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i think in my opinion all sports are very important and are fun and good exercise. It could also... Which sports “matter”? 04/3/24
I completely agree with you, how AI can help prevent hackers and can help people to be safe with... Jobs of the future 22/2/24
I agree as AI develops so will some of the negative affects it will have on the environment, I... AI and the planet 08/2/24
Good point I didn’t think about as people use AI to improve cybersecurity there will be people... Jobs of the future 08/2/24
I agree with your point and it could really help busy parents who do night shift or work long... AI and the future of education 08/2/24
I agree that Al could do farming work better as it is hard intensive work for humans could be... People v robots 08/2/24
After todays live lesson and hearing different point of view my opinion has changed I was more... Suggest a discussion 07/2/24
I agree, AI might make learning easier, but will humans lose their ambition? A bit like how some... Will schools exist in future? 06/2/24
I agree with you that AI will help to improve education and that school will not be replaced but... Will schools exist in future? 06/2/24
I agree that there are both positives and negatives, the metals used in some AI does use... AI and the planet 06/2/24
I think that this is a hard one to answer, the two are linked together if the talkers gets a... AI bots on the Hub? 04/2/24
In my opinion, there are also pros and cons. The positives are that it might be able to read... AI bots on the Hub? 02/2/24
I believe that AI is important in job evolution as the world is constantly developing computers... Jobs of the future 02/2/24