Too old, too young, not enough, too much

This discussion was inspired by respectful_anteater of Cheam Fields Primary Academy in the United Kingdom. They have won five stars for having their idea published!

Look at the phrases that respectful_anteater believed would be a good way for Topical Talkers to share their views on the news:

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    “Too old”

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    “Too young”

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    “Not enough”

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    “Too much”

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  • I would like to express my opinion on 'Not enough'. It simply means something should be more. I have never seen anyone saying ," Now I need nothing. Everything I have is enough for me." We human have a character that we are never satisfied with whatever we have achieved. For example, in a class a failed student dreams to pass, passed student dreams of getting better marks while who have scored distinction are also not satisfied with their marks. We always want to be better than we are at present. For us our study is not enough, our physical state is not enough, our great achievements are not enough, our wealth is not enough and many more. Then, what is the thing that we are satisfied with? The simple answer is nothing. So, its a normal character of human beings to say 'Not enough' regarding any topic.

    1. hello!

      Yes, this could be true, but a scenario is, If you have done a paragraph of work, and your very proud of it, Your teacher/classmate may say "That's too little, write some more," This has happened to my classmates and me sometimes, That is why I suggested this discussion.


    2. Yaa it's true we humans have no satisfaction what we achieve. Your topic was really nice

    3. A little attitude, hard work and focus makes a big difference! 'Not enough' is just a phrase used to make people put in their best. When there is a state of emergency in the country, we are always quick to say, 'the government isn't doing enough'. What efforts do you put in to change the situation? Yes, the government are to provide our needs but not all. Some things depend on your personal efforts. Have you checked if you are putting in your best? Are your efforts above or below 'not enough'.
      In what situations do you think individual efforts are not enough and what efforts are to be added? Including your contributions?

      1. I agree. People have to keep these questions in mind before making a claim. Many people forget this and simply jump to claims that make it seem like one group or person is at fault, which I don't think is fair. As much of a problem this is, I'm pretty sure people will continue doing this and not make an effort to understand.

      2. Hello!

        Yes, with your scenario, (The government,) would mean its just phrase. But, with other scenarios the meaning could hurt peoples feelings. For example, If you had done loads of work, and someone said "That is not enough. " or, "Add more." How would you feel? Even though, it may not be the best you can do, you still tried with it. But, I agree with your opinion, and yes, 'Not enough' could be used to show how someone is feeling about something, Their opinion, to be exact. With some other scenarios, The meaning could be hurtful or disappointing, but in others, The meaning could change something, as in, if you added 'But that's not enough for our community, ' etc, into a conversation, then, it would be a more positive note.


    4. I can't quite say that I agree. As humans saying 'Not enough' has become more of a ritual than a character, we say it just to fulfill all righteousness without actually striving to get more. These words 'Not enough' are more powerful than they seem. As you have said someone who is getting low marks in their studies always complains that it is not enough but deep down, he/she wants to improve. Not enough is not practically saying that you are not satisfied but can also mean that you want improvement, using this phrase 'Not enough' is not a normal character of human beings because... they say this because they know they can contribute even more than they are currently doing.
      'Not enough' is the same as saying not sufficient; lacking in what is necessary or required: an insufficient answer. deficient in force, quality, or amount; inadequate. Not enough means less than needed/expected. “Not enough” means not meeting expectations or requirements for the minimum of what is necessary to fulfill any specific desire/request/or need. So, saying this word that is taken for granted has a deeper meaning, these words are a 'paradox', and are more than just complaining of something that should be better.


      1. I totally agree. Not enough is more of a motivator than a pessimistic mindset. There's a quote that says "Greed Equal Justice". Every time we say something is not enough for me, we are ready to push ourselves further. We are willing to break all of our limit and transform ourselves into a new person. Not enough allows us to never accept situations for just what they are, but rather, transform it to match our own expectations.
        We can never be the best until we are dissatisfied. If we are satisfied too early, we will never be able to explore our full potential. The world is limitless. So every time you win something, there is something more, a victory above it, a challenge more tougher waiting to be defeated by you. There are thousands of unconquered mountains which can only be beaten if we say "Not Enough".
        Today's world is badly overpopulated. There are not enough jobs and resources as there are people. In such a situation, we can make it to the top of the world only by saying "Not Enough". Only by being better than yesterday.
        The fact that perfection doesn't exist is a boon, because it allows us to be closer to improvement in pursuit of best.

        1. I agree with you because the perspective presented emphasizes the power of dissatisfaction as a motivator, suggesting that the drive for more pushes individuals beyond their limits and encourages personal transformation. The concept of "Not Enough" becomes a catalyst for continuous improvement, urging people to surpass their current achievements and strive for greater success. The idea that perfection is unattainable is viewed as an advantage, as it fosters a perpetual pursuit of improvement and being better than yesterday. In a world with challenges such as overpopulation and resource scarcity, adopting a mindset of "Not Enough" becomes a strategy for overcoming obstacles and reaching the pinnacle of success.

        2. I partly agree with you because in a situation where someone has heard that a million times that the person's self esteem is down it will no longer be motivational.

    5. I agree with you as its a human tendency to see the greener grass on the other side. Instead of focusing on what we have today and be grateful about them, we constantly keep complaining regarding the same , even if we don't want to situations make us to surrender and complain.

    6. It is true that human beings seem to never settle. I wonder whether this 'Not enought' mindset could also be positive. For instance, a student that fails an exam would study again and eventually pass such exam; an architect will work through any potential difficulties in order to creare a safe and stable building and would not simply settle with a first draft of the plan. Is it not also our intention which determines whether 'Not enought' is actually positive?

      1. I do agree on what you said Not enough is actually positive,you said that when a student fails an exam, the student would study again, why this is important, they can get better knowledge and try to correct theirselves for the second as a result of not reading enough, they will try to correct their mistake, sometimes learning from mistake is good. All what is trying to tell us is sometimes when something is not enough, it can be rectified for the second and turn out to be even better.

        1. Thank you educated_cheetah. Indeed, making from the lemons lemonade. Although that may not always be as simple as it sounds.

          1. Yes, that is not always the case, but in case of making from the lemons lemonade, one needs to hardworking, determined and ready for work and ready to pass. The person will try to improve better for the next chance, that is because if he determined. Anyone who is determined can make the impossible possible, this means that hardworking leads to success. This is one, who does not want to make the same mistake for the second time, but in cases like that, the person was not ready to learn from his mistake, the must have been discouraged due to failure.

  • I will be talking based on how I have seen in the news that funds are " not enough " in the Nigerian economy . Nigeria is a very blessed country in which I am very lucky to live in . We have a lot of resources . I feel the reason for lack of funds or " not enough funds " is due to the insufficiency of cultivating natural resources . If we can do that , I feel we will have sufficient funds .
    Not only to my fellow Nigerians but also to other people around the world we are not to young or to old to contribute to the growth of a society . We can aid the growth in a society as little children by doing the following .
    1 Being Kind .
    2 Try to perform a Good Deed every day .
    3 Show a sense of Gratitude .
    4 Be a Good Neighbor to others .
    This is simply an urge to those out there to give out their positive best to the society , because it is from these little things that we grow out to develop and we should learn to help each other in our times of need .

    Thank you.

  • I think the phrase "too young" can be situationship phrase. It really depends on the situation. In some cases, being "too young" might mean not having enough life experience or maturity for certain responsibilities or activities. Taking an example of going abroad we need to pass a certain age criteria So, that in that phase we will already be bold enough to handle responsibilities.Being young can't always be inferior as being young can also bring new perspectives, creativity, and a willingness to learn anything in a short period of time. We need to consider the situation when using the phrase "too young."
    Thank you!!

