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Did you do our Festival lesson about the metaverse in your classroom? If so, we’d love you to report back to us in the comments below about any good discussions you had.


For example, you could let us know your opinions for some of the key questions. Why might the metaverse be a good thing for society? Why might it be a bad thing? Who should make the rules for what happens in the metaverse?


You could also let us know about the skills you developed during the lesson. For example, how confident do you feel about explaining what the metaverse is? And how confident do you feel about explaining why people from different perspectives might have different opinions about the metaverse?

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  • The Metaverse is a vast concept with a huge amount of potential. This potential can be good or bad. Many people can act out in the Metaverse simply because they are anonymous. It is a well known fact that anonymity causes people to act out. We see this frequently online. A person may say a hurtful thing to somebody, and we would have no idea who they are because they have a username like "Little_Planet." Some positives of the Metaverse would be the ability to socialize. If people have autoimmune problems like CVID they can go onto the Metaverse and talk with friends they may have made online. People can also see places they might never get to see in real life due to financial or physical problems. For example: A zoo opens a discounted digital zoo online. People who might not have been able to pay for the real zoo will have a chance to see a digital one, and people who physically can't be in a zoo will have the chance to experience one. Overall, the Metaverse is a mixed bag that holds good and bad things for the world. It all depends on how the people of the world act in it.

    1. In fact, I agree with you. I find that it is one of the best advantages of Metaverse, as it makes it easier for us to move from one place to another, saves us money, time and effort, and we can enjoy the views of the world through it, but it is not the same as the pleasures of reality and the reality of the land. In fact, I see that real life is better than Metaverse, but if the person is not He is able to move from one place to another, so he resorts to using the Metaverse, but can discovering the world through the Metaverse become a hobby later? I think maybe yes?

    2. You are right, but also those who suffer from financial problems in going to a zoo will also suffer from the same financial problems in buying Metaverse, and it has been mentioned to us that Metaverse is expensive and not many people can buy it, and Metaverse may become popular with the rich and whoever does not own Metaverse becomes a stranger, but also It can encourage laziness. Those who can buy Metaverse can also go to many places. Instead of going to a digital garden, they can go to a real garden. However, it has its social advantages, as I said, it encourages people to communicate with each other without feeling shy.

    3. completely agree with your assessment of the potential benefits and drawbacks of the Metaverse. Anonymity can certainly lead to negative behavior online, but it's important to note that it can also provide a sense of privacy and protection for individuals who may be vulnerable in real life. It will be important for the creators of the Metaverse to develop tools and policies that promote positive behavior and discourage harmful actions, while also respecting the privacy and autonomy of its users.

      One potential positive of the Metaverse that I would like to add is its potential for education and learning. With the ability to create immersive virtual environments and simulations, the Metaverse could provide a powerful tool for teaching and training in fields such as medicine, engineering, and the arts. Additionally, the Metaverse could provide access to educational resources and experiences for people who may not have had access to them otherwise.

      Overall, I believe the Metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with each other and the world around us, but it will require thoughtful planning and responsible governance to ensure that it serves the greater good.

      1. The impact of Metaverse on our lives can be both positive and negative, depending on how it is designed and used. As you mentioned, the virtual environment can provide convenience and accessibility for people to interact and access resources from different parts of the world. However, it can also lead to a loss of social diversity and decrease our interdependence on each other in the physical world.

        It's important to consider the potential consequences of Metaverse and work towards mitigating its negative impacts while maximizing its positive effects. This includes developing policies that promote inclusivity, diversity, and responsible behavior within the virtual world, as well as finding ways to balance the use of virtual and physical interactions to maintain our social connections and sense of community.

  • Metaverse is simply just a virtual-reality in abbreviation,VR,which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.The main purpose is mainly to enable users to build interactive experiences that combines reality with virtual environment. With the use of metaverse,you can access most online platform and various resources through a single device

    1. Is Metaverse negative or positive?
      Metaverse is a virtual platform that has made our lives easier and will be further developed, and now everyone is excited to go through this experience and enjoy it except me, because I do not like to forget my habits and the nature that I am used to and not to sit with people, but all my life on Metaverse.

      And another thing that has many disadvantages, such as the loss of social diversity, where the different cultures of the world will be merged to form a single culture, and if all people were to sit on metaphors, they would not return to their association with their local community, and this would prevent the adoption of social relations and their failure.
      Do you think it is so beneficial that it will facilitate our lives with our interdependence with each other, or is it so negative that it will make us lose our interdependence with each other ??

      1. What you've said here about cultures is incredibly interesting and really made me think. Do you think the metaverse might create some new cultures? Or, is it even possible for something to be considered as a "culture" if it is happening online? Looking forward to hearing what you and other Topical Talkers think.

        1. The Metaverse has become a world famous platform, where anyone can communicate with whomever he wants, whether from his country or from another country, and this is good because he will introduce us to others, their customs and cultures.
          But on the other hand, there is the possibility that each person gets to know the culture of another person and takes from it what he wants to apply in his life (whether this is negative or positive), but he likes it, and he forgets his culture and habits that he used to.
          It is also possible for him to take these habits and spread them among his generation, thus spreading a new culture that others do not know and deleting the original cultures.
          From your point of view, isn't this one of the big negatives of the Metaverse in the long run, or are there solutions to turn it into positive ??

        2. I think by mixing so many cultures into metaverses we can create new cultures ,This is wonderful and exciting .

          1. I agree because who knows what the metaverse can do. What if there is a way that when a lot of people end up joining the metaverse and that might lead to a group which then might cause there to be other cultures.

          2. I disagree because... as trustworthy currency said if a person has been introduced to the customs and cultures of others, they might want to apply them to their life forgetting about their previous customs, moreover, if the person loves the new customs they have been introduced to, there might be a possibility that the person might forget his or her culture and customs, or mix his or her cultures and customs to the new customs he or she has been introduced to, therefore the person will not know how to identify his or herself.

            1. I also agree with this but I slightly disagree because even though the person might mix other cultures with his or hers, they might have a way to identify themselves . Because no one can ever forget him or herself no matter what.

        3. I agree with the point aroused here that metaverse can create new lives and cultures ...there can be separate societies even !
          imagine that their financial business can be online besides learning on line , relations on line , sport on line ...etc
          that's really will create new Cultures!

