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Clover Hogan is a 23-year-old climate activist and the founding Executive Director of Force of Nature - the youth non-profit mobilising mindsets for climate action.

She has worked alongside the world’s leading authorities on sustainability, consulted within the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, and counselled heads of state.

Her TED talk, 'What to do when climate change feels unstoppable', has been viewed 2 million times.

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  • hi ..
    could you please list some useful short ,simple and applicable tips for us on how we can stop climate change so I can share these tips with students at my class and school by your NAME??

    1. Hi warmhearted eel
      One tip that u can share to everyone is:
      • Reducing travels in bikes and cars else u can use bicycles for small distances.

    2. hey warmhearted eel , nice point ,and l want to share something with you, as for us in our lower high school cariculum in uganda its all about discussions as groups after seeing this question l went and shared it with my groupmates and we discussed about it and come up with some points on how we can stop climate change;
      Right now as we all know the world is soon experiencing global warming and this is caused by the high temperatures some causes of high temperatures the massive cutting down of trees known as defforestation and many factories in our societies can also led to climate change ,how?, During the process of manufacturing of items their is air pollution in the area via the toxic chemicals they use, and the toxic smoke they produce in our society .

      thank you

  • what activities I can do on earth day at my school?

    1. You can give an awareness to your family and frds about not to leave out many carbon footprints in the atmosphere. So that the earth will stop getting heated from the carbon footprints.

  • We sometimes hear about climate change. But the question is, what areas are most negatively affected by climate change?? And how do you deal with these problems?

  • What are you doing to face the dangers of climate change?

  • Hello dear Clover
    I admire your personality and your success
    My question to you, being a climate activist and working in many institutions and companies, what is the purpose of Earth Day for you?
    What is your feeling when you do such great deeds to our planet ,and even to all humanity?

  • What is the purpose of celebrating Earth Day??? and what does it mean for the world and its global significance?

  • My question to Professor Clover Hogan is, What is the most prevalent problem in our time, and what is your advice that you would like to give in order to overcome it?

  • My question to Professor Clover Hogan is, How do we face climate change? Can we limit and reduce them?

  • Is there an age group that should be taken care of in order to find beautiful results that are reflected in the environment and climate?

  • How do you direct people? And what are your ways?

  • Hello, just out of curiosity I wanted to ask does the ozone layer really exist.

  • Has your view changed compared to 5 years ago, I mean, did deepening in the field of climate make you more aware and disciplined in this aspect?
    Do you think that the basis for solving this problem is people's awareness of it?

  • Hi Clover Hogan,
    It's very great to know about you .You inspires me a lot.I would like to know the reason why Earth day is celebrated in a particular day (April 22) and how you will be celebrating the Earth Day?

  • Hi Clover 3
    I watched your TED talk twice today and it is really encouraging and full of enthuthiasm. You said " with great resposibilty comes great power". It's a very inspiring words.
    My question is ..

    How could any person get rid of despair and denial and and face his/her responsibility if he/she live in a country that face many climate changes and suffer from many losses? I believe we can and you did it! Tell us your journey from despair and denial to hope and action!

  • How many years will it take the climate to recover and become a temperate climate? And after it gets better, will our planet be free of problems?

  • What are the measures you follow in your country to preserve the climate ?

  • As an expert, which country do you think is the best in following laws?

  • Hello Clover,
    I feel so glad to ask an expert in such a young age like you.  So my question for you is:In which year do you expect that there will be no pertol or diesel cars and that we'll be able to use flying cars working on batteries or the solar system?

    1. I agree with you in your question, as the source of energy for cars that operate on solar energy is a free and renewable source that saves money for solar energy. Solar energy is the best environmentally friendly, as it does not require any maintenance and reconstruction procedures. Because of its dependence on batteries, it retains its solar energy for several hours and days. We all dream of a car with these specifications

  • IS it possible in the future to replace coal- fired power plants with solar and wind power plants?

    1. That's an interesting question polite_fox. Do you think it is feasible? How do you think it might be implemented better?

