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Currently, in my country school chefs have gone on strike because of no pay for more than 3... The news where you are 19/5/23
I think nepotism in a workplace has many negative connotations and is an unfair practice for a... Nepotism: Is it good or bad? 15/5/23
I think artificial intelligence (AI) is making artists less important, this is because when an... AI poll results! 05/5/23
“I don’t think we really need a Royal family anymore. It’s a pretty outdated institution. We... Are royals relevant? 30/4/23
In my country Ghana, School matrons are not paid well. Just recently, they went on strike... Working conditions 30/4/23
The King is the UK head of state. However, his powers are symbolic and ceremonial, and he... The role of royals 30/4/23
hi... could you please explain whether stricter laws should applied to countries. …Clover Hogan! 27/4/23
I disagree because when a person has consumed a certain amount of electricity that day and the... The law in your hands? 27/4/23
I think Law 4: Cars can only be used for three days a week this will reduce the amount of fumes... The law in your hands? 26/4/23
In my opinion; the royal family is still relevant for several reasons. One of the main reasons... Are royals relevant? 25/4/23
What are strikes really about? Can everyone strike? 17/4/23
"I think there should be a Hub discussion post about Climate Change in individual's continent,... Suggest a discussion 17/4/23
Thanks for your comment grateful_clam The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 14/4/23
Lake Volta, the largest artificial lake by surface area in the world, changed climate patterns... Climate change in your country 14/4/23
I am also excited about the metaverse. I can not wait to see how it help improve our... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 11/4/23
The news story that is affecting my area in Ghana is that "roads are not user-friendly". This... Competition #1 News near you 11/4/23