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  • The news story that is affecting my area is child labor. This news story is important to me because many children are obligated to go and sell in the streets instead of going to schools to provide a good life for their families, but this may affects these childrwn's life negatively. For example, in Gaza, at traffic lights, we see many children selling in the cold and under the heat of the scorching sun. And the result is that they lose their health, education, and future.

    1. I strongly agree with you that this is a very important issue to discuss. Children are not guilty of moving away from the life of an innocent childhood. I think that this is a problem that must be solved. Imagine, as this is a tiring thing for a seven-year-old child who thinks about collecting money instead of thinking about how to study, write and read, so how can we think We ourselves are human, and we overlook this issue. The most difficult feeling is that we are deprived of our childhood, and I believe that this is something that is not only present in Gaza, but also in other places. How do we want to raise a conscious generation without paying attention to these children whose lives we do not know, unfortunately, we did not choose our lives. We did not choose We are born in this way, so I believe and hope that these children will be cared for

      1. I think we can all agree that child labour is a very severe problem not only happening in Gaza but worldwide from what I am seeing About 160 million children ages 5 to 17 around the world are engaged in child labor, working in jobs that deprive them of their childhood, interfere with schooling, or harm their mental, physical, or social development. Nearly half of them — 79 million children — work under hazardous conditions. but honestly knowing this problem alone will certainly not solve it . We all need to ask our selves the question on how exactly can we take action? to not necessarily solve it but to at least reduce it yearly, because they say charity begins at home but these children under the age of 5 to 17 don't even have it home to start from This could increase crime rates with them having no other option to survive and grow up to become notorious criminals and I think that a way we can curve this problem is by CREATION OF OUR AWARENESS
        I believe that if we can create awareness of this problem to let people know how this problem is leading to other world wide problems such as increase in crime rates and so much more.
        I believe that we can generate awareness by making protests on how these children are being punish for a crime they certainly did not commit I believe if we are able to raise awareness people would take action and maybe even the government could take action and maybe not completely solve the problem but at least reduce the rate of children worldwide that are forced to suffer this punishment

    2. I agree because... it is a dangerous and widespread thing. And It negatively affects the lives of children.

    3. I agree with you
      Many children do not live the freedom of childhood and do not feel the taste of life, but spend it selling to provide them with a life that makes them a little happy.
      This phenomenon abounds in Gaza due to the extreme poverty that the residents of the Gaza Strip suffer from❤️

    4. I agree becaus
      child labor deprives them of their childhood and prevents them from going to school, and this exploitation is prohibited all over the world, although these laws do not apply to all types of child labor, but if they could go to school, they would go, but because of the bad financial situation

    5. I agree because... child labor is one of the many reasons for the death of people. In my country you will see children from ages 6 and above selling on the street, helping illegal miners to work, and even carrying cement for masons. Children take up these jobs to help provide food and money at home. The reason I said child labor leads to death is because of the consequences of the child's job; Imagine a child is selling water on the streets and that child is trying to cross the road, maybe an overspeeding car can hit them making him or her die. Moreover, the children who help masons and illegal miners can one day hurt themselves seriously which can cause death.

      1. I agree with you. Children children labor is one of the ugliest phenomenon that we can see around us in our communities cuz it violates all the children's rights and steals their childhood. When I see some children working in streets selling or cleaning, I I told myself why are they working not to playing why our government allows children labor .It should have stop that. I think the United Nations should put some laws which should by applied all the countries and governments all over the word to stop Exploitation of children.

    6. I agree with you because children labor is not a civilized social phenomenon.

    7. I agree because child labor violates children rights.It deprives them from their basic rights in playing and educating.Children may face exploitation and bullying.Children right place is safe home,school and among other children according to UN human rights law.Ibelieve that child labor affects their mental and physical health negatively.

    8. I agree because There are many parents who do not go to work and expel their children from home if they do not get good money. The problem is that parents use the money to buy cigarettes and other things, and this is considered violence against children and a violation of their future.

