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  • I think there should be a hub discussion about 'The Role of Consumers' where topical talkers would discuss the reactions of consumers when businesses get involved in politics. They can also tell about the role consumers play here, whether they support the actions of the business or start boycotting their products, praise or critique the company by voicing their opinions on social media platforms, and how they shaped or changed the behavior of the business. Why should there be a Hub discussion about this? Well, imagine companies being superheroes that create cool products and jobs. But these superheroes could also use their powers for the worse rather than the better. Here is where consumers step in. This hub discussion will make us realize that we, as consumers, have superpowers too; we can choose which companies to support with money and our voice. We also have a say in what these companies do. So we can discuss this and use our superpowers for good. Talking about this also helps us make better choices, hold companies accountable, and work together!

    1. Hi,
      I like this topic and I would like to take this up.
      So first who or what are consumers? Consumers are those people who purchase products and services for the satisfaction of their various demands and wants, they are also the end of the chain of distribution. This cannot be changed, consumers are the main reason that businesses are even made, like in my definition of a business, I personally define a business as a platform or organization are made for the main objective of satisfying the unlimited wants and needs of humans(consumers) and the aim of making profit. So you see "NO CONSUMERS, NO BUSINESS!", if there were no consumers where will the businesses get their income or profit from or who will patronize them , absolutely no one.
      In fact the importance of consumers are many , like for example they are the ones that create demands that entrepreneurs identify and uses it as an opportunity to create businesses and ventures that satisfies their needs, provides income for the business owner and even create job opportunities for those who do not have jobs. They or even we as consumers are so important that we have rights like right to redress, right to be heard etc. they create platforms for bad happenings occurrences, products and services to be identified an rectified. According to what you said they really have important roles and as you said we have the ultimate super power to stop the exploitation, exposure to bad products and services and even a bad economy. I really appreciate your deep thinking and reasoning loved_thought and would really want to hear the opinion of others on our roles as consumers.
      Thank you!

    2. I cannot agree with you more loved_ thought. I am also aa curious as you are. What will a consumer's reaction be when business gets involved in politics? Will they be angry or glad? Is it majority of them that supports a particular point? Another point you stated that made me support you more is the role of customers. I also feel that customers can help to advertise your product because if they consistently buy your products and it is quality, they will inform other people to buy from you which will increase your profit and customers.

      1. I agree because if you have customers which give you a good review it can help and they can tell other people if they need to find a good business, which would not scam you . But also if you have a lot of customers they will ring your phone a lot more constantly, so then you would need to have more workers so you could have time to answer people phone calls so people wouldn't give you a bad review and people wouldn't be angry.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about whether companies have a duty to help society and the environment or are making money their main goal because most companies focus on the money they earn but don't pay much attention to their customers. So here is a scenario: if a company is built in a city that does not really have a lot of rich people that can afford the companies products, then the company will go bankrupt so I think companies should help the society and the environment.

    1. Enthusiastic buffalo, I agree with you and believe that the companies should attempt to help their society and environment since it is not only beneficial for the people around us but it can also elevate the companies image and make it more appreciated amongst its customers and people. Also a good positive image attracts attention and more possible customers for the company itself creating higher revenue.

  • hello everyone,
    We are very pleased to be associated with topical talk. Just as topical talk has given us an opportunity to give our opinions and comments, English language has increased the enthusiasm of speaking and writing. Every day we think about various topics of topical talk. It is a great achievement for me to present my opinion in front of everyone. The topical talk helped us learn about the contribution of artificial intelligence to our environment and the contribution of artificial intelligence to the social environment. In the same way, I can present my country, school and myself to different countries and people of the world in my own capacity

    1. I agree your opinion because…. It’s very awesome to hear how much you are enjoying being part of Tropical talk. English language skills are super valuable for expressing your as well as our thoughts and ideas. It’s great that you are explaining and sharing your opinions. You are right artificial intelligence had made very amazing contributions to the world. It’s also good that you are representing your country, school and yourself to people from all over the world.
      Thank you!

  • Hi everybody,
    Here, is one thought _ provoking question that could spark a captivating discussion is: “ What impact does corporate lobbying have on political decision_ making and democratic processes?” This question delves into the complex intersection of business interests and political influence, exploring the extent to which lobbying activities shape public policies and potentially challenge the principles of democracy. The discussion around this topic would involve examining the power dynamics at play, the ethical implications of lobbying, and its potential consequences for the overall democratic system.

  • HELLO!
    I think there should be a HUB discussion on "the levels of government" because the level of government are part of what makes a government.

    1. This makes sense of theyre are so many levels of the government so it isnt common knowledge to know every single one and with a dicussion it will better help us understand the topic in more detail

  • Hello everybody!!! This topic has given me an opportunity to think about the way businesses work and their deeper meaning! What if there was a discussion where we candidates could talk about the way start-ups can alternate people's perspective about the world ! For example, someone who has recently recovered from an illne, has the ability to help other people who are currently going through it by uploading advice and products for their recovery period! As a result, empathy will be enhanced and the world could be a better place, where citizens are able to give and receive help!
    What do you think? Would you be interested in having a hub discussion about this topic someday?

  • Hello everyone,
    I think there should be a topic about,
    Do multinational businesses cause more good than bad because I think this is a very important topic to lean on for we know that businesses may cause us some trouble especially if they are bad but rich companies which they may face this question. Let's question the companies that we don't trust or do really well and debate about this topic.

  • I think there should be a Hub post about the education system, like "What would you change regarding the education system where you live?" or "Based on where you live, is your educational system considered reasonable and beneficial or majorly stressful and mentally unhealthy to the students?" because an environment filled with students would be the best place to have a discussion about the school system as they are in school right now. I also think a lot of students will be excited to be able to share their opinions on how the school system has been treating them and their classmates. Thank you.

  • I think that "The effects of politics on businesses" is an important topic that we should discuss because many small startups cannot function properly. After all, the bigger companies bribe the political leader to create unfavourable conditions for small startups to function properly. My discussion will create awareness for new startups to function properly.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on 'SHOULD STRIKES BE ALLOWED?' It is dangerous for some professions to go on strikes because lives will be put at risk. Yet, it is a way of expressing their feelings. Yet also, some protests [strikes] physically cause damage to some social amenities. Should some professions be denied their right to expression for the interest of others? Or should they be allowed to protest any how they wish too? What do you think? And how does this affect politics and businesses?