        4. I think there will be two directions. People who seek to develop and learn more about the cultures of the world will use the Metaverse properly and discover more about cultures around the world. People who use the Metaverse to waste time and just want to talk to other people will not be interested in learning more about other cultures and have their own world. I think that it will be based on laziness and not doing anything, and it may be a new culture and world that is unique, who knows, but I think that metaphysics will rather bring the world closer to each other and introduce us to each other’s cultures, only we have to use it properly

          1. I agree with intuitive skill because it will depend on the person using the metaverse and his or her agenda. The metaverse has many uses and depending on who is using it, the effect will differ. For example, if someone is using the Metaverse for stuff that would cause the person to be lazy, the effect on the person would differ from someone who is using the Metaverse for social interaction purposes.

        5. I agree because... I think that metaverse might create a new culture and it is a way where we can bring our old cultures 🎆and a chance to participate in all countries culture.✈️
          We can learn the cultures around the world also it is very useful to know about other countries.

        6. Hello,
          the question really caught my attention, well yes, it can be considered culture.
          I define culture as an umbrella term which encompasses the social behavior, institutions, and norms found in human societies, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities, and habits of the individuals in these groups.

          Recently I have been hearing some reports that the Metaverse (social media) that AI's are being used to duplicate peoples voice and produce speeches that sound exactly like the original people and produced fake NEWS, after this is done the Metaverse is then used to publish it, this then leads to disinformation because people of the public not to able to discern between original or accurate information and the fake information.

          The metaverse is gradually creating new culture, Reason; it is changing the ways of socialization of people to a whole new one, formally before I got a phone I use to love listening to moonlight stories being told by my grandmother, but recently even when she calls us, no one is actually interested because everyone just wants to be left alone with his/her phone, which Is very wrong because it is gradually killing the relationship between me and my grandma, instead of helping to make the time more interesting, also the relation between may people because no one actually gives time to real world activities.

      2. I like the fact that your points were brought out and explained in detail but I also think that some components of old cultures can be inputted in the metaverse. And new cultures too can be brought up. Furthermore, safety measures can be set up to avoid fraudulent activity. For example, my friend designed a program which allows for the reporting of suspected fraudsters .

        1. Can you share some examples about how components of old cultures can be inputted in the metaverse?

        2. I agree because... the application must have general protection and have new suggestions in order to attract others to the application so that it becomes a popular application and it is easy to communicate with it, and I advise others that the necessary measures must be taken before downloading any application.

      3. I disagree because metaverse is an interface actually it's not like a new world where we abandon our lives and just forget about them, if you ask me metaverse actually improves on that to be honest I mean imagine meeting people from different places around the world that share the same experience and feeling as you to be quite honest the metaverse is quite stable even if it hasn't been created yet. The way I see it the metaverse can even come together and create a whole new community where people who feel like outcasts can relate can have a reasonable I interface with each other.

        1. Hi agreeable_ language,
          I love your take on how people can find some habitation in the metaverse especially those who feel like "outcasts" but don't you think some people; in your words "outcasts" would relate to the metaverse more hence, forgetting about the real world? Don't you think our communication skills and how we relate to people will deteriorate; (as people of the natural world) because we have found some solace in the metaverse?

      4. Yes, it is sometimes useful, such as we can communicate with each other and have traditions and customs of life and do experiments in it.
        And sometimes it's as bad as it has many cultures.

      5. You have discussed your point of view in a good way.but i think nothing can change our culture and believes .we should be aware enough .wise person take good sides of any thing and leave bad sides.For example TikTok and facebook.some people waste their times on them on useless videos,while others use them to improve themseles in learning,shopping ,bussiness and other fields.The same can be said about metaverse:we can use it for our benefit or can prison our selves in it.

        1. You have discussed the topic that it is possible for us to use some sites for self-development and learning, and many more, and I agree with you on this thing, because when an individual knows how to use it correctly, it will benefit him, but there is a point where I disagree with you that there is nothing that can change our culture, on the contrary There are many things that play a role in changing our culture, I am talking about that its impact will be on the immature age group and it is possible to build beliefs that we do not know whether it is good or bad, but in most cases I think it is bad.

      6. I agree because... of increase of technological advancement people has forgotten about their culture, did the creators of the new advancement said forget your culture, stop embracing your culture, no!! This is one of the disadvantage of these new technology. In my country: culture is the way of life of the people, without our culture were is the way of man if people forget their culture, they should preserve their culture to keep them going. Well done you made very good point.

      7. Metaverse is a double-edged sword, despite its many benefits, it has many damages..... Let me explain
        * Advantages of Metaverse:
        (Interacting with friends, attending social events without bothering or incurring travel costs that are sometimes not available in the physical world.)
        Disadvantages of Metaverse:
        (privacy, isolation, people under threat, fear of a breakdown in good morals)

        1. I agree with you, yes, metaverse have negatives and positives, but we can eliminate the negatives by dealing with metaviruses like we deal with the real world, but by developing it for the better, so we must be careful while dealing with it from hackers and those who threaten our lives with danger, and preserve our privacy, it is not permissible Post any important personal data, and do not use this world continuously to avoid isolation and protect eyes from damage.

      8. I agree because... I liked your point of view, and the way you explained it to us.

        There is a negative from the negatives of Metaverse that no one noticed and I want to clarify it, which is that I think that everyone should have his copy in Metaverse similar to his copy in reality, but I expect that everyone in Metaverse will choose the most beautiful avatar in order to compete with others in beauty, and thus Metaverse will become a world of beautiful and good avatars
        In your opinion, how will this affect the behavior of people in Metaverse, and how will their respect for each other be??

      9. I agree because i really liked your comment, as this is a point that must be paid attention to, and the evidence for that is that our customs and cultures have become different the metaverse has led to the mixing of cultures. we know that the metaverse has led to communication with all people around the world Consequently, there will be an exchange of information, whether about the person himself or about his society, culture, and customs, but this is not negative but some people tend to other cultures or find them more beautiful than their own, so they work to spread them  Al-Batali will become the dominant culture, but this is negative because what most distinguishes the country from each other is its culture, whether it is clothes, food, parties, and so on This will lead to the blurring of identity. For example, we Arabs are very influenced by Western culture especially fashion

      10. I agree with you. Metaverse is the vision of next version of internet. It is a single, enormous, 3D virtual space where humans experience life in different ways that they couldn't do it in real life. As you said, it is a virtual platform which will be further developed and people will enjoy it but I think I will not do so. Because as it continues to grow it will deeply impacts our cultures. Anyway nothing changes our beliefs on our cultures.
        • Positive impacts: Increased access to education and knowledge, vast sense of community and connection compared to other platforms, People collaboration and making decisions.
        • Negative impacts: Overconsumption of media and technology, increased privacy and security risks, negative effect on social norms and values. There are some prons and cons of mixed culture. Some of the prons are:
        • Innovative and Creative
        • New Ideas.
        Some of the cons are:
        • Lose our national identity
        • Some culture may contravene one over the other
        • Leads to conflict
        • Language barrier
        • Need to spend more time to learn more cultures.
        It is so negative as it snatches our independence as it is so addictive.
        As Metaverse has some positives and negatives, it is good for us to catch only positives which will benefit us and our neighbours.