      1. I agree with you
        Because this stimulates children's lack of personality, intense fear and lack of self-confidence, and this thing is not appropriate in our society. Rather, children and everyone should think about the issue of their future, success and aspirations, and take care of science because it is an important thing in our lives and our society, and that each of us places dreams in his hand and that he will Will have a brightful future that every one of us aspires and imagines that he becomes a doctor or an engineer and other job

    9. I agree because... Child or child labor is a phenomenon that refers to the exploitation of children in any form of work that deprives children of their childhood, hinders their ability to go to school, and has a mental, physical, social or moral harmful effect.

      1. We talk about this issue a lot but we must put a solution to this as this phenomenon is widespread in the world ..
        Children are dying and we are still doing nothing 💔

    10. I agree because...child labor is bad and they lose their health

    11. I agree because... Yes I agree with you . We also sometimes hear stories about the possibility of these children being kidnapped and forced to do so because they are threatened with harm in all its forms, such as beatings and other things, so we must try to observe these children and try to save them, or we do not provide assistance, but some of us do so in the belief that he will be able to help, but in the reality is that the more we help them, the greater the chance that they will remain in danger

    12. I agree because... Yes, but for everything there is a solution. We must look at the issue in a positive way. It is possible to open small safe projects. Now the world is progressing. Some applications provide an opportunity to donate. I suggest helping these children in this way.Also, people are for people, we are all human beings. If one of us sees a child like this, let him help him as much as possible. Everyone can help the neighbors, pedestrians, or whoever possesses humanity. Hand in hand, problems will be solved, even in a small amount.

    13. Yes, I agree with you Because almost all of the children in Gaza City work at an early age of 6 years and over, so they become responsible for their family at a very early age. This, of course, is negative for their education and future Children become uninterested in education, in this way their future is lost And the society is very developing and there is no development I really hope that you will stop these students and children from working because they are at an early age They are supposed to complete their studies and become what they wish for professions and work hard انا In this way, society becomes progressively evolving I am really sorry for the children who are sold in the street They sell next to schools so that I feel sad when I see them. Do they see students studying while they don't? How do they feel? Of course they are disappointed and broken. We don't want child labour

    14. After listening to what my colleague said, I agree with her. Yes, what is the fault of those children? Instead of learning and resting, they are the ones who tire in order to fulfill the needs of their parents. They no longer live like the rest of the children. Shouldn't we feel for them? Our hearts are supposed to be torn for them. Do you accept seeing children on the street selling? And you ask them why, so they tell you to provide the needs and that they do not study and do not know the meaning of life and freedom. Shouldn’t we feel for them, support and all of us stand side by side?

    15. Exactly , child labor is mostly due to poverty in society. actually poverty in society is like a mother disease that lead to many other disease. We overcome this problem by giving opportunities to such children for example giving them free admission in schools , give them free book so they are also able to get education. In addition to it , its also due to the lack of awareness about the importance of education so we should raise awareness about it .I know we are not able to help every child but ''every single drop of the sea take part for making it a sea''.

      1. I do not think that children leave school because of a lack of awareness. We here in Gaza are among the people most interested in education. You find the father ready to sacrifice his life in order for his children to complete their studies, and you find the mother selling her gold and accessories in order for her son to complete his university, and she finds Both parents are dedicated in searching for education grants, and if it is not possible, they look for jobs that generate more money, even if it is more tiring, even if it is dangerous, but despite all this, you find child labor very widespread, and it is true that children do not know the value of education at their early age, but they Also, they do not like to leave the school and leave their colleagues and teachers, and the outstanding students hate that they will not be honored in competitions after today, and often the reason for the spread of child labor is the loss of both parents or the loss of one of them and the other is sick or wounded, as we know in Gaza there are many wars that do not find The child is supported by relatives, and they are often poor due to the spread of poverty in Gaza, so the man responsible for him takes him out of school and work to spend on himself, and as you know, “No one’s heart is like your parents’ heart.” The child is forced to face life at a very early age, and do not forget that At this age, it is the easiest thing to deceive him, as a thief may kidnap him, or a person may deceive him and steal what he has collected since the morning, and do not forget that there are always hard-hearted people who may beat him or bully him.

    16. I agree because everyone should be able to enjoy their life and not only that, it might be dangerous for the childrens health

    17. I agree with you because this is an extremely important thing that should be talked about more. Child Labour is truly affecting children's lives. It prevents them from achieving a bright future, the absences at schools increase due to child labour meaning they don't get any type of education, it can also affect them mentally, physically, socially, and morally. This terrible action harms children.