  • I think that there should be 2 hub discussion post about:
    I chose this topic for discussion because the abuse of consumer rights is something that is gradually increasing, this is due to the fact that consumers do not know their rights and responsibilities and the proper processes to follow when purchasing products, this usually leaves consumers with poor quality products, which is bad. And is a step backward in the growth of businesses.

  • I think a great discussion would be on how AI has positively and negatively affected businesses around the world. Some positives are productivity is increased so the profits are higher and AI don't get salary so it saves money. A negative is that there are fewer jobs for the humans especially those that want to go in business.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about "Israel - hamas" conflict in Gaza strip because as we knew earlier in February 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine most of the countries standed against Russia and helped Ukraine and most of the multinational investors and businesses retreated from Russia but the opposite in Israel- hamas conflict they helped Israel by funding them I don't stand with hamas I think hamas are TERRORISTS and that they have nothing to do with Palestinians in Gaza strip and that if Israel wants to fight somebody they should fight armed terrorists not helpless unarmed Palestinian kids and women.

    1. I agree because many business both international and those residing within the country are getting negatively affected due to the war between Israel and Hamas. Shops and organizations are getting shut down meaning loss of profit and worth of a country.
      This war has not only caused the closing of various organizations, it has also resulted in the loss of lives and properties of many innocent individuals,
      In conclusion, the war has great negative impact on both nations.

    2. I agree because... They are violating the war rules which says women, children and old people are not part of the war so, they are not suppose to harm these group of people. And they are destroying hospitals that this group of people can be treated.They have to start thinking. If they are the ones that are invaded how will they feel about it?

  • HELLO!
    I think there should be a HUB discussion on "ENTREPRENEURSHIP" being an entrepreneur means taking risks, embracing creativity, and pursuing our passions. It's all about starting and growing your own business.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about how aquatic theme parks are treating the animals like whales. I think this is because it'll show where people stand about this situation with seaworld and how they treat their dolphins and whales.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion about 'Corruption and nepotism' because favoring relatives (nepotism) or personal friends (cronyism) of an official is a form of illegitimate private gain. This may be combined with bribery, for example demanding that a business should employ a relative of an official controlling regulations affecting the business.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about the effect of politics on climate change, because even though many politicians claim to be climate aware they usually go in an opposite direction and this has happened multiple times over the course of politics and I feel as the 2024 elections come around we should begin to weigh our options.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the curbing of bad politics and how businesses can also aid in it

  • Hi everyone, its a pleasure to talk to you all. And by the topic, I think there should be a Hub discussion post about "Is homeschooling better or traditional schooling" I think, it is a very interesting topic to talk about. As there are different answers to this question like Home-schooling is better because children learn more quickly than school-aged children because they receive more personal care and grooming. And some might say traditional schooling is better because students can learn to interact with others and it is also very fun, it can also develop new skills. So. like this there are lot of answers. I think that this topic might bring students to say what they prefer homeschooling or traditional schooling.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about ''Tax reform'' since this topic relates to how businesses are taxed and how they interact with the government.

  • Hi,
    We know skills in general are the knowledge and abilities that enable us to achieve our goals , so I think there should be a Hub discussion about considering life skills such as , speaking , listening , leadership and teamwork as green skills and the relation between them and having greener future.
    Thank you

  • I think there should be discussion and debate hub about " Is it good to connect politics on creatain business and what is the result of this interconnection ?"
    I want to give you a example in the context of Nepal that Binod Chaudhary is the person who is making highest money level in Nepal but he isn't the person who give most income tax among the population of Nepal. Because he invest his income as the donation for political parties. He is a business man. He owns the Chaudhary group known as CG which is one of the famous brand in Nepal.

  • Hello everyone,
    Here, is a potential question for discussion or debate: “ Is it ethically justifiable to use animals for scientific experimentation?”
    This question raises crucial concerns about the ethical suggestion of using animals for scientific purposes. It requires individuals to inspect the balance between scientific progress and the well being of animal subjects, as well as the potential alternatives to animal experimentation.
    Thank you !!!

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about " What changes we need to bring in our business to cope up with the fast-changing world." As the world is changing, different new business is coming, and some other businesses are getting extinct. If we want to continue our business, then we need to change our plan and strategy from time to time. I would like to have a discussion about this topic and how can we adapt the change in business.

  • Hi topical talkers I suggest we have a hub discussion post on children's poor access to health care, education and safety because children are Children are the future of any society, and ensuring their health, safety, and education is crucial for their development and the development of society as a whole. However, there are still many children around the world who face significant barriers in accessing healthcare, education, and safety. In this essay, we will explore the various factors contributing to children's poor access to these essential services and the impact it has on their well-being. And also in a way or the other it also links to the war between the Israeli and the gaza war, because the children have really suffered and are still suffering because of the war many of them have know become homeless because of the war.

    1. I agree that some children's lives are in danger because they lack access to safe, quality healthcare; if a child falls ill and does not receive the proper care the child will be in a bad so this should be taken into consideration. Security is also a major concern for children because, in a world without security, people cannot think clearly, act appropriately, or remain in their proper senses. Imagine the stress and trauma this would cause a child. Additionally, since children are the future's leaders, we should try to put our primary focus on their education.

      1. Absolutely, ensuring access to safe, quality healthcare for all children is crucial for their well-being. Security is also paramount as it directly impacts their mental and emotional development. Prioritizing education sets the foundation for a brighter future, empowering children to become leaders and contribute positively to society.

    2. Yes, dedicated_ strategy is very right. Because without children, societies and communities would not be capable to migrate and develop. The health of children need to be properly catered for because they might end up dying because of lack of good health and thus, leading to the underdevelopment of societies.
      THANK YOU!!!

      1. You're absolutely correct. Children are the future of societies and communities, and their health and well-being are paramount for sustainable development. Ensuring proper care and attention to children's health is crucial for their survival and for fostering thriving communities. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of this issue!

