Challenges to journalists


People in different countries often see different news. This is partially because news stories might feel more or less important, depending on where they are happening.

But it's also because the journalists reporting the news face unique challenges that might stop them from sharing the full story.

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  • I think that the job of a journalist is very important. However some of them may face challenges when they want to report the local news. For me the most important challenge is people around politics that try to bribe them in order to firm opinions close to their standards. It all depends on the ethics of the journalist and if he wants to reveal truths.
    Furthermore journalists may know too much information about a police incident or a murder but they feel they shouldn't share this information to the public because the trial hasn't been done yet.

    1. I agree because it is true that governments may try to bribe journalists to keep quiet if they find out a huge secret in the government or they may bribe them to make fake news about them saying how good they are so that people would love them and vote for them in the future, but the bad thing is that the government has higher power than them so if they want to reject the offer they can't because the government would threten them and would harras them till they accept the offer.

    2. I agree because journalist use to face challenges like if a president did something bad it will be hard for them to put it in news and some journalist can give fake news that the government tell them to do.

      1. I agree with you because there are many journalists who sell themselves to the government for fame. This makes it difficult to identify the truth about what the government is doing, which is important for citizens to know in a democratic society.

      2. I agree with you and then if they give a fake news and government published the news which was fake. The citizens of that country will make joke of president or prime minister isn't it?

      3. I agree with you because journalist use to face challenges like if a president did something bad it will be hard for them to put it in news.But even more dangerous is keeping news during wartime.
        There is no security in their lives
        They have to give up the illusion of life to collect news for the sake of the country. Also, when they show the news of terrorists, their location or the operation conducted against them, their lives are threatened.terrorists can attack on them.

        1. I agree with you because many journalists have faces of challenges like for instance if a president or government does something that is illegal, it could never be put it in the news simply because, the fear .Some journalists may be ready to announce that in the news and die but they will still know that they tried to help. I asked myself ,for instance if it is time for war how will journalists live. I say so because, journalists may be getting news in a country where there is a war happening, and may risk their lives to get news for their country. Some may die while some may live in the process. When the news is being published, bad people will want to kill all journalists so they can do more illegal things.
          Thank you

    3. HI peaceful_mode and topical talkers
      I agree with you because many journalists want to publish everything from the government but it may be hard for them. This is why many journalists publish fake stuff like "The government is doing amazing stuff for the country" but in reality, it's not like that. If they post anything about the government that could affect the government the journalists would probably be sent to jail or have problems with the government. The government would threaten them and would harras. This could affect the reputation of the journalists.

    4. I’m in accordance with your comment, because Journalists are important folks in the society because we can’t know what’s happening without their help. Nevertheless, they seem to pass through a lot of problems as journalists, they’re sometimes being forced by the authorities, not to uncover some bitter truth about them as well as some evil pans of theirs to the society, and I think they the way outta this , is to support these folks and back them up whenever they’re threatened.

  • In my opinion, I think that the problems that journalists are facing is how people feel embarrassed that they start to insult and chase away those journalists and stop them from getting imbaresed world wide and if they let them get the story they will be parmenently scared and known as something bad.
    So I think the challenges that the journalists should overcome is to send professional officers to the case before they come so the people would know that they can't enterfeer in Thier affairs and they will know Thier place.
    Thank you.

  • Hi!
    I think journalists face challenges like fake news, arguments from the people that have heard the news and different opinions about if the story is full or half. it may also make a journalists feel shy because maybe the news they are interpreting is correct or not. So I think journalists should not be made shy to say what they have for the community. So I think journalists should overcome those challenges by reporting what they have.

    1. Journalists are seen as 'pokenosers' who share information that is not meant to be their business. But have you ever thought? It is their job to let the public know such information. They do not exactly invade privacy but rather keep the public informed. This right of theirs is stated in the Nigerian constitution as independent mass media. Some of them do not actually enjoy their job; they do it for money, to provide for their selves, their family or both.
      Journalists are also seen as careless people. This is said because they spread any information they witness or hear, without investigating if it is true or not. But it is their job to spread every kind of information.
      Journalists are also bribed or threatened either to hide the shameful activities of a criminal or government or to twist information they are to give to the public raw.
      Journalists are also attacked because of the press' right to freedom.
      The important question is HOW can these challenges be resolved?
      1. Journalists should verify any information they hear or have from reliable sources before publishing them and if possible, mention the sources or reference of their information.
      2. Journalists should be transparent and accountable of all their actions and build ethical relationships with the public through dialogue, to gain their trust.
      I also personally advise journalists to ignore some comments the public make about them because no matter your actions; right or wrong, you'll always be criticized by someone because of that action. Changing it doesn't make a difference because your former supporters will now be your opposers.
      Thank you.

  • For example, when my school launched a newspaper club, none of the participants knew what to write about. I believe that journalists should look at the primary topic instead of the local stories happening around them.Writing should not be a source of fear for journalists, and they should be confident in their topics.
    I am grateful.

    1. Why might local stories be really important to report on?

      1. Local news is used to address issues that affects the public and local populated communities.
        Reason why local news are important.
        1 it encourage civic engagement.
        2 it promotes healthy democracy.
        3 it makes the people engage in political activities like voting.
        4 it enable citizens to be law abiding.
        5 to learn about cultural events.
        6 it eliminate political apathy.

