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My country has kings and queens but they have power in their respective kingdoms and their ruled... The role of royals 24/4/23
I think an employer that is fair to all of his/her employees will not only encourage them into... Working conditions 18/4/23
Yes , also in Nigeria law enforcement and military officers are not supposed to embark on... Test your knowledge 18/4/23
I scored a 9 in the quiz , I learnt that police can’t go on strike in the US , because it is... Test your knowledge 17/4/23
We had a discussion and we were told that workers demand a pay rise and better working... Lessons learned! 17/4/23
Most strikes are about pays and better working conditions, I think every worker should be able... Working conditions 17/4/23
I agree with this point because it needs to be given More attention, because innocent children... Join a discussion! 14/4/23
Well we can use the Metaverse in the field of education it can help in training under the... Metaverse poll results! 14/4/23
Honestly I don’t like the idea of the Metaverse but if I was to create an avatar it will be a... Metaverse poll results! 13/4/23
Metaverse is a virtual world where everything would be online in an immersive 3D real life... Report back 13/4/23
In this case , I think it depends on how people decides to use the Metaverse, if they deserve to... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 13/4/23
Well, from my opinion I think there should be limitations , I feel like there should be limited... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 12/4/23
Well, I think the Metaverse will be a wrong decision and a bad thing to the world because it... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 12/4/23
The second law ; I feel like not everyone would like to be a vegetarian because others may not... The law in your hands? 11/4/23
The news story that is affecting my area is “Theft and the increase in cost of purchasing... Competition #1 News near you 11/4/23
It can be stopped by reducing the use of substances that depletes the ozone these substances are... Suggest a discussion 11/4/23
I think there should be a hub discussion about “life when the ozone layer depletes “ to... Suggest a discussion 11/4/23
Humanity faces many threats but none is greater than climate Change, in my own country it has... Climate change in your country 10/4/23
Mr. Matthew after researching on the topic Metaverse. I found out there was an author called... ...Matthew Ball! 10/4/23