    1. Rightly said free fish ,Determining the age limits for certain actions like voting, going to prison, and learning about the news can vary across countries due to cultural, social, and legal differences. While it's important to have some general guidelines, each country has the autonomy to set its own age limits based on its unique context and values.

      For voting in an election, the age limit is typically 18 in many countries. This is because 18 is considered the age of adulthood and is often associated with legal rights and responsibilities. However, some countries may have different age limits, such as 16 or 21, depending on their legal frameworks and societal norms.

      When it comes to going to prison, the age limit is usually determined by the age of criminal responsibility. Different countries have different age thresholds for holding individuals accountable for their actions. In some places, it may be as low as 7 or 8, while in others, it may be 18 or even higher.

      Learning about the news doesn't typically have a specific age limit, as it is a fundamental part of education and information sharing. However, the content and level of understanding may vary depending on a person's age and maturity.

      As for whether each country should agree on the same age limits, it's important to consider the diverse cultural, social, and legal contexts that exist globally. Different countries have different values, traditions, and legal systems, which may necessitate different age limits for certain actions. While it can be beneficial to have some international standards and guidelines, it's also crucial to respect the autonomy of each country to determine its own age limits based on its specific circumstances.

      Ultimately, the goal should be to ensure that age limits are set in a way that promotes fairness, protects rights, and considers the well-being and development of individuals within each country's unique context.

    2. I agree because... in the aspect of "not enough" , Being young is not a situation that one will forever be in . It is just simply saying that we need to be a little more mature to be able to handle some cases in life . I always use this saying that Martin Luther King Junior stated , as an encouragement : which tells me that "If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way" .
      I urge us to use our little voices as children to make a great impact in the society by standing for what is right always .

      THANK YOU .

      1. I absolutely agree with this statement! Because, somethings you do need be a little more mature to handle but you will some day be able to know these things as you get older.

        1. I agree because... When you are still young, some things that you need to understand , will not satisfy you because you're not old enough to know what older people say. When you're still young, your brain is still fresh and you need to be a little older
          before you understand what their meaning.

      2. I agree because... I side with the aspect of "not enough", There is a constant feeling in everyone that they haven't done enough, oh they haven't achieved enough, oh they haven't done enough classes, I don't have what it takes to get there, to be at the top but as we should not focus on those things we should think positive and keep on hoping and dreaming, there is a saying that."We should not be afraid of losing but look forward to the excitement of wining.

    3. I agree with you on this your point you have stated about being"too young" because if young people are given some responsibilities such as being presidents and owning huge properties, this world will be in shambles because many young people don't have experiences and do not know much about that role, but are still going through the learning process. There is a saying that goes" With higher age comes greater responsibility". This saying simply means that youths are meant to have little responsibilities and as they age, get greater ones. So I think that there are somethings that youths are meant to be addressed as "too young". But this doesn't mean that young people should stay back and say" I am too young" but instead strive to learn more about different roles and how to be good in them so that when they grow up, they can easily perform them. I also think that young people can be given small platforms to practice some huge roles such as student unions and age grades in a community, because there is a saying that goes"practice makes perfect".
      THANK YOU.

    4. Yes I agree a lot. Some people may be considered "too young" but they have potential. Learning does not have an age restriction. People may say "you are too young to know that", but no one is stopping you from learning. People have expectations which is what defines "too young", but this should not stop young people to give out their point of views and how they think or know.

  • Are the "youth to young to vote and be voted for",for me I don't think they are too young to vote and to be voted for,why?
    Voting is a fundamental act of which citizens/youth participate and contribute to democracy.young people are empowered to play a vital in the development of the society.

    The constitution state that "you can vote and be voted for at the age of 18"if the youth are allowed to govern the society or country,they would contribute positively to the society. They have the ability to solve problem, innovative ideas,build closer relationship with the people and ensure security.

    They are more active in political stage and global talks,and are great at decision making.unlike the aged politicians,who is not nationally conscious and also careless of the people,some even have health issue,while focusing on their health I don't think they will be considerate of the people.but with young minds who are energetic and full of enthusiasm and unique perspective I think the people will be save and happy.

    If not for the youth,so many politicians would have not be chosen,so therefore I think the youth should be given a chance.

    1. I agree with you partially, admirable_butterfly, that younger minds have a better understanding for problem solving and so are good public for the selection of leaders for our countries, but, I have a point in opposition to yours. Young people (under 18 as you suggested) do not have as much life experience and at that age, and are busy developing themselves and their careers and so may not pay as much attention to politics. They are too busy finishing university/college/school assignments, adjusting with peers and getting to know themselves. This means they may just vote anyone without a second thought and he/she may not be the right person for the post. This is also an indication that they are under a lot of pressure and may be facing anxiety, and putting the pressure of elections and politics on their head and expecting them to make the right decisions may not be the best idea. This may also increase peer pressure, for example, a group of kids start teasing and bullying another kid for not voting because he/she is "dumb" and "lacks understanding for such a task". Once 18, each individual has better understanding of their surroundings and are capable of doing the right thing, as around that age, peer pressure also decreases as everyone gets busy in making their own lives.

    2. I completely agree with you that the youth is not too young for getting voted or voting because yes of course they are full of ideas and energetic but also because the world is changing constantly and we definitely need younger people in politics who understand these changes instead of old people who usually are stubborn and rely on old methods . I would also like to add on that we also don't need people who are too old for politics and therefore there should be a retirement age for politicians as well which is not there in many countries.

  • 1. Age is often a topic of discussion when it comes to individuals in the news. Some people argue that certain individuals are too old or too young to be engaging in certain activities or holding certain positions. This debate stems from the belief that age directly correlates with capability and competence. For instance, critics may argue that an older politician may not have the energy or innovative thinking required for effective governance, while others may argue that a young entrepreneur lacks the necessary experience and wisdom to successfully run a business. However, it is important to recognize that age alone should not be the sole determinant of someone's abilities or suitability for a particular role. Factors such as skills, knowledge, and personal qualities should also be taken into consideration.

    2. Similarly, the question of whether something happening is not enough or too much often arises in relation to news events. This can be seen in various contexts, such as political debates, social movements, or even environmental issues. Some individuals may argue that the actions taken by governments or organizations are insufficient to address the problem at hand, while others may claim that the measures being implemented are excessive and unnecessary. These differing perspectives highlight the complexity of finding a balance between addressing pressing issues and avoiding overreactions. It is crucial to engage in constructive dialogue and consider multiple viewpoints to ensure that decisions and actions are based on a thorough understanding of the situation rather than being driven solely by personal biases or preconceived notions.

    This is what i think about age restrictions I hope you agree

    1. Personally I disagree with your views around age restrictions on voting. I see where you are coming from with the idea around age doesn't directly correlate with someones capability and competence. At the current voting age of eighteen a person's brain is not yet fully developed and competent, so I believe that the age currently a person is able to vote is a matter of fact too young.

      Voting is quite a significant part of a country's democracy so when it comes time to vote for a new president or prime minister we make sure that everyone who is able to have a say is able to fully grasp and understand the situation at hand. Which is why I propose that the voting age should be raised to the age of twenty five.

      I also believe that there should be a cut off age where someone is no longer able to vote as their age affects their decision making leading to poor quality choices. This age should be around seventy, as this is the age where the older generation starts to become less rational and make poorer decisions due to their health.

      So in conclusion, I believe that there should be an age range between twenty five and senenty as this is the age gap your are able to make the most rational decisions with the least contributing factors such as health.

