Meet our Festival topics!

Over the next eight weeks we'll bring you a selection of topics that will give you the opportunity to learn, ask questions and have your say.

When following the news, it's important to stay up-to-date. That's why some of our topics will come from "BREAKING NEWS" – the latest news events from around the world. Watch this space!

The topics for this Topical Talk Festival are:

  • AI and the future of work

    AI: work and education

  • Climate news and eco-anxiety


  • Prisons-Icon-purple

    Prisons: emergency in Ecuador

  • Business_Politics

    Business and politics

  • Immigration-Icon

    Immigration: divisive policies

  • Women in media

    Women in media

  • Enhanced-Games-Icon

    The Enhanced Games: are they fair?

  • Fairness during elections

    The Indian election

You'll have a chance to discuss local news too

Head to the "News near you" zone to catch up with what's happening in the countries and communities of other Topical Talkers. Here, you can also suggest ideas for discussions about any local news stories that you think other students should be talking about.

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  • Your first "breaking news" topic will be released on Monday 29th January. Can you guess what it's going to be? Reply to me and let me know what you think!

    1. I think the topic will be about Globing Warming and it´s effects in environment.

    2. I think the topic will be about animal rights as this is something we all need to be aware about. Animals all over the planet are dying due to our careless acts and foolish behaviour. Every day animals we didn't even know about are going extinct,we can't lose another beautiful species due to our pathetic attempts to save them. We need to fight to keep the animal population up because it is dipping whilst human population is raising, now close to 8 billion and 5 million people are walking planet Earth.
      Please help them!

    3. As I think, the topic will be about women's rights. Women are facing a lots of problems and they they are not safe nowadays cause they are being harrased even by their own relatives, friends and family.They are also being discriminated and being compared with mens which demotivated the womans more. So, we should take action for woman's right and they should get right to do whatever they think is good for them.

    4. How about wild life conservation and it role in balancing ecosystems

    5. I think it will be about the eco system of the world and also global warming concerning population and the economy. Thanks.

    6. I think the topic would be"Roles of government in preventing this climate change effect which is "FLOOD DISASTER" .
      The rate at which flood has destroyed shelter, company infrastructure, property and life, is very heartbreaking.
      Development of illegal structures across drainages should be PROHIBITED.

    7. I think the next topic will be about business and politics since we are taking about eco-anxiety yes, probably the next topic will be about business and politics. How the world's politics is going on and it influences on the people. Thanks.

    8. Certainly! I choose the topic "AI and the Future of Work." Exploring how artificial intelligence is reshaping job markets, the skills needed in the future, and its impact on various industries could make for a thought-provoking discussion.

    9. I think 🤔 that it will be about social media and how it affects us

  • I am most interested in business and politics because I want to know more about politics and I will share the problem about Nigeria and also see and learn from people's point of view about it. Also , I think we should bring up money management topic ; this 2ill be useful especially to we youths.

  • Hi
    I think the topic should be disadvantages of not training women in the world. How about that?

    1. Can you expand on this topic idea?

      1. Yes
        There are some undeveloped areas where women are being discriminated simply because they are not trained. Some people say that it is no more existing but I have witnessed it in some timid villages down here in Nigeria. For example, a vedio was played in my school on the international girl's day during our moral instructions where a young lady of 18 years was being hurt simply because she refused to be forced into early marriage and wanted to complete her education. This video made me feel so sad the way women are being treated because of not being trained. They are only pushed to get married without any skill to help them in their new home. So I would want this topic to be put into consideration in order to know if we can improve it in any way.

        1. This is a serious and upsetting topic - I am not surprised it upset you. Can you think of any ways to improve it?

          1. Yes!
            To help in improving this issue, it will be good to organise women education awareness campaign especially in those affected places down here in Nigeria like Ebonyi state where this practice is still existing. Also, put into consideration, girl child education funding i.e, making it a lot more cheaper in training a girl child. Introduction of girls guide in schools will also help because it will make them to be more prepared to defend themselves

            1. I agree with your point because this issue is not limited to your region alone, it occurs in many rural areas. Creating awareness is a significant step towards educating people about the benefits of empowering the girl child. Additionally, establishing free schools can alleviate the financial burden on parents enabling children to receive education without concerns about fees. This approach would greatly assist the community in this area.

