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  • In Swat Valley, there are 1014 schools for boys and only 603 schools for girls while the population of women is greater than that of men. This means that half of the girls do not have schools even if they would like to go there. Most parents do not like co-education and the girls stay at home if there is no school for girls in the neighborhood. A teenage girl needs a male to take her to school or she will be left without any education.

    1. What changes would you like to see?

      1. I would say if they build schools for girls or take from schools for boys and give them to girls or make a morning period for boys and an evening period for girls because every person has the right to education, regardless of whether he is male or female

      2. It's no secret that girls around the world face major barriers when it comes to accessing education. From cultural beliefs and poverty to daily chores and early marriage, there are many challenges that keep girls from attending school. Enabling girls to attend school requires changes in attitudes, policies and practices at many levels. This includes governments investing more in education infrastructure, providing free and safe transportation for girls, employing
        qualified teachers, providing schools with separate toilets for boys and girls, and adequate water and sanitation facilities.Families also need to rethink traditional gender roles that prioritize men's education over women. Communities can support girls' education by conducting awareness campaigns about the importance of girls' education and encouraging more female role models who can motivate girls to pursue their goals. When all of these changes come together, they lead to transformative changes in our society and give every girl, regardless of her background, access to a quality education, which is a fundamental right.

      3. The changes that must take place is that since most of the fathers do not want their daughters to go to school because it is co-ed, additional schools must be built so that they can be separated and each gender should be placed in a private school.
        But this is an issue that is really widespread in societies where they have beliefs that women only have the right to work at home and they should not learn and leave the house, but this is a very negative thing because by doing so there will be a violation of their right to education, but my religion recommended educating women as men learn, but there are people She loves to denigrate herself with her backward ideas

        1. Unfortunately, the matter is not related to mixed schools, as most of the country has become separate, a section for women and a section for men, whether in schools or universities, but the idea is related to what is greater than that, which is the customs and traditions inherited between generations that believe that women end in the kitchen regardless of what they do in addition to culture Society that tries to diminish the value and status of women, forgetting that women are half of society.

      4. Each gender should be placed in a private school But this is a really widespread problem in societies where they have beliefs that women only have the right to work at home and should not be educated and leave the house, and this is a big mistake and that girls and boys are the same and girls should learn and have a certificate to arm themselves with and learn like boys, and in our current era Men do not marry educated girls, in order to help them with the expenses and meet the needs of the house..

      5. Since the number of women is more than males, some of the surplus male schools can be taken and allocated to females.. Or the government can build special schools for females in every neighborhood so that girls can go to school safely and without fear.

      6. I think that they should pay attention to this point and give women more value than that and give them all their rights, so there is equality between men and women and there are many rights for women, and their access to adequate education is among the least of their rights, so they must enhance the value of women more than that and build the best schools for women

      7. It is concerning to hear about the lack of educational opportunities for girls in Swat Valley. Improving access to education for all children, regardless of gender, is crucial for a fair and just society.

        To address this issue, several changes could be implemented:

        1. Increase the number of schools for girls - The government should invest in building more schools specifically for girls, particularly in areas where there are limited options. This would help reduce travel time for female students and make it easier for them to attend school.

        2. Promote co-education - Encouraging co-education could help reduce the gender gap in education. It would also help to break down gender stereotypes and promote equality between boys and girls.

        3. Expand transportation options - To ensure that girls have access to schools, transportation services should be made available. This could include buses or other forms of transport to bring girls from their homes to the nearest school.

        4. Raise awareness - It is important to raise awareness among parents and communities about the importance of educating girls. This could be done through public campaigns, community meetings, or outreach programs.

        5. Provide incentives - Offering incentives to families who send their daughters to school, such as free textbooks or scholarships, could encourage more girls to attend school.

      8. If I had the contrl for this I would probaly raise funds for those girls. Like in my country for making Mangla Dam each Pakistani gave 10 rupees (Pakustani currency) and the total amount together was in billions.People of foriegn would also give attention and probaly get some fund for them. If making school would not be possible I would call girls in Masjid (worship place of muslims).As masjid has also played role in providing education and history is the biggest prove of this.I have raised my oppinion so what would you do If you had control.

    2. ANKARA - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his "public" alliance topped the results of Turkey's fateful general elections that were held on Sunday, and the Elections Authority announced that he won the majority of seats in parliament.

      Despite his lead over his rival, opposition leader Kamal Kilicdaroglu, the presidential elections will go to a second round for the first time in the history of the Turkish Republic on May 28, because neither of them obtained a sufficient percentage to win.

      According to the official results announced by the head of Turkey's Supreme Electoral Commission, Ahmed Yanar, Erdogan won 49.51% of the vote, while Kilicdaroglu got 44.88%, Sinan Ogan 5.17%, and finally the withdrawn candidate Muharram Ince got 0.44%.

    3. This is sad to see the world not giving you your full rights and there is no equality in it. Also, people and society in general view women as lack and hatred, and this reduces women's freedom and self-confidence. Women must be supported all over the world because they are strong, successful, and they are the foundation of society and complement it just like men.