      2. Hello Tiff,
        In order to be able to change or react, I believe people must understand their surroundings and the world around them. A lack of data on community news and local events can severely impact every aspect of our lives. Consider in which local areas are unprepared for extreme storms due to a lack of simple reporting of upcoming weather patterns. Because residents are unaware of imminent danger, they are vulnerable and have limited ability to respond to emergencies. This is not the only reason why you need to be aware of the local news and the surroundings. Local news can keep you informed about certain situations and what's happening in the world. It can teach you it can make you develop and improve your ideology about certain situation. So I think it's vital that people understand local news and it's also important to have a good communications department that will give them the information that they should receive and should know about.

        1. I agree because the problem that each journalist is facing can affect how that journalist tells the news which can cause unawareness in the society lack of consideration for the journalist can really affect a person mentally emotionally and socially being aware of the local news around us is very important communication in a country is very important.

          1. I agree because... Without accurate news, social life, political or economic chaos can be created. If the journalists cannot report the correct news, it will affect the common people. If peoples knows the wrong news, they will taken wrong steps. Which will chaotic the life of the people of the country.

      3. Hello Tiff,
        To prioritize local stories it's key to be able to change opinions and citizens be able to react to different situations, I am convinced that many people must be aware of their surroundings and everyone that is near them. I believe that it's important to listen to these local stories. An example of why it must be because let's say there is a really bad thunderstorm or whatever natural disaster. Citizens won't be aware of this situation which could affect the whole place and they will probably be mad at the local newspaper for not letting them know about this. This could affect the newspaper company due to them not wanting to post about the situation.

      4. Hi Tiff!
        I think local stories are significant to report about because of several reasons.
        1. Local news solves local issues- if local problems are not reported then the problems of locals would not be solved. Reporting about what's happening at the local level gives a deeper insight into the country's people and helps to understand them better.
        2. Local news brings overall development- if only national or state news is paid attention to, then the problems at the local level would go unnoticed. The country would not develop internally and only some mainstream areas would prosper.
        3. Local news brings peace - if the people at the local level are satisfied then peace will be maintained. People would live with each other peacefully without engaging in fights about certain issues. When there are no problems to fight about there will be peace and happiness all over.
        Hence I think due to these reasons and several more, local news is important to report about.

    2. I disagree because... knowing about the local news is very important because without it none of us could know what happened in our local area.

  • Hi
    I think journalist face many challenges like embarrassment, fake news from the people and many news channels are sued for showing what is happening in their community and they don't want to be embarrassed and be permanently scared and embarassed world wide.

    1. Can you explain why you think journalists might be embarrassed?

      1. Journalist can be embarrassed in many ways especially when they get some fake information about a case.

        1. Hello @inspiring_sealion, a very good point you have stated,I would only further like to add to your point.
          Another way journalists can be embarassed is when they are trying to investigate cases in order to give media reports, they usually get insulted by some of the managers of the celebrity or the person they are interviewing when they are trying to get this information to give news because some of the managers may see this as poke nosing and will try to get the journalist out of the area and in the process use abusive words.
          THANK YOU.

          1. HELLO !!!
            I agree because... journalist are embarrassed through different ways during their activities to investigate some official news that will be beneficial to others in different ways in live . people embarrass them because they think journalism a useless subject to learn in live. However journalist try so much in their job to help people though people embarrass them and mock. THANK YOU!

        2. I agree with inspiring_sealuon that fake news can embarrass journalists, but that's not the only place they run into issues—there are a lot of new stories out there, making it difficult for them to choose just one to share.
          I appreciate your concern.

        3. I agree because if for example a journalist here's about a air crash and one of the individuals involved lied and that 24 people died when it was only 8 that died when he finally reports the news and someone else that was involved says it is only 8 he or she will definitely fell imbarased

      2. That was a great question, Tiff. In my opinion, journalists can be embarrassed when they produce fake news and make up news that did not occur.
        I look forward to your response regarding my opinion.
        Thank you.

      3. Journalism can be tough when people don’t want their news published. This can make journalists feel bad and affect how others see them. They have to be careful to tell the truth but not hurt anyone. sometimes, this can lead to problems. Being a good journalist means being honest and respectful, even when it’s hard.Journalists can be put in embarrassing situations when their news is not wanted to be published worldwide, leading to negative reputations.
        Thank you👍🏻.

      4. Hi Tiff, I believe I can respond to your inquiry regarding this. When journalists fabricate stories, they have to deal with hardship and disgrace because people will laugh at them and, in the case of major stories, they may even be singled out for discrimination.
        I hope this clarifies any questions you may have.

      5. Hello Tiff,
        In my opinion, journalism is a very misunderstood profession due to a number of factors. I believe people are judgmental and we like to judge others for our own gratification and this is true in journalism too as we often overlook and we don't even trust those who risk their life to expose the truth and share it. While some reporters may lack thorough research and spread rumors, in many cases the reluctance to share certain truths is not out of embarrassment but out of fear for their own lives. Because often the powerful people of the society suppress information to protect their public image, resulting in threats to journalists who dare to reveal the truth., so I think it's not about embarrassment, it's about life and death and existential fear.

      6. Hello Tiff, Your question was good for us to answer it
        I would say that journalists are embarrassed when they post fake information about stuff. I think they are embarrassed because they have to post fake news about the situation just for them to not get in trouble with the government, celebrity, or an important person. I also want to add that they are doing good with it because we believe everything that they say, but the job of a journalist is to be honest with their followers.
        Thank you

    2. HELLO!
      I agree with you inspiring_sealion many news channels face humiliation because of fake news reports and false information. The news channel might be even shut down because of the fans that protest on it.
      THANK YOU!