  • A topic I consider to be quite relevant to modern day society is the discrimination against the LGBTQAI+ community. In the last couple of years, especially in the U.S., there has been a backroll in the rights of the community, with legislation being passed in many Republican states, limiting access to gender affirming care for many young people who want to undergo a medical transition due to their experience with gender dysphoria. Furthermore books relating experiences of gay, lesbian, trans, queer, bisexual, genderqueer, intersex, etc. authors have been banned in numerous states, diminishing queer visablility, in addition to restricting access to educational pieces of literature which may be of use to a young queer person who struggles with their sexual orientation and/or their gender identity. With that said, this degeneration is not only evident in U.S. politics but also in those in Europe, with the unexpected rise of many far-right parties. Queer and genderqueer rights are being violated on a global scale, with many countries considering homosexuality and transgenderism a criminal offence. In spite of the struggles the LGBTQAI+ community faces, mass media especially those affiliated with right-wing parties rarely report on incidents of homophobia or transphobia. For all the reasons mentioned asbove, I am of the conviction that such infringements on human rights should be more heavily discussed.

  • I think that there should be hub discussion about the business affecting the election campaigns. The people forming the capitalist economy of a nation tends to promote election campaigns and in turn use politicians to influence the citizens.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about Healthcare and especially peace because it's one of the things people can't settle, and if we can't promote peace and understanding of each other, that's when conflict arises!
    I really feel bad about all the wars happening around the world and I just wonder why we can't understand each other while we are of the same kind (human beings). The reason why I thought of coming up with this topic is because of what's happening between Israel with Gaza and Russia with Ukraine and that is totally wrong between mankind! At least we should try and settle all the problems.

    1. I agree because...I also believe discussing healthcare is important. In my country and area, rural places lack medical care. Talking about it gives hope and raises awareness. We can understand the problems and diseases better. Then, we can speak up, and the government can help provide better healthcare. Thank you for raising this issue.

  • I would really appreciate if we had a conversation on pirating and fake branding, over here in Nigeria piracy is at its peak, people make fake brands of popular brands to gain income, the popular name for fake brands is "Aba" I don't know how that name originated but fake branding and piracy reduces the real standard and value of the original products that are made.

    1. I agree because... I also think this topic should be discussed, especially because it's common in our country. There's a lot of imitation of goods and products happening, like the recent case with Peak Milk being made locally in Nigeria but then imitated by others. These imitations are sold at the same price but don't taste the same, affecting the main brand. My family experienced this too when we bought the imitated milk. Now, everyone is afraid of buying things, which can hurt businesses. There are other instances of this happening too. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue.

  • Certainly! A thought-provoking question on the intersection of business and politics could be: "To what extent should corporations engage in political activities, such as lobbying and campaign donations, in a democratic society?" This question invites discussion on the role of businesses in influencing government decisions, the potential impact on democratic principles, and the ethical considerations surrounding corporate involvement in politics.

  • Another amazing question could be: "How can businesses effectively navigate political risks and uncertainties in their operations, especially in regions with volatile political landscapes?" This question moves into the strategic considerations that businesses must make when operating in politically unstable environments, such as assessing regulatory changes, managing relationships with government officials, and mitigating potential backlash from By implementing robust risk management frameworks and staying informed about political developments, businesses can better adapt to changing circumstances and safeguard their operations. Additionally, maintaining transparency and ethical conduct can help businesses build trust with stakeholders and minimize the negative impact of political challenges on their reputation and bottom line.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about " How to prevent crimes on politics " because there are many types of crime that happened on politics and are happening even now. People are not getting their rights because of crimes on politics. One of the biggest crime on politics is " The Watergate Scandal ". It occured in the United States in 1970's. This scandal shook the Foundation of American democracy, eroding public trust on government issue. There was a orchestrated by operatives working for President Richard Nixon's re-election campaign. Nixon fell on controversy because of the leak of White House tap. It led to President Nixon's resignation in 1974 which remark a unprecedented event in the U.S history.

    Another crime on politics that happened last decade is " The 1MBD scandal ". It occured in 2015 in Malaysia. It involved money laundering and bribery. From the state of investment fund billions of dollars were misappropriated. It led to an international investigation against many high level officials including the former prime minister of Malaysia Najib Razak.

    If we don’t know about how to prevent crimes on politics it will lead to a more big crime than these.

    1. I can't agree more my friend. Strongly agreeing is an understatement. If preventing crimes is not handled, things can just become even more worse. I also feel that one type of crime in politics is bribery and corruption. Some people in my country mostly accepts bribes from other leaders. For example, the armed forces in my country can take a bribe as little as it can be just to maybe arrest someone for no reason and also bribe lawyers to defend this fake thought. I feel that the blame should be on them and the government because if the government was providing them with a quality salary, I am not sure they will even give a chance to accepting a bribe. They are now in a hard crisis so they have to find all means to solve it and bribery can be their only option but as for wealthy politicians who accept bribe, I feel that they should be arrested because it shows a sign of greed because they already have money so why do they accept bribes on top? They are supposed to even be the first people who will say NO to bribery and corruption.

  • Hello
    I think there should be a hub discussion about corruption because corruption is very bad and when a country is corrupt the country can never progress. for example a custom officer catches some people with some bad drugs they can bribe him and they can still be following that route to supply the bad drugs because nobody will apprehend them.

    1. I exceedingly agree with you inspiring_sealion my reason being that is because you stated that there should be a hub discussion about corruption and I'm happy to see that because corruption is the dishonest conduct of those in power that sometimes involves in bribery with corruption some leaders will always crave for money and forget their people's needs as you also said a custom officer catches some people with bad drugs, but when they bribe him/her they let them go and still continue to live their illegal ways, I also agree on that point from my personal experience a police stopped a man because he was over speeding instead of the police to take action he just took money and let the man go,that's really not good right?so I really love your idea.

  • I think that there should be a hub discussion about "HOW BUSINESS AND POLITICS SHOULD BE?" Because many people aren't much familiar to business and politics and they are also losing interest on this topic. So, if they know how business and politics should be then they can improve themselves on this topic and get more ideas. Maybe they start gaining more interested on business and politics.
    Thank you!

  • Certainly! Here's a thought-provoking question for a debate on the intersection of business and politics:

    "Should corporations actively engage in political lobbying and advocacy, or should they remain neutral entities focused solely on their core business objectives?"This question opens up discussions about corporate influence on policy-making, the role of businesses in shaping societal norms, and the ethical considerations surrounding corporate involvement in politics.
    Thank you!

  • Hello
    I think there should be A Hub discussion about "Rising prices of medicines and Daily needs for Profit" because we can get ideas on how to try and balance profit without depriving the poor and needy of their rights.