    4. Well, this phenomenon is very common, especially in developing countries.
      As women are exposed worldwide to persecution in different forms and models, and among this persecution is the denial of women's right to education, as there are many reasons for not giving women their right to education, for example.
      1. Early marriage:
      girls’ cessation of education makes them easy prey for early marriage, because they stay at home and consider them a burden on the family, so their families seek to marry them off as young.
      2. Ignorance:
      The girl who is deprived of education due to early marriage cannot raise a capable, positive generation, nor can she raise a sound education.
      The girl who is deprived of education is ignorant of how to organize her life, which is what makes her subject to blackmail that persecutes girls at this age.
      regarding early childbirth.
      3. Education and illness A girl who is deprived of education is exposed to diseases a lot, and her knowledge of how to deal with illness or go to doctors is reduced, while the ability of the educated woman to cope with illness increases through general cleanliness in the home, clothing and food, and adherence to health regulations.
      4. Education raises the degree of self-confidence Education works to raise self-confidence not only for girls but for every human being on earth.
      An educated girl is more aware and aware of things and is more able to deal with others and interact with society.
      5- Job Opportunities A large number of families prevent their girls from education under the pretext of lack of funds, but they ignore the girl's ability to help the family and address poverty, even partially, because she works and helps her parents.

    5. I agree with you for the fact that you made mention that a teenage girl needs a male to sponsor her education or she will be left without any education,but you see , most males today can't sponsor a girl education without requesting for something In return , because they know the height of gender discrimination when it comes to girls education and know that some girls can do anything to get educated.
      Girls are being discriminated in our societies today, either they forced to marry a man old enough to be their grandpa or early or forceful marriage, because they think that education will be all wasted on girls if they end up in their matrimonial homes. In order to cub this ,
      I will write to the state government telling them we need more building facilities for girls
      I will also make public enlightment on the usefulness of education on girls putting up posters that says"the future is female".
      Am sure that if I do this and building facilities are made female child will no longer sit at home,but rather go to school.

  • Al Jazeera Media Institute launched the digital "story" platform, which is concerned with press and photo stories. Through this project, the institute aims to explore new journalism templates, based on short, condensed writing accompanied by photographs.

    Seeing a "story" to break out of the brunt of daily news, change events, and change the direction towards giving human rights and place, which reflects the diversity of the human, historical and geographical world.

    From the story of "Tijaniq" or the Sudanese white bull; Through a deep and imaginative narrative, Accompanying them deepens a sense of their own reality.

    The narration in "Story" is varied and uses the first and third person, with the aim of liberating the stories from traditional journalistic methods, without diminishing the knowledge of the culture and richness of its information. The facts are shown in the form of a watchtower please. One picture, a short story, and information summarized in about 150 words, to suit the taste of the "calves" Azerbaijanis, rich in suspense and far and near stories, and the confidence of the meaning of the journey and wandering, and what a different platform tastes like.

    The entirety of the appropriate word for libraries and the image, and different aspects of the translation into Arabic. She publishes her stories on social networking sites Facebook and Instagram under the title Aljazeera Stories.

  • As a pupil in Palestine, the recent news of extreme weather conditions has been affecting me and my community quite significantly. We have been experiencing heavy rainfall and flooding in many areas, causing damage to homes and infrastructure.

    The weather has also disrupted our daily routine, with school closures and transportation issues making it difficult to travel to and from school. The situation is particularly challenging for those who live in areas that have been severely affected by the floods.

    Despite these challenges, I am proud of the way our community has come together to support each other during this difficult time. Many volunteers are helping with rescue efforts and providing much-needed assistance to those who have been impacted by the floods.

    I hope that the government and international organizations will take notice of the situation and provide the necessary resources and support to help us cope with this crisis.

    1. Thanks for sharing! How have people been volunteering to help? And what further support would they need to do more?

      1. For example, providing safe housing away from floods and also a strong structure, or providing things for prevention, for example, a source of heating from clothes or heaters provided, or financial support as well, or whoever wants help and does not have money, shares his house with one of the families affected by the floods. As for additional support, it is helping people outside The state and from other countries by transferring what the affected people need to the affected city or the work of a private international institution to provide the needs of all affected people in the world

      2. Volunteering is a human concept that expresses human progress before the progress of society. A human duty emanating from man towards the city and its people. In the event of floods, for example, people can volunteer to help the municipality in excavation, construction and cleaning operations after floods, and help those affected by the floods, whether with financial or moral support or for example, by providing free medical services or social services and free counseling. There are so many things anyone can volunteer to do and make a difference in their community.

  • The issue that my country suffers from is the continuous aggressions. The victims of these wars are children of all ages and women. The first news is always in Palestine about war. News means feelings, and now I follow the news that is shown on media channels, but can we not end these matters without civilian casualties?  We can put the table of reconciliation and agreement, where are the states in putting an end to these matters?, Can we not make a treaty like the Treaty of Westphalia that took place between Rome, Sweden, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland? I hope we can end these things and live in prosperity.

  • The front page of my local newspaper today was about the new scheme introduced in our state which is providing the government school students with free breakfast this scheme was introduced by the cheif minister of my state this was made based on one of the most famous scheme introduced by the former chief minister of Tamilnadu Thiru Kamarajar in 1955 called as midday scheme in this they provided the school going students with lunch this was introduced by him because many students were not attending schools as they had to go to work to earn money instead of studying to change this status ,they started this scheme in which the students will be provided with food for which they are going for work through this they got not only the taste of food but also the taste of education and once they became educated they started educating the next generations increasing the literacy rate though this was not supported by many IAS officers at first but this scheme became very successful and it was followed in many other states and now are Chief Minister as introduced another scheme inspired by it.