      11. I agree with you because coming from the BEROM culture in Nigeria, the things that holds us firm and also maintains order in our community are our values customs and beliefs. Growing up in my hometown i was thought that with out these things we have no direction and we'll have no sense of order and decorum, those value and customs have been imbibed in me and they have helped me to go a long way in life, they built me up properly and now we want to through those things that made us who we are away for a life of technology? Let us think about this and in your thoughts remember that what makes a person is not technology or science what makes a person is thier Integrity, personality, customs,values and character, these things make up a person, as my mentor Mr Dauda would say "YOUR CHARACTER DEFINES WHO YOU ARE". The question is is the metaverse going to help us improve and maintain these or is it going to discard it.

  • Metaverse is a trap it is like now we are depending on internet and is used for interactive experience.and many others .I have a question why we want to interact in metaverse we can interact with people , family , friends.In my opinion it is a bad thing.

    1. This is a good question - what do you think the answer is, reliable_journalist? I wonder if any other Topical Talkers could reply with their ideas?

      1. One of the main reasons people may choose to interact in the metaverse is to find a sense of connection. While interacting with family and friends is important, sometimes people want to connect with others who share their specific interests or lifestyles. In the metaverse, people can find communities of like-minded individuals who may not be accessible in their physical surroundings. For example, someone who is interested in a particular video game may be able to find a community of gamers in the metaverse who share their passion. In this way, the metaverse can help people create new friendships and support networks beyond their immediate physical surroundings.The metaverse offers a wide range of entertainment options, such as virtual concerts, movies, games, and social events. These can be a fun and engaging way to spend leisure time and connect with others who share similar interests.
        Another reason people may choose to interact in the metaverse is for exploration. The metaverse offers opportunities for people to explore new worlds and ideas that may not be possible in the physical world.

      2. My answer is we should stop this and interact with family, friends.we should avoid a days we are trapped in mobile phones.In future there are no mobile phones only metaverse and some other inventions will be there.

    2. I disagree because...
      I think that Metaverse is a good thing, because it will enable us to get to know others and learn about good and bad cultures and habits, and take good habits and apply them in our societies, and otherwise Metaverse can provide great opportunities for employers to work on it instead of traveling, for example instead of For a person to go to another country to negotiate for a business or something else, this is how we can mitigate the effects of climate change.
      Otherwise, there are many patients with disabilities who cannot leave the house. Metaverse will provide them with an opportunity to learn about the outside world.
      Otherwise, the media can spread the news easily all over the world.

      Don't you think that all this is not positive, and that it will take our minds without thinking about the future??

      1. This is a good point. Do you think the media will still control what the 'outside world' looks like in the metaverse?

      2. Thank you for your comment. In my opinion, it has a lot of positives, it facilitates our lives, it helps us in a lot, it saves time and effort, and it has many positives, but the situation deteriorated and we became addicted to an excessive limit. Here is the problem, we unconsciously coped with it, and from here many negatives began because of us because we no longer use it in the form appropriate or required

    3. I disagree because what if people, family, friends etc, can't interact with you depending on the location of them or their mental state. If depending on location both you and the person you want to chat with is in a different location then you and you can;t travel to the location wouldn't it be a good thing if you can talk, interact, play, and etc with that person.

    4. I disagree with you. Metaverse is not a trap if we use it in wrong way it is a trap. We can use metaverse for good things which will not harm us or our neighbours. It is used for people collaborations, making decisions, etc..
      We can interact with family, friends but sometimes our ideas and theirs will be different. So there will be problems. I don't say that interaction with family will create problems, they will not understand the way we think. For example, when we choose a course for higher education they will sometimes not accept it because they think it will not have scope i future.
      Metaverse is a platform where we can able to interact with same minded people. They can share new ideas, innovative and creative. We can able to interact with people of different countries where they can know about their cultures, food, education, etc.. For people who doesn't leave house for various reasons they may able to know more about the outside world.
      Don't you these are the positives?

  • The metaverse may be a concept long familiar to technologists .it's a unified and persistent virtual environmental accessd via extended reality.Metaverse can change our lives and have intense experience that solve problems, also it's useful in managing training. The work we are doing on the metaverse will significantly accelerate technological development and the users can enjoy avariety of experience through their avatars. It doesn't include only games and social nets but other services like shopping, entertainment, education .The metaverse markets will grow by 2030. On the other hand there's a lack of supervision over the metaverse The metavers will need real world control if it intends to be a viable place to live and do business. The architc should build a code that can ensume.

  • Yes. I agree with you. Meterverse enables users to explore and interact with a virtual surrounding in a way that approximates reality, as it is perceived through the users' senses. is an example of a meterverse 3-D virtual world where users can buy, create and explore NFT-based plots of land using the MANA cryptocurrency, which is Ethereum-based. Fortnite. The popular online video game from Epic Games offers an immersive digital gaming and social space that is an example of a real-life metaverse-like environment

    1. imagine you're just chiling and then you decide to get off the metaverse just to realize your sad life .
      you don't really accomplish anything there that is worth and once it dies you just see that you truly wasted time just to have a few seconds of happiness that don't worth anything

    2. I agree with your points as the Metaverse is expansive and can be used for things like houses (as you mentioned), travel, and entertainment.

  • The metaverse is a digital reality that combines aspect of social media, online gaming augmented reality(AR),virtual reality (VR),and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact visually. Augmented reality overlays visual elements sounds and other sensory input onto real-world settings to enhance the user experience in contrasts, virtual reality is entirely virtual and enhances fictional realities.

  • I'll stay in the real world or what I perceive as the real world. I personally think we need to learn how to grow and become who we want to be in reality before we let tech take reality and turn it

    into fantasy before we are no more.