    18. I agree with you that it is really a great tragedy, not only for the child, but for us, our society and our country. When I look at these children, I feel very disappointed in our situation, because by doing so, we have lost a child who can become a doctor who saves patients, or an engineer who builds our country, or a soldier who protects it, or a teacher who may raise generations. .
      I really demand the state, I demand the officials, and before that I ask the parents to take care of their children, to take care of them, because they may be the reason for our progress and renaissance

    19. I agree with you seriously because some families are so ravaged by poverty that children are sent into the street not only to sell but also to beg for alms from motorists and passers-by in order to eat. In this kind of situation, will education of the child even cross the mind of the parents? The focus here is survival and consequently child labour becomes normal. But in the end, it's the child that suffers malnutrition which opens doors to diseases like pneumonia, etc.

    20. I agree with you, because child labor is a very dangerous thing. Children lose their rights to education, play, entertainment, and the exercise of their activities. The six-year-old is permitted to sell in the streets. All this is why they feed their families at home. The state must take care of such families. ,,,And to provide children with opportunities to learn, play, entertain and exerciseTheir rights are the same as other children, and we should not forget that child labor is often a cause of poverty in society and a source of ignorance. When children do not go to school, ignorance spreads, and this is something that we must combat in various ways and means........

  • In my city, a plastics recycling company has announced a free ride for school students. This story is important to me because I love knowing new things that give me important information, someday
    We went with my teacher to get to know the company, and we saw the methods of plastic recycling from collection, washing and shaping.
    So they formed some forms of plastic and gave them to us, such as: baskets, some household items, and bottles.
    We thanked them for their good treatment, so the place was beautiful and clean...
    My city is like my home ♥️

    1. Yes, I agree that it is great that we learn about things that we can protect the earth with, and I support you because you care about the earth and how to deal with its climate disasters

    2. I really like it . I think schools are not for just study , its a source of knowledge and a place where our talents are revealed. Every school should take their students to such places which are informative and have a positive affect on student's mind . In such a way a student gain knowledge and become a productive individual

    3. I agree because a very beautiful event. Institutions and associations should always give such an opportunity to school students, because it will expand their thinking, develop their skills, and help them identify solutions to problems. When the school took you on this journey, you certainly liked these ideas and became excited to try and implement them.

  • As an Indian, we are lacking in unavailability of doctors .as you all know the biggest job or an important job is doctors but we are lacking in that! this makes our life in danger during covid many of them died because of unavailability of doctors .and there are also some fake doctors who are playing with our life . Why ?we lead to this problem.Because there are many jobs in world with high income .This makes the doctors to quit their job for an nice income.How the problem can be solved? it's simple (increasing medical seats in collage . Reducing medical fees.Increse in the salary of a doctors)And one important thing we should respect doctors!!

    1. There is another solution, which is to build several medical colleges and provide medical devices ( equipment) so that students can study

    2. I agree with you, because due to the lack of good availability of doctors, not only in India, but in the whole world, this has led to the death of many people.

    3. I agree because... the tuition fees at med school are way over the budget of average people. The less privileges are full of talent and inspiration but they don't have the funds to do their heart's desires. Also, if the salary is increased, doctors become more motivated.

    4. I agree with you👍🏻
      The medical profession is very important, and in the absence of good doctors in the country, it will lead to people getting sick and sometimes it may lead to their death, and this problem may lead to a decrease in the percentage of the population in the country and the world and the spread of diseases a lot among people, which leads to a loos of control over coditions and this it may negatively affect our lives.
      Do you agree with me and cosider this issue important?
      Do you think that the low percentange of doctors in some countrise is due to the high cost of living and the high cost of studying medicine in universities?🤗