  • A topic that I would love to be shared is, "what effect does politics have on businesses." Nowadays, the conflict with Hamas and Iseral has taken over and had a big effect on businesses. For instance, people who support Palestine have been boycotting Starbucks as they stated that they supported Iseral. On the other hand, the CEO of Starbucks states that they have not released any statement supporting either Iseral or Palestine. All in all, I would love to see people's opinions on the effect that politics have on businesses and whether its negative or positive.

  • I think that there should be a Hub discussion post on how boycotting effects businesses. Recently, there have been a lot of boycotting incidents since the Hamas and Isarel war has been going on; although, things like this have been happening through the years. In 2020, there was a boycott of Hobby Lobby since there was a store display urging customers to vote Trump. This caused a lot of damage to the company as many democrats stopped shopping there and boycotted Hobby Lobby. All in all, I would love to see people's discussions and debates on the topic, "How Does Boycotting Effect Businesses" as boycotting has been an ongoing thing throughout the years.

  • I think there should be a discussion on whether brands/businesses should be unbiased or not. because i think it'd be interesting to hear what people think, and if they believe it's a smart or bad choice for brands to make, because they could cause groups of people to not like the brand if they publicize their opinions on subjects like politics. And through this we could also ask the question of whether businesses should even get involved in politics because it could make things unbalanced because of followers of certain businesses.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about how entrepreneurs can have an impact as role models . We can discuss examples of successful businesswomen and the traits they have that led them to a successful career? What makes a successful businessman/ woman and what are their characteristics?

  • Hello everyone,I suggest there should also be a discussion on how businesses can help the society not just for their interest alone and how politics can contribute greatly in businesses.

  • What I would really like to suggest is a topic on "seasonal products" many seasons come and go, seasons like Valentines Day, summer, spring, winter, autumn and many other seasons, now many businesses will see these seasons as an opportunity to boost their businesses, my discussion will be about how businesses can boost their status with making products related to seasons, I will call the topic, "Products and Seasons".
    Thank you for reading.

  • I think there should be a HUB discussion on"AI in business" imagine if businesses started using AI it would be an upgrade from human workers to AI workers this are some advantages it can bring.

    1. Better work efficiency: if businesses start using AI it Will better than humans at efficiency.

    2. More accuracy: the accuracy of work will be better because AI are more accurate than humans and don't make much errors unlike humans that make many error.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about " what you liked at CES" some people might be wondring that what's CES it is an global tech exhibition were more than 150 countries participate
    tech brands show there cool tech products, in my perspective who does't like tech and innovation. it would be amazing just hearing diffrent thoughts of hub about cool things at CES and it would be a great oppturnite for the brands at the CES because they got reviewof their products by young people

  • Can there be a hub topic on whether or not computer chips should be inserted into the human brain by 'Neuralink'? Should computer chips be allowed in the society? Is the procedure only for adults or for both adults and children? Will there be negative effects of computer chips transmission? Could there be side effects like heart attacks, strokes, cancer, brain tumors etc? How could the body react to the foreign object? Should the inventor be the first one to have the computer chip tested on? Should the company pay the person to get the computer chip implanted inside patient's brain?

  • I think we should have a hub discussion on wether or not we are electing the right leaders. I say this because when you take a good careful clear look at things you start to realise that alot of the problems in this world start from the politicians and government leaders. An example could be the current war with Russia and Ukraine the reason that war is happening is because of the russian leader Putin. If Russia had a different leader there could have been peace between them and the war isnt just affecting Russia and Ukraine its affecting other countries who get some supplies for them.

    In my opinion this hub discussion would be a huge help because if the youth learn about the good and the bad leaders in the future it would surely create a brighter future. The reason I say this is because its usually those who are young who have some of the greatest ideas. If they learn about the bad that is being done they will learn from the mistake of those before them and create a new type of system.
    Thank you

  • One potential topic for a discussion about business and politics is the role of governmental regulations on businesses. Some people believe that regulations are necessary to protect consumers, ensure fair competition, and prevent corporations from exploiting workers or damaging the environment. Others argue that regulations are burdensome and inhibit business growth and innovation.

    Another potential topic is corporate political activism. Many companies are increasingly vocal about their social and political stances, and some even donate large sums of money to political campaigns or charitable causes. This has led to debates about whether corporations should involve themselves in political matters, or whether they should stick to purely business concerns.

    Yet another potential topic is the impact of political instability and uncertainty on businesses. Changes in government policy, sanctions, political unrest, and other factors can all have significant effects on companies' ability to operate effectively and profitably. Discussing strategies for navigating these kinds of situations can be a fruitful exercise for business leaders and policymakers alike.
    Regarding governmental regulations and business, there are many different types of regulations that can affect businesses, such as labor laws, environmental regulations, tax codes, trade policies, and more. Proponents of regulations argue that they can help level the playing field by preventing big corporations from using their size and power to crush small businesses, protecting consumers from harm, and maintaining a healthy environment. Opponents of regulations argue that they are overly bureaucratic, that they stifle innovation and entrepreneurship, and that they ultimately harm the economy by imposing unnecessary costs on businesses.

    Corporate political activism is another topic that has gained increased attention in recent years. Some high-profile companies have taken stands on issues such as climate change, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, and gun control, often in ways that are at odds with the political views of some of their customers or employees. Supporters of corporate political activism argue that companies have a civic responsibility to use their power and influence for social good, while critics argue that businesses should stay out of politics and focus solely on maximizing shareholder returns.

    I hope I have tried to to say some point about BUSINESS AND POLITICS..... THANK YOU

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about Gender bias because Gender bias is very bad. For example a country is going to elect their new governor and a man and a woman contested and the woman won and some people manipulated the votes and they said a woman can not rule a state.

  • Hi,
    I think there should be a Hub discussion post about "How to increase marketing and stop the war of world."
    We are passing a bad time . Because, many countries are losing their earning.
    I live in 'Bangladesh'. My country is also suffering from a bad problem. At present, our country's trade and commerce is almost at a standstill. Rising commodity prices are making our lives miserable. This is not only in my country. The other countries of world is also suffering for this reason . Basically, the reason for this is war and various political issues in different countries of the world.
    So, I think that we should be discusse about it as soon as possible.
    Thanks for give me a chance for explain my thoughts.

  • I think a good discussion would be on how businesses operated before and after AI came around.
    Some questions that can be asked are;
    When AI came around were businesses working faster or slower than the time with the absence of AI tech?
    Would you say profits in businesses increased or decreased when AI came around?
    Do you prefer businesses without AI or businesses using AI? Explain why?
    With all information gathered, which is better AI-using businesses or the businesses that don't use AI?

