Performance-enhancing drugs: poll results!

We asked: should athletes that take performance-enhancing drugs have to reveal that to others? For example, in a sports competition?

The results are in...


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  • Yes, I say that they should reveal it because the other people that do not want to take the enhanced drugs will know who and what kind of people they are dealing with. Also, to take preventive measures to ensure that they are safe from the other athletes and yo make sure that they do not get influenced.
    So, generally, I say that they should reveal it purposely for the other athletes that do not take the enhancement drugs.

    1. I agree with you. They should come out in the open so that their other contenders will know who they are dealing with because if they don't reveal themselves, it will be totally unfair to those who don't indulge in it. So I totally second to the fact that they should come out in the open so that they could be paired with the likes of them who use it for a proper balance.
      Thank You

  • I expected this outcome because it's unfair for athletes to use drugs to improve their performance without admitting it. When someone cheats like this, it's not fair to the other players. It's important for them to be honest and admit if they used drugs because then the game can be fair for everyone. Admitting it would also help them feel better because they're not hiding anything. Plus, it would make the competition more honest and exciting for everyone involved. So, being truthful about using drugs in sports is not just about fairness, but also about integrity and making the game enjoyable for all.

    1. HELLO ambitious panther,
      I agree with you because i want to believe that they are rules to every game and this rules should include whether or not athlete should be allowed to take enhanced drugs in other not to complicate things the games should be categorize so that those who want enhanced drug will not be mixed with those who do not. These will make things a lot easy and not make other athlete feels cheated.
      THANK YOU!!!

    2. I'm wondering if admitting is the same as revealing the drugs used. But I agree they must disclose the drug used. One of the things that will do is to help the body in charge of checking drug-related issues know if they have come across such substances in other athletes' bodies. Some of the people who introduce these athletes to drugs are ingenious, they keep coming up with new ones once they have been caught, so athletes revealing these drugs will also help in checking them.
      If I were an athlete, I would not want to compete against another athlete who is known to be using drugs because I already know he/she has an unfair advantage.
      Thank you.

    3. I agree with you. I think athletes that take performance-enhancing drugs have to reveal that to others. Sports competitions main purpose is to play it fairly. Athletes have to play it fairly without any cheating. They ensure fairness in sports when they reveal the use of performance enhancing drugs. It helps to maintain the fairness of the competition. For example : an athlete works hard so that he/she can win a sports competition. But, the competition is won by an athlete who takes performance enhancing drugs. Doesn’t it error the integrity of the sports?
      Also, performance enhancing drugs are harmful for our health. Our body is affected by it. Sometimes it leads to addiction. Athletes get addicted to it. If they reveal it to professionals then they can take care of their health . This ensures the safety of the athletes. Athletes can contribute to the prevention of others from making similar choices by acknowledging their past actions.

  • Yes, I believe that they should reveal that they are using enhancing drugs because, if they do they will learn that using the performance enhancing drugs is like cheating because it enhances your abilities and body functions. Which can have an unfair advantage over the other athletes. So, we should try to be fair in all kinds of “Sports”. Thank you 😊

    1. Not only is it unfair to other athletes but highly damaging for you as a person. All of these PEDs and not one of them does not carry a side effect so It's almost like a double sided blade, of which it's good effect is only temporal but the negatives remain in old age.

    2. I agree with you that they should disclose the drugs because the usage of drugs in enhanced games is illegal and a lot of athletes use this drugs a lot to make them strong and active. Disclosure will help the anti-doping agency to track down other athletes using similar drugs. Disclosure will also help to know the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing.
      As you said, using the performance enhanced drugs is like cheating because athletes should work hard in the enhanced games but not taking this drugs.

    3. I agree with you. Also, I think they should reveal that they are using enhanced drugs because it can destroy their immune system and it can lead to death and if any emergency comes, others would know what to do. They will understand that using performance enhancing drugs is cheating and it is unfair to other athletes that do not use performance enhancing drugs because their physical energy would be more than that of others.