  • Hi,
    This is so interesting topic. A journalist is great worker for collecting important informations . A journalist has to face many problems while collecting information. For example: Determining the purpose and source of data collection, determining whether data is true or false, making headlines based on data, explaining data, etc. A journalist has to face many problems while collecting information. In my opinion, to solve all these problems, some organization can be created for journalists to help them collect information and determine whether the information is correct or incorrect.Also they need to be given special concessions. Their salaries also need to be increased. They need to be motivated. Which will help them prepare mentally.

    1. Creating specialized organizations to support journalists in collecting and verifying information could indeed address many of the challenges they face. These organizations could provide resources, training, and tools to assist journalists in navigating data sources, verifying information, and crafting accurate and compelling stories. Additionally, offering incentives such as increased salaries, recognition, and support for career advancement can help motivate journalists and enhance their mental preparedness for the demanding nature of their work. Investing in the well-being and professional development of journalists not only benefits the individuals but also contributes to the overall quality and integrity of journalism in society.

    2. I will agree with you.journalist are facing a lot of challenges. A journalist is doing a great work. A journalist that knows how to do his or her job and declared the best among journalists would say journalism made him or her suffered to gain that respect. For example,a journalist may try to confirm weather a news is the fact or not. Whenever I hear or see this type of incident,I feel uncomfortable. So I respect journalists.

  • In reply to peaceful mode.Your comment is interesting, but what do you think that will stop the bribery of politicians towards journalists.?

    1. I think that the journalists have to be strict and not be easily tempted by the politicians, but should rather say the truth because this is what their work entails, that is as a journalist you have to be honest because whatever you say to people wil be believed as the truth by the public, so the journalists should be strict and not easily bribed.
      Journalists too should also develop courage because taking this step is a very hard thing to do, so the journalists must prepare their minds to say no to bribery and be willing to take that risk of even loosing their job because of doing the right thing.
      I am willing to listen to your replies on this opinion of mine.
      THANK YOU.

    2. Actually,
      I think that bribery from politicians towards journalist can be stopped if the journalist is a honest person, high integrity etc. The point I would like to focus on is if journalist are paid well: this is because if journalist are paid well they will not accept bribe from any politicians, it's when the salary being given to them aren't enough to cater for their needs, that is what leads to the acceptance of bribe by journalist.
      I think that if journalist are paid well and are of good behaviour, it would stop the bribery from politicians towards journalist.
      What are your thoughts on this?
      Thank you!

    3. I reckon the first step to stop bribery is to shine a light on it. If people know what's going on, they can raise a fuss and demand some changes. I also think it will be a good idea to have some watchdogs that keep an eye on politicians and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to. But the real key is to get people to care about it. If they don't care, then nothing is gonna change. I know it's a big problem, but we have to start somewhere.

  • Journalists can face backlash when reporting news to their area, leading to crippling anxiety and essentially affecting the reliably of their news. Some journalists have the job to report unpleasant news to the public that may lead to controversy, disagreements and sometimes even the journalist can get hate for their article. This is one of the greatest challenges many journalists face, being able to deliver without fully offending anybody. Unfortunately, journalists will always have the burden of continuous judgement from the public. There is no concrete solution for this since people will always have distinctive opinions about different topics.

  • In reply to Tiff. I think that journalists may be embarrassed if the viewers find out the truth .for example, viewers can go to online sources, like TikTok, 😂 book e.t.c and start to mock or insult the person .so I think that journalists should not be influenced or bribed by the politicians, rather they should stand by the truth.

    1. I disagree because... sometimes tiktok can teach you lessons to do dances and make money

  • The problem a journalist faced while covering any news is the lack of support from the local people.Local people often don't want to inform the journalist about different issues as a result many vital information remains outside from the news coverage. Again, many people don't become honest with the journalist. Whenever a journalist wants to capture the real condition of anything , the people started faking the condition. They make a completely fake scenario infornt of the journalist as a result the actual condition remains unnoticed. In addition to that, now a days the problem a journalist faced most is unable to make true news and resist bad works. The main work of a journalist is to find out the truth and let the world know it but at present they are unable to perform their duty properly. The powerful people create hindrance in their work.Most of the journalist are now becoming controlled by the government and powerful people and can't even share their opinion about any controversial topic. Journalist are known as a powerful weapon of a country. Now its time to get them back the power to get access to any information and able to make true news about everything without fear. We have to protect the journalist from being controlled by anyone. We have to ensure the rights of the journalist and assist them in their works by providing true information.

    1. thanks for your comment, what do you think journalists can do to encourage support from local people?

      1. I think that journalists can do their best to not seem too intrusive. Unfortunately, most of the time, they seem to only care about their article and they also seem to prefer negative highlights. Some actually take the information that they have learned and transform it into bad news. This makes people avoid sharing information with them. It is a bit unfair, because not all journalists do this. There are plenty out there writing true things in the news. What sometimes gives them a bad reputation is that most of the time, people remember when they lied, not when they told the truth. I think that in order for them to be more trusted is to build a good reputation. That way, more people will forgive journalists if they make a mistake. All humans make mistakes and journalists make no exception. Another thing that they could do to help people feel more comfortable is to guarantee them that after sharing their story with them, the journalists won't write about it, unless they are given consent. For some people, it takes more courage to open up and get started. After telling someone about an experience that they had, they might be willing to share it with others too. However, if they don't, then it should remain a secret. I believe that this would help people to trust journalists more and maybe talk more freely at a future interview. I also believe that journalists shouldn't insist too much. If people refuse to talk to them, then they should just leave the subject alone. Some things are meant to be kept secret, without the whole world commenting about them. When journalists keep persisting for no actual good reason, people feel the need to lie and make up stories.