      1. We can do this by reducing the prices of electricity generated from solar energy, wind plants and hydroelectric sources to compete with the prices of energy generated from power plants that operate with non- renewable energy sources

  • Does climate change have an effect on fish stock?

  • Will climate change in the future cause some people to migrate from their places of residence because they are exposed to the risks of climate change?

  • Hey dear Clover,
    I'm in the 9th grade and I took a lesson in the English subject about overfishing and its dangers, so I thought that it may have an effect on climate change but how?

  • I learned before that climate change threatens the existance of some continents especially those which overlook the frozen oceans. Do you think that some continents will be flooded because of climate change ?

  • I want to ask you how you can progress from working groups in the continuity of sustainability

  • Hi Clover Hogan,

    I have a few questions for you, and I'm glad that the Topical Talk gave me a chance to ask you some questions. In 2022, I heard a short story about you on the internet, and I'm inspired by you and your organization Force of Nature.

    What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing the climate movement today, and how do you believe we can overcome them?

    How can young people get involved in the fight against climate change, and what can we do to make a difference?

    What role do you see businesses playing in the transition to a more sustainable and equitable future, and how can we encourage more companies to prioritize sustainability?

    What are some of the most innovative and promising solutions you've seen for addressing climate change, and how can we scale these up to make a bigger impact?

    How do you stay motivated and hopeful in the face of such a daunting global challenge, and what advice would you give to others who feel discouraged about the state of the planet? I am too worried about the pollution and the carbon footprint that we are leaving on our home planet. As you said, "We are the plague in our home planet," I strongly agree with this statement.

    What are your thoughts on the role of governments and policymakers in addressing climate change, and how can we hold them accountable for taking bold action?

    When I discuss global warming and pollution with my friends and family, they often tell me to mind my own business instead of worrying about climate change. But even if I explain that we won't be able to own a business if climate change goes uncontrollably high, they just do not care.

    Thank you!

  • Hello, I have a question for you, what is the main cause of climate variability (what is the most dangerous reason)?

  • I want to ask what we should do when we feel that climate change It can't be stopped, or we can't control how bad it gets

  • Will there be animals still living by 2050 after the huge damage that happens to forests through cutting a formidable number of trees annually?

  • Hi
    Do you think that your field is successful in the labor market? And why?

  • Mr. Clover, I would like to ask you a question. In our school, we are taking an initiative now, which is to produce a simple and pure garden. Can you give me some advice on this subject?! To tell my friends at school tomorrow, if you tell me, I will be grateful to you

  • Will the climate change in the coming years? And if it changes, will it have an important impact on society and the individual? How is that?

  • Hey, I want to inquire about a question. Will new diseases appear due to climate change in the future? Can scientists confirm the validity of speech how?

    1. Hi Powerful cranberry,
      That is a nice question, i would like to add a point, yes their may be new diseases in future due to climate change because their may be cold or hot temperatures and their may be different weather conditions in future for example windy weather, sunny weather, cloudy weather, rainy weather, humidity, temperature , foggy weather, moisty weather which may not favour human bodies.
      thank you

  • I really liked you since you are at a young age but you think the thinking of sane adults so I think the question will be what conditions did you go through until you got here?  And would all young people's thinking be affected if they were exposed to the same circumstances?  If not, what are the best ways to create a generation interested in the environment and society?  I hope you will answer my question because I am really interested in changing those around me for the better from my colleagues and my family

  • Hi Clover Hogan,
    I would like to know your opinion on which country has the worst climate change and tips on how they can control it

  • Hi .....
    I want to ask you as an expert
    We always hear and study that nitrogen is the fuel of the future in school, but is there a country that has already tried to implement that?!
    How does this affect the environment and is it better to use nitrogen or solar energy?!
    Please answer me to satisfy my scientific curiosity

  • I am curious about your profession, since you are a climate activist, what is your impact on society, and what is your commitment to sustainability in the future?.
    I would like to know your opinion on solving the problem of the climate crisis, By that, I mean by that the solution that addresses the root and the basis of the problem not just a symbolic solution. And what is your point of view towards the new generation, and do you think that the solution to this problem lies with them, given that they are a source of for new ideas.