    1. I disagree because... We initially need to develop ourselves, our society and our world, so that we can do what we want in the end, but as long as we are living we must develop ourselves, so if we only care about developing ourselves, it will not give us the opportunity to experience metaverses, so I think we must develop ourselves with Metaverse at the same time, and to balance between our real world and the virtual world in Metaverse, and I think that the real world is the best because it is the original

    2. I disagree because... you are saying we need to grow and become who we who we want to be in reality before we let tech take reality and turn it. Our growing is connected to our thinking because metaverse is made by us people when we use our brains and still we develop it using our brains, so that still contradicts when it comes to me.
      And through the metaverse people have become movie actors which was their dream and what they wanted to become in future for example MR.BEAN and they did not let anything came into their way un till they achieved their success.

  • The so-called Metaverse will be a VR playpen for folks who refuse to live in ACTUAL reality. Somehow hiding behind a fake Avatar isn’t my idea of interacting with other human beings, The Metaverse will be all fun & games until an EMP fries the electrical grid. Then the users will be catapulted back into the REAL world…..totally helpless. Everything has a dark side, and that will be true for the Make-believe Metaverse world. Just keep telling yourself: It’s not real!!

    1. The concept of the Metaverse, a virtual world where people can interact with each other through avatars, may seem like an escape from reality for some. However, it is important to recognize that technology has always been a tool for human connection and communication, and the Metaverse is simply the latest iteration of this trend. While it is true that the Metaverse is not a perfect substitute for physical human interaction, it does offer unique opportunities for people to connect and collaborate in ways that were previously impossible. As with any technology, there are potential risks and downsides to consider, but these should not overshadow the potential benefits that the Metaverse can offer. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide how they want to engage with this emerging technology.

  • In my point of view, the metaverse is a virtual world in which users, businesses, and digital platforms can exist and interact. It includes everything from virtual social and gaming platforms (e.g. Roblox) to NFTs, a.k.a. non-fungible tokens (more on those later). The metaverse is a longtime science-fiction dream made reality.

    With the metaverse, I have the best experience with that one, just like the potential crypto platform recently called SportsCollective. They gonna launch this token on Uniswap with many potential, basically that platform is all for sport enthusiast, due to that they can have the greater experience with their fav athletes.

    1. Do you look forward to features for sports enthusiasts, wise_penguin? Or are there any other features of the metaverse that you're excited about?

  • The metaverse is not the next generation of interest . It's just the next generation of social media and gaming. Most people use this term to describe everything in AR and VR.Thats not right. I see the metaverse as virtual worlds to meet and play, not more .
    And meta will not be the leader.there will be a lot of competition. Currently meta has the biggest markets share in vr hardware, but that will change.

    1. Other than that, I want to clarify some of the most important damages to Metaverse that not everyone noticed:
      _ Metaverse collects a huge amount of data and information that pertains to users, which makes it easy for him to control it, and this makes privacy non-existent for him.
      _ I think it will fully control our reality in which we live, as a result of the confusion between virtual reality and augmented reality, which constitutes an almost complete reality, which poses many risks, such as our dealings with criminals and others.
      _ In Metaverse, there is the possibility of hacking the avatar, which makes it easy for criminals to penetrate it and steal a complete embodiment of it. Instead of dealing with someone you know and trust well, you will end up dealing with a criminal and you do not know.
      _ The possibility of spying on your confidential and important information and data, due to the lack of actual and strict controls that prevent electronic crimes.
      _ I think that the more users of this world, the more the possibility of dealing with bad people.
      _ Metavirus will work on the absence of family control over individuals, especially children, which makes them more vulnerable to Internet and Metaverse problems.

  • It would be easy to have a character transformation system if: each game or metaverse would use the same basic character rules, and have an integration system for their metaverse. So when we first create our metaverse character, if we jump into a game but the graphics of the games are comic book style, it just takes the rules we set about our character (hair, clothes, tattoos, jewelry) and incorporates them into their game so we look alike, a little bit different Just to fit the style of the game.

  • I believe earth has sufficient technology to solve human problems , we need more human interaction to solve the remaining . While companies are exploring life on Mars , I think Metaverse may be a good fit for ' humans ' who chose to live on other planets - just a thought

    1. Oh, how cool! What an interesting idea. Can you explain a bit more about why the metaverse might be good for humans who choose to one day possibly live on other planets?

      1. I think the metaverse might be good for people who choose possibly to one day live on other planets in a way that when they go to the metaverse they can see how life is on Mars and continue exploring the amazements and suprises that they have never seen on earth. And the more games they play is the more they will become interested in going to live on Mars and in order for them to feel like they have surely been there and like its a normal thing they will want to go, when they watch movies about aliens in Mars some might actually and relatively feel like they now know much about the alien planets and might call upon other friends' attention then they will be like they can not wait to reach their in reality and make their own discoveries in history. So through the metaverse the writers and movie industries of alien mysteries might find it beneficial when many people are watching their movies and they are going viro this will give them moral to make more movies and this will bring more people to like them. So when time comes for taking people to Mars for exploration and to reduce the population ,many people will want to go and there will not be forcing people all thanks to metaverse. So that's how I think it will be good for those people.

  • In my opinion metaverse is
    a dystopia that will be a nightmare of living in pods and owning nothing where constant pleasure and stimuli will drive us insane even further and fuel isolation and less human interaction, lead to an increase in depression, mental illness, etc. Along with the fact it'll fuel people's insane ideas even further bringing in more tribal thinking and a splitting of reality along with the fact people will be addicted to this. So yeah; a nightmare. Authors of dystopia pointed out in literature what kind of future this will lead!

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion, noble_cranberry. Please can you explain what you mean by a dystopia so that other Topical Talkers can say whether they agree or disagree with you.

    2. Hello ,
      I do not think that I agree with you in your opinion. It is clear that the goal of the Metaverse could not be limited to entertainment and luxury only. From my point of view, I see that the Metaverse is a gateway for each person to be able to know the talents he possesses. For example, Metaverse gives each person the ability to be in the body. Which he loves and dreams of becoming, and I love to read novels. In Metaverse, I can be a famous writer and everyone loves her. Wouldn't this motivate me to make it real in reality?
      Metaverse is a stimulus for every person to make his dream a reality and believe that he is able to achieve it in his reality, and it is certain that every individual must pay attention to using it so as not to make a mistake and become a negative rather than a positive factor in his life.