    5. We suffered from this problem during the Covid-19 period, and we also still suffer from it in every war we fight, but we do not suffer from a shortage of doctors or education. In Gaza, even doctors are unemployed, and that is why in such crises many young doctors go out as volunteers for free.&nbsp; And some of them die in order to save their people. I think that the best solution is to build more hospitals and hire more doctors and nurses. The existing hospitals even suffer from a shortage of doctors. When you find one cardiologist, you have to take a turn for months with him, which prompts you to go to a private doctor away from him.&nbsp; Governmental treatment, and so on with the rest of the doctors, such as the dermatologist, and they are sometimes divided between two hospitalists, because the doctor comes to this hospital three days a week, and to that hospital for the remaining three days.&nbsp; A distance between one hospital and another takes about 10 minutes, and awareness is not a little, but it is enough for the patient to die, so they should also build more hospitals and make them close to remote places to facilitate people&apos;s access to medical services<br>

    6. I like this point.I agree with your suggestions.In any county,teachers,doctors are the most important jobs.we lived that in covid 19 crisis .we knew that we need teachers and doctors.Not being paid well and not being respected are reasons for them to travel abroad to have better lives.

    7. This problem is one of the biggest problems that we suffer from in my country after graduating from high school students depend on scholarship to study medicine and other specialization...

    8. One of the reasons why India don't have many doctors is because there is low healthcare spending due to the fact that government don't spend a lot of money in the health sector.

    9. Dear straightforward _moth, actually we also suffer from this problem in Gaza, and for hard cases either the doctor sends them to the WestBank or any other counrty to get the appropriate medicine or they die hour . Some people die while they're waiting to be transferred to the West Bank.

    10. I agree with your opinion. It is not only in India, that in most regions of the world, and this is because of people who take a graduation certificate through a link and pay sums of money, but why do they do that if they do not care about the state and the health of the people? They do not care about the state and the health of its people, they only care about money, wealth and status

    11. Yes, I agree with you because today most of the students join medical field just for a solid income . In my opinion all the doctors should sincere with their jobs because the only hope of the patient is the doctor. Some of the doctors are really hard working and want to save the world but everyone aims different . some works gently and some works just for themselves. I think people should understand and fulfill their responsibilities . and we overcome this problem by treat them with sugar and by giving them that you are our last hope here . We also have to become a productive individual and give priority to our duty which is study .

    12. I agree with you because there are people who travel to other countries to study medicine because in other countries the study of medicine is less expensive than the person’s home countries, so the number of good doctors who have high experience in medicine will decrease in the original countries and their number will increase in the countries he traveled to and the fake doctors will remain Those who do not have experience in medicine and therefore are the ones who will treat patients in a dangerous and possible way that may lead to their death

    13. Listen to me, my friend, that doctors are an important thing in our lives, and we have to respect and appreciate them and increase their salaries, and that the lack of doctors is a very serious thing, as it is the cause of the spread of diseases and the death of patients, and the world must support the role of doctors and encourage them to keep their jobs,,, because As you said, there are many jobs that have taken over the world and made a doctorA poor person. The whole world must provide study seats for students, reduce tuition fees, develop and provide equipment so that they wish to study and become skilled doctors. Not only what matters is their graduation. They must be real doctors. Doctors must be doctors diligently, otherwise people will dieDiseases spread

    14. maybe Study abroad if the cost of studying in other countries is lower is a good solution or Providing universities to teach medicine without fees for people with a deteriorating economic situation Or make donations to people who want to be doctors

  • One day I was sitting watching a program about climate change in the world, and the broadcaster presented a problem called global warming, so I asked my father about it, and he said: This means that the temperature will rise and will cause many risks such as (melting of ice and a difference in gases) and my father had a field, so I decided to go With him, here the problem began, as the sun's temperature increased, so I said to him, "My father, is this global warming?" He said to me: "Yes, it is." We must increase its cultivation in order to reduce environmental pollution and maintain the balance of gases. We must also rely on natural resources such as solar energy because it is clean and non-polluting to the environment. As for fuel, it pollutes the environment and pollutes the air as well.

  • Impact of social media our lives ..
    About billions of people are using internet. Social media is anything that a platform where people around the world connect socially . We people are wasting our time in hours on this social media( YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat etc). It even causes many negative side effects like strain in eyes, headache, tiredness etc..
    It plays an important role in youth (teens) causing effects like distraction , spreading rumours etc..
    However ,it is used for many useful purposes like getting more valuable information , communication and studying . And the final conclusion is not to use Social media for entertainment and use it under the guidance of parents or elders .

