Topical Talk in your classrooms


Did you do our Festival lesson about AI and the arts in your classroom? If so, we’d love to hear about any good discussions you had in the comments below.


For example, you could let us know your opinions for some of the key questions.

What do you think about art, music and creative writing that is created by AI? What were some of the different opinions in your classroom?


You could also let us know about the skills you developed during the lesson.

For example, how easy do you find it to generate ideas for art when you have been given a clear brief? Or how easy do you find it to explain why there are different opinions on news stories about AI and the arts?

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  • Although we didn't have a classroom discussion about this topic, as of late I've been doing a lot of research. AI also known as Artificial Intelligence was created to duplicate the problem solving and decision making abilities of man. Personally I'm not in full support of the use of AI in arts, although AI helps us explore new art techniques and it also helps us make the tedious tasks easier but I feel art is meant to be an expression of inward emotions or feelings but if we just use AI to create artworks there would be no emotion or feelings behind it and I feel that would make the artworks meaningless. Art is meant to be something created out of imagination and emotion not just something created by a random computer.

  • Through my discussion, I learned that working in the field of artificial intelligence is very difficult, as it requires learning the programming language, and it is also necessary to learn mathematics skills, as well as studying four years to master it. I did not know it with that difficulty.

    1. Yes, it is a very difficult language, but I believe that the use of artificial intelligence will enter all fields and all people will deal with it in their lives. This language they will deal with in their lives, so no matter how hard it is, we will use it one day.

  • In my class, there were those who rejected the whole idea and did not agree that artificial intelligence should enter the field of art, and among my colleagues also those who approved of this idea and praised it, and there were many opinions on this subject, so the teacher asked me about my opinion, saying with which opinion do you join? And we must respect the opinions of our colleagues, but for me I see it as good and bad, so I think it would be better if some laws were put in place during its use, such as: not to imitate any painting, not to deceive people by saying that he painted the painting and sold it for hundreds of dollars...etc. I think it would be great to create a large museum that includes man-made paintings and paintings made by artificial intelligence. When visitors come, we ask them what they think of both paintings, and if there is a difference between human-made paintings and paintings made by artificial intelligence.

  • I think the reason there are different opinions about artificial intelligence is that there are people who are really interested in development and there are other people who are interested in simplicity and natural life for them personally. For example, I remember when I was young and before my sisters and I had phones. We were always together and we always play with each other. Me now. And in the age of artificial intelligenceI feel as if these memories started to disappear in the era of evolution, so I sometimes wish that there hadn't been this great development

    1. I agree because... but as for me, I have been closer to my friends and even family with the aid of social media. My brother schools in Canada and without the use of AI, I will not be able to communicate with him. Though it has disadvantages, I think when the advantages and disadvantages are weighed it will be fact that AI has done more good than harm to humanity in general. AI has been used to help reduce the rate of unemployment in my country, AI has helped in making accounting very easy, safe and accurate, with AI less lives are being lost and I can keep on mentioning the good AI has done to humanity.
      Considering the aspect of creativity, we should consider the fact that someone was creative enough to program whatever form of AI used to create art. We have basically forgotten that a person though of the idea and it was approved i mean give it to the programmers. We just put into consideration that someone else would pop up and use another person's work.

      1. Can you explain how AI helps you to communicate with your brother in Canada, blissful_physics?

        1. I agree with you, my relationship with my brothers was good, but now we don't talk much, because of the phone and artificial intelligence, and now that I'm the eldest, I'm trying to bring my brothers back to an era without a phone. Artificial intelligence helps to communicate with traveling relatives. Some people complain about social media because their data is not safe, and artificial intelligence will be the alternative to all these means. It will save the number from loss and save the data of the callers, and this is really good.

        2. Around the world, companies are rapidly embracing conversational AI solutions to better meet customer needs while increasing engagement, reducing costs, and increasing productivity.Rapid developments in artificial intelligence, the answer to your question may be easy. Computers now have a knack for chatter, made possible by conversational AI, and they're getting better at it every day. Conversational AI describes a set of technologies that enable devices and applications such as chatbots to converse with people using their natural languages. Conversational AI uses machine learning and natural language processing to collect, analyze, and understand languages ​​and then generate human-like responses. Chatbots and devices that build on conversational AI get smarter over time, using data and insights from conversations to improve results.In addition to talking to people, AI-powered technologies can also perform tasks by connecting to internal and external systems and services. In other words, a chatbot or device that uses conversational AI is not limited to its own data or knowledge; It can search for answers and solutions by connecting to other computers.

          1. I agree because... I think so since all over the world they can be very interested in artificial intelligence because their city and countries will develop a lot because they will make the best machines and programs that simulate human mental capabilities and work patterns such as computers, phones and good laptops

            1. The existence of this specialization is considered one of the biggest challenges and barriers that stand in the way of some cognitive sciences such as the science of philosophy, where the artificial intelligence specialty claims that it can rebuild, shape and refine the capabilities of the human mind, while this contradicts the science of philosophy. The costs of this specialization are high. Facing a lot of difficulties when doing software development, but you must work on yourself to develop your country There are long-term concerns related to the impact of integrated artificial intelligence on human function, and there are expectations that in the year 2040, with the massive development of artificial intelligence, it will have the ability to do all human jobs, and this will have a great impact on all of humanity, and the definition of productivity at work will change and it will have conceptsThere are a lot of pitfalls, such as the lack of traceability of AI implementation Introducing program bias in decision making Data sources and violation of personal privacy Black box algorithms and lack of transparency Legal liability is not clear

        3. Artificial intelligence has been used in different fields, including communication. For instance, I can instantly contact my brother in Canada using AI based applications, such as meta verse apps. I contact my bother on a daily basis using Zoom, which is an AI based application. AI apps have been valid and instant tools for us to communicate across the globe.

        4. For me, I do not have brothers outside the country, but I have many relatives outside the country, and for a long time I have not seen them, like my uncle, he is now residing in France. I have not seen him for almost 12 years, and I am now 14, but through the Internet, artificial intelligence, and the development of technology, I can I see him now at any time, and there is another example now. We are in this competition. We are conducting many meetings through the Zoom program, and it is based on artificial intelligence.

          1. Communication platforms have invested a lot in artificial intelligence, and currently it is carrying out many tasks. Especially content analysis and user experience diversification, but there are expectations of greater development during 2023. Forbes expert, John Brandon, believes that next year will not witness a greater spread of robots as expected, as robot innovations during the past years have failed dramatically, and this is inferred by what happened to the Amazon Alexa product, the virtual assistant produced by Amazon and did not achieve Big successes. And he continues that even Google has not achieved great success in the field of robots, and that the expectations that the Google robot that works with voice commands will make a big leap in daily life have not been fulfilled.As Google’s virtual assistants remained used in a very limited field, such as setting the alarm clock and playing music, but contrary to all this, artificial intelligence may succeed a lot on social media platforms next year, according to the same expert, and he gives the example of the ChatGPT tool that allows writing publications for these platforms and communication. With the audience, the tool may develop in the future to work more with artificial intelligence, and that is to decide on its own what should be published and when it should be published.