  • Metaverse is a very marvellous , unbelilevable and fascinating invention . It has lots of advantages in the feild of work , learning and education , sociality and in the feild of pleasure . So , it can make things better . But , on the other hand ,it has lots of disadvantages that it lacks for security and privacy and people will live in life-like virtual world which leads them to be isolated with new behaviours different from that ones in their real life . So , I think man should make control when he use it by limiting time and to keep in contact with his relatives around so he keeps enjoying without losing real life . Really , I hope to try it .

    1. Thanks for sharing! What is it you would like to try doing in the metaverse, skillful_jackfruit?

      1. I hope to go in the metaverse as a tourist to enjoy new places and new cultures in different countries and in different ages .

  • Metaverse is a Virtual Reality. When you enter the Metaverse, you're in for a wild ride!

    It was an invaluable experience for me when entering the Metaverse for the first time!!

    This digital platform is filled with amazing features that let you connect with others, interact on a deeper level, and even transact business. Whether you're here to make friends or to do some serious shopping, the Metaverse has something for everyone!!

    The Metaverse might connect what are now different apps from each company in the future. For example, you might be able to mix and match virtual characters, dresses, and apparel from any seller and bring them to games, events, meetings, or other Metaverse events.

  • The meterverse world has an advantage because it produces a replica of the original world, like the social interactions and can accurately depict objects in a 3 dimensional form which can create collaboration for people in the same room so they can see things in a different way
    The meterverse has an effect on us positively It is widely spreading like in entertainment, there are online concerts and virtual reality games like mine craft.
    It has effect on the way people shop because companies like L’Oreal and Avon enable you to virtually try on their products through their app or website, so you can pick the best item that fits your color.
    The metaverse will provide new and creative ways to take care of our health. Virtual reality counseling has been invented, and therapists are using VR goggles to provide therapy to their patients, so they can solve their health challenge in a controlled and safe environment.
    The problem of creating things has been solved by the meterverse. Engineers, entrepreneurs, and creators are already using virtual replicas of objects to show what things will look like in the genuine world.

    1. I saw that you mentioned that some clothing companies allow you to try on the clothes that they sell, and I would like to ask how does this work? Does the program that allows them to do this fit all body types, and if so how do you think it would work on virtual avatars which can be anything you want.

      I also like how you mentioned how therapy can be done in the Metaverse, as some people might not feel comfortable doing face to face therapy due to their trauma. I know a lot of people who don't like talking about their feelings, so this type of medical help in the Metaverse could be a major advantage for them.

    2. I completely agree with you. Metavirus has very positive advantages, and you have mentioned many of them. What I saw interesting is that therapists use virtual reality glasses to treat patients. It is a very beautiful thing and helps doctors in discovering and treating disease, but aren't these glasses not available in all countries? If it existed, it would have been possible to reduce the death rate, and I hope that accurate machines will be invented to diagnose the disease and its symptoms, as well as how to treat the disease, as it will be very useful to us.

  • Metaverse is a not a Positive or a negative platform it depends upon the usage of the people who are using the Metaverse it's not a bad thing. we can enjoy in the world were we can be freedom and to enjoy the nature which is artificially created by the human beings and an advantage to have a habitat change in our world which the poor into the rich situation in the Metaverse and the rich people into the poor people they can live and understand their mistake what they have done in the real world . It can be a rehearsal to the real world to live without any mistake that we have done in our life . The platform can be a test for people who don't need a life to live were they were in the bad situation in the real life and now they can easily solve that by living in the Metaverse . The rules can be created by the government to be provide in a proper things to the general public to use the Metaverse. Iam confident ly can say the Metaverse is use ful and it can be also know to the general public who they yet get an idea or an information about the artificial world Metaverse . The general public is thought that the people who are using the Metaverse are in the different perspective because they are in the different reality and the some many of the general public aren't started to use the Metaverse. If the general public use the Metaverse it would be a good technology development and it can also be a useful knowledge and experience

  • Metaverse is a term that expresses virtual reality and can be accessed through phones, computers, and virtual reality glasses. This is one of the best technology technologies, as it represents the reality of the world as a game such as Minecraft and Roblox, and there are more
    Among the advantages of this technology: -
    1- It can expand our ideas and develop our minds
    2- It is a vision of the future that you may want to live
    3-It may also give those who have no ideas about their future a chance
    As for the negatives:
    1- It may harm the sense of sight and damage the eye if the attachment to it increases
    2- It may sometimes harm the mind, as we can influence children's behavior for the worse
    This progress is a revolution in the world of technology, Metaverse is the way of the future

    1. I said a sentence that really made me think (Metaverse is the way to the future)
      I agree with you on this and the sentence, but I have another opinion because the path of the future needs something that is positive from all sides. Metaverses have negatives, and you mentioned them.
      I do not believe that the thing that will lead us to the future harms the eye and the mind. We want to eradicate diseases, but metaverses increase them, such as loneliness, psychological diseases, eye diseases and the destruction of the mind. I do not really believe that it is the way of the future

  • Hi , The future of the Metaverse, a virtual shared space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and with each other, looks promising. With advancements in technology and increasing interest from investors and tech giants, the Metaverse has the potential to become a significant aspect of our daily lives. It could revolutionize entertainment, socialization, education, and even business operations.

  • I feel that everything with advantages also have disadvantages and in this case the metaverse falls under this category. I feel the metaverse has various disadvantages disadvantages such as loss of cultural backgrounds and traditions, loss of physical relationships with others but do you think we should continue living in our old ways of doing things don't you think it's time to explore as the metaverse has various advantages such as it helps us to simulate what may happen to the earth using climate change as an example what our little actions could have globally, meeting and experiencing various cultures and traditions online
    In my opinion the metaverse is a good thing and should be further funded and explored as it's potential and its possibilities are great

  • According to my research,Mataverse, also has a positive effect on a child education. Metaverse technologies have the potential to transform school lessons, bring teachers and students together remotely in shared spaces, enhance vocational training,and create new opportunities for life long learning/education. Metaverse technologies can also help tackle geographic disparities and give students opportunities to learn from people and institutions they can't access locally.

  • Metaverse is a huge social network with a mixture of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality , 3D environments , artificial intelligence technologies
    Metaverse is a double-edged sword .
    Among its positive aspects is that it is an adventure mixed with pleasure, and it provides opportunities to get a job and achieve material gains... etc.....
    And Among its negative aspects is that it negatively affects cultures and societies and causes withdrawal, escapism, mental health problems...etc.....
    Therefore, I think it is Despite its advantages, it's best to stay in real life, from real relationships with real people, and get as far away from virtual reality as possible.