  • The results is what I expected because I also believe that whoever is taking enhancement drug should let the people know because of emergency that might arise. This is because if it is not known and something comes up the person or the athlete might end up giving a wrong medication as an emergency treatment before going to the hospital.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Letting others know would be very good. I say so because just as you have said, if a health emergency pops up, others would know what is wrong and the right first aid medicine to give before taking them to the hospital. Also, to make it fair because in cases of competition, we are meant to see real physical energy. Personally, I don't think that they should be any need for the enhanced drug because I feel it will make such games boring.

    2. I agree with you because people must be aware of anyone who is taking these drug just incase of anything like the person is in need of emergency. I say this because if something happens and the athlete requires medical attention, it will pose dangers to the athletes and I think most times, the medical team who administer the emergency first aid are blamed sometimes but it is not their fault. Therefore, not revealing their status will pose danger both to the athlete themselves cause inefficiency in first aid administration in times of emergency.

  • The results is actually what I expected because most of the comments given by the students are in support of people knowing that the athlete have taken performance enhancement drugs. This is because from most of the comments everybody it's of the opinion that if the other competitors know they will be able to understand what they are going up against. And this will also make them train more so that they can also win but if they are not aware they will feel that they did not put much effort.
    The poll result is as expected

  • Yes that was I expected as I believe most of us think that this is the right and fair thing to do. In a competition where rules exist it is necessary to follow them and not cheat.
    To ignore rules in a competition means two things: either you ignore general rules in life and not respect them or the “thirst” for success and reputation is the only thing you care in life. This of course come to the conclusion that your values are not right oriented

  • I am happy with the poll results. This is because i think it will keep everyone safe and considerably happy if everyone knows that the athletes they watch during sports events are under the influence of PED's. I think it will even put the athletes at peace, considering the fact that they don't have to cook up lies to tell the public when they are asked about their superhuman strength. It will keep them calm to know that what they are doing is legal and won't attract any punishments. They will even perform better when they are allowed to show their new skills freely. It is also a good way to keep the society informed.

  • YES, this was what I expected. Someone who has doped, should have no other choice but to reveal themselves because it would not be fair on their fellow competitors. Dopers who have eventually achieved a better position than regular participants have successfully cheated the rest of the participants. Confessing or exposure of dopers is only the right thing because then they can be corrected. Correction of dopers should be the most important thing to consider because they will then have a chance to do the right thing.

  • Hi everyone!
    I am unique_turbine.
    In my opinion, Athletes that take performance enhancing drugs HAVE to reveal that because some competitions don't allow those kind of stuff so it will be considered cheating if not approved by the moderaters and the hosts.
    Taking These kind of drugs could give you an unfair advantage so Athletes should say if they have or haven't taken these enhancing drugs before entering ANY competition.
    Thats my opinion, and thank you guys for reading!!

  • Yes. I expected more. Why would an athlete take and is not will reveal it. If you don't want to reveal, than don't indulge in it. The anti-doping agency should make the condition for revealing very stringent to discourage athletes from drug use. Drug issues is already a problem, sports should not encourage it under the guise of enhanced games.

  • This is what I expected because this way the public will do their research on the drugs that the athlete is using and can see the advantages and disadvantages of such drugs, then they will be ready to expect the bad and the good and will know how to react to them, remember that drugs are chemical substances used to affect the biology of our bodies, some can affect it in a bad way while others can affect it in a good way.

  • Well, I must say that I had suspected that most people would think that athletes should reveal the utilisation of performance-enhancing drugs to others. I myself voted for this opinion. As many other participants in topical talk, I believe that being sincere is what mostly counts although sometimes it may be unfair for someone else.

  • Yes, people should reveal it when they use drugs in games because people only see the outside which is their performance but they don't see the real face of everything which is the use of drugs. Also when they don't reveal it, will look like they put in more strength, efforts and energy than other players. But if revealed, others won't feel downhearted but know they tried their best. I think it will be regarded as cheating if they use these drugs and do not reveal it therefore, is better to fail than to cheat and win.
    Thank you.