              1. Thanks a lot for understanding me precious swan. I really felt a kind of heartbroken with the vedio I saw. As a girl growing up, a lots of temptations will befall you and when you don't have a guardian who would advise you on what to do, you will end up making a very big mistake but if you are trained, you will be brave and wise enough to defend and advice yourself on what to do to help you.

        2. Yes, this primitive conduct is still performed by people. This is also known as gender prejudice. Why should a woman be compelled to forgo her education in favour of marrying young? How do you think this marriage will work out, and how do you think the mother will raise the kids? It is required of women in certain households to take care of the children, cook, and serve, as well as wash dishes and keep the house tidy. They are required to perform household tasks. Men should be in authority at home and are expected to make a living. As equals, why should it be that way? Women are more suited for some vocations than others. You're right, so let's have a conversation about this on the hub. Women also have the right to education.

  • Topic that I am most interested about is the intercession of AI and education (AI work and education).
    I have always aspired to be a software engineer with the goal of creating and AI that can assist both people and animals. This aspiration came from a personal experience when my aunt cat face a critical situation due to a medical mistake which led to a heartbreaking outcome. I am the timing to prevent others from going through such this stress by developing and AI that can handle various activities and serve as a doctor. This will reduce the stress doctors good through and it will prevent such accidents from occurring. I believe this topic will be more insights about the benefits of AI.

  • The topic I am most interested in is eco-anxiety, as it explores people's emotions regarding climate change, its global impact and the collaborative efforts to mitigate it.
    I am eager to learn about various solutions and preventive strategies to address the challenges posed by climate change, fostering awareness and enlightenment about its dangers.

  • The topic I don't seem to get my curiosity over is Indian election, like there must be a reason why the hub chose this topic and why? What is special about it ? , and also I will love to see what the governmental body of another country is. And getting to learn about Indian's election is not an everyday topic the only thing I get to see is their food and dressing and that is only in their movies. So I am very happy, I'm opportuned to learn and discuss this topic with other students, globally at that.
    I'm looking forward to this discussion.

    1. Watch this space, phenomenal_technology! We are glad you're looking forward to the topic. Maybe some of our Topical_Talkers from India could reply to your comment to let you know more about their country?

  • I am most interested in artificial intelligence.I interested in this because I want to know about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in almost every field starting from education. For example - to find answers to multiple-choice questions, to participate in various courses, to remove one's weaknesses, etc. I am most interested in Artificial Intelligence to learn more about how Artificial Intelligence can transform education as well as work in the future.

    1. I agree with you, I am also really interested in AI because AI technology is crucial because it enables human capacity – understanding, thinking rationally, planning, communication, and awareness – to be undertaken by software increasingly effectually, efficiently, and cheaply. Artificial intelligence is a batch of many different technologies working together to enable machines to sense, comprehend, act, and learn with human-like levels of intelligence. Maybe that’s why it seems as though everyone’s clarity of artificial intelligence is different: AI isn’t just a thing.

      Technologies like machine learning and natural language processing are all part of the AI landscape. Each one is progressing along its path and, when used in combination with data, analytics, and automation, can help businesses achieve their aims, be it improving customers, etc . And am so eager to see what AI can turn into in the future. thank you.

  • I prefer eco-anxiety because it teaches us about the world and how we will reduce climate change and what causes it. Because of eco-anxiety,I knew a lot about climate change like what causes it ,possible solutions. The ozone layer has three autums while oxygen has two authums. The use of the ozone layer is to reduce the heat of the sun. So when we release harmful substances the atmosphere, A autum mixes with another autum from the harmful substance and the ozone turns to oxygen which causes climate change.