  • One of the phrases about which I would want to share my opinion on is not only for one of them but for all of them combined. To be more specific I want to talk about other people's opinions and how they can affect our lives in a majority of ways.
    Nowadays, that many things have changed from the past and people are more free to do what they want without being judged things should be better. Right? Well no, as it seems it has turned into people's habit to regularly talk-not always in a good way- about the decisions one has made.
    Everyone wants to be what it is considered to be "PERFECT" even though it hasn't been exactly clear what perfect is. Whatever one does will be judged. For example, is someone who belongs in the category of elder people is not satisfied with the decisions they have made during their life and decide to change things for the better others will say that this person is "TOO OLD" to change things now. On the contrary, if a teenager wants to take an active part on politics or something that they are attracted to which is considered to be for "older people" it will definitely be brought up the fact that they are "TOO YOUNG".

    In addition, when someone gets irritated and cares about what others thing people and as a result tries to follow the " trends" and be "in" people will say they do "TOO MUCH". However, if they don't care about what others thing and do whatever they like people will say they are " NOT doing ENOUGH".

    That was a thought I wanted to share a even learn other people's opinion on it I hope you can relate and THANK YOU for the time you dedicated to read my comments.

  • I believe that is " not enough" what media represent nowadays as role models. Young people care too much about their appearance, their in fashion styles, and media tries to influence young people into this tendency. We need more educated role models, more examples of young people and older providing something important to our world.
    So the representation of roles models in the news are not enough to set good examples.

    1. I agree with you, the media is doing 'not enough' to promote education in young people.

      The younger generations spend so much time scrolling through the internet, so shouldn't the things they are looking at help promote education. Social media has become a place to see the latest trends to do with fashion, makeup and skincare and young people know so much about these topics because they see it so much. If we can remember these things because of how often we see it shouldn't we make what we see more applicable in our everyday lives.

      For young people their aspirations have become to be the next big social media influencer just like their role models. Whereas before social media more people wanted to become journalists and doctors as a result of what their role models do.

      I think this shift of who our role models are will lead to a decrease in the number of doctors and teachers we have, which is already a problem we are facing.

  • I chose option c (not enough),I believe the government's involvement in our society, especially in the medical sector, falls short. Many express concerns about losing loved ones due to inadequate hospitals. Numerous communities lack public healthcare, face a shortage of workers, insufficient equipment, and an inhospitable environment. I think it's crucial for the government to prioritize and enhance healthcare instead of diverting attention to irrelevant activities. Instances of operations being hindered by equipment shortages, staff inadequacy, and unsanitary conditions highlight the urgency. Developing well-equipped and conducive hospitals could significantly reduce mortality rates and contribute to community well-being. Collaboration with NGOs willing to support societal health could be a viable approach. After all, as the saying goes, "HEALTH IS WEALTH."

  • Yes i do believe that people that do the news can be too young or too old because if your to young to understand the news then you wouldnt even know what go talk about even if it was right in front of you.I believe you can be to old to do the news because as you get older if your not in shape or something like that so you would forget what your talking about or not be able to see very well.So in my opinion you need to be in a decent age group and have experience to do news casting.

    1. "I agree that experience plays a crucial role, particularly in professions like newscasting. Young individuals might lack the depth of experience that comes with age, which is essential in delivering news effectively. As one matures, they accumulate valuable insights and perspectives that contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the world.However, it's important to acknowledge that the elderly may face challenges in recalling information due to common memory loss issues. While their wealth of experience is invaluable, there is a need for a balance, perhaps incorporating technology or support systems, to ensure accurate and timely delivery of news. Striking a harmonious blend of youthful energy and seasoned wisdom can create a dynamic and effective news broadcasting team"
      Thanks 👍😊

    2. Hi, outgoing_passionfruit I am fully agree with you. I think only a old people can casting a news correctly. Only for his experience. A man who is too old he/she can complete his or her work only using by his experience, durability. But, a young person can't casting a news like a old man by using only his or her talent. So, News casting is a great profession only for old people.

  • Determining if someone is "too old" or "too young" for a particular task or if something is happening "not enough" or "too much" is often subjective. Age and frequency considerations depend on context and individual capabilities. It's essential to assess each situation based on merit, taking into account factors such as experience, competence, and the specific circumstances. Context and nuance play crucial roles in making fair judgments in such matters.

  • The phrase "too old" is used to indicate something or someone that has reached an age where they are considered no longer functional for a certain purpose. For example, a piece of tech' might be considered "too old" if it cannot support the latest software updates as tech are growig rapidly.
    Similarly, a person might be seem "too old" for a particular job if their physical abilities have reduced with their age but we can't say that old people can't do anything because they have lifelong experience of life than us even if they are uneducated. In most of the places they have age limits for old because it can hamper their mental,economical health. Plus many countries have rule that if the pass a certain age limits of aging they get a sum of money from government to live the rest of their life freely. So, in my opinion I'm neutal because the phrase "too old" is a situationship phrase too. We should consider the situation while using it !!!
    " Its never too late to be what you might have been"- George Eliot.

    1. I agree because yes, the phrase "too old" is used to indicate something or someone that has reached an age where they are considered no longer functional for a certain purpose which you have said free fish and I agree with it. and also, the quote which you have said " It's never too late to be what you might have been" by George Eliot. Actually, from this I have learnt a lot of thanks for your option of your comment about the phrase "too old ". Thanks, free fish for your comment.

  • Hi,
    I do not believe in the concepts of being "too young" or being "too old", Age is literally just a number to show how long we have been on the earth, it is never too late or too early to pursue your dreams and goals. Limiting ourselves just because we think we are too young or too old is the biggest mistake we will ever make, restricting ourselves because of this will hold us back from a lot of unlimited things and opportunities the world has to offer. The world in general needs to learn how to stop limiting people and even themselves because of some beliefs like " oh you are too young" or " this person is too old" that is just people being insensitive and wanting to stop people from achieving their full potential, in fact, I think that adhering to these age limits and all those stuff is just telling yourself you are too afraid of pursuing something you love and to me it destroys your confidence and self esteem. Okay, I know that some of these age limits are there for a reason because like a six year old can just start driving a car or go to turn on a gas burner to cook but not all these age rules and restrictions are relevant, in general people and their capabilities differ, for example: Somebody in my age group can't cook that doesn't mean that I can't cook because as a matter of fact I can and my mom allowed me to start when I was a little bit younger but of course with a lot of safety measures taken and also her supervision, and that is a way that we can help eradicate these age limits, safety measures can be made and taken too aid people who are normally not believed to be able to do a thing to do it because nowadays many things are possible and this isn't a hard task.
    In conclusion, being too old or too young in my honest opinion is a concept that does not exist but is given importance, as a matter of fact it is like an imagination being played in the minds of people all over the world over and over again, but the truth is we own these mind of ours and it is our decision to realize our mistake or error and to free our minds from this facade and move on to a see a wider horizon of opportunities and a new beginning.
    Thank you!

    1. I'm not sure about this @ giving_snail ; because... many people say that age is just a number but I feel that age restrictions comes with intellectual reasoning . Some people may be young by age but are mature in the mind while others may be vice versa . I feel that we could help the problem of age limits by taking general surveys to test the maturity of someone (maturity in the mind ) ; rather than concluding that age limits is of no use or age limits should be for a particular age group .

      I am open to other suggestions .
      Thank you.

      1. I agree because... age is just a number. Restrictions can limit individuals from showcasing their talents, and younger people may have valuable ideas and lasting solutions. My sister, who recently turned 2, is already in school. Initially, our parents doubted if she was ready, considering her age. However, she has surpassed expectations and is excelling beyond her older classmates. This shows that age doesn't define capability. Everyone should have the opportunity to prove their abilities, regardless of their age.