    I think there should be a hub discussion about culture because people need to know about each other culture. For example, a man travels to a village and he does not know anything about the village tradition and he does something bad or eats something that he is not supposed to eat and somebody catches him doing that they may punish him and he will not be guilty of what he did.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on "how businesses can stop wars from starting in the first place". We have been talking about how businesses can influence the public and government to stop wars and problems which have already begun. I really think we should think about how the influence of businesses can stop these wars from happening in the first place. One thing I've learned so far in our discussions is the fact that businesses have the ability to either reduce or increase tensions through their influence on the public. This ability that businesses have can be used to promote peace.
    There are many ways that businesses can do this. Unemployment can sometimes cause wars, it can trigger people to get very violent which might cause wars. One of the ways in which businesses can stop wars is by providing jobs. The creation of jobs will not only address unemployment but it can build good relationships between communities. Another way businesses can prevent wars is by using their influence to promote peace. Businesses should use their voice to encourage people to be more peaceful and demote violence.
    Prevention is always better than cure, this is why I believe this should become a discussion.

  • Nomoskar everyone,
    I think artificial intelligence makes a big contribution to business. Currently, business in artificial intelligence welfare has spread from country to world. I can easily know various information about the price of goods and the price of goods in the world market. We can promote the business through social media and we can open the business ID on google, whats app. We can buy and sell our favorite products from home. Quality and acceptable product.

  • Should young people be involved in business and politics??

  • I discussion I will like to suggest is"DO YOU THINK BRAND THAT OFFER HELP TO THE SOCIETY ,FEELS GUILTY OF A CRIME OR THEY ARE JUST DOING THIS FOR HUMANITY" because most brand would have put the life of so many people in danger with their product ,and would just decided to do one goodwill or the other to close the case.

  • I think that businesses should come out and stop following political views as they should be allowed to do what they want and invest where they want. For example McDonalds leaving Russia they should be allowed to have their own opinion on what they do with their business.

    1. I agree because McDonald's is an American brand so it is under the influence of their politics so if McDonald's don't agree with American politics then they will have to close due to going against government beliefs.

  • Hello
    My opinion to politics is that they hide info and have a bad influence on us. Right now there could be a scandal going on with 5-6 leaders in the world that we do not know about whilst they get away with it by blaming something else. This is also known as pivoting that is mainly used by people with a high amount of power. So this is when commercial businesses take place for example when McDonald's left Russia due to the ongoing conflict against Ukraine

  • I would like to start by saying that, I am all about businesses have the right to do as they please. But it also depends on certain circumstances. This is because if you think about, back in 2022 when Russia and Ukraine first went to war, the famous company McDonalds decided to shut down their business in Russia since they started the war. I'm not on Russia side or anything but I think it was wrong for that business to shut down in Russia as the people of that country didn't want to go to war.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about " How to link business and politics together for the development of the society." We know politics is necessary to run the administer of a country properly and business is important to advance the country. So, what would happen if we linked business and politics for the development of the society and make the best out of it? And how can we do that? For this reason, I think we need a good discussion whether we should link business with politics or not.
    Again, I think there should be a hub post about " Why the business increases the value of a products all of a sudden?" Because now a days the seller is using different excuses to increase the price of the products. So, I think we need a good discussion about it and try to find out the main reason behind it.

  • I believe there should be more talk about kids studying subjects related to their future careers instead of making them learn lots of subjects they don't like. It's a waste of time and they lose interest. Kids should focus on what they want to do when they grow up. That way, they can spend more time studying what they love and become really good at it.

    1. I strongly disagree with the statement made by the ambitious Panther. Kids should indeed study all subjects, even if they have a preference for subjects related to their future careers. Studying all subjects helps to provide a well-rounded education, allowing children to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge. It also enables them to explore different areas of interest, discover their strengths, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, studying all subjects is essential in ensuring that children have a comprehensive understanding of the world around them. This comprehensive education prepares them for future academic and professional pursuits.

      1. Hey there! It's super important for kids to learn about all kinds of subjects, even if they really love certain ones that they think might be related to their dream jobs when they grow up. Learning about everything helps us become super smart and skilled in lots of different ways!

        When we study all subjects, like math, science, history, art, and more, it's like having a big toolbox full of different tools. Each subject gives us a new tool to use in life! Plus, it's super fun to explore all these different areas and discover what we're really good at.

        By learning about everything, we become awesome problem-solvers and super thinkers. We can look at things from lots of different angles and come up with cool ideas to solve all sorts of problems. And guess what? Understanding all these different subjects helps us understand the world around us even better!

        So, even if some subjects might seem a bit tricky or not as exciting as others, they're still super important. They help us grow into amazing, well-rounded people who are ready to take on whatever challenges come our way in the future. Keep on learning and exploring, because knowledge is power!

  • I think there should be a discussion about "The Risks of Starting a New Business". When starting a business, there are many obstacles you will face. Either the people you meet want to frame you, or you aren't qualified for something. I think this would be a good topic to talk about for all of the people who want to be entrepreneurs. We would be prepared ahead and obtain more knowledge about businesses.

  • Hello there,
    I believe that there should be a Hub discussion post about Latin American people immigrating to the USA. I think this will be a good discussion because we need to learn why they are coming to the USA illegally. I have learned that people come to the USA to look for jobs, better life, education, and more. I want to know the different opinions from people all around the world about this situation.
    Thank you.

  • A thought-provoking question regarding the intersection of business and politics could be:

    "To what extent should corporations engage in political activism, and what are the potential benefits and drawbacks of such involvement?"
    The question of the extent to which corporations should engage in political activism is a complex and multifaceted issue that involves considerations of ethics, corporate responsibility, and potential consequences for both the company and society at large.

    On one hand, corporations have significant influence and resources that can be leveraged to advocate for social and political change. By engaging in political activism, corporations can use their platform to address important issues, such as climate change, social justice, and human rights. This can lead to positive outcomes, such as raising awareness, shaping public opinion, and driving policy change that aligns with the company's values and interests.

    However, there are also potential drawbacks and risks associated with corporate political activism. For example, taking a stance on controversial issues can alienate certain stakeholders, including customers, employees, and shareholders, leading to reputational damage and potential backlash. Moreover, corporations may face accusations of hypocrisy if their actions contradict their stated values or if they prioritize profit over social or environmental concerns.