  • I think it will be about the eco-system and the climate change and also the global warming with the green house effect to the environment, concerning the deplition of the ozone layer.

  • I am most interested about AI. I wanted more about AI.And How AI provides a better introduction to study for a student?Can AI do well for each field?

  • I guess our next topic will be about the business and polities. How the world's politics is going on and it influences on the people.
    I think you should cover the the global warming and it's effect to the environment, also I think we should also talk about the women in media deeply because women are been painfully maltreated in some places which is not encourage able and is not suppose to be like that. So I would want this topic to be put into consideration in order to know if we can improve it in any way amd also advice our people to stop maltreating women.

  • Hello everyone,
    All the topics are very interesting and unique but the topic that has stood out to me is the topic titled AI: work and education. I have chosen this topic because it is a very big issue that affects us in our day-to-day lives. In the part of the world I stay they see AI as something bad. This topic has done justice to many common questions about AI; questions such as is AI going to take over jobs? , is AI good for children etc.
    Though the topics are good more topics can be added especially those which involve breaking news my suggestion is that you could add a topic titled "Effects of climate change" this topic needs light to be shed onto. We need to discuss about the rising effects of climate change both good and bad, and we also need to talk about how climate change affects those around us.
    Please if you agree with me comment back lets have a discussion.

    Thank you.

  • Even though all the topics are interesting but the topic that sparked my interest the most was AI:work and education this is because it has a massive effect each day. In my eyes I have mixed opinions about AI because It can be very useful for generating ideas and topics though if it is in the wrong hands it can be used for cheating on assignments or speaking unauthentic things created by AI which I have seen people do. Overall the topic of AI caught my eyes just because of the endless possibilities that it can create in either a positive or negative way.
    Thank you.

  • The most interesting topic to me is Indian elections. Knowing the fact that India has the world's largest democracy and ofcourse the elections are no less than festival in India.

  • Topics that I find the most interested in are Artificial intelligence, AI technology is crucial since it could enable human capacity for stuff like thinking, understanding, and more, to be undertaken by software increasingly effectually, efficiently, and cheaply. Artificial intelligence is a batch of many different technologies working together. Others are convinced that AI could take over the world which is a bit freaky.

    I think we need a topic on stuff like animal rights, animals are getting hurt and or dying because of things mostly humans are doing. The human population is rising and a bunch of animals are dying.

  • For me the most interesting was Artificial Intelligence. I never though I could add so many thongs on my learning and the questions really made me think more carefully.
    I think it is a topic that as young people we can see it, use it all around us but we cannot understand where and how exactly we can use it.

  • I think the next topic would be regarding women in different fields since that is a major topic these does. Topics regarding women empowerment would actually be good to discuss upon since it would be good to know opinions of people from different countries and would help us rule out the stereotypical ideas that seem to have grown these days.
    We talked about AI, which relates to the future then eco-anxiety whi

  • I think the next topic would be regarding women in different fields since that is a major topic these does. Topics regarding women empowerment would actually be good to discuss upon since it would be good to know opinions of people from different countries and would help us rule out the stereotypical ideas that seem to have grown these days.
    We talked about AI, which relates to the future, then eco-anxiety which relates to the present and somewhat the future, then business and politics which is regarding the present.
    Women in working fields is a topic that relates to the past, present and the future, because there has been quite a history regarding women rights in almost all the countries. I would be nice to talk about them and map out some actions that can be taken to benefit their situation in the future.

  • The topic which I am most interested in is "Breaking news". My reasoning being that I get to hear all about what's going on around us and in different countries.
    This information is extremely beneficial and helps me to be politically,socially and economically aware. I think that spreading of news on this site is very important for many reasons such as:
    1. Informs people in a pleasant manner.
    2. It educates us on issues of national importance.
    3. It can also be a form of entertainment.
    4. It facilitates cultural exchange.
    5. It equips people in current affairs,etc.