        1. I disagree because... age isn't just a number but if it is as you say, that means if a 30 year old person can fly a plane an 18 year old person can.
          Many people believe in only 18+ can do things and it really defers cuz I wouldn't allow a 6 year old do the same thing I will allow a 9-year-old person to do many people also believe that age is just a number but in my opinion I I don't think it is, because the more you grow up you get the sense of humor the sense of understanding everything and then you understand things better than the way you did before in some ways e.g allowing a 6 years old cook in the kitchen as you see that person is too young to cook in the kitchen and he/she won't really understand that if he does not really take care of himself in the kitchen a fire breakout might occur but like a person that is nine will know what to do and it won't really cause any problems.

      2. I agree because age isn't meant to be a factor for determining the ability of an individual, because I think that maturity is more important than age, think about a 29 year old person acting like a 13 year old, isn't this a bad situation. But think about a 17 year old individual as wise as a 35 year old, isn't this a more better situation, don't you think that there is hope for a society with mature youths, this to me is better than using age as a criteria of qualification, but should use maturity, because if an individual can be able to coordinate himself properly at a young age he will not have any limits to what he can do in that society, so we should not just give age restrictions or say the person is "too young" to do that task or as you said we should rather use maturity, because maturity shows the state of the mind of the individual.
        THANK YOU.

    2. I agree because... I also believe that age and size don't limit our ability to make a change.
      Take Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan, who fought for women's education rights at a young age, inspiring people worldwide. Then there is also Mark Zuckerberg, who created Facebook at just 13, tawn and eats into a massive platform that impacts lives and businesses globally.
      Many other young individuals have also made significant contributions to the world. It goes to show that anyone regardless of age or size can make a difference.

    3. I agree because I know lots of people who don't pursue setting goal because they feel they are too old. I think the world has created the persona that you need to be a certain age to have certain capabilities. As you said, age is just number, so that number shouldn’t stop us trying to chase the things we think we are capable of achieving. You are not too young or too old to get a degree, you are not too young or too old to start a business, you are not too young or too old to have fun etc.

  • This is quite an interesting topic because it appears in the news very often and in any possible subject. I have noticed how you are too young until you are too old. For some people, there's no in-between. And that's just sad. Many times, when society doesn't want you to be doing something, it tells you one of these phrases. It becomes annoying when you see someone who is a few years younger or older doing the exact thing that you want to do. When you are told that you are not old enough, you start dreaming about how wonderful it will be to finally reach the rightful age. When you are told that you are not young enough, it feels like you just missed a huge opportunity, that you will never have again. It lives you stuck in the moment, wishing you could turn back time. Maybe some don't realize it, but these phrases hurt and they bring down many. If society doesn't approve of you doing something, then it should have some better, more valid explanation. For example, if it says that you are too young, it should refer to the fact that you are not matur enough, not just the age itself. Some people mature quicker than others, so why should they have to wait? When it says that you are too old, it should refer to the fact that you might be facing some health problems and it would not be recommended to do some certain activities that might harm you. However, if you are perfectly healthy, then I don't see why you would not be able to do something.
    I am glad that there are so many people out there which have proved that age is just a number and it can't actually stop you from doing something that you really want. When talking about celebrities, some have become famous at an incredibly young age, while others had to wait a lot more, until they have reached success. But it happened. So my advice would be to not listen to what others say, especially when they don't even know you.

    1. Hi marvelous hedgehog,
      I strongly agree with you that age is just a number, and people do mature faster than others so why is it that people who are younger are restricted to certain things?

      1. I'm not sure about this because is age really just a number? For some things maybe we could use such words but when talking about restrictions due to age they are in place usually for the own saftey of the person. It is annnoying for one when some restricts them from something because they are too young or too old but for certain things we need those restrictions because someone can seem mentally mature but physically they are not mature until a certain age. Maturity is definetly a topic that some think it is unfair to say you are only mature once you hit a certain age but your brain only fully develops by a certain age and for a lot of people today they are not mature enough for certain things.

      2. I believe that younger people are restricted because they are considered to not be mature enough. That may be true in many cases, but because of that, there are others that suffer. All around the world, there are children who have the necessary abilities to do stuff that grown up adults can't. However, they are unable to participate in the tasks, because of age limits. I think that this shows the fact that we still have a long way to go. We need to continue evolving. What I find most unfair is how the age limit from some apps are supposed to stop kids from seeing certain things, but they fake their age and so they get free access to all kinds of stuff. This is happening while some kids are told that they can't participate in some competitions, because they are too young. So, uncultural activities are still happening, while cultural ones are forbidden to children which are not of age yet. Why is that happening? I think that we should definitely find a way to fix this. If children have the skills to participate in a competition, then they should, even if they are underage. If they take part in the competition, they should also not be denied the prize, in case they actually deserve it. Why is it so common for kids to be disqualified, just because of age? I strongly believe that if they have worked hard for something, they should be congratulated. Children should be supported for the great things that they do.
        People always talk about us, children being the future and how we will do great things in life. If that's true, then why is there an age limit for it? I am pretty sure that we can achieve amazing things from a young age.

  • I would like to do the phrase "Not enough". It means that everyone has no limit to complete something. For example when teachers are doing work and a student gets done with a assingment. Usually teachers would more than likely say " Not enough keep working so you can get better." That helps students getting better and more succesful in life. It also helps with a better mindset to do your work and don't fall behind on it.

  • I think that these years we can not determine exactly when it is "too young" " too old" , too much" or "not enough".
    It depends on a variety of factors. However age should not consist a factor preventing us from doing things in our life. We must respect the cycle of life and respect the choices of every person at different ages.

    1. I totally agree with you!! We can not say when it is too old, too young, too much, not enough. In every situation we should determine which one is acceptable.
      If we are talking about simple things in our daily life we can see it from a different perspective.
      For example maybe someone is too young to go alone at night. We can't live a small child wandering outside. Maybe an elderly person is too old to eat special types of food because the doctor suggested for his health.
      If we are about daily tasks then we can talk about what is too much or not.

    2. I agree with you deciding whether someone is "too old" or "too young" is virtually impossible in this day and age. Those making the decisions around whether someone has the capability to do something was brought up in a world that is completely different to the world we are being brought up in today.

      Let's take social media as an example, forty years ago social media didn't exist so the adults of today don't completely understand how the media affects a young person's mind. These advancements such as social media means that the older generations can't fully grasp the way that the younger generations minds are developing.

      There are also factors such as life experience that come into play when speaking about someone's mental maturity. So in conclusion, age doesn't determine our capabilities, but our life experiences do.

  • I think parental care is not enough in this new generation ,Parental negligence can have profound and lasting effects on a child's development. Children who experience neglect may struggle with emotional and social difficulties, leading to issues such as low self-esteem, trust issues, and challenges in forming healthy relationships. Cognitive development can be hindered, impacting academic performance and problem-solving skills.

    The absence of consistent care and emotional support may contribute to behavioral problems, as children may seek attention in negative ways. Neglected children may also be at a higher risk for mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. Long-term consequences may extend into adulthood, affecting their ability to navigate challenges and maintain stable relationships.

    It is crucial for society to recognize the impact of parental negligence and provide support systems to help both parents and children break the cycle and foster healthier family environments.

    1. Rightly said admirable_butterfly, and I agree that parental care alone may not be enough in this generation. Times have changed, and there are so many factors that can influence a child's development and well-being. While parental care is crucial, it's important to recognize that children are also influenced by their peers, media, and the wider society.

      In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, children are exposed to a vast amount of information and influences that parents may not always have control over. Social media, for example, can have a significant impact on a child's self-esteem, body image, and mental health. Peer pressure and societal expectations can also shape their values and behaviors.

      Additionally, parents may face challenges in balancing work, personal life, and raising children. The demands of modern life can sometimes limit the amount of time parents can spend with their children or be actively involved in their lives. This can result in a lack of guidance or supervision, leaving children vulnerable to negative influences.