    As a pupil that is currently in the UK, the news over the past previous days have circulated around the King and his coronation, which took place on Saturday 6th May.

    However, on the front page of my newspaper today included the Rumours of a special secret final at the Eurovision Grand Final, the time schedule of it and an explanation of the UK’s terrible spring weather.

    News that has slightly affected the UK is our terribly dull, weather. England has had 104% more rain than usual and has been duller then average, during daylight hours.
    The UK is currently experiencing rather changeable weather.

    Additionally, news that I have been particularly interested in, was the ArchBishop of Canterbury’s criticism of the Small Boats Bill (in the House of Lords), the plan put forward by Suella Braverman (Home Secretary) and Rishi Sunak (Prime Minister). Rishi Sunak, is to enact laws that would stop people trying to enter the UK through small boats, claiming asylum.
    Contrasting this, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Justin Welby) referred to the bill as “morally unacceptable and politically impractical”. He also disagreed with this bill saying it will, “damage the UK’s interests and reputation at home and abroad.” Justin Welby also stated that this bill was able to break the system of international cooperation, promising help for those experiencing famine, war and conflict.

    On the other hand, Robert Jenrick (the immigration minister), said that Justin Welby was wrong, while he defended the bill and its aim of cutting the numbers of people arriving to the UK, illegally on small boats and said that they would be sent back to their homeland, Rwanda or another third-world country.

    I feel strongly about this recent news, because my opinion is that morally, it it not correct to decrease the amount of people entering the UK via small boats. This is because many refugees have the only option to escape their home-country and find a safer place to live. However, this bill could force them to go back to their home-country where there could be famine, conflicts, war and persecution.
    The UK could be the only safe route available to them and/or they may have existing family already in the UK.

    I agree with the quote, “It is disappointing that the Government has decided to not take on a greater role in leading the world to equitably support those forced to flee their home”. My reasons for agreeing with this include, my belief we should help those in need and not be deterred from doing so, because people may genuinely need to flee their current locations/conditions.

    1. Great understanding of what is going on in UK news right now! I am interested in how you find your news, do you read newspapers, look at social media, watch television, listen to podcasts or Youtube or talk to older individuals?

      1. Thank you for the question!

        To find my news I use a mix of all of the above really. However, I mostly find news through the TV, social media and by discussing topics with older family members.

        1. Do you think it is important to use a range of information sources and why?

          1. Definitely!

            By having a range of information/news sources, you are able to see different perspectives, about certain news headlines.

            In addition, several sources would diminish effects of bias news feeds. Therefore, you would have a more balanced view of the news, because by reading many news sites you are unlikely to encounter several inaccurate accounts. They would also be more varied.

            Thank you for the question!

      2. I always read stories and watch videos to learn a lot of things eg I go to websites to learn about the UK

        1. Do you think it is important to use a range of information sources and why?

          1. Yes, as a pupil, I believe that it is important to use a range of information sources for various reasons:

            1. Accuracy: No single source can provide all the information on a particular topic or issue, and thus relying on just one source may lead to incomplete or inaccurate information. Using multiple sources helps to verify and cross-check the information to ensure accuracy.

            2. Perspective: Different sources provide different perspectives on a topic, which helps pupils to develop a broader understanding of the subject matter. This enables them to form their own opinions and make informed decisions.

            3. Uniqueness: Each source has its unique way of presenting and interpreting information. A range of sources allows pupils to access diverse content, including primary sources, expert opinion, and popular media, among others.

            4. Learning: Accessing information from different sources exposes pupils to different styles and formats of learning, which enhances their critical thinking skills and fosters lifelong learning habits..

            1. Thank you all for sharing with me! I am glad you use a range of sources and talk to different people. I think it is very important in a world of misinformation to ensure that you take into account different facts and opinions before you come to your own conclusion. Definitely if you can I recommend you try and think of your biases from your upbringing and surroundings to help you identify how you feel certain ways and how these mean you will interpret things. Great work Topical Talkers!

  • The local news on the front page of our newspaper is about the inauguration of the president-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu which is suppose to take place on May 29th, 2023. A Nigerian court has asked to stop the inauguration and extend the present incumbent tenure because five Nigerians made the request to federal high court arguing that president-elect was illegally declared. People are now wondering if the inauguration will hold or not.
    The international news affecting us is the crisis happening in Sudan. About 3,500 Nigerian citizens are either schooling, working or doing their personal businesses in Sudan. This crisis have affected these peoples activities in a negative way making them lose their jobs, loss of profit and miss out on school days. The good news is most of our citizens are safely back to the country.
    The news that i feel strongly about is climate change because this is a problem affecting the whole world. It has brought all the countries together looking for sustainable ways to protect the climate. I can also give my own support to protect the planet.