  • In my opinion metaverse is virtual platform that has made our life easier, which users can interact with a gadget-generated environment and other peoples too.
    And another things that has many disadvantages such as, loss social diversity, where the different cultures of
    the world are going to be merged to form a single culture. Further more safety measures can be set up to avoid the fraudulent activity on the other hand there's supervision over the metaverse
    The way I see it the metaverse can even come together and create a whole new community where people
    who feel like outcasts can relate and have a reasonable interface with each other.

  • The metaverse is a emerging 3D enabled digital spaces that uses virtual reality and augmented reality.

    Advantages of metaverse

    Travelling the world without moving .

    Increasing technological literacy and skills.

    Connecting with new people without feeling awkward .

    It also decreases carbon emission by reducing travel.

    Disadvantage of metaverse

    Bad behaviour in the real world,and across social media has like wise occurred in existing metaverse like experience.
    Harassment and assault
    Now say is this metaverse good? Or bad?

  • Recent study conducted by researchers at University of Massachusetts estimates that training just one AI model could generate 284 tons of carbon dioxide, which is more than five times the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by a car in its lifetime.METAVERSE??

    Metaverse effect could lead to a drop in real-world exploration, which would potentially be harmful to the environment.

    The metaverse has the same cybersecurity risks as modern organizations, like malware, but there are also new vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. Someone could hack into an account to access personal messages, bank information, photos, avatars, NFTs and other digital assets.

    Metaverse allows students to attend virtual classes remotely while experiencing elements of the real classroom.

    Metaverse facilitates students to gain hands-on practice on various activities in a safe environment, Metaverse is good for education. We have to use it for a good purpose

  • As we all know anything that has an advantage also has an advantage also has a disadvantage and so does the metaverse it brings about so many technological advancement opportunities, but it also comes with its threats to both the virtual world and actual world. A report was made by Bernard Marr about the potential downsides and the problems the metaverse could bring for society such as privacy issues, health concerns, access inequality and many more. but let me stop focusing only on the downsides and also talk about the advantages such as it provides boost to e-commerce and virtual economy, it is a platform for socialization and interaction, individual technologies used in metaverse will become efficient in their own domain, etc. And for the rule making process I think that the people should make the rules since they're the users of the metaverse and because since they would be using, they would set rules which are conducive and tolerable for them.

  • Metaverse is a virtual environment that includes games and social communication. It is a double-edged sword. On the positive side, getting to know other countries, getting to know their culture, customs, and language, and communicating with them. Learning and teaching via the Internet The negative side is the negative impact on cultures, addiction to games and mobile phones, solitary isolation, and not mixing with family or society. Sitting on electronic devices for a long time, which leads to health problems in the mind and body.

  • From my point of view, Metaverse is a double-edged sword.
    I support technological development and keep pace with development, but everything has pros and cons.
    One of the positives of Metaverse is that it is an interactive environment that works to create immersive experiences, take advantage of a rapidly growing market, deal with the technical side, and revolutionize the way we do business, including The ability to create immersive experiences online, host virtual events, even hold meetings in a virtual environment, or I can go to school via metaverse. The possibilities are endless. With negative effects on the individual and the world and members of society. One of its effects on the individual causes isolation, loneliness, and many mental illnesses. And it causes the interruption of social communication and hatred among people as a result of their leaving the real world and their preoccupation with the virtual.
    And it causes the destruction and destruction of society because of people's preoccupation with the reconstruction of a virtual world.

    1. openhearted_cloudberry this is a brilliant answer! I love your consideration of the pros and the cons and I completely agree with your points especially around loneliness and isolation. We often feel that social media will increase connection but actually it may do the reverse as we lose out on the feeling of being present in a room with other humans. I have a question for you, in the future, would you want to attend school in the 'Metaverse'?

      1. Hi, thanks for your comment.
        The Metaverse is a beautiful thing that will facilitate the quest for knowledge, communication, and doing the things of life. From my point of view, "
        Metaverse will greatly enhance human capabilities and contributions without replacing them."
        I may want that sometimes, but in moderation and in some cases and pains, but I really prefer to go to my school and spend time mixing with the environment around me and continue my studies and become a successful person who seeks to reconstruct this reality To make it better and to provide a decent life for all members of society.
        I really prefer to stay in the real world and build it to make it better without the need for a fictional, unreal, illusory virtual world, as I call it, and make reality better.

  • Why are the countries of the world racing towards developing metaverse and enhancing their interest in this field? However, metaverses will greatly enhance human capabilities and contributions without replacing them.
    Metavirus contributes to many different fields such as medicine, technology, education, cars and military uses, which made companies and countries expect that this technology will contribute to a radical impact on the global economy by the next decade. According to what I read, about 6.57 USD is spent on Metaverse.
    The first reason is to increase profit and economy for the state.
    2 Detect and deter security intrusions.
    3 Solving technical problems for users.
    4 Reducing production management work. Companies and the state are racing to develop metaviruses without caring more about the possibility of the metavirus controlling the world and destroying it than job opportunities.

  • We learnt about metaverse and I agree that metaverse is the future of digital art. I really fascinated by it and now everyone is talking about it. This can bring us together in an amazing ways. We can meet people across the world, we see places, cultures, families, we never would have seen or learnt about.I will learn how truly much we share. We are alike, we all have kindness, love and compassion for others. We will also learn of the terrible things happening in each other countries, and we pray, in whatever faith or belief system we follow, we send hope and light. The metaverse will bring the world closer to real peace if we just stop seeing separation and see each other as just humana all trying their best.

    1. Some great thoughts! Do you think artists and creatives are worried about digital art?

      1. I think that they will take benefit by the metaverse . They can dream and design what ever can't come to the human mind. They can seize it to spread their art and work and they can reach a large number of the people. They can talk to them personally.