      2. Hello Seema,
        I think that what journalist can do to encourage support from local people is by producing news from legit sources and not by fake news.
        This is because if people listen to the news and the gets to find out that they are being informed wrongly they would feel bad and might even loss interest in listening to news. Infact people can even render studying journalism as a course useless, because they have the mind set that they will end up producing fake news.
        So, I think that if journalist can stop the production of fake news they will be encouraged by local people.

  • In my opinion, I think the biggest problem journalists face is the amount of control their higher-ups have. For example, when journalists want to share a full story, somebody may be trying to stop them from doing so. If the person is overpowering that said journalists and what they may want to share with the world is not something higher-up wants, they may be threatened or bribed so they don't say anything. I believe this is one of the biggest problems journalists face and it needs to be stopped somehow.

    1. Do you have any ideas about how we can protect journalists?

      1. Hello! Well, at first, I thought about having the journalists that post their news online to have an account with some type of administrator that can give them protection against harassment in case anyone would like to get them to try and not post something by being rude. The journalists could share the account with an administrator and that administrator can keep track of the comments or private chats people send to the account so if any violent threat is sent about information, it can be reported or addressed in a peaceful way.

        1. I agree because... journalists often face a sense of insecurity due to the risky nature of their job. Many journalists fear for their safety and security if they report on certain news that could anger powerful individuals or organizations. As a result, their reporting may lack the necessary depth and detail to truly inform the public. To avoid these threats, some journalists may resort to reporting only on news that is easily digestible and uncontroversial. This can lead to a sense of immunity, where the journalist feels protected from harm no matter what they report on. By creating a safer and more secure environment for journalists, we can ensure that they can do their jobs to the best of their abilities and provide the public with accurate and comprehensive news.

  • I think that Working as a journalist or reporter in a hostile environment presents numerous challenges that can significantly impact the safety, well-being, and effectiveness of media professionals.such as Physical threats and violence , intimidation and harassmentthat face the journalist.
    The journalists work under pressure to get the right informations, not the fake ones in a limited and short time and they have a very small space to write the informations in the news paper.

    I think that we must appreciate the journalists because they work hard so don't argue with them .

  • It is an indisputable true that the purpose of a journalist is to inform people for controversial and vital matters concerning their community or even the whole world. However, when they publish critical matter, they frequently receive intense challenges due to people being triggered. In case something menacing happens, people tend to put the blame to journalists even though in fact the culpable is the one to utterly blame. Thus, journalists receive unwanted pressure for matters that they just have to coney to people.
    In order for this situation to be overcome, people should empathize the fact that the job of journalists is to just inform them about a situation not to trigger them. So, they should not blame and put pressure on them. Last but not least, I believe that journalists should be objective an to highlight cases as they are. This is the only way people in my area and people worldwide will finally realise that situations can't change and no matter what happened, journalists aren't liable.

  • I think a lot of journalists go through challenges such as, information overload, and the need for continuous learning. However, journalists can also overcome these challenges by only documenting the most important facts to prevent information overload, which can sometimes be pressure on your mental health, and this also goes along with not studying too hard or too much. Both of these things are bad for your health and can be stressful. When you feel overloaded and stressed out, it is hard to pay attention, and can make a job as a journalist more difficult.

  • Here in my country, in 2023 alone, there were around ten cases of famous journalists being assaulted by the persons
    they were trying expose to the public for stealing money from the country . During one instance, one female journalist was beaten up and had her phone seized by the bodyguards of a corrupt politician she was trying to expose . I think it's unfair for journalists to get abused for trying to inform the citizens about what is happening in their country, I think journalist are involved in exposes should be given 24/7 security because we can't allow for someone's mother to be beaten up when she is trying to do her job

  • In my opinion, journalists face challenges and difficulties when reporting local news in my area or any area. I feel this way, because sometimes reporters could get discouraged. To go even further with my opinion, there is a possiblility they could get bribed or believe false information being spread. With a bribe, this could make reporters give false information; making the public confused. What do you think?

    1. Could you think of how this problem could be solved, enlightened_tiger?

  • I think some of they challenges that journalists face when reporting news are mainly fear and shyness they faced this challenges because they are not ready to present or they are normally like that. I think they can work on this challenges by working on themselves to make a change, listening and watching carefully to how good journalists present, studying they steps on how to present they news given.

  • Journalist sometimes struggle to get the information they need because it is hard to find accurate and timely facts. Some people are groups like the government of big companies might not want to share information. They might keep secrets or not want to cooperate. This makes eat tough for journalist to tell important stories.
    I believe this problem can be solved if the government companies and journalist should collaborate. The government can make sure the pass suitable policies that will give permission to the journalist to have access to accurate information from the companies. Working together, they can provide accurate information and transparency helping to address the issue effectively.

    1. Is there such thing as journalists and the government having too much collaboration? What might happen then?

      1. Hello Katie,
        I believe collaboration between the government and journalist can have both positive and negative aspects. On the bright side, it allows journalist access to vital information from the government and other companies. However, there's a downside too. If there is too much collaboration, it might compromise the integrity of journalist. The government could influence journalists to only report favorable things about them, which could prevent the public from knowing important truths.
        It is essential for journalists to remain independent and unbiased in their reporting to ensure transparency and accountability in society.