    2. Yes I think that is one of the main disadvantages of artificial intelligence, it shuts you out of true world activities, if one depends on it so much he/she will only be depriving his/her self of novelty, something people do not understand these days is that those things were designed to HELP and NOT to take over. As the polite_fox said it is making him/her not to spend as much time with siblings, we can now see that it is taking over the role of the siblings instead of helping to entertain both of them. As the name implies it is ARTIFICIAL intelligence and not ORIGINAL intelligence, I really detest how people are letting this machines takeover things that the normal human intellect was designed to do. Please people let us not let this thing rule over us. The oxford languages dictionary defines the word artificial as something made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural. We cannot let something man created to take over man it's self.

    3. yes I agree we will all miss the simple days of close contact and fun times as we distance ourselves because of technology yes it brings great improvement and development we will miss the simplicity and may be hard for some people to adapt to the rapid spread of AI.

    4. I agree with you. Evolution is beautiful, but dangerous. Personally, I have to evolve on things that seem outdated and out of place for this age. As for things that seem convenient and simple, that's nice, but artificial intelligence has many negatives and positives.... Is it possible that AI will be a focus of attention in the future because of its positives, or the many negatives, or both???!

    5. Yes, this development is very dangerous because it will make us more sophisticated in the eyes of the general public, but we will have lost our lives, our simplicity, our soul and all our memories, because everything that this technology has developed has its positive benefits and negative harms, but the negative harms have always had an impact on our lives, so I hope that We find a solution to this development because it has benefits and harms, so is it possible to find a solution to its harms?

  • I can provide some insight into the questions you asked.

    Regarding the first question, opinions about AI-created art, music, and creative writing can vary greatly. Some may view it as a revolutionary new form of expression that pushes the boundaries of what is possible, while others may see it as a soulless imitation of human creativity. In the end, it comes down to personal perspective and taste.

    Regarding the second question, discussing the different opinions on AI and the arts can help develop critical thinking skills, as it requires examining different viewpoints and considering the reasons behind them. Additionally, generating ideas for art with a clear brief can help develop creative thinking skills, as it requires thinking outside the box and exploring new possibilities.

    Overall, the topic of AI and the arts is a fascinating one that can lead to some thought-provoking discussions and provide opportunities to develop important skills.

    1. I completely agree with your insights. The question of AI-generated art and its impact on the field of creative arts is complex and multifaceted, and it is important to consider different perspectives and opinions. Discussing these different viewpoints can also help in developing critical thinking skills by encouraging the exploration of different ideas and their underlying reasons.

      Furthermore, generating ideas for AI-created art based on a clear brief can also help in developing creative thinking skills. This process requires thinking outside the box and exploring new possibilities, which is essential in the field of creative arts.

      Overall, exploring the relationship between AI and the arts can offer valuable opportunities for both critical and creative thinking, as well as for exploring new frontiers in the world of art and technology.

    2. I agree because...
      From my perspective, I was impressed with your valuable comment on the topic of artificial intelligence and the arts. There are many different aspects that we can consider when discussing this interesting topic.

      For example, we could discuss the potential ethical challenges that could arise from the use of artificial intelligence in the arts. As with some other applications of artificial intelligence, there are growing concerns about the danger posed by using artificial intelligence to create fake content or to hide the true identity of the creator of an artwork.

      Another aspect that can also be addressed is the social and cultural effects of the increasing use of artificial intelligence in the arts. This use could lead to a shift in artistic production from humans to machines, affecting jobs and industries related to the arts. Additionally, the increasing use of artificial intelligence in the arts could lead to shifts in the concept of creativity and aesthetics.

      It is important to note that this topic is not new, as art and technology have been linked for a long time, and new techniques for producing art have been developed over the years, such as printing, photography, and cinema. Therefore, artificial intelligence is a completely new technology that can open the door to new possibilities in the future.

      Thank you all.

  • We had an online discussion about the use of AI art after which a link link was posted in our chat group for us to use the AI art and see how it works.
    We then shared our opinions in the chat group. Some of us agreed that the AI art is a good way of improving our creative skills and can make our work easy while others think that the AI will make one become less creative, lazy and most especially creative art might be lost. We had an interested discussion after which we were asked to login to the portal and share our opinions and listen to other peoples view.
    I find it a little difficult to generate and write any idea down even if i'm given a guide.. It takes a long time before my ideas become creative but when i tried using the AI , it made it easy for me to bring out and generate these ideas. Its like i'm becoming more creative now and i'm begginning to think that i am artist.

    1. I respect your comment, but I wonder, since you said that artificial intelligence has made you more creative, based on what do your classmates think it makes people lazier and less creative?  are you can give an example?

    2. I duly respect your comment, but don't you think by using AI to make yourself creative you have deprived yourself originality and novelty, I feel by doing so you are trying to imply that you cannot apply critical thinking without the use of Ai's. as I said in my previous comment something people do not understand these days is that those things were designed to HELP and NOT in this case you are not using it to help you are letting it to do the thinking for you which is wrong. AI was created by man to help solve and reduce the stress of man and not take over him and make man over reliant.

      1. I understand your perspective and agree that relying solely on AI to create art or music could potentially lead to a loss of originality and creativity. As you mentioned, critical thinking and creativity are essential components of the human mind, and it is important to cultivate these skills rather than solely relying on AI to produce art or music.

        However, I believe that AI can still be used as a tool to enhance and augment human creativity. For example, AI can be used to generate new ideas or to assist with the creative process, but the final product is still the result of human creativity and ingenuity.

        Ultimately, I agree with your point that AI was designed to assist and not replace human creativity and critical thinking. It is important to strike a balance between using AI as a tool to aid creativity while also maintaining and developing our own unique creative abilities.

  • We talked about this topic in the chapter and there were different opinions about it. There are those who said that the creativity of artificial intelligence is more than human creativity, and there are those who said the opposite. I respect all their opinions. Trying to imitate the style of human drawings and writings

  • I have not studied artificial intelligence and I do not know some information about it, and there are its types like Narrow artificial intelligence is fair, and it is artificial intelligence that specializes in one field, for example, there are artificial intelligence systems that can beat the world champion in chess, which is the only thing they do. General artificial intelligence is fair This type refers to computers with the level of human intelligence in all fields, that is, it can perform any intellectual task a person can do. Creating this type of intelligence is much more difficult than the previous type, and we have not reached this level yet. Superior artificial intelligence Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom defines superintelligence as “intellect far more intelligent than the best human minds in almost every field, including scientific creativity, general wisdom, and social skills.” Because of this type, the field of artificial intelligence is an interesting field to delve into.