    Furthermore, there are concerns about the undue influence of corporations in the political process, particularly in democracies where the interests of powerful corporations may supersede those of ordinary citizens. This raises questions about the fairness and transparency of political decision-making and the extent to which corporate interests should shape public policy.

    In conclusion, while there are potential benefits to corporations engaging in political activism, it is essential for companies to carefully consider the implications and potential risks of such involvement. Balancing the desire to advocate for positive change with the need to maintain trust and credibility among stakeholders is crucial in navigating the complex intersection of business and politics.

    1. Wow, that was incredibly well-written! You’re definitely right, the question of corporate political activism is complex and nuanced. I think the impact that corporations have in society is undeniable, but the extent to which they should use their influence to shape the political landscape is something that needs careful consideration. I also think it’s important to consider the potential unintended consequences of corporate political activism, such as the possibility of stifling dissenting voices or creating a culture of fear within companies. Do you think there are specific cases where corporations have successfully balanced their role as activists with their business interests?

      In other words, corporations have the money and influence to take a stand on important issues, but doing so can be risky. They have to balance their desire to make a difference with their need to make money and keep customers happy. And there are also questions about whether corporations should have so much influence on politics in the first place.

      So, to put it simply, the question is this: Can a company be a good corporate citizen and still make a profit? It's a tough question, and the answer isn't always clear. But it's one that companies have to think about carefully, because the stakes are high. If they don't get it right, they could alienate their customers or get into hot water with regulators. But if they do get it right, they could make a real difference in the world. What do you think? Is it possible for companies to have it both ways?

      1. Hey spirited_concept.
        You've raised some really thought-provoking points about corporate political activism. It's definitely a complex issue with no easy answers. Balancing the role of activism with business interests can be quite challenging for corporations. However, there have been cases where companies have successfully managed to navigate this balance.

        For example, some companies have taken a stand on social and environmental issues that align with their values and their customers' expectations. By doing so, they have not only made a positive impact but also strengthened their brand reputation and customer loyalty. These companies have shown that it's possible to be a good corporate citizen and still make a profit.

        That being said, it's crucial for companies to approach activism with authenticity and transparency. Customers are becoming increasingly aware and critical of companies' actions, so it's important for corporations to genuinely commit to the causes they support, rather than engaging in mere virtue signaling.

        Ultimately, the key lies in finding the right balance and being mindful of the potential consequences. Companies need to carefully consider the impact of their actions, both from a social perspective and in terms of their bottom line. It's a delicate dance, but when done right, corporations can play a positive role in driving social change while still being successful in their business endeavors. What are your thoughts on this?

    2. Well said spirited_concept.
      That's a great question about the intersection of business and politics. It's definitely a complex issue with different perspectives. On one hand, corporations can use their influence and resources to advocate for important causes and drive positive change. They can raise awareness, shape public opinion, and even influence policy decisions. This can have significant benefits for society.

      However, there are also potential drawbacks to consider. Corporate political activism can sometimes be seen as controversial or divisive, potentially alienating certain stakeholders. It's important for companies to carefully navigate these waters and ensure that their actions align with their values and don't compromise their credibility.

      Finding the right balance is key. Corporations should engage in political activism in a responsible and transparent manner, considering the potential impact on their stakeholders and the broader society. By doing so, they can contribute to positive change while still maintaining their business interests.

  • Hi,
    I think there should be Hub discussion post about 'Who is in charge of making businesses go eco -friendly' because I think it will be very interesting to see what people think . The options may like the government , consumers or the businesses themselves . I think this will be a interesting topic as there could be many different reasons for each . Such as I believe the government should make new guidelines that the businesses have to follow or they get fined .

  • Hello,everyone.
    I think there should be a hub discussion on "How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Help Crisis in Changing World Politics and Business". Artificial intelligence is taking over the entire world. Artificial intelligence has a role in almost every field of the world. If artificial intelligence takes different steps in the crisis of business and politics, it will also be possible to solve various problems associated with it.

  • Hey economist foundation and topical talkers
    What I want to say is not related to he discussion but rather I want to suggest a topic for this next week's discussion. And I want to the discussion to be about Love and Valentine:Advantages and Disadvantages.
    We all know that Feb. 14 is the day of love and we already in the week of love, this will make a great discussion because we are mostly students here, so knowing the disadvantages and when is the right time to celebrate valentine is nice!

    1. Nice spirited_concept.
      That's a great suggestion for the next week's discussion. Love and Valentine's Day can definitely be an interesting topic to explore. We can talk about the advantages of celebrating love, like spreading joy and affection, but also discuss the potential disadvantages, such as commercialization or pressure to conform to societal expectations. It's important to find a balance and celebrate love in a way that feels right for each person. Looking forward to diving into this topic with everyone!

  • Greetings to all,
    In my opinion, I think that there should be a hub discussion for 'EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM' as we know that education play's an important role in the life of a person by improving his/her economic growth , knowledge, critical thinking skills , solving complex real life problems and many more . Education also allow a person to achieve his/her ambition, dream and pursue their aspiration.
    Thank you

  • A topic I would like to suggest is "HOW BRAND AND POLITICS CAN PUT AN END TO HARMFUL TRADITIONAL PRACTICE" in this world of innovative ideas and technology,some state still practice the harmful culture.having the belief that it is passed down from their fore father' of this harmful practice is the female genital mutilation is a traditional harmful practice that involves the total or partial removal of the clitoris. according to my research,this is still practiced in at least 30 countries across three continent,it is a global problem that need to be attended to.

    This practice has adverse effects on the female ,such as; infertility,tissue damage, difficulty when urinating, complications in child birth and VVF(vesico vaginal fistula).
    This is an unhealthy traditional practice,where they use infected object to cut them and spread unwanted disease .
    The reason why this is still in practice is because most people feel this is a way of keeping their female child sanity .it will be nice if brands and government could convince the people who practice this and tell them it is unsafe.

    Brands should look for a way to put an end to this endless harmful traditional practice.culture are beautiful but some can be very harmful.

    I would be glad if this discussion can be considered.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey admirable_butterfly, I completely agree with you that harmful traditional practices like female genital mutilation (FGM) need to be addressed and put to an end. It's unfortunate that this practice still exists in many countries, causing serious health issues for women.