      2. Digital art is a platform where we use technology to create art. According to Julie Dillon, "Digital media is a valid tool, one that has its own strengths and weaknesses. So often she see people dismissing digital art as somehow cheating or not as valid or important as traditional art, but the computer is just another tool." In my opinion digital art is not a true art but it is a double edged sword. Traditional art is much more valuable than digital art. There was once a time when we used to write letters to one who are far away, but now they are using many apps with the use of internet. As technology grows, our traditional habits like letters are decreasing. To be creative one must have open mind and are willing to explore. Artists might have profits from digital art in means of jobs like advertising, animation, video game designer, etc..
        As I said it is a double edged sword.
        Some of the prons are:
        1 Affordability: Digital art can start from using phone, tablet, computer. You can start with what you have and all the equipments will also be available. But traditional art requires equipments which we need to buy so it is cost effective.
        2. Reduces waste: When we use papers to draw we might do a slight mistake which spoils the whole and we have to throw it. It can reduce the usage of paper as a result carbon footprints can also be decreased. But in this case, we can just click undo or delete.
        Some of the cons are:
        1. Feelings: Digital art reduces the magical feeling which we would be able to feel when we draw or paint in hands. Imperfections makes our creativity more valuable.
        2. Health issues: It can create health issues by damaging eyes when we continuously see the screen for more than hours.

  • Like any innovation, the metaverse has its disadvantages as well as the advantages.
    The disadvantages are:
    1. Privacy.
    The metaverse will have a lot of personal data on every user and it could be a challenge protecting these data.

    2. Safety of children
    As children get in the metaverse world, their parents or guardians can't monitor what they are watching so a child can be watching pornography or be cyber bullied and the parents wouldn't know.

    3.Identity hacking
    In the metaverse, it is virtual avatars that are used to navigate the world, so protecting our identities from being hacked will be very important. Also, You won't be able to verify that users are who they say they are in the meterverse world.

    4. Desensitization
    People are increasingly engaging with the virtual world, In my opinion it will be hard to ensure that people dont get desensitized to violence and racism.

    5. Addiction
    Like gaming, the metaverse gets one really addicted and some people won't be able to control how often they engage in it.
    If you get too addicted to it if affects ones development.

  • Metaverse is a virtual world, its frequent use will turn our real world into a virtual world because of its negative aspects on our lives, including the lack of family and social ties due to its use for long hours and because of the presence of control devices that work on the lack of privacy and has advantages, including its use increases job opportunities And its use in fields such as education, medicine, etc

  • Metaverse simply means a single shared, immersive, persistent, 3D space where human experience life in ways they could not in the physical world. Just one question though, ever since metaverse had being made, who was in charge of making the decision, who makes the rules, I have been left wondering?? Metaverse is is an open minded topic people have different perspective, people like metaverse while people dislike. That is the way different people think about different thing, that is why everything in this world have the negative and positive impact.

  • The metaverse can be a good to the society because, you will be able to travel virtually anywhere in the world simply by strapping on a headset.In addition when you physically visit a destination,you will have access to guided augmented reality tours that will enhance your travel experiences and help you learn more about the destination.

  • with all these companies investing this much in the metaverse, l would like to say that this will not be the next big thing. Its ridiculous . It is not the new internet .it may be away to use the Internet . But in so many usecases they showed it doesn't give you any benefit. And the ons where it dose have benefits ,the target audience is ridiculously small. And lam one of them the gamer that spends lots of mony to get atop of the line VR-headset. Would you actually use your Phone and something like google cardboard to access avirtual shopping experience instead of just using an online shop? Its going to be dagerous as human core memory wil be transformed in such away that it will erase human conscious and replace it with machine conscious.People are already lazy overweight and anti social this will just make all those problems far worse l'd rather interacf outside with real people and have a life than waste my time thim with whatever this nonsense is

  • The metaverse can be a bad thing to the society because it could make you experience any environment, the disconnect from the real world could seriously have impact on our mental health. Zoom fatigue was a concern when individuals spent too much time on virtual meetings. The same could be seen in a more aggressive with the whole wide world.
    Bad behavior in the real world, on the internet and across the social media has likewise occurred in existing metaverse- like experiences. Some women reported that their avatars were groped.

    1. Great examples tenacious_drum. How could these issues be avoided?

      1. I think that in order to resolve this issue the metaverse usage should be reduced cause it's causing more harm than good. For example: the disconnect from the real world,zoom fatigue, some women's avatars were groped.
        But the metaverse is good cause you can use it to travel around the world but your not moving and there are other advantages of the metaverse.

  • In my opinio metaverse is a good thing, and I feel that I want to try it. There are many people who want to ride a plane and travel across the country. They can go through the metaverse. If I want to go, I go to Turkey and Qatar. As for people's behavior the metaverse and real reality, people's behavior in the metaverse is hypothetical behavior and not real compared to the real world. Of course, there must be rules related to the life they live in the virtual world, including: 1- It is necessary to go out into the real world. 2- Do not do actions that harm people. Yes, every person should be responsible for himself metaverse. If someone cannot enter the virtual world, he can experience it in the amusement park through glasses for the metaverse, he does not have to buy it at an exorbitant price. What I will say is that the metaverse is a good thing, but with limits and laws, but not like our real world. To live our real world.

  • Metaverse is a virtual world where everything would be online in an immersive 3D real life environment , this Metaverse will be a good thing and at the same time a bad day thing . I think it might be a bad thing because first of all it has no laws governing it in the real world and at the same time it has no limitations it accepts any user from any where around the world . With this it increases the risk of exploitation, cybercrime and other forms of bullying by hackers . The Metaverse can cause addiction ,users might spend most of their time in it and it might cause them finding it difficult to distinguish between the real world and the digital world, this same Metaverse will be of great disadvantage to poor countries that can’t afford the various items needed for participation because they are expensive.
    However from own opinion it’s disadvantages are risky and unsafe than it advantages. Because most of it advantages are business, work and socialization related ,so I feel like above all safety should come first.

    1. I agree because... The laws lead to order and make the individual control his actions 😞😞

  • Metaverse technology is a new technology and vision for the future, as it works to develop artificial intelligence, as it is a double-edged sword in it. The positive side in it: it works to expand the imagination and horizons of man, produces many technological devices, and works to encourage creative thinking in the fields of programming and art, and one of the most famous examples of this is the Facebook application in which many artists participated. And a negative side in it: One of the most dangerous results of the metavirus is that it reduces the person's communication with the outside world, as he becomes living alone

  • Metaverse: It is a virtual platform for communication and interaction with others, but I prefer natural communication, natural customs and traditions, and communication with others naturally, so we must not forget the culture and customs of society. Sometimes I think that metaverse isolates and separates people from each other. A double-edged sword with its advantages: enabling a person to achieve his dream by using the avatar, and getting to know the cultures and customs of other peoples / disadvantages: separation between virtual reality and real reality, reducing human contact, exposure to addiction to the digital world