    1. A beautiful comment, and I liked its types, as they all have beautiful characteristics, but I see that the aim of their invention is to challenge human intelligence, and this, in my opinion, is not good. For example, if I have a complex mathematical problem, and I am solving it to develop my intelligence, and I find it very difficult, the first thing that comes to my mind is artificial intelligence.
      I will rely on it every time but where is the benefit I gained from it

      And there's a type I don't like that challenges people to a game of chess, and that's definitely not pretty. He's programmed to win every time he plays I don't think that would be a good thing I think instead he would have invented something medical
      Useful Now we have a lot of strange diseases and doctors can't diagnose them or they can't cure them. I propose to invent an artificial intelligence machine
      The patient's condition is entered, where is the location of the pain and what is the problem so that this artificial intelligence machine can solve it and write its solution to the doctors and the method of treatment, which is of course difficult, dangerous and unique diseases

  • Art and music carry a deep message, and the development that occurred through artificial intelligence is a beautiful and wonderful development in the art world, as art has become easier, not more creative.
    True creativity relies on the human mind, not artificial intelligence.
    If we look at the past, we will find that there are many arts that have taken root over time, and the likes of them did not come from creativity in our current era.
    All I fear is that people will think that artificial intelligence develops art and music, and from my point of view it kills creativity and the development of the human mind, and becomes limited.

    1. I disagree because... even though AI can limits ones imagination and creativity it can serve as a tool to improve ones creativity making one comes up with fresh ideas. We are in the 21st century and people are coming up with different ways to improve our life style and ease our work. The AI is part of this achievements. I think it will even broaden ones creativity and imagination. Artist and musicians can use this intelligence to improve their work of art and come up with better ideas. They can make more masterpiece within a short time and become more famous increasing their sales as well.

      1. I respect your opinion ...
        Let's take a look at it from another angle and let's leave AI alone for a bit.
        Let's look back a little, in the past a person would read one or two books, but today few of us carry a book.
        Evolution is beautiful and innovation is more beautiful, but setting rules, laws and limits is more important.
        If we let go of such things easily, we get things without toil or hardship.
        Where is the creativity in a program that draws you the picture and draws the lines?
        AI speeds up time to get things done in the least amount of time, but it lacks the creativity of an artist.
        If everyone draws and composes, where is your mark that distinguishes you?

        1. That is a very good point, artists could cease to exist, which is something that would be very bad for the world, art would lack a creative charm that it has and needs to truly be a piece of art. The fact an AI can create art is incredible, but should we replace hard working men and women, with a machine that lacks any character or charm? I don't think so.

    2. I disagree because... Yes AI makes art easier but this means that people can express themselves easily. AI actually helps people to improve their skills a lot. For example, AI art has made 3D drawings easier and actually more realistic. AI will actually helps humans develop a lot of new ideas and innovation because of its diverse art styles. A lot of people are against AI art because they feel it is a way of making money that they do not really deserve. The fact that AI art is easy to make means that people with little or no artistic skill can make their own art and artists who are seeking to find new inspiration can easily do that with AI arts. Though AI may encourage people to copy other peoples art styles, in the process it could help to get their own ideas! Like everything else in the world it has its advantages and disadvantages but maybe we should try to look at the brighter side of things than just pointing out all of the faults of AI arts. This is the 21st century and everyone has anticipated that the human society will evolve. Humans were not always painting on a canvas. They started painting on cave walls and rocks with animal blood! Over the years art has evolved in different ways. AI is the most recent art development. It is all part of human nature, we have to evolve at one point in time. At least give AI a chance.

    3. Yes true Artificial intelligence is a beautiful thing an actual work of art and creativity designed to change the world. From your perspective I get your point, I feel most people will eventually have the mindset that AI creates and produces at and music disregarding the fact that human beings are the ones that crate the originality of the art in AI database. AI has no imagination it cant create art rather transforms it based on what the user wants or designs based on any style. Yes the originality of art may fade away due to AI but definitely the source of art will not fade because art styles will change and AI will need new database Original artist that don not use AI will still be needed to create new styles for AI and even for the world at large. The source of can never fade or even be changed by Technology with no literal imagination. This keeps the human mind going and the zest for art and imagination wild.

    4. understand your concern about the role of artificial intelligence in the development of art and music. While AI can certainly produce impressive results, true creativity and artistic expression come from the human mind.

      Art and music are deeply personal forms of expression that allow individuals to convey complex emotions and ideas. While AI-generated art and music can be aesthetically pleasing, they lack the depth and nuance that comes from human experience and emotion.

      Furthermore, relying too heavily on AI-generated art and music could limit the development of the human mind and creativity. The act of creating art and music requires individuals to engage with their emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a way that is uniquely human. This process is essential for personal growth and development, and it cannot be replicated by a machine.

      However, I do believe that AI has the potential to enhance the creative process by providing new tools and techniques for artists and musicians to explore. AI-generated art and music can serve as inspiration and a starting point for further creative exploration.

      Ultimately, I believe that the relationship between AI and art and music is complex and multifaceted. While AI can produce impressive results, it cannot replace the creativity and emotional depth that comes from the human mind. By recognizing the limitations of AI and continuing to value the importance of human creativity, we can ensure that art and music continue to thrive and evolve in meaningful ways.

  • There was a discussion about a question asked by all my classmates, which is what are the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, and these answers were answered as follows:
    First, the positives are:
    1- Ease of eliciting ideas
    2- Drawing and making pictures easily
    3- Writing and composing easily
    4- It enables its user to learn the basics of using a computer or different websites
    Second, the negatives:
    1- Ease of stealing other people's work
    2- Frequent imitation of other people's voices with the aim of stealing money or other things, for example when a person impersonates your brother or father and asks you for money, you will send him money, but when you verify the matter, you will know that your money has been stolen, as through my research I found that this story is widespread It is very extensive and that many amounts of money have also been stolen from people
    Therefore, some of my colleagues suggested that strict laws should be put in place towards the negative aspects of the site And people should be warned not to get in trouble because of this as well.

  • Art in all its forms and types is a skill that a person can easily acquire, except for those who have an instinctive love for art, but what if artificial intelligence intervened and artificial intelligence met art? We all know the British artist Harold Cohen, who created a program with the artificial intelligence feature "Aaron", which works with artificial drawing in all its forms and types, so I hope that we do not forget the artists and immortalize their memories

    1. I sincerely agree with you and I also hope that the originality of art will not be lost and the creativity of human minds fade leaving only a few people with true creativity though the source of art can not die because art is out of self expression fashioned through human activity it brings joy, beauty, inspiration and much more we hope art wont be just a piece of work but still have meaning and artist will be recognized for hard work and intellect Not just for the work they do or what they innovate or duplicate through AI.

  • We can create AI doing art,music,writer,chief,etc. But we can't create an AI which has creative thinking because creative thinking is for choosing a decision. But choosing a decision is very hard for the humans but an AI will do it with the probability. But we humans will be choosing a decision with low probability but it will give us success. So creating an AI with creative thinking is not possible. This was the I got in the class while discussing with my frds and teachers. Thank you for giving the opportunity to tell the information that I gathered in my classroom.

  • Art is one of the most beautiful skills. Not everyone masters this art. Art is not just painting. Rather, it is creativity in everything, such as singing, drawing, designs, and so on. In fact, I love drawing a lot, but I do not master drawing in the right way, so I ask for help from artificial intelligence to draw the drawing that I requested, and I take some ideas from it. Artificial intelligence draws things in a creative way and attracts people to them. Artificial intelligence helps us in everything, including art.