      2. Hello Katie,
        I believe yes. There is too much collaboration between the government and the journalists. They have both positive and negative impacts between them. There are more negative than positive things in between them. But I will first state the positive things that they have. One positive impact between them is that we can access more information about the government, what is happening, and what choices they are making inside. But in every situation, there is a negative. A real negative between them that we can see in any news is that the journalist provides more fake news than real. This is because they are forced to do so that they won't get in trouble, but I still think that it's a bad idea because the journalist should say the truth.

  • Local journalists face challenges like limited resources, finding compelling stories in a small area, staying objective in close-knit communities, managing conflicts of interest, and competing with social media for attention. They also juggle accuracy on tight deadlines and balancing sensationalism with important news. Unfortunately, honest news channels often don't get the TRP they deserve, as sensationalism tends to attract more viewers.

    1. I agree because... well, yes journalists are having hard challenges in the society and I think that journalists are a real big target to the society because they are dealing with really crucial information and that means that they may come under attack or threats by some particular people in that society. For example I have watched a movie that a certain journalist was on a job to find out more about a case, this particular case was a case that involved bad people, if I was to say he was on the wrong case at the wrong time. It was so bad that he had to evacuate that city to prevent his life from being lost. So what I am trying to say is that journalist are doing a lot in the society, that is risking their lives to be able to get news to release for us to listen to.
      In conclusion, I say that the world should acknowledge what the journalists are doing because if not for them we will not know most of the news that we know currently because they get it and they start printing it on newspapers, magazines etc. and they also broadcast it to the world on TV channels.

  • Hey y'all.
    In my local area, journalists face several challenges when reporting on local news. One significant challenge is political influence, as journalists may encounter pressure or influence from political entities, potentially leading to biassed or censored reporting. Moreover, many media organisations in my local area struggle with limited resources, including funding, equipment, and training, which can affect the quality and depth of local news coverage. Furthermore, reporting on certain local news stories, especially those related to corruption, crime, or social issues, can expose journalists to threats to their safety and security.

    In my opinion, to overcome these challenges, several measures can be taken. First, providing journalists with additional training and professional development opportunities can enhance their reporting skills and enable them to navigate complex challenges more effectively. Secondly, promoting and protecting media independence and freedom of expression are vital for ensuring that journalists can report on local news without undue influence or pressure. Finally, providing safety measures and legal protections for journalists is essential to ensuring their physical and professional security while reporting on sensitive local news stories.

  • In my own view the most common challenge faced by journalists is
    Physical threats and violence.
    Journalists can be targeted due to their report they might even get civil unrest.
    Targeted due to their report in my own understanding means that they can sometimes face violence for expressing their fundamental rights to freedom of expression.
    In my own view to stop or rather to overcome this challenges faced by journalists, There should be advocacy, that is monitoring of attacks and threats levels and coordination of international support.
    In conclusion I think government are the most available source that could solve the challenges faced by journalists in the world today.

  • I think that the challenges journalist face are:
    1. Fear to speak the truth because the politicians will attack them if they say the truth .
    2. Some times they report fake news because they are not well paid .
    3. Some times fund to access the facts about the news.
    Solutions to these problems
    1. Journalists should stand by the truth.
    2. Government should pay them more money so that they can access the real facts about the news.

    1. Thank you for your comment - do you think journalists report fake news on purpose and if so why?

      1. Hello Aimee,
        Journalists don't post fake news on purpose because we have seen in every situation that they aren't telling the truth. This is because they are forced to do so or they will be in big trouble with the government, people, and the entire state. This is because if they tell the truth about that particular situation or person the reputation of those people. Which will be a big problem in the whole world.

    2. I don't think POLITICIANS would ATTACK them for saying the truth. Because that would be pretty hard to cover up with just money alone, so other journalists would find out and expose them, and if they did try to "attack" all of the journalists who spoke the truth, at this point, their actions would be public. And I respectfully disagree with you when you say that they report fake news because they are not well paid. I say this because the government isn't responsible for the news, the people are, the journalists are people, and the people are journalists. While some are only in that business for money or fame, others actually do want to spread truth or like telling good news. And, they may report fake news for numerous reasons, like making their position known, or protesting against something, or trying to get something or someone taken down.

  • Well in my mind it all depends on what type of journalist you are and what topics you are covering. Are you a political journalist, a journalist interested in trials, a journalist talinkg about celebrities, a news reporter on TV? So the challenges depends on the environment you are working, the topics you are entitled to search and present and the ones you have specialized more. For instance a war journalist have to risk even his life to report the news there, a journalist about lifestyle needs to have good social skills with them .

  • In my own view journalists face challenges such as fake news and misinformation meaning people quote them wrongly at times, declining trust in journalism, digital transformation, financial sustainability, threats to press freedom, ethical dilemmas, information overload, mental health and wellbeing, balancing objectivity and advocacy, continuous learning and adaptation.
    To overcome this challenges it is essential to advocate for press freedom, support organisations that protect journalists rights and ensure legal framework that safeguard their works.

  • In my area (Nigeria), journalists face challenges such as political pressure, censorship, and safety concerns when reporting local news. Political pressure can come from different sources, including government officials or powerful individuals(politicians) who may attempt to manipulate the media to correspond with their agendas. Censorship, whether explicit or implicit, can limit the freedom of the press and hinder journalists' ability to report on certain sensitive topics. Morever, safety concerns arise in Nigeria where journalists risk physical harm or retaliation for covering contentious issues, such as crime or corruption.
    Overcoming these challenges requires a vast approach involving advocacy for press freedom and training for journalists on safety protocol. Providing legal protections for journalists and strengthening independent media institutions can help mitigate and prevent political pressure and censorship. Moreover, investing in resources for journalists, such as safety equipment and digital security tools, can enhance their ability to report without fear of reprisal.In summary, promoting a free and diverse media landscape is essential for ensuring that local news displays different perspectives and issues within a community.

