather be alive and poor than injured or dead and rich? Profits are important to keep the business running and paying the workers lower down in the company but we still need to spread awareness.

    Yes opinion C makes sense but don't you think all businesses should care about the environment? While yes some may not be able to advertise the environment as much, I can't think of any examples in which a business would be compromised for their support of the environment and if anyone could give me an example I would love to know what businesses could be affected by this.

  • I agree with option A, because think about this, if your planet is a wasteland, or it's melting, freezing or experiencing anything out of the ordinary, there would be NO profit. Think about games like Fallout, they're RPGs (role playing games) that simulate what life would be like in the future, after a disastrous nuclear war had happened, rendering life above ground inhabitable. (But you don't have to say a nuclear war happened, in this case, let's just say that climate change has reached its peak with the most extreme conditions.) You wouldn't see any shops there would you? You "could" live underground like they do in Fallout, but remember that something disastrous happened to your planet, so the general population would be halved, or even completely annihilated. And that means less profit if you think about it that way. So if you really only care about profit, which you probably shouldn't, you should at least TRY to contribute to helping your OWN planet.

  • I mostly agree the option A: "Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses."
    I believe that protecting the environment is a shared responsibility that extends beyond individual actions. Businesses as significant contributors to environmental impact, have the potential to make a substantial difference in preserving our planet's health. By investing in renewable energy, reducing waste and adopting environment friendly policies, businesses can mitigate their negative impact and contribute positively to the environment.
    Sustainable business practices not only benefit the environment but can also lead to long-term economic advantages. Consumers are increasingly prioritizing environment friendly products and services whereas companies that align with these values tend to attract a larger customer base. Additionally, embracing sustainability can drive innovation, reduce costs through energy efficiency and enhance a company's reputation. Adhering to environmental regulations ensures businesses avoid penalties. Also, Addressing environmental challenges enhances businesses' resilience, adaptability and long-term viability.

  • I agree with Option C the most. Though all of us have the responsibility of take care of the planet, whether individually or collectively, some businesses have a bigger responsibility while others don't even harm the environment in any way. A good example of a business that doesn't affect the climate is farming. Farming does not affect climate change on a serious scale. Such businesses don't really need to make battling climate change a priority. On the other hand, a pharmaceutical industry that releases toxic sewage into the ocean really has a big responsibility in making up for the damage they cause. Their operations don't have the same effect on climate change as farming does. This is why i think prioritizing protecting the environment depends on the business, it's operations and it's effect on the environment.

    1. I'm not sure about this because... businesses should actually prioritize their profit over anything else. If a business should contribute more to the environment than focusing on their business, the business could eventually stop existing.
      I would rather concur with option C. Though businesses are meant to contribute, I feel like some business that are currently existing take the matter upon their selves when compared to others. For example, Patagonia, they cover up the spaces left by businesses because their sole aim is to contribute to the climate.


  • Hello I think that I agree with option c because sometimes bussineses may invest in something for the environment and loose a lot of money thinking that it will turn out to be great and they turn out to be a total disaster and sometimes they may invest in something else and it turns out to be

    So in investing I think that this is option c.

    But there are exceptions like making ads on how to change climate change for example and to make people aware of the problems around them do this is an option A.

    Thank you

  • In a fast consuming society, unfortunately profit plays a very important role.
    Businesses want to make a lot of money sometimes ignoring the problems around the world.
    For me businesses should conform to the needs of our planet by prioritizing safety of human kind and its habitat, nature.
    If companies want to survive and gain reputation they need to coexist with our planet and follow a more eco friendly way.

  • I agree with A. Yes, businesses have a significant responsibility to address environmental issues. Protecting the environment is a duty shared by all, including businesses. It's undeniable that businesses and industries contribute significantly to the degradation of our planet, so it's only fitting that they play a role in its restoration. As Chief Seattle famously said, "The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth." We must collectively work towards improving our planet, which we've harmed so deeply. We're not the only inhabitants of this world, but as the most intelligent species, it's our obligation to utilize the resources and capabilities of big businesses to make a positive impact. If small individuals efforts can make such big impacts imagine the immense changes that can be achieved through the collective efforts of businesses, not just for profit but for the betterment of humanity and all living beings.

  • Unfortunately we live in a society that most of the people focus on earning a lot of money to make their life more luxurious. We tend to believe that this should be our top achievement.
    And that is what businesses want to do and especially the owners as they represent the capitalism.
    However they should know that by showing respect to the environment they will also still exist. If they continue to ignore the problems our environment faces, this could influence and their own companies

  • I think that I would suggest depending on the business sometimes you see we have to fix and hope on businesses to help us out too at some certain intervals true that a business should be involved but that does not mean we can do it alone everybody has to ascribe and work together to make the world a better place.