    1. Do you think AI will help you draw in the right way, how is that?
      I also believe that people's reliance on artificial intelligence, even in art, will pose a danger to our lives because it will stop artists from their work, because their work will be ordinary and simple work, and artificial intelligence can do this in people's eyes, because this will pose a threat to our lives and the lives of artists in particular.

  • Although much emphasis wasn't being laid on the topics concerning AI, due to my curiosity, I was lead to making some research which lead to the following below...
    I don't know if it's obvious but there are numerous examples where AI already is making an impact on the world and augmenting human capabilities in significant ways. One of the main reasons for the growing role of AI is the tremendous opportunities for economic development that it presents.
    AI capabilities do not involve anything close to true reasoning... I say due to the main fact that it, mainly operates on instruction or command it is being given.

  • All of our opinions about artificial intelligence may differ from us. What we say is that it is very easy for us. It is true that it made many things easy for us, but when this era of intelligence came, I think it deprived us of a lot. I hope that the age of intelligence does not keep us away fromOur family and the fun we had together

  • AI works by analyzing large amounts of data, recognizing patterns, and learning from experience
    In/During my research, I found out that AI also has its disadvantages which may be ignored by some of us in some cases;
    1.Job Losses Due to AI Automation
    2.Social Manipulation Through AI Algorithms
    3.Social Surveillance With AI Technology. In addition to its more existential threats.
    4.No creativity. A big disadvantage of AI is that it cannot learn to think outside the box.
    5.It also allows for invasion of privacy which is absurd

  • I have acquired a large amount of information about artificial intelligence because I believe that the field of artificial intelligence will soon invade the world with the developments it will make

  • Indeed, there are books written in my name. I love stories and I love being a storyteller

    I believe that the importance of writing and reading stories is to develop linguistic and expressive abilities Reading stories is a vital and effective tool for developing the child's linguistic and expressive abilities, in writing and conversation, by enriching his stock of vocabulary, phrases and ideas, and enhancing his comprehension, comprehension and focus, which helps him express his feelings and communicate his ideas in a clear way and within a logical context. I believe that people read stories fictional I believe that this stems from the fact that man is by nature an imaginary being, such as our practice of daydreaming, the game of assumptions and possibilities, and the existence of hope within us that tomorrow will be better. Another reason we want to unite with our favorite heroes in their battles

  • Artificial intelligence made art and music easy and not more creative. In the past, artists used their feelings, ideas, and innovations in art and music to bring out the most beautiful thing, but now artists use artificial intelligence, which made the mind that a person possesses as if it does not work and does not think.
    From my point of view, artificial intelligence does not facilitate and develop art, but rather eliminates creativit

    1. I'm not sure about this... well as many of you people have spoken AI lessens/limits creativity and imagination, we should also look at the bright side rather than saying AI restricts creativity, in my own opinion Ai has the ability to do more than that. In the aspect of arts AI gives artists access to new creative possibilities that may not have been possible before. In other fields AI facilitates decision-making thereby making working processes faster and smarter.

  • Art, music and creative writing are platforms which the artist sends a message to society and now that AI is now being used for even art and music is quite surprising because it is using a computer programmed robot to make song and the whole idea is good and all but trying t put AI in these groups I honestly disapprove of it because these groups have one similar thing in common and that is they are made from emotions and feelings and I think that AI cannot create such feelings and emotions naturally listeners, readers and viewers like arts created by people because it carries a deep meaning and it is with emotions that a human being can create and allow others to feel it to already AI has helped to revolutionize some aspects or sectors in life but I do not feel AI can do the same thing in this category we already have talented people in these why are we now trying to replace those who give their brilliance to us by mere robots.

  • I myself did not discuss it in my class, but I want to entertain you with some of my views and my point of view on this subject.
    art, music, and creative writing to be very fascinating. While AI-generated works of art may not possess the same depth of emotion or creativity as those produced by human artists, they can still produce interesting and novel pieces.

    However, it's important to note that AI-generated art, music, and writing are ultimately the result of algorithms and machine learning models trained on existing data. While they may produce impressive results, they lack the human touch and subjective interpretation that are integral parts of the artistic process.

    Furthermore, the value of art, music, and creative writing lies not just in the final product, but in the experience of the creator in the process of creating it. AI-generated works lack this aspect entirely.

    In conclusion, AI-generated art, music, and creative writing can be interesting and impressive, but they can never replace the unique creativity and emotional depth of human-made works.

  • I think people are of two types
    1 They are the ones who want and develop artificial intelligence
    2 who oppose artificial intelligence and i am in this group because
    1 Its shortcomings are dangerous for the individual and society
    2 Because when a person is able to create an AI, they are also able to use their talents for things that benefit society

  • An opinion about the things that artificial intelligence has made, they are beautiful things outside of human thoughts and at the same time there are no routine things in them, I took another vision about the arts of artificial intelligence, to make art using artificial intelligence this is easy, you just have to enter your fantasies to become reality, for example to make a painting All you have to do is enter the elements and colors electronically, and a perfect ready-made painting will come out for you. It transforms human ideas into ideas that betrayed your imagination. This is really exciting.....

  • Regarding news stories about AI and the arts, different people hold different opinions and viewpoints on this topic due to various factors. Some may view AI as a threat to traditional art forms, while others see it as a new and exciting tool for creativity. There are also concerns about the impact of AI on issues such as authorship, ownership, and authenticity in the art world, which contribute to the varying opinions on this topic.One issue with the use of AI in art is that it raises questions about who can claim authorship of the resulting work. What if an AI system generates a piece of music or visual art,and it is unclear whether the credit should go to the creator of the AI system, the person who trained it, or the AI system itself.Another concern regarding AI in art is its potential for creating forgeries or copies of existing works. This has the potential to damage the authenticity of art and diminish the value of original works. Eventhough there are many concerns about AI being used in art many artists and researchers are excited about it's potential to expand creativity and explore, create new art forms. It can push the limits of expression. But I think that AI are ultimately shallow and unoriginal. Furthermore, they express concern about the potential loss of jobs and livelihoods for human artists, as well as the ethical concerns surrounding the ownership and authorship of AI-generated works. But I am sure that this topic will be interesting to see how this technology continues to evolve and how it is integrated into the world of art and creativity in the coming years.

    1. Can you explain what you think makes something "unoriginal"? AI can create infinite, unique works of art based on one description, which some people might argue means they can create original works of art.

      1. Sure mam. If the word unoriginal is used in the context of art, it's usually means that the content is lacking originality or creativity.This can happen when an artwork is derivative of existing works, or when it is created using a formulaic or predictable approach. Unoriginal art may also lack depth, meaning, or emotional resonance, and can feel shallow or empty.AI-generated art can create unique works, but some people believe it lacks originality and creativeness because it does not have the same human touch of subjective experiences and emotions.An example of unoriginal art could be a painting that closely resembles another famous painting, without adding any new or original ideas. These artworks may lack originality and creativity because they are derivative and do not offer a new perspective or unique expression. But I think it's important to note that art is subjective and what one person considers unoriginal, another might see as a creative reinterpretation or homage to an earlier work.

