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Hello everyone, I think there should be a topic about, Do multinational businesses cause more... Suggest a discussion 06/2/24
Hello, I am from the UK but I wasn't aware of this animal cruelty but I have to side with... Animal rights 03/2/24
I disagree because... Although a the company who made AI in general might seem like they... AI accident: who is responsible? 03/2/24
I believe that AI is more good than bad but for this country and for the world because if you... AI and the planet 03/2/24
Hey everyone, I think there are many reasons why people might not change but this is the one I... Why don’t people change? 02/2/24
Hi topical talkers, In my view, I think the age restrictions for voting elections should be... Age restrictions 02/2/24
Caroline Lucas helped reduce climate change a lot. Caroline Lucas entered Parliament in the UK,... How to make a change 02/2/24
Hello, I am from Nigeria but I live in London,I have home in Nigeria and in England I have... Meet our school communities! 01/2/24
Hello, Personally I think that preventing crime is better than protecting someone from a crime... Prevention or protection? 01/2/24
Hello, The student that made me change my mind about humans being better at the occupation of a... Competition #2 winners 01/2/24
I think there should be a discussion about what we think Eco-anxiety is and what we think about... Suggest a discussion 27/1/24
With me AI has it's ups and downs here is what i think. AI is taking occupations and roles.... Suggest a discussion 27/1/24