      That being said, it's crucial to have a holistic approach to child development. It's not just about parental care, but also about creating a supportive and nurturing environment that extends beyond the family. Schools, community organizations, and government programs all play a role in shaping a child's growth and well-being.

      By fostering strong connections between parents, schools, and communities, we can create a network of support for children. This can include providing access to quality education, extracurricular activities, mental health resources, and positive role models. It's about creating a village that works together to raise and guide our children in this complex world.

      Parental care is incredibly important, but it's true that it may not be enough in this generation. There are so many external factors that can impact a child's development and well-being. With the rise of technology and social media, children are exposed to a whole new world of influences that parents may not have complete control over.
      Peer pressure, societal expectations, and the constant bombardment of information can all shape a child's beliefs, values, and behaviors. It's important for parents to be aware of these influences and to provide guidance and support to their children. However, it's also important to recognize that parents can't do it all alone. It takes a village to raise a child, as they say. Schools, community organizations, and other support systems can play a crucial role in providing additional resources and guidance to children. By working together as a community, we can ensure that children receive the care, support, and guidance they need to thrive in this ever-changing world.

      So, while parental care is vital, it's essential to recognize the broader influences that shape a child's life. By working together as a community, we can provide the necessary support and resources to ensure that children thrive in this generation.

    2. Well said admirable_butterfly.
      Parental negligence can indeed have profound and lasting effects on a child's development. The impacts of neglect can be wide-ranging, affecting a child's emotional, social, and cognitive development. It is not enough for parents to simply provide for their child's physical needs, but they must also offer consistent care, emotional support, and a nurturing environment.

      Children who experience neglect may struggle with self-esteem and trust issues, making it difficult for them to form healthy relationships. Their cognitive development may also be hindered, leading to academic difficulties and problems with problem-solving skills. Behavioral problems can arise as neglected children may seek attention in negative ways.

      Furthermore, the consequences of parental neglect can extend into adulthood, affecting an individual's ability to navigate challenges and maintain stable relationships. This cycle of neglect can be challenging to break without the necessary support systems in place.

      Recognizing the impact of parental negligence is crucial, as it highlights the need for societal support systems to help both parents and children. By providing resources and interventions, we can help create healthier family environments and break the cycle of neglect, ultimately improving the well-being and future prospects of children.

    3. I think I would disagree with you on this one, parents are becoming too caring towards their children which decreases their problem solving skills. These problem solving skills are a vital part of a persons life and more parents are beginnig to solve their problems for them without the child even knowing it their development was set back when they weren't given the space to figure something out by themselves.

      There will obviously be a few cases where neglect is present in a child's life and this will also set back for both their academic and emotional development. Quite often a child experiences neglect when there is an absent parent, which can lead to emotional issues as they are growing. For instance they may find trusting people difficult or even being honest with themselves and other people. This is a sort of parental care that is not enough for a child's wellbeing.

      So I believe that when it comes to parental care balance is the key. I am not saying that one second a parent does everything for a child and the next leaves them alone, but what I am saying is that instead of doing everything for your child you teach them how to do things for themselves. It is almost like reading, you have someone read something to you and then you try to read it next and with trial and error you eventually won't need that help that you originally needed.

      So I would like to add another option for this idea around parental care and this is just right. This is when there is the balance between care and love but also allowing a child to have some hardship in their life so they can learn from their mistakes.

  • Hiii, Hello, Namesthe and Vanakkam to everyone....
    I think that being too young is not that much easy to come in the breaking news or even to come in the normal news line. According to everyone, young people doesn't have gained much experience and also they don't have enough maturity to understand what is happening around. And they have rarely seen young people in the news and Most of the time only adults and old people only will be in the news. But according to me, young people don't have enough maturity and experience but some people like soborno isaac bari, Shanay Vimesh Dedhia and many more have capacity to come in the news. They both are only '' 10 to 11 years old '' young people who set their record in the '' world book of records '' . So young people also have capacity to come in news but the society hides them. So my phrase is " Too young are not given much important in the news!!! "
    Thank you!!

  • I will like to mention the case of Nigeria in the phrase " too old" . The Nigerian president is too old to be leading a country. His body system is weak and not strong to be doing what he is doing . There are smart youths who are fit for the position but are not given a chance to do so .

    1. I do not totally agree with you because there is a quote which is " work smarter not harder" maybe the president is too old but has too much experience to drive a country maybe I do not have the complete vision but we should not judge on the quality of any person just for the age we need time next to the muscles also that is my personal opinion .

  • I would like to express my opinion on 'Too Old'. I feel most of the politicians in power are to old to be in that seat.I recently found out that former President Muhammadu Buhari is 81 of current. I am not saying that people in that age range should not be there but then they are not giving space to the younger ones who have a fresher brain.The energy and idealism of youth can be a powerful force for social environmental change. The contribution of youth in social and environmental change can be seen in many fields such as education, politics, and community service.

    1. I accord with your point of view because... as younger youth , we understand more of current happenings and situations . Also as younger youth , we could help the society by :
      1 ) Continuously assessing and improving technology.
      2) Discovering trends that can be helpful in the society .
      3) Avoiding mistakes due to knowledge of the present .
      4) Getting more value out of the technology you have , and many more advantages .
      I am not saying that older ones are not " up to date " but as the years pass by , a new generation comes forth with newer and better discoveries than the old .

      THANK YOU .

      1. That is an interesting perspective. Young people are generally considered to be more in touch with the ever evolving world whereas as we grow old, we tend to have vast array of experiences which gives us unique strength. Do you think is there a balance to be achieved in politics where young people can be involved? What do you think some of the things younger people can do to strive towards it?

    2. I agree with you, as a world our politicians are becoming older and older which leads to countries continuing to believe in some of the older generation's archaic views on society. There are certain views surrounding racism and sexism that we need to leave in the past and this isn't possible if the people governing our countries still believe or used to believe in these things.

      As well as politicians still having these old views surrounding society, their minds are also beginning to deteriorate. From the age of around fifty-five the human brain begins to slow down and stop working efficiently. We shouldn't be allowing people who aren't of completely sound mind to run our country. Instead we should begin to have younger people with newer and unique ideas to run our country.

      So in conclusion, there is a point where a person becomes "too old" to run a country correctly.

  • I don't think there is an age to do things, but maybe for physical things, yes, even so, I think it is good for young people and adults to be interested in the news because that way they help people in some way and do what they like, they themselves have to help. so they have a great quality of life

    1. I must appreciate your effort at the first place, but I must confess that age really matters in what ever we do in this life. For example, as a kid you attend school, not as an adult, don’t misunderstand me of course I know that most adults do go school but not to start from grade 1 as kids do.
      Now in Nigeria, and probably in all the countries, there is a fixed age that one will get to before contesting for any political party even before you vote, you must get to a particular age.
      Do you think that they do not have their reasons for this, ooooo yes they do, and it is Because of age, age is to be considered in everything that we do and age plays a crucial role in our lives as humans.
      So I think there is an age to do things.

  • I think that the discovery of new emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica is too good to be true. According to the news report, scientists found 11 new colonies of the birds by spotting their guano from space. This means that there are about 20% more penguins than previously thought, and they may have a better chance of survival in a warming world. Penguins are important indicators of the health of the Antarctic ecosystem, and they are also very cute and charismatic animals.
    However, I also think that this news should not make us complacent about the threat of climate change. The new colonies are mostly located in areas that are vulnerable to ice loss, and some of them may disappear in the future. Moreover, the overall population of emperor penguins is still declining due to the loss of sea ice, which they use to breed, feed and molt. Therefore, I think that we should still take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the Antarctic environment. This would benefit not only the penguins, but also the whole planet.