    1. l agree with you because the social media has affected us greatly, but it has its pros and cons
      The negative made us waste our time onit
      The positive we benefited from it a lot, people may use it to learn and the student to understand his lessons
      But we want to benefit and not waste time, so we must use the social media like you tube to learn anew language, for example

    2. I agree because... I agree with you, but we can solve the negatives, so we should not look at things from a negative perspective without proposing solutions. For example, this competition made me replace my great time on Tik Tok by opening a dialogue with my teacher about ideas of topics. The largest part belongs to the family, because the family is the home, so it is possible to set time for the family only, which reduces the use of these devices.Also, such competitions that made me replace my time with excitement about arranging my ideas for topics and learning things I would like to learn .

    3. I agree because different social media apps hastwo Faces : beautiful face and ugly face. The beautiful face that enable us to contact with people all over the world, get beneficial information, provide Unlimited knowledge resources. And the same time the excessive use of social media apps stole our lives and deprives us from experiencing a lot of a beautiful real experiences around us. So it can cause a lot of Social and psychological problems teenagers and adults too. Even children if they are allowed to use them,this may cause damage to their mental abilities.

    4. But if we look at the positive side, we can behave well in the use of social networking sites, as there are educational and other practical programs and programs in which we share our opinions, such as the one I comment on as well.

    5. I agree because... social media has affected a lot of people and also destroyed young lives.It has thought them a lot of bad things and it serves as a means of distraction.
      But it is also useful in getting valuable information.

    6. I agree with you, social media has an advantage in our lives and also a disadvantage.
      Social media has a significant impact on people's lives in today's globe. What if you didn't have any electronics or access to social media?Technology has many uses but significantly impact's a person's life when utilized excessively. Whether it's technology or social media, anything can cause mental tension, worry, inability to think, and other problems if used for an extended time.
      Social media causes distraction just like he said there are a lot of apps that one can get distracted on the social media like Tik tok, Instagram, YouTube, Snap chat and so on.
      Social media can help teens and youth stay connected and stay in touch with family and friends, they can also contribute to depression, anxiety, loneliness, fomo(fear of missing out).
      I feel like the social media does more harm than good because in teens alone depression rate ranges from 13-66% with increased social networking usage.
      We can solve the disadvantages of social media by:
      1.Spending less time on social media platforms
      2.Don't scroll first thing in the morning or before bed.
      3. Turn off notifications and only check social media on certain times.
      4.Use social media on a device that is not your phone.
      5.Be mindful on the content you consume.

    7. I agree with you it become a essential part of our lives. It has both positive and negative impacts and its all up to us that how we use it .it is best for students if they used it for educational purposes . Most of the people use it just for entertainment and enjoyment that is totally wasting of time. According to my opinion , we must develop a sense of using the social media in a correct and positive way and our government also should kept a view on activities of social media because if it plays it role unchecked it shares some false news which may cause severe social issues.

    8. i agree that we get many valuable pieces of information from social media but social media can be really bad for your mental health as well as your physical health because it is easy to start comparing yourself to others and feeling bad about yourself when it may not even be true E.G. seeing photoshopped models and feeling bad in comparison.

      1. Yes, I agree with what you said. Technology has a great impact on the psychological factor, especially with the many pictures and forms and the successful and distinctive stories that appear on these sites. A feeling of jealousy begins inside you for acquiring everything they buy, all the clothes and makeup, and also the operations that it performs. Influencers to get temporary satisfaction that does not last long, and then this feeling of jealousy turns into a feeling of insignificance, and you begin to devalue yourself and hate your appearance, so you perform more plastic surgeries and buy more skin and hair care products, and you start imitating this famous person in his words and And his clothes and his actions, and even sometimes some people change their religions, and also start spending all your money on your appearance without feeling satisfied, because you do not imitate a person or a person, but rather you imitate the image enhanced by the modification programs of this person, you will not reach the same shape or level except by using Modification programs on your realistic appearance, and this is not possible except in the metaverse, so we have a generation who have blind imitation imitating the influencers in speech, clothes, shape, actions and food without knowing the reason or the benefit behind it

      2. I agree because... Social media goes beyond mental health it also attacks things like people's genuine opinion about you. This is because one may leak your nudes or any bad information about you and people may see it and because they don't know the whole story they may just declare you as all sorts of bad or whatever and this is because they are basing on what they saw on social media. And after this is where the other side effects like loss of self esteem and confidence come in and all these resulting into poor mental and physical health.