    1. Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of the Environment, held an expanded meeting to discuss ways to create a supportive climate for moving forward in preparing a national system for extended product liability and reducing the use of single-use plastic bags, within the framework of the Prime Minister’s directives to take the necessary steps to prepare and activate the national strategy to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags. In the presence of representatives of a German company specialized in extended product liability systems, Dr. Ali Abu Sunna, Head of the Environmental Affairs Agency, Dr. Tariq Al-Arabi, Head of the Waste Management Regulatory Agency, and a number of representatives of the Ministry of Environment and experts.

    2. The most important thing that currently concerns us in my country is the war, the fall of a number of martyrs and the wounded, the demolition of homes, stopping work, leaving the house, and disrupting studies.
      Even after a truce was reached, there is still anticipation for the return of war during the next two days, due to the occupier's insistence on launching a march of flags in Al-Quds Al-Sharif.
      All conditions in our country are tense in all respects, whether economically or socially, or in terms of security and safety.
      Also, the missiles fired by the occupier on the Gaza Strip lead to significant air pollution, and most crops are damaged due to toxic gases, thus affecting the climate and environmental balance.

  • The front page news in my local newspaper today is on the ongoing national assembly leadership crisis in Nigeria.
    The international news that is affecting us is the ongoing war between Russia and Ukrainian which has caused an increase in the cost of food being imported into Nigeria especially wheat. This has brought about increase in the price of bread in Nigeria. This has affected me and my siblings because we love eating bread and now it is quite expensive to buy as compared to before the war.
    The news story that i feel strongly about is about president Buhari of Nigeria’s requests for more loans from international Agency few days to the end of his tenure. The increasing debt burden on the country is of great concern and I feel strongly about it as it will be a big crisis for the next generation if not paid which might also lead to continuous strike.

  • The news in my country is about our during this period is about Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is meant to be sworn in on the 29th of May 2023 as the new president of Nigeria. To be honest not many of the citizens are happy about this. Most of the time the news published was either about how the people still think that the presidential elections were rigged and also about how the presidential candidates took the case to court, according to some of the medias the matter has been resolved but the most people are still not satisfied with the answers they have gotten. Many African countries are also not really happy because we feel that what ever happens to Nigeria being the giant of Africa will affect all of Africa. Right now were not really sure about what the outcome will be during the tenor of Tinubu but right we Nigerians could only hope and pray for the best.

  • Nigeria is a blessed country which is underdeveloping and has a lot of issues. These issues or problems include:

    Unemployment: Over 40.6% of Nigeria are unemployed, some people say it is government's fault but actually it's not because causes of unemployment in Nigeria are Overpopulation, faster advancement, lack of skills and sluggish economic growth.

    Corruption: Nigeria normally known as the "GIANT OF AFRICA" is a said to be the home of corruption , basically people outside Africa believe that everyone living in Africa is corrupt. Well, I won't blame them because the situations of countries in Africa is drastic so they see us like that.
    Nigeria has many resources that we can use to get advanced but are used by leaders for their own beneficial gain.

    Insecurity: This is a major and serious problem in Nigeria, they are many cases of people dying because of insecurity, many things that leaves Nigeria unsecured include: The Boko Haram gang, political thuggery, streets conflicts, uncontrolled violence and many more.

    1. Thank you for sharing your insight into Nigeria, how do you think this corruption can be overcome within Nigeria?

      1. There a lot of ways for corruption to be stopped in Nigeria. There a lot of organisations for the control of corruption in Nigeria e.g ACORN, FCDO and many more. It is not as if we are not trying to stop corruption in Nigeria but there a lot of causes which allows corruption to be increasing instead of decreasing. This includes:
        - Overpopulation
        - Poverty
        - Illiteracy
        - Acceptance of corruption by the populace
        - Weak Government Institutions
        - Greed

        The things I suggest we do in Nigeria are:
        - Long jail terms for offenders.
        - Exposing secrets of those who practices corruption.
        - Ensuring that public sector workers act in the interest of the public.
        - Also keeping the public sector transparent, honest and accountable.
        - The press, media and civil society should be watchdogs on all systems.
        - Electoral process should be accountable.
        - Government should also backaway from it and the citizens will follow suit.
        - Last but not the least, Education and Enlightenment should be provided.

  • Today the front page of our local newspaper is talking trailers that have abandoned the multi billion Naira parks built for them and are still parking on the express causing gridlocks and accidents on the Abuja Kaduna Kano highway. This is an experience we have had when we were traveling back to Kaduna from Abuja. I think the government should sieze the trucks that are parked by the road side.
    The international news affecting us the most is the war in Sudan. This is because there are over 2000 Nigerian that were stranded in Sudan making a lot families worry. The Nigerian government had to send airplane to evacuate them but they couldn't enter Sudans airspace so the Nigerians had to be taken by road to Egypt and from there flew back to Nigeria. Most of students and now they have to find new schools to go to.

  • As a student, I live in an occupied country where wars occur. The front page of our newspaper talks about the war that took place recently between us and the occupier.
    We have lost a lot during this war, including buildings, infrastructure, and the death of people, and this is all apart from the suffering, fear, and anxiety that we feel.
    I hope that every country that sees this comment will interact with us and support us .

    1. Thankyou for sharing. Would you mind sharing with Topical Talkers how living in these conditions affects your schooling and education?