      Brands and governments can play a crucial role in raising awareness and advocating for change. By using their influence and resources, they can educate communities about the harmful effects of FGM and promote alternative cultural practices that are safe and respectful of women's rights.

      It's important to approach this issue with sensitivity and respect for cultural traditions, while also emphasizing the importance of health and well-being. Collaborative efforts between brands, governments, and local communities can help bring about positive change and create a world where harmful practices like FGM are no longer accepted.

      I think this would be a meaningful and impactful discussion to have. Let's continue to raise awareness and work towards ending harmful traditional practices together!

  • Overpopulation, what is it ? In simple words increasing population in best way poverty we se poverty rates and related news to poverty due to increase of population the security decreased because government cannot afford so much of money and due to which crimes have increased healthcare facilities are are getting poor controlling the crimes are equivalent to impossible, lack of food. The government is trying as much as they can but still poverty rates are still high till 2080 the population may hit to 360 million, so it is a very sensitive topic which is necessary to talk

    Thank you

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

      1. Sure well I used to ask my friends and parents did debate with my friends I saw a video of people surfing poverty so I thought that why is it caused ? And that's how I got an idea for Overpopulation well poverty is a very crucial topic to discuss so like Burundi suffers poverty commonly the 5 years kids die due to starvation and famine thought my country is also overpopulated but less poverty because India has trillions of money.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about the "costumers protection" where everyone can discuss how can a customer stay protected on the internet while shopping online because as we know there lots of online companies that always try to motivate people into buying their products, some companies are trying to scam people by advertising a very appealing price but end up scaming someone . So in my opinion, this a very prestigious concept to discuss about since we all k ow that the internet can be a bit dangerous so we all have to immediately check the source that we are going to use on the internet in order to feel safe and secure on the internet without any doubts.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about "Should children get the chance to run for president" because we children have a firm foundation and education system therefore, I think children would serve as good presidents. Children are up to date on news and trending events so they might have solutions for problems. Many adults would disagree with me because they believe that with age comes wisdom.

    1. Interesting ideas. Why do you think a child is not allowed to become president?

      1. Well,
        one reason why a child is not allowed to become president is because there are certain qualifications and requirements for the position. In many countries, including Nigeria, the legal age to hold the office of the president is typically higher than the age of a child. This is because being a president involves making important decisions, leading a nation, and dealing with complex issues that require maturity, experience, and understanding. It's important to have individuals who have had the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge, and judgment before taking on such a significant role.

      2. I think children can't be president because every country has their age limit for qualifying as a president. Example- In Ghana, per the 1992 constitution people are allowed to be president when they are above the age of 40. This is related to age restrictions. And secondly, I don't think a bunch of adults are going to vote for a child over an adult. In this case, the power of the child is underestimated and no matter how bad the president seems to be they won't choose a 12-year-old over a 52-year-old that I can assure you.

      3. I think because a child suppose to go to school more futher. And to have a skilled labour job,and to have the passion in being a president be4 he or she becomes a ptesident.

    2. I think not. There are countless and numerous reasons why children shouldn't get the opportunity to run for president; and it's not because they aren't smart enough, but they just simply lack the requirements. I mean, for starters, how do you think presidents are able to run a country? They have to go to school, and learn about politics and other things of that nature. However, children are still in school learning about their ABCs and 123s, what makes anyone think that they're capable of controlling an entire country?? Next, wouldn't it put an immense amount of stress on the kid? As a kid, it can be hard to control your emotions, as well as handle stress; and with becoming president, there is a good amount of stress. Becoming president at such a young age could ruin their childhood, and even more.

  • A discussion I would like to suggest.
    "MEDIA" serving as a watchdog to politics ,is it beneficial to the people or to the government.
    If you ask me I will say they are only of benefit to the government,they only write article the want the people to see,they don't emphasize on the bad things the government commit,they only show place where our government take part in good deed.should the media not be truthful if the government hides the bad things they do.the citizens look up to the media because they are the only one that knows the in and out of politics,but instead they decided to be blinded by greed.
    I feel the media is protecting the government not the people.

  • "Customer Service" should be at the top of our priority list as it is an indispensable aspect of every business. We must acknowledge that customers are the lifeblood of any organization, and their satisfaction is the key to success. However, some companies have failed to recognize this, leading to significant losses due to poor treatment of their customers or delayed response times. It is high time that we discuss this topic and raise awareness on how to provide extraordinary customer service. We need to instill confidence in our customers by treating them with the utmost respect and care. By doing so, we can ensure the growth and prosperity of our organizations.
    Thank you

  • Warm greetings too all with the advancement of Ai, during the pandemic situation we all continued our study on online platforms. It was effective as well as non effective. So,I thing the topic "online learning is effective or traditional learning" can be the perfect topic to discuss on as a student who has went through that phrase !!

  • Hey there, I think there should be a hub discussion about inclusivity. Finding ways to encourage young minds to air out their ideas without being politically inclined. Is politics the only way to the future of shooting ideas now? Without politics, can people ever produce fresh and innovative ideas? Can education promote the innovative minds of children around the world? Why do some parts of the country seem to be less evolving and corrupt, while others seem to be evolving rapidly and transparently? I think all these factors boil down to one common issue. Corruption! Feel free to share your ideas; I'm more than happy to hear your views and even answers to this. Thank you!

  • I think there should be a discussion about how companies get dragged into the political problem of the world. For example imagine a company that was doing very fine until there was an election. Most of the people in the store were talking about a president. Then the owner of the store said he doesn't really mind who gets the president's role. This causes conflict with people then the owner gets dragged in, and it all in the news. So that's why i think there should be a discussion about how companies get dragged to political problems

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion about: What does a good business mean?
    I sometimes think : What does a good Politician mean? What does a good MP mean? But I don't often think about what a good business means and I would like to know what you guys think a good business means. I know that there is probably no right or wrong in this so it would be nice to see what a good business means to some of you guys that live in countries such as Ghana, India , Nigeria ,USA , Bangledesh and so much more. I personally think that a good business means you are kind as an employee or as the manager. It means that you know your people and employees. It means you have a love for the business that you are a part of. And it doesn't mean you have to own it to love it.

  • I personally would suggest we talk about "Consumer Consumption".
    Lets start by defining the two words.
    A consumer is someone or a group of people that that purchase goods and services .
    And consumption means the act of using up your resources.
    Based on my research, there are currently at least 238 million acutely food insecure people around the world.
    So I would want to plead to the government of those countries to bring manumission to them cause they really need it at this point in time.