  • Hello everyone,
    Yes I am totally agree with the option (A) that protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility , including businesses. Businesses play a very significant role in minimizing their impact on the environment. For example, businesses can reduce waste by using sustainable practices, and conducting recycling programs. By following different steps to minimize environmental impact businesses not only manage their responsibility but also give a healthier planet for everyone. So, it is very much important for everyone, including businesses, to arrange environmental protection for a better future.
    Thank you!!!😊

  • Hello,
    The statement that I agree with most is A because everyone needs to do something to stop climate change, just because you are a business doesn't mean you don't have to or shouldn't help with this cause because we are humans, the residents of Earth we need to keep this place clean it is our home, if we didn't keep our homes clean and fresh would we enjoy living there? No. Same thing goes to our planet Earth if we don't keep it clean we can't enjoy living here at all so they also have to pitch in being a business doesn't give you superiority over others.

    1. Thanks for this point centered_lynx! And I like your description of us being resident of Earth.

  • I agree with opinion A because protecting the environment is every ones responsibility cause if people don't take care of their environment it will effect the community. Besides if the environment is damaged there will be no one living there which also means loss of customers also if the environment is damaged the company or business won't be able to market there product or goods because that businesses or company has been affected by the change in their enviroment

  • I completely think that protecting the environment is everyone's duty because the world is home to many lives and if we would not pay more heed and make attempts toward the planet and society then there would be no planet to run our businesses. Businesses are involved in a lot of activities that deplete the environment and environmental resources so i believe business should be involved in reducing, recycling, reusing, and making new machinery that will improve the condition of world. I think businesses should as a matter of policy decide that certain percent of their raw materials must be recyclable. Also, businesses use a lot of natural resources and I believe that if they try to reduce their level of using natural resources I think it would make a big change.

  • In my opinion I think protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment and also businesses. In my opinion I think its everyone’s responsibility to take care of our environment to help take care of the issue of climate change. This is important find a green future and make the world a better place. It’s also important for us to take care of our businesses for a better career and reputation.

  • The statement I agree with the most is A. Both the planet and businesses mater but the planet maters more than anything else because we live in planet Earth and it is the home we have. If we do not take care of it, it can get damaged and it can affect us. It is our responsibility to take care of our planet. In a way, business can also help in developing the planet because the profit we get from our business can be to used to help the planet too and making policies to help regulate and manage waste that is in our environment as a result of our activities and products produced by businesses. If we don't take care of it, we have no were else to live and start business. This two aspects matter but the planet matters more than any thing

  • I think it is everyone's responsibility to help make the planet a better place, including businesses because if the businesses are not taking care of the environment, the plastic waste from the industrial companies can cause pollution and the pollution can make the society sick so businesses can never make sales when the environment is bad, so that is why it is good to make the planet a better place.

  • Everyone should do their part to help our planet, and that includes businesses, some businesses do things that harm environment, like using coal to make energy, which releases a lot of pollution. But businesses also do good things for the environment, like making sure we have clean water and food to drink and eat.

    When businesses don't care about the environment, people might not want to buy their product because they are not good for the planet.That's why it's important for businesses to think about how they are actions affect nature. But it's not all bad news! Some businesses are starting to make changes to help the environment.they are making products that don't hurt the Earth and finishing new ways to make energy without pollution.

    So, businesses have a big role to play in making sure our planet stays doing things that are good for the environment and listening to what customers want, they can help us make the world a better place for all of us.

  • I think that the world is more important and without the world you would'nt have profits

    1. I agree with you because without the world there will not be any profits.
      In this context, the 'world' means all humans: children, adults and older people. Without them, there will be no profit the people will be the ones who will be purchasing whatever is being sold in the company, industry, shop or factory. So, would it not be better to fix up the Earth so that people purchasing the goods will be more profitable for the business?
      I think that fixing the world should come first before they should first think of having more profits in their business because if they are patient enough, more profits will be made.

  • I agree with option A. Businesses are responsible for far more production of fossil fuels than the average person. They also have far more money to enact green initiatives than the average person does. Could a balance in some way, possibly to make profits to some extent, then using those profits to enact more green initiatives, work? Yes, and I think that would be a helpful compromise. Some businesses have already taken many steps towards being more green and environmentally friendly, and in some cases, this has lost them money. For example, The Body Shop has recently entered administration after making their collection completely vegan, cruelty free, and green. This may dissuade companies from taking on green initiatives, but ultimately, it is the right thing to do. Ultimately, businesses need to prioritise the environment over their profits. Without protecting the planet, we will have no planet. If we have no planet, we can't make profits.

  • I think everybody has the responsibility to protect and sustain the environment. I say this because everybody has done harm to the environment. Companies do the most damage to the environment by pollution due to factories producing smoke and sometimes not recycling things that are supposed to be recycled which also harms the environment.

  • I strongly agree with opinion (A), because everyone has been settled on earth, so it can't just be businesses who will attend to all the work alone. I think if a business was to address environmental issue's alone, there won't be enough funds, since their businesses will take a lot of money to keep it running and on-going. I think if people from all over the world was to donate to a specific organization, it can really help address the environmental issues in the world, and businesses can work together with other organizations to complete the goal of addressing environmental issues in the world.