      1. Yes of course. We went to school today, after we did not go to it for almost a week. Every day we were worried and afraid because of the bombing that we were exposed to in our area. As for education, we were very late with the curriculum, but the exams date remained the same, and the final exams were done for a while. but I, as a student, demand that UNRWA postpone the exams and give us a period of rest after dealing with the war and that we take a week off to entertain ourselves because of anxiety and fear.

        1. Thank you for your reply charming_leopard. I've edited it slightly for sensitivity, so that it is appropriate for the all of our students.

          It's valuable for other Topical Talkers to hear about how difficult it is to learn in some places.

          Learning under such extreme circumstances must be very difficult. We are inspired by the efforts of you and your peers in taking part in the festivals during this time and when you also have exams!

          1. Yes, despite what we are living through, we are poetry that loves education, and we will not abandon it no matter what happens, but despite that, UNRWA should not put pressure on us. If we have to complete the curricula, they should give us more time. My colleagues and I also want to We complete the semester and complete these curricula, but at the same time we must not be pressured to be able to understand the largest amount of information

        2. Yes, I agree with you that UNRWA does not feel what we feel, because they do not live with these conditions that we live in despite everything they see on the Internet..... But today, without mercy, they made us go to school as if nothing had happened, because this is a very bad thing myself I went to school today, shocked by the agency and UNRWA, that they allowed us to go, and the biggest problem, as I mentioned, is that many of the classes that went to waste will not be replaced..

      2. We were affected by this war a lot, young and old. However, during the war, schools asked us to go to e-learning according to our ability, in order to go to other things and occupy ourselves with studies and not think about war, and this did not succeed much, because most people left their homes that were subject to bombing, and the The news of martyrs and demolished homes affected us. Now we are calm with the occupier. We went back to school to complete the rest of our school subjects to finish the school year.

  • The front page of my local newspaper today is reporting about the ongoing border blockade and its impact on our daily lives. The article highlights the difficulties we face in accessing basic necessities such as food, medicine, and other essential supplies due to the closure of borders.

    One recent news story that I feel strongly about is the continued blockades on Gaza, which have been preventing people from getting medical aid and other necessary supplies. This has led to many deaths and injuries, and it is heartbreaking to see so many innocent lives being lost due to these senseless blockades.

  • Today there was news on the front page of my local newspaper about the continuation of the war, as you know we are here in Palestine in a permanent war! I did not want to talk about this topic, but it has a very big relationship between it and the Earth, climate changes, and so on. As wars lead to environmental pollution and the destruction of natural areas, water resources and agricultural landsAnd it affects climate change through the release of greenhouse gases, pollution and destruction caused by weapons and military vehicles. Wars increase the carbon footprint, consuming large amounts of fuel and energy, and causing the emission of many greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen monoxide and methane. These gases increase climate change and its impact on the environment and wildlife. And by reducing wars and achieving peace, we can work to reduce these negative effects and reduce our carbon footprint ♥️ .

  • On the front page of my news paper today the news is that:
    US imposes visa restrictions on 2023 election riggers in Nigeria.
    The United States on Monday announced that it has taken steps to impose visa restrictions on individuals in Nigeria for undermining the democratic process during Nigeria’s 2023 elections.
    Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, in a statement, said the move was not targeted at Nigerians or the government.
    The Secretary of State however did not name the affected individuals “These actions are specific to certain individuals and are not directed at the Nigerian people or the Government of Nigeria as a whole,” he said.
    The decision, Blinken added, is in compliance with Section 212(a)(3)C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.
    These individuals “will be subject to restrictions on visas to the United States under a policy covering those believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, undermining democracy”.
    These individuals, he said, were involved in intimidation of voters through threats and physical violence, the manipulation of vote results and others.
    This is the latest news for the today in Nigeria.

  • The front page of the newspaper that I read today was talking about the lack of abundance of medical devices, and this affects a lot on my community because it affects patients because the devices that diagnose or treat their disease are not available, and it also affects doctors because they cannot treat and diagnose the patient’s disease

    1. yeah , we are here in Palestine suffer fromlack of abundance of medical devices . The current political situation and ongoing conflicts have made it difficult for healthcare providers to secure the necessary equipment they need to properly treat their patients. This puts doctors and nurses under incredible stress, as they are forced to rely on outdated or inadequate tools which often lead to incorrect diagnoses or ineffective treatments and that is the worst thing that will happen to any person "to be misdiagnosed" ! . While there have been some efforts from international organizations and NGOs to help ease this problem by providing medical supplies, this is just a temporary solution which ignores the root cause of the deficiency - the ongoing conflict. Until there is a lasting resolution, it's unlikely that we'll see any major improvements in Palestinians' access to proper medical care anytime soon.🤷🏼‍♀️.

  • How the news of today is affecting me a Nigerian is that:
    Ruling party candidate Bola Tinubu has been declared the winner, getting 37% of the vote
    He got the most votes nationwide and met the requirement of at least 25% ballots cast in two-thirds of Nigeria's 36 states and the capital
    His main rival Atiku Abubakar polled 29%, and Labour's Peter Obi 25%
    Three opposition parties allege widespread rigging, calling it a sham election
    Earlier, ex-President Obasanjo issued a warning about the poll results.
    This is the summary of the news on elections.
    It affects me in the sense that it breeds corruption I mean it does not make sense that most people voted his rival Peter Obi because we felt like we needed change, we wanted to see Nigeria great again. I mean not only does it affect me it affects all of us in different ways. Because the news of country does not affect someone today does not mean it cannot affect someone tomorrow.