    9. I agree because social media is a double-edged sword, and I will say that we are the ones who have this weapon because, given the negative aspects of social communication, we can reduce it because we are the reason behind it. We can sit for an hour or two a day on the phone, organize our time, and do all our duties. Indeed, social networking sites have a greater impact on adolescents because their minds are ignorant of the wrong behavior they are doing, and they are usually bound by social networking sites to entertain themselves, but this is wrong and adolescents must be educated from the very beginning in order for a good generation to emerge

    10. I agree. Opinion is a lot because the means of communication affected us all and took half of our minds into addiction to it and love it unnaturally and love browsing on it and it can also cause a lot of social and psychological problems for adolescents and adults as well (I have a sister who is three years old and she is addicted to mobile on YouTube and Tik Tok) and can The means of communication can reduce self-confidence for some people. When they see people who are prettier or richer than them, they feel sorry for themselves, and you can feel bad about yourself when that is not the case.... This is an example of its negative aspects, but of course it has positive aspects such as knowing new information that benefits the individual and society. And students understand their lessons well and we can talk and communicate with people all over the world and get information and provide unlimited sources of knowledge.

  • We humans make many mistakes against nature and the climate, so there have been climate changes. If we contribute to preventing these mistakes from being committed, can we change the strict climate laws?

    1. Yes, we can do that by stopping using harmful things, such as using cars daily, as this harms the environment, causes pollution and causes traffic jams, and also stops using plastic, but I think this is a little difficult because there are many types of people in the world who agree with me. ?

    2. When u say strict climate laws,what exactly do you mean? Do you mind giving us an example of any strict climate law known to you so far?

    3. Yes, and if we refrain from making these mistakes, we can change the strict climate laws, and among these mistakes is burning waste and throwing waste into the seas, which pollutes the water, as well as cutting trees and using large means of transportation and communications such as cars and motorcycles that run on gasoline, this causes pollution in the air that we breathe and can It leads to people getting respiratory diseases

  • Books are better than televisions.
    Many of us have started to search everything in Google and learn from it. And so the usage of books have gradually decreased. I personally like to explore books to learn new things.
    Continuous usage of phone will distract us ,we will be trying to search something in Google and suddenly a message from our friend about something pops. And that's it our 1 hr will be gone. But when we search something in book the chances are less that we will be distracted.

    1. Do you find books convenient for finding information?

      1. Yes books are very convenient for me to find information. And also it is very good to improve my reading skills and I will be occupied in this so my screen time will be reduced.

      2. Yes and No.
        Depending on the topic of research, the book of which information is sought, the purpose and the era of event you are/ I am looking for.

      3. I have read many books that inspired me to read more
        reading has role in raising awareness and culture
        But you will not find much of this kind
        as we have become in the technological age
        The books in some people's thinking has become old fashion

      4. No, books are not always the solution. For example, if I want something, I will search among books. But on the Internet, I write the topic and it is easily analyzed. The problem is not using the Internet. The problem is Internet addiction. What is meant by addiction is that he spends all his time using the Internet, so that is the problem.

        1. How do you ensure that what you read on the internet is trustworthy?

      5. Good question, books are very suitable for obtaining information, but sometimes we cannot find all the information in books. And there are people who do not like to educate themselves by reading books, but they educate themselves through the Internet because there are many useful applications and one of these applications that made me educate myself is the Topical Talk program, and this does not mean that books cannot educate ourselves from them, but rather they are a very good source . In my experience, I like to diversify between education through books and education through the Internet.

    2. I understand your aspect in viewing this situation due to the fact that it won't allow for many distractions but then,why don't u use books to make ur research on the various topics we have been given. If there was a competition and an individual were to research with the use of a book and the other has to make research with the use of internet,who do u think would get more information?...
      My point here is just saying that books have limited information about a particular thing/topic while the internet doesn' operates on a large scale .