  • I pick C because if you examine things well you notice that most companies work on changing the environment but if another business comes start doing their job for free that business have destroyed the other business.

  • I totally disagree with option B "No because business should prioritise making profits over environmental concerns." Because we are the living beings responsible for what's happening in this world. Due to people not taking care of their environment and taking it lightly, in many places, different types of consequences are happening and day by day, climate change are increasing which are of course really harmful for every living beings. Due to our mistake, earth can't be destroyed. As business is also help people to reduce the climate change over making profits. I believe that rather than making profits, business can encourage people to recycle, reuse waste materials, plant more trees and contribute or do something to reduce environmental problems.

  • Hello,
    I agree with the opinion, “Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses.” Some people think cleaning the environment is someone's specific job, however, it is everyone's responsibility. It is everyone's job. If we can't work together to keep our environment safe and clean then it is all of our fault if we have bad pollution or other things.

  • Hello,
    I disagree with the opinion, “No because businesses should prioritise making profits over environmental concerns.” I believe that this is incorrect because if a business prioritizes profits and the environment is being polluted and destroyed then soon there will be no environment left for the business to profit off of. Everyone should do their best to keep their environment safe and clean.

  • The option I mostly agree with is C, "Sometimes, depending on the business." I agree with this option because many businesses do not care about the environment. If you think about it, do you really think a big industrial company would stop selling their top products to help the environment? The answer would most likely be no. In companies, it is all about who can make the most money. There are some companies, however, who help the environment. Therefore, it is a company's choice in order to help the environment.

  • The statement I agree with the most is A. Earth is everyones planet and if only a group of people are trying to help then they deserve to live on earth. We all need to help the planet and if businesses don't help then why should the rest of us try to save the planet? Businesses have many things they can do to help the planet, they can use recycable materials. If businesses do an action to save the environment, then the world will see it and try to copy it. Businesses are one of the most important ways to save the environment.

  • I absolutely concur with your thorough and kind of compelling perspective and I also believe that opinion A is the most valid one. Businesses should prioritise the importance and the protection of the environment and they mustn't think about how their business will look more profitable. If their activities are harmful for the environment, then it is better that they stop doing them. This will not only improve their reputation but it will also create eco- anxiety for nonchalant people.

  • I agree with C the most because not ever company can or will make any changes about the environment but many currently are for example McDonalds they switched to paper straws and offer plant based products which does help the environment. But you can’t expect a big multi billion pound company to just change something to help the environment if it could cost them millions of pounds or even their business because how would that help us if it’s a big multi million pound company that we use all the time. I think some businesses are worth a part of our planet and climate change.

  • I agree with option A because businesses also affect the environment in a way. Everyone does something to the environment. Businesses can help a lot more because they have more money than the average person. Average people also can help by picking up trash that they see.

  • I agree with C the most because while protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility, whether or not businesses should address it depends on the business. For instance, a real estate business mostly likely should not comment on environmental issues as real estate is not related to environmental issues, but it is imperative that a business that mass produces products make important steps and statements to combat eco-anxiety and climate change. While all businesses can be linked to the environment in some form, some are more closely related than others, creating an important task for those businesses that are closely related to environmental issues to be open about being sustainable and safe for the environment.

  • I choose A mainly because businesses like industrial businesses that produce goods to be sold directly can affect the air. They can cause air pollution, water pollution (industries that dump their specks of dirt in water) and so on. The environment also gets affected because some things that are sold are used to help in some things and without these things, the earth will have a lot of issues. So we should be careful to avoid harming the earth because of business. Also thank you enthusiastic_buffalo for this thrilling topic, indeed you are a good person both in and out.

  • Hi !
    I agree with statement A which states that the responsibility of the environment lies on everyone's shoulders including the business houses. Which further allows me to illustrate my point , that the companies should promote campaigns such as "Say No To Plastic" or "Save forests " , through their products and introduce eco-friendly methods and products to reduce plastic and promote reforestation , this will develop a keen interest in their customers resulting in a higher customer acquisition, this can be the brand image for the companies . This method can be beneficiary for both the company and the environment .

  • I agree with opinion A. Because we only have one earth and we must take care of it. Also we must avoid irreversible changes and keep our planet safe. Lastly it's crucial for businesses to focus on eco-friendly practices that not only protect the Earth but also increase individual profits. More people are becoming aware of being eco-friendly and would like to support being eco-friendly by buying from eco-friendly companies. These are the reasons why I agree with option A.

  • Hello topical talkers!!

    In my opinion , I agree with option - A that states - “Yes because protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses.” because it presents that everyone , including businesses has a role to protect the environment and also to take care of it .Whenever the business take decisions to implement they should firstly think the impact of the decision on the nature and should keep the money after it . By thinking about the nature , the businesses can help in making the planet safe and healthy for everyone.

    Thank you !