  • Today, the front page of the newspaper was about the lack of schools, universities and centers to educate people who want to become doctors one day, but with the lack of these schools and universities, they will not be able to achieve their dream because they will not be able to register to enter, and the newspaper was also talking about the lack of medical devices that contribute in teachthe doctors

  • I have read that the proportion of hazardous waste that is treated out of the total waste is 7% in 2022 in my country i was surprised when i see this knowledge because this is a small percentage we should raise this percentage to 100% so we reduce pollution so we will reduce the spread of diseases but there is many problems prevent us from achieving this goal but we will try to rise this percentage even a little in your opinion what are the problems which prevent us from achieving this goal ?can you give us solutions?

    1. I really like your question faithful_lime at the end of your comment you have mentioned about how all the hazardous wastes are not being treated properly and you have asked what are the problems which prevent us from achieving this goal ?can you give us solutions? The problems which affect us from achieving this goal are less developed equipments which will not allow us to treat every waste and also people who doesn't know where to dispose those wastes even if the people start sorting and throwing them properly their are not enough treating plants to clean them properly the one and only solution is to function many treatment plants for the better being of the world.

      1. that is a good idea but there is a problem, if we want to do this solution, we need a lot of money, because of the deteriorating state of the economy in my country, so saving this amount of money takes a long time,to save that amount i suggest making donations or get it through taxes,and if the money increases ,factories can built to provide to carry out the treatment process ,i think in this way we can raise this percentage.

    2. You are right and I agree with you when you said that we have to work to raise this percentage and make it 100%, but how! First off, I think it's important to educate people on the importance of proper waste disposal. this could involve community outreach programs or public awareness campaigns to help promote environmentally friendly behaviors. Another option is to invest in new waste treatment technologies, such as bioenergy facilities or carbon capture systems. These methods can help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of traditional waste treatment processes. Additionally, governments and businesses could offer incentives for individuals who properly dispose of their waste, leading more people to participate in these efforts. Overall, if we work together and take proactive steps towards better managing our waste streams, we can make a real difference in reducing environmental impacts and promoting sustainability for future generations.

      1. that's right, if we want to make changing, the first step we should do is educate people about the importance of achieving this thing,so people will respond to the request and become aware of the negative and positive effects of achieving it,so we will sure achieve it

    3. I agree with you ,we should raise the percentage to 100% . There are a lot factors that can prevent us from raising the level of waste that is processed. For starters, there's only so much capacity in landfills and incinerators to handle our garbage. If we were to suddenly increase the amount of waste that we're trying to dispose of, we'd quickly run out of space or overload the incinerators, which would release harmful pollutants into the air and climate. Additionally, I think processing more waste requires more resources and manpower, which can be expensive and we can't get it . Finally, there's also the issue of public perception - some people may not want more waste processing facilities in their communities due to concerns about pollution and other environmental impacts. So while it's certainly possible to increase our waste processing capabilities, it's important to do so carefully .

    4. when i read your suggestions,i don't find any way that poor people can help us when they do it, they can't donate?and who is the perso you think who can lead this project?

      1. What do you think people who can't donate could do, faithful_lime?

        1. I am convinced that they can help us in many ways if they want They can spread awareness to their friends, family, neighbors or even people they see on the street about the importance of implementing this project,If they do that, maybe the people among whom they spread awareness can donate to implement the project, or even spread awareness among the people who they know like their friends family .in that way, the largest number of people know about this project, and some of them may donate, the second way is :
          Perhaps they can spread this awareness on social media, or if they can, they can publish it in the news,there is other way they can help us when they do : if they have experience, they can help us make the necessary equipment, or ask their friends for help to do it ,i am sure that there is many other way they can help us when they do ,maybe you have one you can share it .

        2. To do this project, we need material and moral support. We will get material support through donations, so they can provide us with moral support that will enable us to succeed in the project, such as raising our confidence in the success rate in it or encouraging us permanently. This is enough for us to succeed.

        3. A great question, I think, because they will spread understanding among people about this project, and it is certain that if people do that, I think it helps and contributes greatly to donating to this project, or if they are unable to donate, of course there are people who like to provide assistance as much as possible, so they will spread awareness on this project.

  • Here in Palestine, we suffer from high prices, as the price of the dollar against the shekel became equal to 3.99 shekels, which resulted in an increase in the prices of the basics of life such as sugar, salt and flour.

  • Today, Sunday, the principal of Al-Hussein Bin Ali School in the city of Hebron, and a number of teachers, were afflicted with a state of nausea that led to their transfer to Alia Governmental Hospital for treatment, after they opened a mysterious message that arrived at the school. According to security sources, the letter arrived from Italy, and when it was opened, the principal and a number of teachers were exposed to a state of nausea, which led to their shedding profuse tears, and they were subsequently transferred for treatment in the hospital in the city. And medical sources in the hospital confirmed that the cases that arrived were placed under medical observation, and they suffer from cases of nausea and dizziness. It is noteworthy that two similar letters arrived weeks ago at the Hebron Municipality, which led to the appearance of the same symptoms on the people who were present at the moment the two letters were opened.