  • I think journalist's biggest asset is the freedom of their speech and the freedom to present the news as it is without any obstacles. They have to present the news sincerely and without any personal criticism. However sometimes it's not easy to communicate the news. A company may stop you, a political party may stop you, even a celebrity so as to prevent accurate information for fear of losing publicity. I believe that their job is important and when they are free to express whatever is appropriate for them then we have real news.

  • Firstly what is journalism.It is the activity that some people are searching for a specific thing from something/one that is trusted the he/she publish the news in different ways here are some ,newspapers,magazines,websites,TV news reports,or even podcasts.
    In my opinion,Journalism is is a very important job and it is not important in one place but it is a global.The most important in this job is TELLING THE TRUTH AND DO NOT LIE because if a journalist shared something not real may be the whole world believe that lie furthermore the whole world will move on something not real.
    Thanks 🙏🏼

  • The journalists face a lot of challenges and while some may look easy they are actually hard let me tell you how but first
    What does a journalist do?
    Journalists research, write, edit and file news stories, features and articles. And their work is shown on televieion، radio, journals etc
    What are the challenges that they face?
    Journalists fake news and misinformation, declining trust in journalism, digital transformation, financial sustainability, threats to press freedom, ethical dilemmas, information overload, mental health and well-being, balancing objectivity and advocacy

    So we should respect them for their hard work.

  • In my point of view journalist face most threatenings,physical and mental violence. Journalist always reports about people that do good and bad things but if the journalist talks against a famous person or a person who has so much power they can get this type of challenges they're job is to report this problems to the society also what if the journalist hides a new that can done with a person career or reputation this could happen because either they are being controlled or they want to wait for a good time to report this to the society.

  • journalists may face a lot of problems while collecting news. They may have security concerns and censorship. When they went to collect news they might have a fear about their life. They may face threat, physical harm and intimidation. Some powerful entities may threat them to omit certain facts. This lead to self -censorship. They may face another problem that is diversity in culture and language. They may not understand local people’s culture and language as there are many types of culture.

    These challenges can be overcome by taking some steps. Government should prioritize press freedom. They should have freedom to report any real news of anything. Government has to ensure that journalists are safe from harassments. Journalists should be trained to blend in easily into other culture.

    1. What steps can governments take to protect journalists?

      1. Governments can take some steps to protect journalists :

        1. Governments can establish and enforce laws that protect journalists from harassment, intimidation, and violence. This means journalists have freedom of speech and expression.

        2. Governments must investigate and prosecute crimes committed against journalists. They must make strong laws about crimes against journalists.

        3. Governments can take steps to provide physical protection to journalists who face threats or risks due to their work.This should involve security, housing etc.

        4. Governments must invest in media literacy programs to educate the public about the importance of a free press and the role of journalists in society.

        5. Governments must collaborate with regional bodies, international organizations such as the United Nations and UNESCO to exchange best practices, share information and coordinate efforts to protect journalists.

        6. Governments must establish open lines of communication with media organizations and journalists to understand their concerns and address any challenges they face.

  • Hi
    There are some challenges that journalist face. They often have threats to their safety, and they have some limited access to information. It's good and important to support and protect the journalist so that they will have the zeal and support from us to continue their work to inform the public. Also freedom of the press is good for a well-informed society.

    1. I completely agree with you, The threat to journalist's safety can force them to conceal the truth and only speak what the government/ People with authority want them to or speak only in their favor which makes the local people unaware of the reality. This can lead to the nation's governance being less effective.

  • Media is the unseen support of a nation . The journalist directly or indirectly represent a country and play a very crucial role in informing citizens about the working of the government, laws passed by the government , schemes launched in order to help certain population and providing an insight of the affairs going on in other countries. Therefore the weight of providing a balanced report to the audience, the viewers lies on the shoulders of these journalists. There job is informative as well as dangerous and unpredictable at times , since the journalists often have to give report on a particular story without revealing much about it and making it seem like unimportant due to the pressure from the sponsors, the third party and at times politicians themselves , they are afraid of giving out the correct information which is a threat to the audience and the nation .

    1. Do you think that the work of all journalists should be trusted?

      1. Hello, Ursula @ topical talk.
        I'm not sure about this because... as citizens of a country, we are mostly dependent on news to know the latest happenings around us. However, journalists face this common issue known as "fake news".
        Journalists play an important role in the society by giving us news to create awareness around us. I have to say, we should not rely fully on what journalists tell us but should try to confirm from other sources around us to avoid the spread of fake news.
        Thank you.

      2. Hello Ursula, I would love to answer your question
        I am not sure about this, but as a citizen, I am 100% sure that we shouldn’t trust journalists 100% in some cases. Many journalists post fake news and do you think that they can be trustworthy? I say no because journalists stating fake news can cause a big issue with trusting them. I would say that if they were honest with us followers we could trust them but they sadly don’t. This is because many journalists can lose their jobs by posting the truth and they pick their career over having the trust of their people.