  • AI and augmented reality (AR) in art: AR technology can be used to enhance the viewing experience of art, and AI can help to create more realistic and interactive AR experiences. The National Museum of Singapore used AI and AR to create an exhibit that brings historical artifacts to life, allowing visitors to interact with them in new ways.

  • AI and music composition: AI can be used to compose music, either in collaboration with human musicians or entirely on its own. For example, the composer and pianist Dan Tepfer has created an AI system that improvises music in response to his playing.

  • Yes, there are some of us who believe that it is theft, and some of us think that it is art and creativity. We discussed this in my class, and this was the response of my classmates. Nour: I think it is creativity, but in a special and strange way. Hala: I think that artificial intelligence should be used because everyone needs it in various fields. Sama: I I think that it may cause theft, counterfeiting, and deceiving people. haya: I think it may affect the fame of artists. I think that people will not need artists after that. I deny that the acceptance rate is also impressive

  • We had a good discussion about the artificial intelligence and the art in our class and we mentioned the use of the artificial intelligence that generates images to helping the designer to come up with an Idea or to prepare a conceptual or initial file.

    The artist must keep pace with the development otherwise he will be lost .The artist invests his tools to create new styles of art that add a new dimension to his work using the artificial intelligence.

  • Hi 👋
    We have just finished an important discussion on the topic of artificial intelligence.
    And I realized that it has a lot of tasks that it can do like humans, for example when we ask the artificial intelligence to draw a picture for us that contains a specific topic, it shows us many unparalleled options and results, and it can compose poems and write stories and novels, so that a person Ammaar Reshi wrote a complete book in just 72 hours using artificial intelligence and published it

    1. Do you think its a good thing or a bad thing that books can now be written so quickly?

      1. I don’t agree because... when books are written quickly they might contain some wrong information

        1. I think there is no problem with this, because people have different skills, abilities, and creativity from each other, and even the quality of their work differs. When we judge someone, we do not combine judgment with the rest of the people.

      2. Hi Katie I really like your question and my reply for your question is that, when an AI starts writing books it might be quicker and the prespective of thinking of an robot might be great than humans so people might start prefering books written by AI than the books written by humans as it will be much costlier than the ones written by AI as they were written in an short span of time with less resources this will create and illusion among the book readers that information given by humans is not as interesting as information given by AI .They might start thinking that whatever AI (artificial intelligent) says are right. This might decrease are creativity. History shows us that Human Development occurred due to the creative and the curiasity in humans if AI itself takes over fields like writing ,drawing etc .....human creativity will start to decline eventually so I think that though the AI will write books very quicker and cheaper than humans still it is a bad thing. The book written in 72 hours might be great but it will never give the writter the happiness of writing his own book with his hands and publishing it, so it might even be a bad thing for the future of writer's so instead we could use the AI to make copies of the same book written by an writter just like a printing machine.

      3. The ability for AI to create books and write quickly may seem genius and even helpful to some people. It increases the amount of writing generated and may develop ideas rapidly, leading many to feel that AI's fast writing speed is a good thing. However, AI is programmed to create work based on an algorithm. This implies that it frequently produces work based on pre-existing data and information. It lacks the ability to generate new ideas and develop a distinctive approach for readers to love. AI writing may also lack style, language nuances, and passion in storytelling. Even if AI can write at a rapid and convenient speed, the quality of the writing may be inefficient.

  • Disadvantages of artificial intelligence...
    Of course, every aspect of the development of technology has its negatives and positives, and I will talk about one of the negatives of artificial intelligence, which is, for example, that a writer writes his poetic verses using artificial intelligence, and then publishes it as one of his own verses, but the truth is that he did not write anything, but rather artificial intelligence is the one who He wrote it, and no one can prove that these verses were written by artificial intelligence, because as we know it shows us many results.

  • We have a classroom to conduct discussions with individuals. So , I can provide some insights on the topic of AI and the art .

    There are different opinions on the significance of AI-generated art. Some argue that it is a new and innovative way to create art and is a tool that can be used to expand the creative possibilities of human creators. Others, however, argue that AI-generated art is not truly creative and lacks the human touch that makes art unique.

    In my research, I came across a study conducted by The Guardian where they asked several artists, composers, and writers their opinion on AI-generated art. Some of the responses were as follows:

    - "I admire its achievements, but I don’t think it will ever have the depth of creation that comes from the human heart and mind.” - Tracey Emin (artist)
    - "We give meaning to art, not art to us. So for me, it doesn’t matter if the creativity comes from a human or an algorithm." - Holly Herndon (musician)
    - "AI still distinguishes humans from machines, but this distinction is becoming increasingly blurred." - GPT-3 language model (open AI program)

    In conclusion, the potential of AI in the creative industry is a fascinating topic of research that continues to evolve. While there are varying opinions on the significance of AI-generated art, there is a consensus that it is an area that holds great promise and opens up exciting opportunities for artistic exploration.

  • Disadvantages of artificial intelligence...
    I previously talked about one of the negatives of artificial intelligence, but it is only one. Artificial intelligence has many negatives, and now I will talk about another one, which is about the consequences of artificial intelligence jobs, because artificial intelligence can do many tasks and jobs, so I expect in the future that it will replace People working with artificial intelligence systems, and therefore because of artificial intelligence, people will lose their jobs, and artists will lose their value. The German artist Boris Eldgesen's painting, entitled Pseudomnesia: The Electrician, won the open creative category of the Sony World Photography Awards, but he refused the award after revealing the truth about this painting. , that it was drawn by artificial intelligence, thus creating a great discussion on the subject.

  • We discussed this in our classroom, really it was a great discussion, we discuss with each other the question what do you think about art, music, and creative writing that is created by Al? The answers surely were different, many students said that Al creates great art, music, and writing, and he is more creative than humans on this side. and the other's opinion was the opposite completely they said Humans do more creative than Al and they said Al is programmed by humans so Al isn't as good as humans in art, writing, music, or anything else so everyone has his different opinion in this topic what's your opinion?

  • Hello, after a discussion in our class.
    I learned that AI is the gold of the age and solves problems that once existed.
    Machines make our work simpler and easier.
    Artificial intelligence is one of the advances in computer science.
    Thus, it can be considered a branch of computer science that enhances the ability of machines to make them work in the same way as they perform.
    Artificial intelligence was born in the year 1950.
    John McCarthy was the person who first coined the term artificial intelligence.
    It is the process of making computers able to understand human thinking, performance, and execution.
    The most important advantages of artificial intelligence as one of the advanced technologies and proves that it is a blessing that may reduce the workload as well as work in an easier way.
    Advancement in computing and digital technologies has a direct impact on our lives, our business and our social life It shapes our lives and our social interaction through the advancement of technology.
    There are many applications of artificial intelligence that have been developed specifically to provide better services to individuals.
    Artificial intelligence has become common in the field of computer science and industrial application fields.
    The disadvantage and negative impact of artificial intelligence is the reliance on the use of technologies due to laziness in humans, and its ability to work is also reduced along with calling for different diseases in a different environmental perspective.
    The technology is not environmentally friendly, it pollutes the environment and it is not biodegradable.