    -This news about the discovery of new emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica happened in January 2024. The scientists published their findings in the journal Antarctic Science on January 25, 2024. They used satellite images to spot the penguins' guano (poo) on the ice and snow.

    News Sources :
    (1) New emperor penguin colonies discovered in Antarctica after guano ....
    (2) New Colonies of Emperor Penguin Discovered Thanks to Bird Poop Seen from Outer Space.
    (3) How an Antarctic cruise passenger’s illness led to the discovery of a new penguin colony.
    (4) Scientists discover emperor penguin colony in Antarctica using ....

  • Although people say that age is just a number it is often a common and popular topic in the news or among individuals.People often have to lose their opportunitie because of being "too old " or "too young". It is sad and humiliating how people are like I wish I was old enough to do this or younger . It is really sad when this too young or too young thing is applied to the learning process. A person is never too young or old to gain some positive knowledge. I also would like to express my opinion on the phrase "not enough".Like it really confusing when people's expectations are always high. I also know a lot of people that always think that they are not enough even though they are doing their best. A lot of young people or students suffer from mental issues due to the high expectations from people. This thing is really sad. I have never heard a person say that this is enough but have heard a lot of people say this isn't enough.I personally don't think that this age thing should really be a thing.

  • I believe that people expect too much from certain age groups of people. Teenagers are expected to act like adults but are also supposed to be treated as children. Things like 'maturity' are supposed to be gained over time, but because of the impact of peer pressure and rapid development of the mind, some children and teenagers view things differently, causing them to do things that they believe are okay, because it is viewed as 'mature'. This also means that they may feel a certain amount of pressure due to the fact that they have 'not enough' maturity and 'too much' to say about things they are presumed not to understand. However, I do understand that there is a certain level of self control someone should have at an age, so that they can carry out duties responsibly.

    1. Some good thinking here, noble_orange. Could you expand on your ideas with some examples?

      1. An example of this would be the fact that some teenagers in have been trying to act older than they are due to both the expectations of the children and adults around them. Things like this can lead to stress, and one of the biggest factors contributing to the rapid development of mental age would be the fact that different people have different expectations of them. When someone tries to act a bit more like they are expected to, trying to display what they believe is maturity, only to be told they don't understand because they are a child, it can be a bit infuriating. These are the things that can affect the mind of an adolescent, who are already dealing with hormonal changes and mental changes without the added pressure of other people. These same things could be applied to adults, though, but from experience, I do feel like it happens more often in young people.

  • The phrase '' too young '' means that someone is too safeguarded by their parents and guardians and are not mature for the age. For example, to go on transport alone you have to be over 18. But, if you are 18 but don't look like one, you could be rejected and are not able to use the transport. On the other hand, being young means that there are many things you may have not unearthed yet. So, we need to examine the phrase ''too young'' very carefully.
    Thanks for reading this!

  • When I watch the news and I feel there is not enough representation of very important matters. The news channels go over things that are important in the moment most of the time, and not that things that have been important for a long while. Important topics like the many cases brutalization and prejudice towards groups of people. With the multiple accounts of unjust and wrongful imprisonment. Finally the blatant ignorant people coming together in conjunction with the uneducated people. They're coming together in groups spreading false information to other people that will believe it. I understand not bringing attention to these groups, but telling people to be cautious would be advantageous to everyone. To conclude this post i'll say this, there is a lot to cover at one time I realize there is no one who can cover every story yet some stories definitely need to be covered.

  • Every day there is one success and another fail but the one who continues is the one who has passion to continue in what does he/she love it is not related to the age and also not related to the environment factors like mind , smartness or even money when I seen anyone success in the job or in the competition the first question I ask to myself it is not how does he do this but from where he gets the passion to do what he loves a month ago I have entered a competition but for sorry I have not taken a place but for a chance I had mate in this competition and he told me that he has entered this competition for 5 times and it is the only one he wins was this time and he told me that he just loves what he is doing and also passion , we should not judge the book from the cover we do not know what does the person pass by or how does he work hard so I hope we should look more deeply in people life to see how did they do their success.

  • In my perspective, the comment "too young" varies. In some circumstances age matters; for instance, the age requirement for voting, going to jail, driving, and more are very reasonable as they are laws and rules that keep us safe. Although, age and maturity are two very different things as age is the number of years someone has been alive for while maturity is based on the way you understand yourself, your life, and your environment. If your 13, you might have the same maturity level as an 18-year-old deepening on your surroundings and your life. This shows that in some situations like law, age does matter but in other situations such as achieving your dreams or making a positive impact on the world, age shouldn't matter. I believe that anyone young or old should be allowed to help the world or accomplice their dreams. In conclusion, the phrase "too young" depends on the case or situation as there is an understandable reason for both points.

  • The excessive impact of unemployment on communities is evident(too much). When a significant portion, around 80%, of a society is without jobs, it results in severe consequences such as financial hardship, poverty, debt, homelessness, and family discord.

    Financial hardship, stemming from unemployment, deprives individuals of basic needs like food and shelter, causing significant strain.

    Family breakdown is another consequence, as the inability to provide for the family leads to conflicts, potential divorce, children dropping out of school, and contributing to increased illiteracy.

    Poverty, triggered by unemployment, can lead to death, frustration, and a rise in criminal activities, further jeopardizing societal safety.

    Given these detrimental effects, it is crucial for the government to address unemployment. Implementing measures like skill improvement, welcoming expatriates, enhancing labor mobility, and frequent empowerment programs can be effective solutions.

    Empowerment programs, teaching skills ranging from tailoring to robotics, provide an avenue for the unemployed to acquire new skills. This approach, as seen in Nigeria, has successfully transformed many into entrepreneurs.

    For lasting impact, collaboration between the government, wealthy individuals supporting initiatives, and those with skills volunteering to teach is essential. This collective effort can significantly reduce unemployment rates and foster a more secure and prosperous society.

  • I would personally choose "Too old", because sometimes in the news you would see people doing a kind of sport and these people will be judged by others saying they are too old to be doing those kinds of activities, and sometimes they are even insulted by their own fans. The people who want a job from a business will sometimes be accepted because they look fit for the job, but sometimes people will not be accepted just because they are elderly or old aged. I think the elderly should be respected more because they have been on earth more than some people, so because they are old that does not mean they have lost their sense and intelligence.

    1. I agree with you here, being "too old" shouldn't restrict you from doing something you love to do. No matter how old someone is, if they are the best for the team they will be chosen to play. I think that if people truly want and have the required ability to play professionally in their sport then their age shouldn't matter.

      However, if it has gotten to the point that their age is affecting their health then the recruiters still hold the right to reject a player for their age, as it would then oppose as a safety risk for both them an the rest of the team that they would be playing on.

      So in conclusion, if the older player is the best choice for the team then they should be recruited instead of the younger player that isn't as skilled.


    The pervasive influence of technology on the world has reached a point where I am starting to sense that everything, including our long-preserved culture and traditions, may be replaced by it.

    Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, influencing various aspects of society, from the economy to education. The rapid advancements in technology have profound effects, showcasing its multifaceted impact on the world, examining both its positive contributions and the challenges it presents.

    Global connectivity stands out as one of the most significant positive impacts of technology. The internet has transformed the world into a global village, enabling instant communication and information sharing across borders. Social media platforms have further amplified this connectivity, allowing unprecedented collaboration and mobilization. This interconnectedness facilitates cultural exchange, increases awareness of global issues, and contributes to the emergence of a more globalized society.