  • The challenges that journalists face when reporting news stories in our local community are significant. One major issue is that many people tend to accuse journalists of lying without providing any evidence to support their claims. This can lead to journalists being harassed and discredited unfairly.
    Moreover, in the current economic crisis, journalists often find themselves reporting predominantly bad news. Unfortunately, this can cause people to become desensitized and indifferent to important information, even when it may be positive.
    I believe that these challenges can be overcome if people in our country improve their listening skills and approach news reports with an open mind. Instead of automatically dismissing journalists' reports as false, it's important for individuals to conduct their own research and gather facts before forming opinions. This way, we can foster a more informed and respectful dialogue between journalists and the public.

  • I think that the Journalists are the Windows that we see through it to know what happenes around us?
    They must say ,write and publish the right news even if this would make some people sad from them. the journalist must be brave and honest. they face a lot of problems while working like they must be sure of the information that they are right 100%, choosing the suitable illustrations, choosing the suitable heading, arrange the informations and considerate the puncituation.

    I think that we must respect and encourage journalists.y

  • I think that a serious problem that journalists face is not being given accurate information. It is also hard to even get people to share information with them. I think it is because many people believe that what happens in their area is their business and their business only. I think that way too many people would rather not share what is happening with them with the whole world. Personally, I think that they don't realize that they could actually receive help, regarding certain problems. Many people are willing to help other people out, when hearing that they are in need. That makes me very hopeful. In addition to that, I believe that journalists have a hard time finding new interesting news that they can also be published. People often prefer to keep things secret.
    In my opinion, it is also very hard to find some news worth sharing. Nowadays, the News are full of stuff that looks like gossip. For example, celebrities life: lots of stuff about what they were caught doing. This kind of news are to entertain only a small part of the population. In my opinion, these don't actually bring any good in the world. They motivate no one to do anything useful. I agree with the fact that people need to have fun, but it could be done differently.
    So, I think that journalists receive the challenging task of finding news that are fitted for everyone. They need to be entertaining, but also contain some serious facts. They need to be detailed, but also simple enough for readers of all categories to understand the message.

  • Unfortunately I think that journalists from the beginning have the stigma of not telling the truth. I do not know why they are considered like this, but for me their job is truly remarkable. To be a journalist you need to have social skills, to not only find the information but to evaluate it if it deserves to be presented. It acquires problem solving skills also. Their challenges are to evaluate if there is fake information, to defend criticism and so on.

    1. I couldn't agree more. Journalism is a difficult task for me as it acquires som many skills mixed. Listening as you said, writing depending on the genre and the tone you want to give and of course speaking. Speaking not only to present a piece of news but maybe to interview someone that you have to handle him appropriately.
      These are personal challenges that each journalists have to face especially at the beginning of their careers. Later as you mentioned have to face and external factors such as the truthfulness of a story, other people included in a news event.

  • I think journalists reporting on local news often face challenges like limited resources and access to information. To overcome these hurdles, communities can support local journalism by subscribing to local newspapers, engaging with local news outlets on social media, and sharing their stories to help journalists uncover important issues. By valuing and actively participating in local news, we can help ensure that important stories are told and the community stays informed and connected.

    1. Hi !! I am not totally sure that I agree with you! I believe journalists nowadays have more access to the information because of the use of the internet and the technology in general. Even a legal document can be found on the internet and journalists confirm their information.
      Moreover, journalists are more educated, prepared and trained to find the correct information and find all the evident or the sources to confirm it.
      The continuous news events around the world connect all the journalists to their main aim.

  • Hi Tiff
    The surrounding and it's happenings is better off when reported in order to take quick reactions. When there is no sufficient means of analysis, programmings, communication in societies we can't report issues.
    Local stories make up greater things in later days to come, so every single act that takes place in the local environment should be reported. But when reporting issues ensure that it is real and accurate because the major problem faced by journalist today is the issue of fake news thereby making their work more difficult and complicated.
    So all hands must work in desk to make sure these illegal slacts stops.

  • According to me the job of a journalist is very important and they do face many challenges like is limited resources, competition with other journalist, and to prove to the people of a news being fake which people have strongly believed about.
    But I feel that the biggest challenge they face is with regards to news against the government or people with high authority since on reporting such news, they face a lot of threat from the government. Journalists who expose corruption, human rights abuses, or other misconduct by those in power often face harassment, physical violence, and even imprisonment This could also include the life of the journalist and his family being endangered
    To overcome these challenges, journalists and news organizations must prioritize safety and security measures, such as digital security training, secure communication channels, and physical protection for reporters in dangerous areas. We must also promote transparency, accountability and public awareness.

  • I think the job of a journalist is a very helpful and life-saving job because they report any important things that have happened in the world and because of the news everyone around the world can here about things. If we didn't have journalists and the news then we wouldn't really know what things are happening all over the world. We wouldn't know that xl bully's are getting banned in the UK , we probably wouldn't know about the war against Israel and Gaza, we wouldn't know about King Charles getting diagnosed with cancer and so much more.

  • Hello,
    Journalists are people who write and report on information in order to present live news and information to the public or masses. These journalists encounter many challenges and difficulties as they go on their journey in search for news and information. Some of these difficulties include:
    1. Acquiring fake or wrong information.
    2. Travelling to hostile and dangerous locations.
    3. Facing threats when being attacked by thugs or evil people, etc.
    Methods in which these challenges could be curbed include:
    1. Security
    2.Advocacy, that is monitoring the attacks and threats in the society.
    3.Disguising and camouflaging to fit into the pattern of the location being assigned to, etc.