  • There are many actions that harm the environment that are difficult to do without in our lives, such as eating meat and cheese. Can you give me and my friends advice on how to do without them??

    1. Hi noble clementine,
      I agree that it is a good point, and i wanted to add on something , yes people make harmful actions in the environment such as deforestation, land clearing , overgrazing and then land, air, water and sound pollution. then their are some things that are difficult to do without human existance such as eating meat , making cheese, milking cows. But their are ways of living without them ; by eating veggies, and fruits. by drinking clean water. by eating traditional foods.

  • Dear Clover, you are a climate expert. Do climate changes and its impact on the earth cause earthquakes and volcanoes? and thank you

  • When you were hired as a climate expert, did you notice that the climate has an impact on the age and life of the earth?

  • Hi, Clover!
    How can I create awareness about climate change in my community, when they know and understand so little about it?

  • Hello, Mrs. Clover, I think there are many ways to try to filter sewage, but I don't think there is an effective result because it is close to my school. There is a little big pond, but sewage is poured into it and the smell spreads when it rains or the amount of sewage increases.
    Do you have any suggestion that you can help me with?

  • Hi i need to know.
    Why does the world not want to exceed the increase in temperature on Earth by 1.5 degrees?

  • Hello
    It gives me great pleasure to ask you this question, Mr. Clover Frankly, I agree with you about the danger of climate change to this human race. For me, I feel that it is a monster that grows as people become more reckless and gets closer and closer to destroying us. My question to you is: Is there a logical way to limit the progress of this monster and eliminate it before it is too late?

  • Hi there, I'm really happy to have this chance to learn more from you. One of the ideas that come to my mind to solve the problem of the plastic bags that we can use some materials that can be biodegradable like the ones that found in the washing substances which used with the full-automatic washing machines. This surrounding plastic for the washing material disappear when it is mixed with water, can we use them to produce the plastic bags which are harmful to the environment and Lasting for very long years because it is none biodegradable, what do you think?

  • As students, we presented our opinion regarding the issue of climate change and what is happening to the ozone layer, and we presented solutions as well, but it is not surprising that you have the best, so what do you think and your solutions to this issue

  • We are feeling for all these climate changes but a big difference can only be seen when we have a huge group of people. What can be done to create an awareness among people because they are not understanding even if we explain the consequences??

    1. Interesting point diplomatic_river. Could prioritising this at school or the work-place help raise awareness on a large-scale?

      1. Yes I think that this is possible. If we make this as a mandatory habit in all places not letting anyone to litter,make them to plant atleast one tree. If we start teaching the young children from now on, that would become as their habit and habits can't be changed easily. If we thech the future generation and explain them the importance of the maintenance of environment from their young age they will follow it and keep their environment in a clean. And as we all know that social media has power to spread anything across the globe so we can even use that power to create an awareness about the environment.

  • Hi !
    I would like to ask you :
    1-Is Palestine a climate issue?
    2-How do climate change affect us?

    1. Hi bold_moose! What do you mean by Palestine being a climate issue? Climate change contributes to rising sea levels, how else does climate change affect the world?

    2. Maybe you don't really understand they concept behind climate change, meeting your teacher will be the best alternative to explain the concept behind climate change.For the second question how do climate change affect us?
      It affect us by releasing extreme heat, heavy downpours, and flooding will affect infrastructure, health, agriculture, forestry, transportation, air and water quality, and more. Over everything, climate change causes lose in natural spaces.

  • In your opinion, as an expert, is it possible in the future to develop new laws capable of solving the problem of pollution and the disposal of carbon?