      1. an interesting perspective, agreeable_language -- but the internet is also filled with lots of inaccurate, out-of-date or misleading information, too. Just because the internet is broader is not to say, for many topics, that it is better...

        1. Yes, that is true, but you as a human being, what would you choose to search for the topic in books or search for it with ease and comfort

        2. And books sometimes may carry misleading and incorrect information, so I always when searching for any information, whether on the Internet or a book, I read the book and most of the electronic articles that I can and then compare them together and conclude the different or the part that is not similar between them and search for it alone And I watch scientific videos explaining the topic in order to understand it and realize the correct ones, and if I cannot distinguish which of the two information is correct, I go to my school teacher, as he will not fail to help me in this research, because he has more experience and information, and if we and my teachers could not, we searched for One of the trusted professionals (either online or offline) to ask him about the subject

    3. I agree because.reading exercises the brain,it improves literacy,it improves sleep,it improves general knowledge,it exercises the brain and it also reduces stress.

    4. I partially agree with you because I think books are very important and no one can deny that they are the first source of knowledge. However the internet make the way of searching information much easier which save our time and effort, so we have to be wise in using any technological device and we have to achieve balance in everything in our life ,so we can get benefit of it and avoid all the disadvantages that can be caused of the excessive use.

    5. Each of us has his own opinion, no one objects to anyone's saying, but sometimes we must consult each other to reach the best solution.
      From my point of view, I am in the era of technology, with television and the Internet being better than books, and there are wonderful means and applications that use many ways to read and search in an understandable and likable way, which motivates you to read.

    6. I disagree because books only restrict you to read what the author/authors write and it maybe outdated while the internet will give you more than one current result on your research to choose from. Also books are made from paper and paper is made from wood which come from trees. So if more books should be made more trees will be cut down which will definitetly increase the climate crisis we are experiencing now

      1. The internet provides many opportunities for research, you are right. One of the criticisms of the internet is that what is written on it isn't always trustworthy. How do you identify whether what you read is reliable?

        1. I like your point and question.
          The Internet is characterized by keeping us with progress and everything new, while books may have an old edition. Some information has changed and new information has been added to newer editions, but these newer editions are not available to us when needed, and the Internet is also available and easily searched, but is this information always correct? Of course not, so we must resort to safe and reliable sites to obtain information through them.
          I searched and found that there are web browsing programs that provide advanced protection services, as the user can, by making a few modifications in the browser settings, ensure high levels of protection. Trusted sites are able to prove that they are safe even after selecting the highest protection on browsers.
          Also, there is Google Scholar, which is a very different search engine than the regular Google search engine that we all know. Google Scholar only shows scientific research, studies, and literature, and these researches are often primary, which means that they are an excellent primary source for every researcher. Through my research, I found that there are several other sites that allow the feature to search for first sources, such as the Springer site, which displays more than 300 thousand books and scientific journals. Journal of Biology website for research in the biological field, And PubMed for research in the medical field.

  • In the metaverse, virtual reality, or augmented reality as we know it now, might be used to immerse users in an alternate world. Despite the fact that the technology is still in its infancy, companies like Meta claim to be developing and improving these devices. Meta's Oculus Quest, which is now in its second generation, is one such device.

    In today's Metaverse, virtual reality serves as a "digital getaway."

    In the future years, virtual reality — an alternate, digital world that can be used for a variety of personal and corporate purposes — is expected to be the most prominent manifestation of the metaverse.

    Metaverse, as far as I can tell, is being used a lot in crypto projects lately, and it needs attention. It's critical to remember that the market capitalizations and values of crypto coins are highly volatile and constantly changing. Of course, investors will choose projects that are likely to appreciate in value. If you're looking for a recommendation, look at HubCoin ($HUB), a gaming platform with a variety of unique features. Take a peek at it if you're interested

  • Neglecting children and preventing them from obtaining the necessary things, and mistreating them such as doing harmful things to them, and there are many children around the world who are denied the enjoyment of their rights, and there are many factors that worsen their condition, such as drinking drugs, depression, and deteriorating health, and destroy their health. Neglected or abused children may look tired, hungry, dirty, have physical, emotional or psychological injuries, and may be completely normal. We must pay attention to these children and help them by providing them with a suitable and safe life.