  • My topic will be about (failure):
    It is one of the situations that most affect human happiness... I failed, you failed, and we certainly failed..
    But failure is not a point of surrender, rather it is the first step to your success... Failure befalls every person, "No one is successful but fails in one of the steps of his life." But your determination and determination lies in overcoming this failure..
    Among the reasons for failure:
    1- Lack of interest in studying.
    2- Not caring about life matters.
    3- Self-neglect.
    Traumatic or painful failure may result in psychological conditions...

    Although it is the first step to success when we fail because one learns from one's mistakes, it can cause situations and problems.
    - And here I am today to generalize that you do not have to lose your self-confidence.. and to surrender to life with just one failure... But in your opinion, what are the possible ways that you can do to make everyone aware that failure is not defeat, rather defeat is when you surrender?!
    We are glad to hear your ideas that could be useful to educate the community.

  • I want to talk about the Swat Valley, they have more than 1014 schools for boys And More than 603 schools for girls Also, do not forget the women, who are also more numerous than the men. This is very clear I mean, most girls do not have schools, even if they had them, they would not go because they would not want to. And there is a small tip Some parents do not like co-education of boys and girls, so girls do not go to school and spend most of their time at home if there are no schools for girls in their neighborhood. Also, this is another piece of information Teenage girls love a boy several years older than her to take her to school Or you will be left without any education. 💘💘

  • China is aggressively entering the space race
    At the beginning of the year, China became the first country to reach the far side of the moon, sending a lunar probe to land there for the first time ever, reflecting Beijing's goal of being a major space power alongside the United States and Russia in the coming decades. It was a major scientific achievement, but it also raised concerns in Washington about what China's launch into space would mean for US national security. Senior US defense officials warned in February that China was building infrastructure in Latin America, including building a sophisticated satellite facility in Argentina that could monitor US satellites in space — and even offer the possibility to target them.
    * * *

  • First, I would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to talk about some of the problems facing our country. We here in Gaza suffer from the problem of widespread unemployment due to the lack of job opportunities. There are several reasons for corruption here in my city, but the most important of them is the corruption that pervades some officials, so I wish there was tighter oversight In my city and follow up on business

  • Here we suffer from the problem of nepotism at work and putting the man in the wrong place for him, as this is due to the great corruption that prevails in my city

    And I really wish my city would find a solution to this problem, as this act contributes to getting rid of many creative people and deprives some graduates of the opportunity to work

    1. I agree with you, nepotism is very common all over the world.
      Where nepotism leads to general harm to the nation and hinders the achievement of its goals, in addition to that it leads to deviation from the right path, as well as the spread of poverty and need, in addition to not preserving the rights of members of society.
      Whereas, if the right man is not put in the right place, this will lead to the exploitation of public property and non-compliance with official working hours, which will harm society.
      Holding seminars, raising awareness in institutions, exploiting the media and giving public interest over personal interest has a significant and effective impact in eliminating this phenomenon.

  • The most interesting news is the migration of young people by sea, which leads to the loss and death of many of them. They only resorted to this path because of the bad economic conditions that we are going through because of the blockade imposed on us and the lack of job opportunities for young people. The Gaza Strip has been under siege for more than 17 years: The smallest geographical area and the most densely populated, which increased the rate of poverty and unemployment among young people, the high prices of foodstuffs, and the lack of job opportunities within this small sector, thus depriving children and youth of their most basic rights in life by providing a decent life like the rest of the children in the world. $5 to be able to provide for his children in this long, hard day

  • Last year, I read a story about a person who was seriously ill and needed a heart transplant as soon as possible. I decided to donate blood and register as a donor when I realized that many patients are suffering from blood deficiency and need to donate. Through this experience, I learned that donating blood can save many lives and that we should always try to help save lives.

    1. I encourage you and thank you for this thinking. We need people like you in our society. I agree with you that many people around the world suffer from anemia like in Africa and one of the causes of anemia is famines. Now, can I ask you what is the appropriate solution to control the famines that people suffer from Including many countries?

  • One of the things that got my astonishment the most and asked alot about and I think that it's one of the most famous topics for the year two thousand and twenty-two is the accident of the six-year-old Ryan and his falling into the well for five days, but can I ask a question that preoccupies me?
    What are the most important topics that affected Kim?

  • Today I heard a story that amazed me and I want you to see it with me ending the controversial NSA surveillance program
    The US National Security Agency, with bipartisan support in Congress, has put an end to a long-running program that had been collecting information on US phone calls and text messages. The decision concludes a chapter in the major controversy over a covert program that began operating after the September 11 terrorist attacks and was revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Snowden's revelations sparked a year-long debate across the country about privacy and government surveillance. Senior Democratic and Republican lawmakers introduced a bill aimed at ending the NSA's practice of metadata collection, in a rare bipartisan effort this year, even at the height of the Trump investigation and impeachment case.

  • Actually, there's been quite a bit of international news that's caught my attention lately. I was an eye on political developments in places like Myanmar and Belarus, where anti-government protests have erupted amid accusations of election fraud and human rights abuses , and I'm excited to know what will happen . And as someone who cares about climate change " Of course, after entering topical talk 💘", I'm always interested in news related to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and transition to renewable energy sources. Recently, it was encouraging to see countries like China and Japan make commitments towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2060 and 2050 respectively.I know that all this news may not directly affect me in my day-to-day life, but I think it's important to stay informed about what's happening around the world if we want to be responsible citizens.