  • Hi ,
    It's very nice to talk to an expert . Really, I will be so happy to have answers to my questions .
    1. Do you think that we will have a global starvation in the future?
    2. Climate change is a very dangerous problem and the faults of a country can spread to others . So,why don't we have global organizations to watch and panish who breaks ,in any country, the climate laws?
    3. Do you think that solar system will be available for everyone in the near future?
    I am eager to know the answers. Thanks a lot for your kindness.

  • It is a good chance to talk with an expert in this field,
    First, I would like to ask you what makes you choose this field ?
    Secondly. What can we as individuals to help stopping or slowing down climate change?
    Thirdly, according to your experience.what will the weather look like in 10 years from now?

  • Hello there one of the questions that come to my mind when I've started this topic that Is it planting trees as much as possible enough to reduce the carbon dioxide and clean the air? And if we did that how much is the good influence on Earth?

  • What inspired you to become a climate activist, and what do you think are the most effective ways to engage and mobilize young people on this issue?

  • Mrs. Clover, I love an environment and I care about the environment, and when I grow up, I want to be an assistant member of an environment. I want to be like you, but there is an issue that puzzled me. I see many companies that I prefer, but I am not sure whether they are against. An environment or not, is it using animals for experiments on it or not? This is something that annoys me very much, and there are many companies that use many things, such as campaigns, to show that they are with an environment, but I am shocked that they are against an environment. This is a disturbing thing, and we cannot determine what we can buy. To check whether companies are environmentally friendly or not

  • WOW!!!You are so young and beautiful expert.
    Hello miss Clover.
    My only question to you is,
    How could you become a climate expert at an earlier age??? Just 23, years old.I can't imagine.
    Please answer my question because I am so interested in climate and I hope to be a climate expert,so your answer may be my success cause in the future.

  • Hi, I really admire your work and your personality, so as an expert, can you tell me some of the experiences that you gained from your work as director of an institution working to educate people to work to protect the climate, and can these experiences apply to all countries or only certain countries? These experiences may benefit me in my ability to educate people around me

  • 1- How do we adapt to climate change? 2- What is the solution to this problem because it poses a great danger to societies? 3- Is waste related to this change?

  • Hello Mrs. Clover Hogan, Climate change is a crisis spreading all over the world and affecting the environment negatively.
    So I would like to ask a question.
    Which human rights are most affected by climate change?

  • Hello Mrs. Clover Hogan, can you please answer these questions: 1- Why does the world not want to overcome the increase in the Earth's surface temperature 2- What are the most important human activities that cause greenhouse gases 3- Where do you find yourself in ten years and what are your plans for the future

  • hi l want ask you How do you see the role of youth activism in driving sustainable change for our planet? What actions can young people take to make a difference and create a more sustainable future?

  • According to your experience, which country is the most adapted to climate change in the world?

  • As an expert, if we use the “carbon pricing” method in cities with high carbon emissions, in your opinion, will we get rid of it, even if it is in a low amount?!

  • We must reduce the amount of using petrilum products. Also , goernments shoud put rules for decreasing the smoke from factories. In order to make our planet more safely and clean.

  • Will future generations preserve the environment more than our current generation?
    And why?

  • Hello, I have a question that I would like to find an answer to. First of all...
    Air pollution has played a role in the current "Covid-19" pandemic. This is because studies conducted during the first months of the pandemic outbreak showed direct correlations between air pollution levels and increased susceptibility to disease and death from it. So my understanding from this is that it could be that air pollution enhanced the disease particles and was the cause of it... Is that correct?

  • Hello, the question is how can we educate society about the need to abide by laws to live in an environment with a better climate, and which country is the most law-abiding? Thank you.

  • How can we avoid viruses that result from climate change because they negatively affect young people and threaten children's lives

  • I am very happy to ask you this precise and direct question at such an early age.
    So my question to you will be : In what year will it be expected that there will be no petrol or diesel cars, or that we will use the cars that fly in the sky that run on batteries ?

  • Welcome! I want to know how you got the idea and how you started developing it, and I am happy to know that because I am excited to know more!!