    1. That's an interesting perspective trustful_hurricane!

  • Another option to engage students in the metaverse is with augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR). Your school might already have a VR headset and there are AR apps for educators. and Before you can dive into lesson plans and activities for students, it helps to have a full understanding of what the metaverse is. For many educators, this concept seemingly popped up overnight and is now found almost

  • There should be pros and cons to everything. Metavirus has both. First the negatives: It will make people feel lonely because it is something beautiful, innovative, beautiful and entertaining, and through it you can do without people. This makes people spend more time on it and also causes eye diseases and headaches.
    It also makes you not like the natural thing, because I see that everything shopping, work, fashion and international news has become. It can't be relied upon for work or a person's money, because at any moment the metaverse disappears

    As for the positives, they save time and effort, and you do everything while you are at home, and it is also entertaining, but you must do all this in a short time, because if you sit on it for a long time, it becomes negative.
    It is also positive for patients, making them not feel inferior. They do everything while they are sitting like any healthy person

  • The metaverse is just a virtual environment ruled by the internet.
    Either it has benefits such as: creativity and innovation.
    Leisure and entertainment.
    Work in a field that has a promising future.
    Form relationships and friendships with people from all over the world.
    It is used in various fields such as education, architecture, aviation and medicine.
    Or it may have damages such as:
    Reducing human contact, may lead to feelings of loneliness and introversion
    Eyestrain and increased myopia due to frequent viewing of metaverse programs.
    Lack of focus, addiction, and lack of interaction with the real world.

  • The metaverse is not the problem,the lack of self control is .Even without Metaverse you already browse the internet many hours a day with no Metaverse

  • The scary thing is, this is completely unpreventable. This type of virtual world will eventually take over all social and economic activities.

    I always wished I was born later to experience better advancements in technology, but now I feel genuinely bad for all future generations who will think this is a good way to live and they wont have any other idea of what real world life is like.

    So sad

  • From my point of view, the world is a sea, every culture and country is a sea of ​​these seas, and the metaverse is the meeting point at which all differences and separations dissolve. Everyone in the metaverse and the virtual world will be the people of one platform and cooperate together to achieve their interests and talk to each other and discuss their problems. And that is because of the distance and ignoring of the differences, so the language did not become a hindrance, nor did the culture become an obstacle. In the metaverse, there is a translator so that everyone can understand each other’s languages ​​without difficulty. I do not think that the metaverse leads to the fading of cultures, on the contrary, I think that because of the metaverse, it will be preserved and remembered more than normal. This is a must, but it will not change. There will be meetings so that each one of the two will know about the culture of his country

  • This might be fun as long as it doesn't become an addiction and only done from time to time however we all know that that's what they're going for and we all know that just like all types of technology people will get REALLY addicted to it and start to completely ignore real life, i can't imagine when the next generations will just see this as absolutely normal.

  • This would look cool to kid with an imagination but for a person with rational thought and critical thinking skills, this would be an absolute disaster.

  • we may reject all of this now , but i’m more concerned about the generation after us . if they’re just as or even more disillusioned and depressed AND if they’re not well-informed about the past or why we have concerns now , the metaverse will succeed. in fact, i think it’s just a matter of time simply because there’s a perpetual disdain for the choices of the people who came before us regardless of their reasons

  • I really prefer to stay in the real world and build it to make it better without the need for a fictional, unreaI really prefer to stay in the real world and build it to make it better without the need for a fictional, unreal, illusory virtual world, as I call it, and make reality better.

  • I know its an unpopular opinion, but I'm excited about this a bit.
    I'm excited to be able to talk to my parents when I'm away from my country. I'm excited because I don't have to be burdened by using my device that aren't 100% portable. If l could actually interact with everything that my device could do while I'm also allowed to walk around,my inactivity would be literally zero. Imagine being able to no longer need so many specialized devices (e.g,TV,phone,radio,laptop)and just use a singular device.
    There's a lot of ifs,buts,and maybes,but what technology doesn't have that? All the fears people are listing are already existent in our current technology,and even then,wag before that. They just have the luxury to not bein the vicinity of such culture. Anything has a risk,but the good opportunities that this provide? I'm beyond excited.

  • The metaverse has both negative and positive things It is a virtual platform that has made our lives easier. It is evolving and there are experiences in it that we do not forget about our habits and in order to communicate with our friends and family, even if negative things such as: It merges many cultures to form one culture. And it makes it easier to connect all of our lives, and it can introduce old and new cultures, and it is used in interactive experience, and we also get to know the people, we can apply it in our lives, and in it we can mitigate the effects of climate change, and it has an opportunity to get to know the outside world and all over the world. Do you think it will take Our minds do not think about the future.???

  • I can provide insights on the matter.

    Opinions about the metaverse can vary greatly depending on different points of view. Here are some possible arguments for why metaverses are a good thing for society:

    Increased Connectivity: The metaverse has the potential to connect people from all over the world, creating opportunities for collaboration, communication, and cultural exchange on a global scale.

    Enhanced Virtual Experiences: The metaverse can deliver immersive and interactive virtual experiences, allowing for new forms of entertainment, education, and creativity.

    Economic Opportunities: The metaverse can create new business opportunities and revenue streams, particularly in the areas of virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming, and digital commerce.

    On the other hand, here are some possible arguments for why metaverses are bad for society:

    Inequality and Access: The metaverse can exacerbate existing inequalities, with limited access to those who cannot afford the necessary technology o

  • In the past, man lived in his real world and could only get out of it in his dreams and imagination, and with the development of technology and the advent of the Internet, he flew into a digital world , via computer monitors and smartphones. But today we have the world of metaverse , a virtual third world that takes something from reality and from the Internet and smart technologies things and other properties.
    This rapid transformation of the world with "metaverse" will have very serious consequences, socially, politically and economically, until the emergence of new psychological illnesses, which require special treatment, until future and old generations accept these global changes .
    Actually, I'm wondering, myself " Is this what the world needs" ?? That this money go into the realm of the imagination , and we in the real world need it for development and to help the world's poor. Would it not be better to direct that money to agriculture and various industries ! especially food , to meet the needs of the earth's people and also to reduce the climate change that is afflicting the earth?

  • Are there bad aspects of the metaverse and are there positives of the metaverse and what are they? And how can we use it? And is it easy to use? And how many people can use the metaverse?

  • So basically, Meta is building a universe where they can track how you live, behave and interact in real time. Because you know, sharing pictures and commenting and chatting isn't nearly enough data points to really get those ads highly targeted for advertisers