    Furthermore, technology has revolutionized industries, driving innovation and economic growth. Automation and artificial intelligence have streamlined production processes, increasing efficiency and productivity. This has led to the creation of new job opportunities and the development of novel industries. The tech sector itself has become a major driver of economic growth, with technology companies playing a pivotal role in shaping the modern economy.

    In healthcare, technology has brought about significant advancements, improving diagnosis, treatment, and overall patient care. Medical technologies such as telemedicine have expanded access to healthcare services, particularly in remote areas. Research in areas like genomics and personalized medicine has the potential to revolutionize how we approach health and wellness.

    Despite these positive contributions, the impact of technology on the world is not without challenges. The widening digital divide is a notable concern, where access to technology and its benefits is unevenly distributed, exacerbating social and economic inequalities.

    Another challenge lies in the ethical implications of technological advancements, particularly in areas like artificial intelligence and data privacy. The increasing reliance on algorithms and machine learning raises questions about accountability, bias, and the potential misuse of technology. Striking a balance between technological innovation and ethical considerations is crucial to ensure equitable distribution of technology benefits without compromising individual rights and societal values.

    In conclusion, the profound and far-reaching impact of technology on the world, while bringing about positive changes, also poses challenges that require careful consideration. Society must navigate the evolving technological landscape with a commitment to addressing inequalities, upholding ethical standards, and harnessing the power of innovation for the greater good. Only through responsible and thoughtful integration of technology can we maximize its benefits and minimize potential drawbacks in shaping the future of our interconnected world.

    1. Yeah, I totally get what you mean! Technology has become such a big part of our lives. It's everywhere! But you know, it's not all bad. There are some really cool things that technology has brought us too. Like being able to connect with people from all over the world and having access to so much information at our fingertips. It's pretty amazing when you think about it!Absolutely! Technology has had a tremendous impact on our generation. It has changed the way we communicate, learn, and even entertain ourselves. Just look at how smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, always within arm's reach. And let's not forget about social media and how it has transformed the way we connect with others. It's crazy to think about how different things were just a few decades ago. But hey, change can be a good thing, right? We just need to find a balance between embracing the benefits of technology and not losing sight of what truly matters to us. What are some specific ways you think technology has impacted our generation?

  • I pick too young. I've seen it both on news and real life . I want to say the one saw on News. I'm sure most people know about Sonko Ousmane he was a 49 year old man who got rejected because his age. It is an African aspect that says that age comes with more wisdom. We the young are not likely given the chance to be independent because of many fake theoretical African Proverbs

  • In my opinion, the assessment of whether someone in the news is considered "too old" or "too young" to be doing something, or if something is happening "not enough" or "too much," is subjective and often influenced by individual perspectives, societal norms, and cultural contexts. Age, for instance, is a relative concept, and societal expectations regarding what individuals can or should achieve at different stages of life can vary widely. Similarly, the perception of whether an event is "not enough" or "too much" may depend on personal beliefs, values, and the specific context of the situation. It's like when you see a grandparent rocking the latest tech trend or a teenager making waves in a field you never expected. It's all about personal views, right? Like, is there really a "right" age for anything, or is it more about breaking stereotypes and embracing everyone's unique journey? In conclusion, it's important to look at things from different angles and have open conversations. We all see stuff in our own way, and what's okay or enough can totally change depending on who you ask. So, talking it out and hearing what others think helps us get that full picture. Everyone's got their own take on what's right or enough!

  • I would like to intimate my point of view on the phrase"Too Much",a quote reminding me 'TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS GOOD FOR NOTHING'which means too much of anything or excessive amounts also have bad/negative effect.Things which are good or beneficial for everyone can sometimes harmful.Example:Too much of food cam make us obese,too much of dedication can turn into workaholic ruining other facet of their life,too much of workout can make you ill,too much of screen timing can cause problem in your eyes...........from all angles TOO MUCH of anything is bad.

  • I want to say what I think about "too old". People in their thirties who wish to follow their aspirations are sometimes told they are "too old" now. Is there a time limit for achieving a dream? Why do people have to constantly remind themselves that they are too old and that they are incapable of doing anything on their own at a certain age? A person lacks the guts to change even if they are dissatisfied with their career or work because they believe that they are "too old" in the eyes of society. Consequently, those people's lives become meaningless, and they lose interest in living. In some way, society has dictated how long I am allowed to follow my aspirations. Society forces us to halt and settle down in life if we are unable to accomplish our dreams within that time frame. But in my opinion, there is no time restriction on achieving goals.
    Many successful individuals achieved their goals later in life. Whether starting a new career, pursuing education, or exploring creative endeavors, individuals can find fulfillment and success at any age. The key is to embrace the journey, acknowledge personal passions, and understand that learning and growth continue throughout life. In the end, rather than being influenced by outside time constraints, the pursuit of dreams should be motivated by one's own goals, passion, and sense of purpose. Rather of being a barrier, age can be a source of wisdom, resiliency, and experience that can help one succeed in their pursuits. If you have the ability and the desire to do anything, your age is irrelevant.

  • Here are thoughts ….

    “Not enough”:Imagen if you had a Ferrari and a huge mansion and luxury items and you think..Hey! I need one more gucci bag for example don’t you think that is enough you have plenty of things and even if you died who will have all those things HUH?

    “Too young” “Too old”: people of all ages can do spertacular thing such as singing dances drama art karate and even playing a musical instrument !!
    In the news once,there was this eight year old boy who could play prodigy!!!! I know and we children can do anything too (people say that to learn do do something it takes about 1000000 hours )

  • Hello
    I feel that the phrase" too young" and "not enough" is something that limits us. I feel that for the young ones they are limited in the form of job opportunities (no working experience) and also in terms of decision making which they may not be taken seriously because they are seen as inferior to knowledge.
    In the other hand "not enough" limits both the old and young in form of material things like for example many people have been limited in terms of money. In essence what I am trying to say is that people can be limited to things especially in terms of things that show inferiority, but we should not give up in our dreams and keep up pushing on no matter how small or less privileged we are we should work hard, and the sky will be our limit.
    Thank you.

  • Hello,
    On the news I have seen in some parts of Europe that farmers are protesting and going on strike for not being paid enough. Their wage is not enough, and now they are challenging the authorities by blocking roads with their vehicles and demanding higher wages, lower taxes, and protection from cheap exports. I think their reasons for protesting are very reasonable. You need money to be able to live in this world, and when you aren't being paid enough to afford bills and basic human necessities, your life becomes depressing. Sadly, we live in a world where the ones who work hard every day for thousands of people to have food aren't being paid the amount they deserve. Farmers are extremely important in almost every country, hence why we need to provide for them so they can provide food for us.

  • I would like to express my opinion on "too young", being too young to take responsibilities such as: president, vice president and so on can affect the country in all aspects in a negative way due to lack of experience in life which can hinder development in the country. This doesn't mean that young people shouldn't be encouraged to have opportunities to rule but before they should get into power they should have under gone through training to enable them to make decisions that will promote the growth of the country. Due to their young age they have the zeal to be creative and learn more and more.
    In conclusion, young people should be given opportunities to take responsibilities in order to be exposed in some certain aspects of life and as the saying goes " experience is the best teacher".

    1. How can we train to make good decisions?

      1. Hi Tiff, so glad to reply to your question
        There are so many ways to make good decisions such as: understanding yourself ie to know your strength and weakness, and to know the existing problem, it's cause, you also consider the available resources to solve those problem.
        Secondly, you have to be strict ie to be disciplined enough to implement each of the strategies you must have observed to be a solution to the existing problem.
        Lastly, the priority is to focus on the cause of the problem rather than just solving the problem because when you eradicate the taproot of the existing problem it will give you a strong background to handle any future problem.
        I hope this has answered your question.

      2. We can train to make good decisions by thinking before you do things and think about what will be the aftermath if you do it.

