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This argument is very controversial and people have different opinions most of the time. In my... Is immigration beneficial? 19/3/24
From what I've read most people can agree that stereotypes are not good. When you look more into... Stereotypes 09/3/24
I agree. As much as people would like influencers to be honest about products since most times... The “face” of a business 17/2/24
I agree. Boycotting doesn't work at times and the incident is usually forgotten by everybody.... Are boycotts helpful? 17/2/24
Hello! Well, at first, I thought about having the journalists that post their news online to... Challenges to journalists 14/2/24
In my opinion, I think the biggest problem journalists face is the amount of control their... Challenges to journalists 12/2/24
I strongly agree with this. As an immigrant myself, I've had many experiences like this before.... Why so divisive? 12/2/24
In my country, there aren't any traditions involving animals. However, here in the United... Animal rights 11/2/24
I scored 10 out of 15. I'm quite surprised with myself since I don't usually look into the topi... Show what you know 11/2/24
I agree. The media does play a role in broadcasting their events. Broadcasting sports like these... Women's sport 10/2/24
I agree. People have to keep these questions in mind before making a claim. Many people forget... Too old, too young, not enough, too much 09/2/24
I agree. If the government is only focusing on one place and garbage companies aren't going... Climate change in your country 08/2/24
I agree. Not many people pay attention to what is happening to the environment and it's really... Climate change in your country 08/2/24