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Greetings. I believed that immigrants can benefit the country in overall development because... What are the benefits of immigration? 09/3/24
Greetings. One important purpose of prisons is to ensure safety by being secure, where people... What’s the purpose of prisons? 03/2/24
Greetings. I prefer H and J in this cases. Now I get that in many cases the people that get... How should prisons be run? 02/2/24
Greetings. Our today's class was quite interesting I can no longer hide my feelings the class... How did the lesson go? 02/2/24
Greetings. Opinion A "If a prison is bad, it would be better if they just let the prisoners... What if prisons aren’t working? 30/1/24
Greetings. I score only 4 out of 14. It's very poor but at least I have learned more things... Show what you know 30/1/24
Greetings. Freedom is being able to think, say and do what you want and to make life as you... Freedom v safety? 29/1/24
Greetings. I voted to prevent crime. The government should spend 80% of money on keeping... Prevention or protection? 29/1/24
Greetings. I am strongly agreeing with you, reminders of climate change make me realize that if... Climate change: regular reminders 28/1/24
Greetings. I am totally agreeing with the opinion A because in this present generation, AI is... Will schools exist in future? 26/1/24