  • I have a mixed comment on these phrases.
    When you are a kid, and want to take part in any campaign, you are told that you are "Too young" for this.
    When you have retired, are free and now want to participate in campaigns, they will say that you are " Too old" for this.
    If you are very engaged in such things, people say that this is "Too much".
    And if you are not really interested in these things, you are told that this is "Not enough".
    But we are never told what is the "perfect". What is required is that we are willing to do the hard work, are committed and won't give up. These phrases can discourage those who are willing to work for the people.

  • Id like to add my opinion on too old as it simply means that you could do it something years ago but as you have aged you aren't able to do it anymore. This is also preventing people over a certain age from doing things in the last years of their lives. 'Too old' restricts againt elderly rights as they want to do an activity but aren't allowed to do it as they are over an age. It may be dangerous but if they are wanting to do it, it means they have considered the risks and still want to do it. For example im the UK we make people over 70 years old re-take their driving lisence too make sure they are safe but some of that age could still be in perfect health

    1. I agree because should we be ageist in a society like this? Many elderly want to live a fun last years instead of sitting alone, but these restrictions die down this dream

  • Id like to add my opinion on, too old generalises as a restriction against elderly rights, 'too old' to do or join an activity they want to do on their own accord? Yes, sometimes it can be dangerous but most of the times they should be given the ability to do as they decide to do. Infact, they shouldn't have to be given the right they should already have it. Some 65 year old could be very well in better shape than a 25 year old. Too young is stereotyping abilities and peoples mindsets ans holding them back from achieving. Not enough is simply saying someone is worthless and brings them down. Should we bring this behaviour up to others?

    1. I agree because we should not be restricted as to our age ,oppourtunities should not be limited as it could limit our future and stop us from growing

  • Age is not just a number. As you get older,you become more experienced and more mature. In your youth, you are more naive and incapable of making important desicions. You can be too young for certain things,such as drinking. However, you cant be too old as you have already experienced so much. People who young and are exposed to more vulgar things have their childhood ripped from them. Nowadays, it is hard to see children who actually act like children. The media has influenced kids as young as ten to start acting like adults. For example, youngs girls have been influenced by the media so heavily that they have already started wearing makeup and using anti-aging skincare products. The fear of not 'fitting' into society's beauty standards has reached children.

    I believe we should leave children to be children, and leave harsh stories and the reality of the world in the hands of adults, until someone is mature enough to actually understand the importance or severity of certain situations.

    1. I totally agree, in today's society the roles between the youth and elders has drastically changed over the years. Children who have been seen as gifted and mature are fed into this ideal of being grownup for their current age. This puts alot of unnecessary pressure on kids as now that they've been visioned as a perfect role model and so want to live up to the standards set by the people around them. This ideology of flawlessness creates a barrier between the standard and the destined carefree life of a young child. Children are being non-verbally told to grow up instead of cherishing the time they have before adulthood hits as well as the side effects that come with it.

      However, on the other hand, those who have reached adulthood and are far past that stage desperately find any opportunity to hold on to the memories of their youth. Problems such as relationships, divorces, bills, rent and money issues are sole factors in making the older generation suffer mentally and in most cases, silently. All of these pent up emotions pile on over time and cause a decrease in ones mental health. Looking back at photo albums of the old times can bring sadness but a moment of happy recollection.

      So, in conclusion, whilst adulthood is out of reach for the young children, childhood is also out of reach for those who experienced it long ago.

      [I also would like to add that I am in no way intending to downplay themes as neglect, trauma and PTSD that may unfortunately occur in a child's life. I fully understand that this can happen in their youth and I am aware that alot of kids dont have the carefree or unproblematic lifestyle.]

  • When people have made an achievement but then someone comments its not enough it can lower their self esteem and can change their mindset for the worse. Or when someone gets a promotion leading to pay raise and then someone tells you its not enough that can bring your confidence down. Sometimes just by saying something so small as a 3 word comment can really affect a persons mental health and can lead to anxiety or even worse depression. Some people say something and then proceed to never think about it again but then person on the other hand could think about that all the time every second of every day because of how much that affected their mental state. They could use that comment to reference to everything they do and use it to bias their decisions to what that person said. They could never meet that person again but maybe they never saw them but they will have always heard them and sometimes for the worse.

  • I feel that it's essential to recognize that age should not be the sole determinant of someone's ability or suitability for a task . One may do the work more efficiently than another and their age may differ. age can only give us one reason that an older one may or may not have more experience than the other but People of different ages bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and skills to the table, and these factors should be considered when evaluating their capabilities.Similarly, whether something is happening "not enough" or "too much" often depends on goals and desired outcomes. What may seem excessive to one person or group may be considered insufficient by another. Finding a balance often involves considering various perspectives and objectives. the assessment of individuals and events in the news should extend beyond superficial considerations of age and quantity. By focusing on the substance of actions and the impact they have, we can cultivate a more inclusive discourse that celebrates the contributions of individuals of all ages and recognizes the complexity of the issues we face.
    It's essential to approach such assessments with an open mind and consider a range of factors before forming conclusions, we should always keep in mind that "Age is not a determinant of capability, nor is quantity a measure of quality. Whether deemed 'too old' or 'too young,' or something seen as 'not enough' or 'too much,' true potential transcends arbitrary limits and defies conventional expectations."

  • Hello, I have seen in the news that in certain places young people and adults have been denied certain privileges such as a better job, in the case of adults, they are prohibited from entering places such as restaurants and even more so to those who are disabled from what I believe. that no one should be treated like that there are organizations that help the anxious with certain things and I think it is very good but you should never deny someone from doing activities or entering places due to your age maybe for teenagers yes but that is something with what I'm not very sure about

  • Hi! In our economics class, we learnt that human's wants are insatiable.
    So, it is normal to feel that what we have is "not enough" we can never be the best until we are dissatisfied, it is in our dissatisfaction as humans that put us on the edge to crave improvement.
    You have to go an extra mile to get what you want. In fact, a grade A student555966 wants to be the overall best in the school, the rich want to be wealthy, and the wealthy wants to be stinkingly wealthy. Past successes "not enough" because the past is history, the present is an open cheque, and the future is a promissory note. It is only when we believe that our efforts now at self-improvement is "not enough" that we can get better in whatever it is that we do daily. As we improve individually and embrace a life of growing mindset, we make our dear world a better place. Thanks

  • Hii, hello guys
    I find this topic interesting for today..
    I start with a quote "GREED IS A BIG LOSS " As crafty river said we humans have a character of saying not enough "but if we get everything too much it leads to a big loss. For example if we are hungry and we are going to a restaurant we eat till our stomach full. But if we eat more more saying not enough it leads to a big issue. Finally I say everything should be un limit for humans and well as animals.
    Than you,

  • I would have to say "Too young". In the news I always see many events happening. While I can't name specific news stories, in general whenever I as a person under 13 whenever I try to take action there is always something saying 13 and up, 15 and up, etc. I feel like this really blocks out great minds for solutions to help the world. The saying you're too young is often used wrongly to justify a lot of things. You're too young to have social media, you're too young to be tired, or you're too young to be depressed. Your too young is a saying that is overused and I think you are never to young to feel your feelings or to make a change.

    1. I'm not sure about this because although, yes, you are almost never too young to try and make change there can be many difficulties in it. For example, you can 100% be too young to have / use social media (based on the app) because of the content on there. Social media apps like Facebook are okay for younger people to use as it is very friendly (plus, many families use the app) but apps like Discord can be dangerous due to how people can anonymous and lie. Despite this, I do believe it is good if people under 13 feel strongly about the news and wish to help and there should definitely be more places for them to try and advocate for the topic.