    1. I agree with this point because it needs to be given More attention, because innocent children are being harmed both physically and psychologically, neglecting them of their necessary care and rights can affect them causing them into having different sort of thoughts which could affect their mindset about the world
      Child abuse and sorts of assault can affect a child’s self esteem, confidence and ability to share opinions , they will be afraid of expressing their feelings and opinions to anyone because even their families that is more closer to them neglected them . This will result to them engaging in illegal acts like drug abuse , suicidal thoughts and thoughts of causing harm as a form of defense mechanism.

      1. Indeed what everyone said was true and I agree with everyones point

    2. I agree because... Parents have a great role in influencing the future of their children, the most important of which is the psychological one, in which many die of psychological crisis, which is caused by grief.

  • The thing that negatively affects me is that people make fun of the cleaners. I do not like this thing because they are people like us and they have feelings, and if it were not for the cleaners, our environment would not be clean and beautiful, and diseases and chaos would have spread, so please do not mock anyone, as work has no shame and it is better than begging.

    1. These cleaners are the ones who make beauty, those who make our environment the most beautiful environment, they are the ones who work day and night to clean up what we throw in the streets, these are the ones who raise hats to them for their wonderful efforts in making our streets, public facilities and parks beautiful and clean so that we can sit in these places with comfort so we must respect and appreciate them Do not ridicule and bully them

  • What a dangerous phenomenon! A phenomenon that has affected the entire world, which is the phenomenon of climate change. This phenomenon has caused many problems, including a decrease in agricultural production, a lack of crops, and the loss of many human lives. We, as children, must make informative panels and publish them in places public and scattering grain in the fields so that farmers plow the land and plant trees in order to maintain the balance of gases in the air and reduce the use of car fuel because it pollutes the air and must increase the use of renewable energy resources because they are clean and non-polluting to the environment

  • In my opinion,to reduce carbon footprint we shouldn't use the phone because it spreads alot of electricity which comes from petroleum,oil, this causes pollution and climate change.
    Also we should reduce eating meat because it needs to be cooked on gas,as this causes Co2 to be formed.

  • What is COVID 19 and things we learnt from it.....
    COVID 19 affected the lives of all sections of society as people were asked to self-quarantine in their homes to prevent the spread of the virus.The novel coronavirus has been recognised as the most destructive pandemic in the history of humankind, gripping the entire world in its fear . Netheir military power not wealth could not stop a virus from spreading across the entire globe .The COVID 19 pandemic has taught us many important lessons and has changed our priorities in life . It taught us a lesson that,to be prepared to fight similar challenges in future.
    During this pandemic we experienced nature's miracles. The pandemic taught us to let nature heal itself and not take it for granted. It also taught us the importance of maintaining health and hygiene. From washing our hands frequently , showering regularly, staying indoors for safety and keeping ourselves and surrounding clean.
    Our lives have undergone major changes and due to this we have really realised the importance of lot of things .

    1. Covid 19 is a Corona virus, and it is very dangerous, and Corona virus is a family of viruses that can cause illness such as colds and respiratory infections

  • The new story affecting my area is Water pollution .this is the contamination of water sources, which makes water unpalatable for consumption, cooking, cleaning and bathing.

    There are several ways in which this water can be polluted: through chemicals, waste such as plastic beverages and nylons, and bacterias.

    This is very important to me because, if we as humans consume these waters,I assure you that we are putting our life at risk.

    So many people have lost their lives through contaminated water ,most especially children . This is affecting children because their immune system are still very tender.

    Major pulls of water pollution includes lmproper sanitation, ignorance, poverty and lack of health education.

    Poverty is an inevitable drive for further pollution of water. An average poor man in my country for example, cannot afford primary let alone secondary education, thus being limited to his or her level of understanding of the ethics of water preservation.

    I have seen, first hand, in my country, how certain fruit sellers use water gotten from the gutter to wash their fruits. this, in itself, is unhygienic and could pose health threats.

    This is a discussion of undeniable importance. It is advisable to purify water before drinking or before use, whether clean or unclean.