  • Welcome, can you give us some advice that can help us improve and reduce climate problems because the climate issue has become a lot of big problems that are difficult to solve easily

  • What is the point that stopped you and told you to intervene? This is the first thing that entered my mind, on the other hand, the future vision. The situation continued. How and how can we as a rising generation, and points to be able to change and influence our small community, the school, the family, and the neighborhood?

  • Well, in fact, it's great that there are young people out there who care about these big issues, and who are in positions where they can make change possible. Well, my questions briefly are ...
    #There are many activists in the field of environment, climate change and sustainable development.... What footprint that you will put and it will make change possible?!
    # I believe that space is something that is difficult for a person to understand it completely but I am interested in knowing that, so... Do you think people can benefit from space to get rid of the climate problem?!

  • Hello
    Can you give me some advice and instructions on how we can protect ourselves and the environment from climate change??
    Because in Gaza, many negative incidents occur due to climate change, including the illness of many children and damage to agricultural crops.

  • Related What would be the most effective way to fix climate change ?

  • Can you tell us how you got to that top when you were so young?! And what are your interests towards the climate?!... It caught my attention that she became an CEO at a young age.

  • Hi,
    My question is :
    Why do some people deny climate change?
    And thank you

  • What role do education and awareness-raising play in promoting sustainability, and how can we encourage more people to get involved in environmental issues?

  • Did the development of technology contribute to climate change, and how was that?

  • I'm glad I'm asking an expert for the first time. Well, my question to you is // What are your future expectations about the possibility of applying solutions on the ground in controlling and fully controlling the negative effects resulting from climate change 🤔??

  • What is the climate problem in your country?

  • Since you are an expert, this means that you have a lot of information / 1- What are the laws and procedures that must be adhered to to preserve the climate, who is responsible for applying these laws to people, what is the punishment for those who do not adhere to them / How can we spread awareness among all age groups Whether small or large, thank you

  • Hello Clover Hogan My question to you
    1- What are the effects of climate change on the individual and the environment and how are people aware that the effects of climate change are dangerous and you think who are the people who are more affected by the climate change crisis

  • Hi ,
    *How much has Earth changed since its formation?


  • What advice would you give to young people who are passionate about taking action on climate change but feel overwhelmed by the scale and urgency of the issue? How can they stay motivated and make a meaningful impact despite the challenges they may face?

  • Hello ..
    As an expert on this site and climate activest, I want to ask you in this topic.
    I learned in school several years ago that hydrogen is the fuel of the future. It will protect the environment.
    My question is, has it really been used as a substitute for diesel? In which country did this happen? And when do you expect it to be used in the world as a whole? When will the future come in my country and in the world?

  • I love that you are an inspiration to young females all over the world when it comes to gender inequality in some parts of the world. It's great to meet you and learn about your wonderful project. I'd like to ask Clover what inspired her to do this and how she finds daily inspiration and courage. What steps can young girls take to combat climate change in our small communities, and how can we get adults to truly listen to us?

  • HI Clover
    I just want to say your knowledge about climate is very inspirable and inspirational,
    about Earth day, what activities can I do? I really want to know more because I love nature and the environment

  • hi...
    could you please explain whether stricter laws should applied to countries.

  • Hello Clover 👋
    I am so happy to be able to talk to you and experts like you 😊
    I want to ask you, have you used Metaverse before?
    Also, what drives people to do things that harm children in the Metaverse?
    Is it right for children to use the metaverse world? And for what year can they use it?
    How do children benefit from the Metaverse?
    And thank you ❤️
    I hope you like my comment 😊

  • ❤I want to ask you, why did you choose this job, which is (climate awareness)? Do you think it's a big problem? But what will you do to face the threat of climate change and fluctuations? Thanks, I hope you answer me

  • Hello, our beautiful expert, can you give me some answers to these questions: What are the personal behaviors that I can reduce to become a climate friend? What are the most important human activities that cause the spread of greenhouse gases that affect the temperature of the atmosphere?