  • Through what our teacher discussed with us in class, we have reached important points related to artificial intelligence and the arts.
    Well, artificial intelligence is one of the biggest modern developments, due to its ability to innovate what is new, as it works to transform the idea of human creativity into a real reality.
    Well artificial intelligence is now present in the world of music, and it greatly affects it and serves this field well.
    Therefore, I believe that artificial intelligence has the credit for producing a lot of work in our world, as it affects all fields such as education, medicine, music and art.
    Therefore, we must appreciate the value of artificial intelligence in our time and how important it is.

  • Divergent perspectives and understandings of the technology itself are just two of the many causes of the conflicting viewpoints on news reports concerning AI art.Some experts consider artificial intelligence (AI)-generated artworks to be innovative and ground-breaking, pushing the envelope of conventional artistic mediums by utilizing machine learning to produce novel and unexpected compositions. Others are still dubious, questioning whether such creations can actually be referred to as "art" given the lack of human involvement in their making. Furthermore, arguments about authorship and authenticity of AI-generated art are hotly contested, with some contending that machines cannot legitimately claim creative ownership while others see opportunity for collaborative relationships between humans and machines in the production of art. In the end, a close examination of both its technical foundations and wider cultural implications is necessary to fully comprehend the subtleties and complexities of this developing field.

  • I agree with you, but do you think that making a drawing on artificial intelligence has an artistic sense? Of course, it is not an automatic program, and if a person gets used to it, it will kill his creativity and artistic sense.

    1. I thought like you until I read the rest of the students’ comments and got acquainted with the different opinions. I think that perhaps the person using artificial intelligence has an inner creativity in his mind and he used artificial intelligence as an experiment to see his creativity. Maybe this will make him a real artist, who knows??!

  • I find it easy to explain why there are different opinions about AI and arts because I have come to understand that AI is very broad and complex which will surely raise questions because humans are curious beings and they always want to find out more. Just imagine if I walked up to you and tell you that I have a device that diminishes human errors, facilitates faster decision making, never sleep and is available 24/7and also lessens risks.
    And also because of this platform and some wonderful comments made I have a better understanding.

  • In my view, the use of Artificial Intelligence is an amazing experience. It has made the field of art, music, and creative writing enjoyable and so entertaining. Children of my age are able to master new skills and learn more interestingly using Artificial Intelligence. It has helped us learn and discover new ideas in the field of music. I have also learned that using AI becomes much easier when given a chance to use it regularly.

  • In my opinion, i think AI is good.It is a form of art that allows artists to explore new ideas and techniques with less time, less thinking and less effort .AI plays a big role in music industries and it has helped people to communicate to others who are far, AI helps in education.AI has helped people study more and more.

  • To me, I think AI is good because it can be used in daily work. But though AI is good it also has a bad side because it is used to reassemble people's accounts and it is also used to hack into them. The interesting part about AI is that it eases communication. So, if AI did not exist, we would not be having quick access to free interaction globally like we are doing now.

    1. I agree because AI promotes quick access to free interaction globally.

  • In my view it is an amazing experience to learn about AI because AI helps in the make of machines and machines
    simplify work and AI helps us in our daily life e.g AI help us in learning and, AI also helps in making Televisions, Phones and many others. I want to thank the person who brought the idea of making AI.I also want to say that AI has been an interesting topic of discussion.

  • I think people have very weird ideas about AI . Why do I say this ? I say this because people have been brain washed by the videos and movies that the people watch.I say this because when we watch some movies we think AI will destroy the world or even make humanity be slaves for life .But if we look on the bright side AI has a different impact on the world . AI can help us in many ways for example: helping to automate repetitive tasks etc. Yes,AI has disadvantages but if programmed well then the world would be a better place to live in and AI and humanity will live in a world of peace.

  • It is actually quite easy to do that as long as a clear cut summary is provided. Sometimes it cannot be easy to explain why there are different views and opinions about news stories related to artificial intelligence and art, because people are not the same and you need to dig so deep to come into the reasons why such differences exist.

  • Artificial intelligence has a negative impact on the individual and society
    1 The disappearance of the art function
    2 Not feeling sincere feelings
    Unlike human art it is
    1 Show the talents of artists
    2 Express your sincere feelings
    3 Relieve stress and sadness
    4 The survival of the value of the arts in society, for this we must revive human art

  • I believe that artificial intelligence should be exploited for the benefit of humanity. It can suggest solutions to environmental problems. Reducing global warming. Finding environmentally friendly alternatives to products that cannot be recycled.

  • Through my discussion, I learned that working in the field of artificial intelligence is very easy, as it requires learning a programming language, and it is also necessary to learn mathematics skills. I love mathematics and I think the reason for the difference in opinions about artificial intelligence is that there are people who are really interested in development and there are other people who are interested in simplicity And normal life for them personally, and for example, when I was young, I used to play with my brothers and friends, but in the era of artificial intelligence, I feel as if these memories are starting to fade in this era, so I sometimes wish that there would not be this great development.

  • Yes, we did some discussions in our school in our class and this discussion was about the capabilities of artificial intelligence and its capabilities to help people by the technology teacher told us about his tremendous capabilities. For example, artificial intelligence enters the manufacture of the robot and performs very difficult operations that are difficult for humans to do, also discovers space and draws very beautiful drawings and writes very distinctive topics and is based on the development of machines and factories. All these tasks performed by artificial intelligence were discussed by the technology teacher, we benefited very much and understood the meaning of artificial intelligence.

  • Through the discussion me and colleagues show different opinions with regard to AI. Some think its cons are more than its pros and others claim the opposite. One of my colleagues told us her experience with using AI. She asked the AI to write a story about a brave young man who lives in a village, it was interesting to hear the results from her. Our teacher told us that she asked the AI to write a poem about a mouse, as the same in the resource. Surprisingly, it produces a completely different version. For now I only see the negative aspects of using AI. Anyone with no talent can declare that he/she produce that art from scratch. Artists will be neglected and not valued. Many jobs may disappear because AI will replace them. What about you could AI make our lives better?

  • I believe that AI takes away the creativity of humans. Artists should not rely on AI to create art for them. Art is something created by people to display one's emotions, ideas and most importantly creativity. AI would just take away these key factors to art and since they learn based on previous artworks, it's just stealing the hard work of others. While it has many disadvantages, it is quite interesting to see how AI works and operates.

  • When we had a conversation in the class about that, the teacher said: What do you know about artificial intelligence? There were many answers about that. Some of the students said that they use it to develop drawing skills, while others said that they use it to develop writing poems, books and articles. The teacher said: Is there more? of the answers? One of my classmates said that her father uses artificial intelligence programs to prepare designs.
    This was a good point for discussion because artificial intelligence made it easier for us to do many daily activities and skills, but not all students believed that artificial intelligence was good, so some said that it was not good or not useful, so we had to identify its negatives and positives, as follows:
    Pros: Facilitate many basic daily living skills.For example (drawing, designs, writing articles,...)
    The negatives: the introduction of bias in decision-making, and the acceleration of penetration processes.
    In the end, opinion varies from person to person.