  • Hi everyone!
    I am unique_turbine!
    I expected a different result ...... because it should be a must for athletes to show and let the hosts and other players know that they use performance enhancing drugs.
    I expected the results to 90% " Yes they should reveal that they take drugs " and only 10% " No, They don't have to reveal "
    So,, i was pretty surprised by the results but i have to respect everyones opinion.
    Thanks for reading and Bye 👋

  • The results of the poll are what I expected. I agree with the results because if someone is doing something, they should be proud of it. Usually, if someone does not want to share what they are doing, it is usually wrong. If they believe what they are doing is right or morally correct, they should have no problem sharing it. Also, if they reveal it, people will be able to see the side effects of the enhancement drugs they use. If someone who used enhancement drugs reveals which ones they used and I see the side effects, I might not want to use that drug anymore.

  • Yes I am proud that like me still in this world where cheating Is all around people are supporting truth..I also think that the intention of playings games should not be only to win medals but also to win those through an appropriate and fair method..also the purpose of playing games should be fair enough because if one person takes such medicines and hide them it will be unfair for his opponent and himself as he or she is lying to themselves and doubting on their own capabilities..with this if this medication is revealed by anyone else the person who has taken it might loose his reputation and may also loose lifetime chance of playing the game!!

  • Yes, the should reveal it so that others are aware of the effects these drugs can do to someone's body. We know that athletes take drugs in order to improve their performance in sports, however I think it should be reval and stopped because this is not fair to others that use their nature strength and power.

  • Yes they should reveal that they are taking the performance enhancing drugs so young athletes will really know why they can do the things they can do. Most young athletes can't or just do not want to take the performance enhancing drugs. Getting into pro sports are risky, because if you fail there's basically no professional jobs you can get into. If performance enhancing drugs are hidden by athletes more of them would definitely use them which leads to false dreams.

  • Yes , I think people should reveal it because the people who aren´t using it will know that the can achieve it and another time they will do their best

  • No ,i don´t think people should use it because it is unfair for the another person who is not using drugs .He /She will feel bad because they think they aren`t able to cheive this .A game should be equal for all the players.

  • I have to admit that im not surprised by the results of the poll. Sport is connecting people all over the world and sometimes people tend to get very emotional since they are rooting for their favorite athletes with compassion.
    And as drugs enhance physical performance it is only fair to at least inform other competitors. Im sure many enthusiastic sport fans agree, which is why the agreeing votes dominated the poll.

  • This is what I expected because I think athletes should reveal if they had taken drug or not. They should do that because I think it is the only way to make the game fair. If nobody revealed that they had taken the drug, then what will be the fun in the Olympics or a sports competition?
    In addition, it will only be fair to the athletes that do not want to take the drug as the athletes that do not want to take the drug had trained hard for the sports event whereas the athletes that had taken the drug might have not worked hard and they also cheated with the performance-enhancing drug. Then the athletes the had taken the drug will get the medal but they do not deserve it. I think the athletes that had taken the drug should compete to each other in a different sports competition so then everyone will be included. The problem with another sports competition that is drug-friendly is that the person/ group that organised the sports competition will have to pay more money to make more medals for that match.

  • The results are as expected for me because taking enhancing drugs is cheating and it is not fair for other competitors cause they can have an advantage against the others and it is important to tell

  • Yes they have to reveal it to others. There are athletes that train every day, working hard to win competitions they enter and they qualify without performance enhancing drugs and it wont be fair to them, if those that use the drugs hide such information from them. They might not win the competition but the fact that they played the game fairly without any enhancing drugs, gives them a sense of comfort.Also if users of performance enhnacing drugs reveal it, it wont be surprising to others or humiliating for them when they are asked to do a drug test and the result comes out.