  • The students’ return to school in northwestern Syria was not easy after the earthquake disaster, as they found voids in the classrooms left by friends who had passed away, and they shared the same seats, dreams, and food with them, and they studied and competed together. And they will only remember some pictures and spectra of the departed. At the Genius School in rural Idlib, Suha al-Mando shared a seat in the classroom with her late friend, Yamana al-Darwish. Today, Suha is satisfied with putting a picture of her friend on the table, and she tells Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “We were sitting on the same seat, and her separation affected me, and it made the first day of return especially very difficult for me and the rest of my colleagues, because we did not find her with us, and the place seemed empty without her.” Yamana is always special, and she speaks even before the teacher asks questions. Memories of our dream remain that we will enter medical school together and specialize in surgery. We were competing in class to get the best score, and she dreamed of entering medical school, and I will continue this dream and dedicate my success to her."
    I appreciate the student's grief for her friend, and she has the right to grieve, and I hope that all friends are like this

  • To begin with Nigeria is refered to as giant of Africa,but from my own perspective it's because of it natural resources like coal,oil,tin,ironore,limestone,zinc etc.

    On the front page of the local newspaper are;
    -drug trafficking
    The most important natural resource in Nigeria is the oil. Nigeria is one of the largest producers of oil in the world,which means that there is not suppose to be scarcity of oil in the country which is present in Nigeria and it's affecting the economy of the country. This is becaue of corruption,whereby the politicians are the one incharge of the oil extraction.For example they are ten ships containing unprocessed oil, by the time they will export it to another country the refinery that will process the oil is a Nigerian owned, in the process of importing the oil they might say that they can only have three ships, they have no option they would accept it.This is because the refinery in Nigeria are not more functioning, which is very bad.

  • Al Jazeera Media Institute launched the digital "story" platform, which is concerned with short and illustrated journalistic stories. Through this project, the Institute aims to explore and develop new journalistic templates, based on intensive short writing accompanied by photographs.

    The vision of "Story" is based on getting rid of the burden of daily news and the events of current affairs, and changing the tide towards dealing with human and place stories, which reflect the diversity of the human, historical and geographical world.

    From the story of "Toda" who dances with "Ahwash" in the Moroccan castle of M'gouna, to the "doctor of last hope" in Kenya, to "Tijaniq" or the Sudanese white bull; The "story" platform roams the streets, villages and cities, listening to people and shedding light on their stories and deep experiences through a deep and creative narration, accompanied by images that deepen their sense of reality.

  • The news that has been in our newspapers before 2 day is that 39,000 male and female graduates in the Gaza Strip applied for the recruitment exams for the Ministry of Education, after it was postponed due to the events that took place last week, when our city was bombed.
    A few days ago, seating numbers for the applicants were published and the exam location was determined. Here, equality appears in the possibilty of every graduate, whether male or female, healthy or with special needs, for those who meet the conditions to apply for the exam. Equality is also shown by writing the seat numbers of the applicants, not their real names.
    Scientific materials, references, and previous exam question forms were also published on certain educational websites to help graduates, and here the metaverse advantages emerged, as it was used for the benefit of graduates.
    And now school students prepare themselves to pass the final exams of this year then to begin their summer holiday.

  • Currently, in my country school chefs have gone on strike because of no pay for more than 3 years. Even when they are paid, they are paid 8 pennies which can not cater for their needs. They are on strike so the will be paid at least a quarter.

    1. Do you support their strike? Would you strike in the same situation? Please share, I would love to hear your opinon.

  • Senior Presidential adviser and former ambassador Klaus Holderbaum died ,who has been serving in Germany 's diplomatic service for 33years.He served 's diplomatic service for 33 years with a 22-year experience in sub-Saharan Africa. His death was confirmed on Tuesday Bernadtte Olowo, a former diplomat and close friend to Holderbaum,may his soul rest in peace.

  • The news I feel strongly about is the cashless policy . It has been so pathetic ever since the redesigning of naira notes has been made, people striping themselves naked at Banks to get cash, watching news that various Banks has been burnt due to the anxiety of our youths.
    Also it so so sad watching people's children dying because of hunger,caused by this same cashless economy.

  • As you know that recently thete was a huge strike in Pakistan due to political mishaps.The leader due to which the strikes were implemented was write and the other leader was a nepo baby and was on this seat due to he was the smaller brother of a leader before this government and made his place in hearts of many people.The strike of people was not shown live because the government was in hand of wrong people. Like this he misguided people and he did not wanted to show his opposition and hate for him in people's heart.It is mostly similar to the event of coronation of King Charles.Even inNorth Korea their president Kim Jong Un did not want to send pictures of his country due to it's poverty.Sincerely no body knows what's happening in a country except those who are bearing the hardships. If you agree so update please

  • As a student, I raise my voice and say that the strike is a negative thing in our society because it changes it completely, and it is necessary to give every person his right in order to obtain his due rights

    1. Would you say striking is a right, excellent_conversation?

      1. I think it's negative. Positive because they are demanding their missing rights and negative because they are behind the educational curriculum