  • When we had the conversation in the classroom, my friend asked a question that divided us into two parts, and it was: Can artificial intelligence take the place of real artists, and how and why?? The first section that I included: that it cannot replace it, and that the artists are the ones who discovered art, so nothing else can take it away, and other than that, artificial intelligence cannot simulate the feelings and feelings of humans and the desired purpose of the drawing or the design.
    The other section: Yes, artificial intelligence can replace artists, because as long as it can paint one painting, then it can do more, such as imitating humans and knowing their way of thinking, and thus drawing paintings accordingly.
    And do you agree with me, and why?

  • artificial intelligence (AI)

    Is artificial intelligence better than creativity?

    human? What is Al or artificial intelligence? A simple question, but it is easy to answer, as it is from my personal information that artificial intelligence is a creation of human creativity and has surpassed it. It is considered as a technological breakthrough that changed the world. It has a pivotal role in medicine, engineering, advertising and science, as well as in marketing. Artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword and has its pros and cons. We mention among its positives: 1- It reduces human error .
    2- It is constantly present all the time

    The risk is low, as he can do it

    Explore the depths of the sea and defuse


    4- It helps in interacting with customers through digital assistants e. Increase productivity and revenue. If we touch on its negative aspects, we will mention:
    1- It reduces employment .
    2- It is expensive
    Increases the likelihood of human laziness.

    From artificial intelligence programs:




    Google Assist.

    If we take a look at these programs, we will learn how to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Artificial intelligence works to develop art and music to make it easier and better, but from my point of view it will not be creativity, but rather it will be easy. Creativity is a result of the human mind, and the evidence for that is that the human mind invented musical instruments

  • I think about the arts, music and creative writing that is created by AI as a simple and straightforward because arts done by people always have an inspiration and it also has some extra details and point, people also sometimes add their hidden details and add some voluntary touches which all are not done by the AI. The AI usually do a straightforward work that doesn’t have an extra detail and therefore found boring by some people including myself. The music and creative writing done by the AI are things that are mostly already done by someone meaning the AI just copied the music and creative writing of someone else and displays it as something you asked for.

  • Yesterday our teacher asked us to do unit task about AI ..she divided the class into 2 teams .The first team talked about the advantages of AI and the other one talked about disadvantages ..So as students we learn many things .

    One of the significant advantages of AI that it exposes us to different perspectives and styles of creative expression, which humans have previously been unable to achieve. This not only adds to the spectrum of creative possibilities but also helps to reduce the barriers to entry in the creative industry. AI works can be used for advertising, marketing, and creative industries, helping to enhance business objectives. AI programs can learn and improve their skills, thereby generating better quality results.

    Some people expressed concern about the role of AI in creative endeavors. They argued that using machines to create art or music could lead to further dehumanization of the creative process, and to a decline in the value placed on originality and authenticity. Others argue that although machines can be proficient at following formulas and patterns, they cannot fully capture the essence of human creativity, as machines are inherently designed to replicate patterns rather than to innovate and create anew.

    Overall, the use of AI in creative industries poses both benefits and challenges. While AI music, and creative writing provide new opportunities for self-expression and innovation, they also raise important questions about the role of technology in our lives.

    Throughout this exercise, I honed my skills in finding relevant and reliable sources, organizing the material in a well-structured way, and documenting it accurately with citations. Additionally, the process of discussing differing opinions and perspectives with my classmates enriched my learning experience, helping me to understand the nuances surrounding this complex issue.

  • We had a discussion about the topic AI we had a debate about how do we think about art , music and creative writing created by AI ? Some of us didn't like the idea aboua it and some us did then we shared the skills we learned durinng the lesson we had about AI and the arts in class some of said they learned to be more confident when talking about their ideas some said they learn that if people disagree on something it is okay to disagree instead of aruing and fighting.
    Then we had a class were people come out and expain why there are different opinions on news stories about AI and the arts some students did well and even gave an example of it from the news but some had some trrobble explaining but the teacher helped them then they had a second chance of explaining it and they did better than last time thanks to the teacher.

  • Through our discussion there are those who see AI as a tool for augmenting artistic creativity, expanding the boundaries of human expression and democratizing access to art. some view AI as a threat to artistic integrity, eroding the unique qualities of human creativity and contributing to the commodification of art. The different opinions on AI and the arts reflect diverse perspectives on the role of technology in society, the nature of art, and the relationship between humans and machines

  • arts , music and creative writing which Al creates are amazing, that is the opinion for many people i asked , but that is not mine , I think that artist can make more amazing than the Al can make , artist have many ideas for arts and creative writing , and they will still have in the future, but Al have ideas form people who created it , not matter how beautiful the arts Al mades , the human arts remain the most beautiful , as i usually say the maker is smarter than the thing he made .

  • The world has become strange. In the past, no one knew what would become of the world and what development would happen. In the past, it was a simple world with no electronics or artificial intelligence, but now in the world of development and progress there is artificial intelligence and there are electronics. There are those who facilitate our lives in the world. The world changes every day and increases. developed
    Now I think about artificial intelligence, which I think was one of the most prominent and beautiful developments for me, but the bad thing is that the world relied on it. I do not think that artificial intelligence is the one that achieves your goals to make yourself creative.🤖.
    Focus on your goals and don't leave them to others.
    "Build the tower of your dreams and goals to achieve as you want"
    This is what I discussed with my teacher and class.

  • This topic got a lot of discussion in my class, as it took up most of my discussion time. Each student had an opinion, and it was difficult to convince each other in one answer, and I will try to state some opinions

    The first opinion was that it was the most beautiful invention he had ever seen. He didn't expect that we would one day have a machine that connects our intelligence. He said that all the machines that have been invented are invented to carry out a certain command, but they do not have the intelligence to solve all the problems, and this is a very special matter.
    Anything accomplished from this machine should be beautiful and exciting

    As for the second opinion, the student said that it is something very beautiful and distinctive, and he agreed to it easily. His opinion was that it was beautiful because it helps us solve many problems that we cannot solve in school. He said that he sometimes faces problems that no one can solve, even his parents, because they are not their business.

    .As for the third opinion - some with this opinion said that we care about the thing that produced music and art, and the thing produced is not very important that it will be beautiful and exciting, but we will care who produced it when you find that the machine of artificial intelligence is the one who did that, it is natural that it impresses us

    The fourth opinion did not agree with the idea of artificial intelligence. He said that we need a human intelligence, a human intelligence that populates the world and continues to live. Many people strive to develop their intelligence to reach the stage of genius. When he finds someone like him, he can do the same potential in intelligence through artificial intelligence, and he feels that he is not important. His intelligence is a natural thing for humans, which is not a beautiful thing. Now we frustrate these people and say that artificial intelligence is only a problem in our lives. It's just a machine that doesn't have feelings like humans, so we don't want it so as not to lose a lot of talen

    And these are only some opinions that everyone agreed upon. In your opinion, what is the appropriate opinion

  • The topical talk project is one of the best projects I had the chance to join that changed my view on many things like the relationship of artificial intelligence with art I love to draw a lot but I can't draw well but with the topical talk program I learned that I can draw with artificial intelligence, now I'm happy When I learned that I could do things I love with artificial intelligence. Thanks to the Topical Talk Project for giving me a chance to do what I love😍😍

  • We had a discussion in class about AI and arts, and the majority of students in the class were against AI being in the art industry, therefore, I would like to summarise the discussion we had in class.