    1. Can you think of some ways journalists can overcome these difficulties?

      1. Hello, Aimee.
        I am going to speak on how journalists could overcome traveling to hostile and dangerous locations.
        We may all agree that journalists are very helpful to us as they give us information which could help our safety. Though their usefulness, they also encounter different challenges.
        Personally speaking, a journalist can overcome the challenge of safety in dangerous locations by carrying out the following points stated.
        1) The government could aid journalists with some armed men who could serve as a form of protection in open areas when journalists are making certain investigations.
        2) Laws of countries should give some amount of liberty to journalists for them to carry out their duties freely which could give room for more genuine news as they will take their time to carry out their investigations.
        With this few points stated, I hope we all know how journalists could overcome traveling to hostile environments.
        THANK YOU.

  • One of the biggest challenges that's i think journalist always face is receiving fabricated stories and getting embrassed but one of the ways we could prevent this RAM happening in a could be getting access to primary source of information

  • No one can disagree that journalists face a lot of challenges when they are reporting local news not only in my area but in every area. These problems need to be faced immediately or else they will be expanded.
    The challenges that journalists face are a lot. First of all if they say a truth that people don't like , they may have problems with local residents who might even get violent.
    Also, if the journalists accidentally give a wrong information then people will get angry with them and they will receive a lot of hate. In addition governments may limit or control the flow of information which makes it difficult for journalists to gather facts and report objectively.

  • I don't think many people in my area prefer buying newspapers nowadays. This is mainly due to social media and online news articles. As a result, many journalists have shifted towards online journalism. However, online journalists face certain problems such as having their articles copied and reposted by others. Additionally, many people prefer short paragraphs instead of lengthy articles, which poses a challenge for journalists to capture the attention of their readers while still providing the full story. Moreover, there may be issues such as people hiding negative aspects of their surroundings or spreading misinformation.

  • In Nigeria, journalists face a vast amount of challenges when reporting local news, ranging from government censorship and intimidation to physical violence and lack of access to information. Government officials mostly try to control the media by censoring important and informative voices and restricting press freedom, leading to self-censorship among journalists to avoid crisisin the society. Also, journalists encounter threats and attacks from various people, including political thugs and hoodlums, security forces, and criminal prospects, especially when reporting on sensitive issues such as corruption or human rights abuses.
    To overcome these challenges, there needs to be determined efforts from both the government and civil society to support press freedom and take care of journalists' safety. This includes establishing and enforcing laws that ensure press freedom, holding those involved(perpetrators) of attacks against journalists accountable, and providing journalists with adequate training and resources to improve their professionalism and ability to report effectively. Lastly, ensuring press freedom and safety for journalists is essential for a supportive and informed democracy in Nigeria.

  • Journalists often face a lot of problems and challenges in order to report local news. Some of them for example may be the lack of information about a problem. That challenge can be solved if a person who knows extra information communicate with them or search more. Another challenge may be that some politicians don't accept their news and they don't want to report them. They can also face a lot of hate for the things they report or if they say something bad that is going to happen can make people panic and a country to be in a chaos.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. There is no doubt that some times journalists don't tell the truth when they report the news. This may not be sometimes necessarily bad as there could be .any reasons behind it. For example if a journalist doesn't mention a specific piece of information for an event, maybe the source of this information is a politician or someone from the government who doesn't allow them to report it.
      Another reason is that journalists choose to hide some information from the audience in order to protect them. I mean that a specific detail may scare people and it could make them upset.

      1. I partially agree with you. However much we may try and convince ourselves that the news articles we are reading have no bias, we are kidding ourselves. Most news outlets have openly shared their political views and when you read the articles that they have posted the majority of the time they line up with the company's political view. So because of this the news articles that we are reading will never tell us the full story. Everything we read has been manipulated to make us think or feel a certain way whether we know it or not.

        You said that "journalists don't tell the truth when they report", which I personally disagree with. Journalists are hired to report what is going on in the world and their area. However how much of the truth they tell us can change our view on a situation. For instance during the teacher strikes in the UK all of the teachers were constructed in a way that the public would see negative people doing negative things, which simply wasn't true. But in these articles they never lied, they merely manipulated the truth.

  • Nowadays a huge amount of people watches or listens to the news every day. However sometimes journalists face challenges that might stop them from sharing the full story. So what are these challenges? It is possible that there can be lack of data which means that journalists don't have enough information about an event or something else they are talking about. Last but not least, when they are talking about something that is confidential, the government may try to prevent journalists from telling the truth by giving them even the wrong information.

  • One of the most important industry is the news industry. Not just about informing us of cool places to go or who won the world cup, it's not only about telling stories. But some stories sometimes cannot be heard. Why? It's actually complicated for me. Governments have their secrets and sometimes news might include some information of them that is harmful. Another challenge for journalists is well the place they are in. Reporting a dangerous event for example a terrorist attack, my put their lives in danger .
    When they broadcast a message it could ultimately be shut down from the government because it will terrify the public.

  • Hi!
    Journalists reporting local news in Chennai(one of the district in tamilnadu,India) face challenges like having limited resources, pressure from politicians, safety concerns, language barriers, and difficulty getting information from authorities. To overcome these challenges, they need better training and resources, protection from threats, transparent government, support for independent media, and involvement from the community to help uncover important stories.

    If we work on these problems and help journalists, news in Chennai can become better. It will cover more topics accurately and show different points of view from the city.

    Thank you!

  • As for myself, I think that journalists have to be honest and say their opinion no matter what. In some countries they may not tell the whole truth because they are threatened not to reveal information on a particular situation.
    However I believe that in general journalists convey all the truth without hesitating to reveal harmful news for some people or companies.
    And this is what they should continue to do, as nowadays the public demand mire than ever honesty.