    A lot of people nowadays are mimicking or duplicating other people's art using AI. I think that these people should immediately end what they're doing, the reason I say this is because Imagine you spent a lot of effort, time, energy, and sweat to produce something magnificent, then out of nowhere, another person uses the help of AI to duplicate your masterpiece, however, the person has made some changes to your work, how would you feel? By doing this, the person makes your work valueless, this means that all the energy, sweat, time, and energy you spent on your work was in vain.

    In my country, the thing that is trending right now is that people are saying they are look-alikes of celebrities, by doing this, these people are making money, because they can enter small events and pose themselves as celebrities. At the end of the day, somebody used a celebrities work, and was offered a cheaper price for doing it; this is also the same as using AI in the art industry because a person is been paid a cheaper price for duplicating your original unique work.

    I also think that if AI is introduced into the art industry, it wouldn't be fair, because some people will make their original works, whiles AI can just go and make that same but using a different technique.

    Therefore, I am against AI being in the arts industry.

  • Hello,
    I think is a disadvantage of AI everyone should know about,
    Although AI can have a positive environmental impact, for example by enabling smart grids to match electrical demand or enabling smart and low-carbon cities. However, one of the disadvantages of artificial intelligence is that it can also cause significant environmental damage due to intensive energy use. A 2019 study found that a particular type of AI (deep learning in natural language processing) has a huge carbon footprint due to the fuel the hardware requires.

    7 Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence Everyone Should Know About
    As artificial intelligence plays an increasingly greater role in everyday life, its potential effect on society and our everyday lives is an issue we all need to know and talk about.
    by Chiara Arena
    June 14, 2022

    What are the disadvantages of artificial intelligence?
    Artificial intelligence is already having a profound effect on society, an impact that promises to become even greater as the technology becomes more sophisticated. But not all of it is guaranteed to be positive.

    We've put together a list of our 7 disadvantages of artificial intelligence, which we all should be watching out for.

    1. Unemployment
    With growing fears that automation and AI will change the way we work and force people into unemployment, questions about which jobs will be replaced by machines in the future are being raised. Some experts point out that potential shifts in occupations are imminent by 2030, estimating that between 75 million to 375 million workers (3 to 14 percent of the global workforce) will need to switch jobs and learn new skills. This shows a large gap in predictions, ranging from optimistic to very pessimistic, and highlights that many experts from technology and business sectors do not share a common view on the future of our labor market. In short: it's really hard to say how many jobs will actually be lost.

  • I have now concluded that technology is a long and deep race with time. Every day we make new discoveries. I think that the topic of artificial intelligence in the current era is in the early stage of development, but the beginning is always slow in all aspects, then the race intervenes. Those who want to specialize in the subject of this intelligence need wisdom in creativity and rapid professional learning of computer programs and data. Software is the foundation of artificial intelligence. In my opinion, the reason for the progress of any civilization in the world in general is the extent of the progress of artificial intelligence. It is the crown of development and civilization. And human perception. Among the fields of artificial intelligence: Specializing in software and expertise in computer and robotic operations, Fowl, from the field of artificial intelligence, mathematician and British computer pioneer Alan Turinge ... make natural intelligence the reason for the development of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the reason for developing skills and not for achieving goals, as it works to improve the performance of global and local organizations through automation. Industry, development of health care facilities in hospitals etc

  • Artificial intelligence is a new and advanced means and an innovative way to imitate and simulate humans by developing the past in modern ways to facilitate and save time. But if the programmer of this program takes permission from the owner of the work or art or the like, then this thing will raise the value of this program because it works to spread art and work with ease and speed and spread its owner in a large way because he will mention the name of the one who imitated it or worked on its style, i.e. Similar.
    I believe that the official who puts the artificial intelligence data to fully imitate it without innovating on it or working to change its features means that he steals it and imitates it without the permission of its owner, so he must be punished and the owner of the stolen work submits a complaint against him to the person responsible for that, of course, within the law that preserves non-infringement of rights even if It was simple for him not to continue in this business.
    And there is a positive impact of artificial intelligence if it is used well for the benefit of the person, the people, and the country as a whole, working to develop and keep pace with the times.
    If it is used in the opposite way, it negatively affects everyone by giving personal interest over the public interest.
    There are many applications of artificial intelligence in many fields, such as commerce, education, health and much more.

    It is applications . The robot became widespread, as the robot became in a form very similar to the human being, the man and the woman There, the robot (Sophia Hanson) became a celebrity, and there's more. This threatens the person as a person If the human capabilities and efforts are waived and the robot is taken as a replacement, there are dangers knocking on the doors of unemployment, the spread of diseases, rapid aging, and lack of orientation to learning, because the person will say to himself that he has no work and there is an alternative. It must unite together to work out a balance between man and his mighty capabilities and artificial intelligence.

  • While our teacher and us as students were discussing AI , I mentioned that I saw a journalist presented news in Al Jazeera Channel,I was so surprised when finally I recognised she is not a real human being,she is AI journalist.
    Really I like development, it's amazing.

  • The use of AI in art, music, and creative writing has been a topic of debate in recent years. Some argue that AI-generated works lack the emotional depth and creativity that only humans can provide. They see it as a threat to human creativity and fear that it could lead to the replacement of human artists and writers.

    Others believe that AI-generated art, music, and creative writing can offer new and exciting possibilities for human creativity. They see it as a tool that can be used to enhance human creativity, rather than replace it. They argue that AI-generated works can help us explore new forms of expression and that it can be used as a tool to inspire human artists and writers.

    Overall, the debate over AI-generated art, music, and creative writing is ongoing, and opinions vary widely. Some embrace the possibilities, while others are more skeptical of the value of AI-generated works.

  • Examples of artificial intelligence include social networking sites, as they are a double-edged sword. They are useful if they are used well, and if they are used incorrectly, they have disadvantages, including wasting time due to excessive use and addiction to them, which results in negative effects on physical and psychological health and isolation from family and society due to excessive use. Which leads to family disintegration, where each individual works on his computer and phone, so there is no communication between the members of the prisoners or weakens and academic weakness due to addiction to using them for long hours and getting to know deviant groups and spreading destructive ideas and loss of privacy and the spread of rumors and false news and scandals and there are positives among them that contribute to cooperation and interdependence It enables acquaintance, establishing new relationships, consolidating previous relationships, helping to exchange ideas, information and knowledge, developing skills, promoting values ​​and positive attitudes, enabling interaction with the nation’s issues and the challenges it faces, and facilitating acquaintance with the cultures of other peoples to benefit from the benefits from them, and this leads to the development and development of societies and there are areas for positive use. Social networking sites, including their use with family and friends, in learning and education, and their use in transmitting true news. There are controls for the use of social networking sites, including moderation in their use, because addiction to using them for long periods of negative effects, searching for useful and purposeful and spreading them among people, and knowing people before accepting them and not informing them about files and refrain from publishing news and information before verifying its credibility
    I love the arts, but I prefer artificial intelligence because it will make the world more developed