  • i think there should be a discussion about corruption in business and politics because it is important to consider every aspect in business and politics including the processes and planning in the world of business

  • Should restaurant brands start making their stuff cheaper?
    Brands should make their food cheaper. People will buy from cheaper places to save money,. More people will go to cheaper fast food places. Like how Mc Donalds is more popular. More restaurant brands will sky rocket in popularity. People will not have to keep searching for cheap restaurants!

  • I think we should talk about the ways you can build or even make your business popular

  • Today in Gifted we talked about what is the biggest business worldwide. We had an argument about how Microsoft is the biggest company in the whole entire world. Both teams chose Microsoft so there was really nothing to argue about. We had to do a lot of research. I learned a lot about Microsoft and how many apps they created. I'm glad we all learn new things everyday and that is all we did in gifted.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on 'bribery and corruption.
    For an example to employ a relative member to participate in the work, which is more of mental abilities. And that member to did not go to formal education. So if the employee bribes the employer by giving tips, discounts can affect the business by absent minded and can not even calculate .
    And also in order to bring fear into the business for instance :makes cheating easier, low creativity. If not that promotes joy for instance: makes employees learn on their own pace,

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about “How to make your business/project/brand famous”.

    Because,some brands have good quality products,well done etc…
    But they are not famous enough to be known so people won’t know about that product/brand so this business/project/brand will lose a lot.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about 'WHY DO CANDIDATES NEED BUSINESSMEN TO WIN VOTES?' because I think about this all the time and I mean, why do they need businessmen to wining votes? Don't they have the caliber? Don't they have what it takes to serve the nation in this way? Why do they need help; if they can't do it, then why ARE they in the running?

  • Hi! I think there should be a topic about "What are some effective strategies to improve customer retention for small businesses?" This question can get us thinking because customer retention is crucial for the long-term success of a business, and there are various factors and tactics that can contribute to it. To provide a well detailed answer, you would need to consider the specific industry, target audience, and current customer retention rate to come up with an answer. Additionally, research and analyzing case studies would be necessary for actionable advice. Overall, this question requires a combination of critical thinking, research, and practical knowledge of businesses.

  • Hi Everyone,
    I think the should be a hub post on "How political influence impacts the quality of products manufactured by multinational companies and what measures can be taken to ensure companies prioritize consumer safety and well-being despite potential political challenges?"

    I think so because multinational companies like Volkswagen have failed to provide good quality products after enhancing their base...VW marketed itself as an environmentally conscious company with "clean diesel" technology but it was revealed that it cheated emissions tests using software,resulting in a major scandal and Enron collapsed in 2001 due to accounting fraud and corporate mismanagement, resulting in one of the largest corporate scandals in history...

    But do you know what was common between those cases?...Yes,the role of politics in this issue cannot be ignored....Political influence can result in careless regulations, leading to compromised product quality and consumer safety putting the 'health' and 'safety' of consumers at risk...

    Volkswagen allegedly installed software in their diesel vehicles to cheat emissions tests according to reputable sources such as the New York Times,BBC and Reuters....The company paid around $4 billion in penalties as a result and The Enron scandal involved fraudulent accounting practices that led to bankruptcy and criminal charges against executives...The SEC website has more information on related enforcement actions...

    Have you ever thought about the companies that put profits before consumer safety?..We need to find ways to hold them accountable-whether it's through imposing hefty fines or implementing strict rules...But, there is a catch- can these government regulations interfere with innovation and progress in the industry?Prioritizing consumer safety may increase prices so,how can we ensure consumer safety without burning a hole in our pockets?There are still many questions that need to be answered....I hope this issue will be voiced out...Thank you for reading...I appreciate the effort!

  • Hello,
    I think there should be a Hub discussion on the topic 'Killing/torturing animals for the sake of business' because thsi shall throw light upon practices within industries that utilize animal products, such as silk, wool, etc. Also we shall get different views on whether is it ok to kill some animals so that we can live in luxury? Should this practice be limited, or is it necessary to halt it entirely?This discussion could lead to a deeper understanding of our relationship with animals and the impact of our choices on them.

  • Hi everyone!
    I think there should be a discussion about the increase in prices (inflation) in everything and how that affects businesses.
    I think that this will let students express themselves on how the increase in prices affects certain businesses and their customers.
    And the fact that luxury items like cars in certain countries will sales of items like this to decrease.

  • I think 🤔 there should be a hub discussion on advertisment. .where we can talk mistakes brand often make while advertising 🙂.

    1. What sort of mistakes do you think people would discuss?

      1. According to Wikipedia the mistakes brand often make are
        1. Running isolated Unified today campaign
        2. Not investing in long term brand building.
        A according to me mistakes brand often make are
        1. It’s influence on body image. young people, especially girls are unveil and 🥰 portrayal of beauty leading to body dissatisfaction,low self-esteem and even eating disorder.

    2. Hello, patient_road,
      I agree with you because some businesses make big mistakes in their adverts causing some people to boycott their businesses just due to the mistake that they made in advertising,some of them also make a lot of mistakes outside advertising. For example, businesses that made little mistakes in their business life. So, according to mistakes/#:~:text=Marketing%20Mistake%20Example%20%232%3A%20Coca,i.e.%2C%20%E2%80%9CNew%20Coke%E2%80%9D)&text=No%20article%20on%20marketing%20mistakes,on%20their%20much%20beloved%20product, Coca Cola's Failed Attempt at Reinventing the Wheel, Apple’s Heavy Handed “Gift” That No One Could Refuse, Adidas Overlooked a Major Marketing Mistake In Light of Current Events and McDonald’s UK Commercial Tests the Waters of Child Bereavement, all these companies are very popular now because they learnt from their mistakes and they also had a lot of people that boycotted their business due to this mistake they had made but they always looked at the bright side of everything and that made them successful.
      In conclusion, I just say that businesses should be able to make the right choices and decisions for a brighter future and that if they make mistakes they should never give up but instead they should learn from their mistakes.
      THANK YOU.

  • I once watched a YouTube video that not only claimed but proved that owning a BurgerKing restaurant is harder than getting into Harvard- one of the most prestigious Ivy League universities in the world, and it got me thinking ‘why are businesses especially fast food chains so meticulous about who owns a restaurant to their name?’
    Of course they can’t give a restaurant to just nobody but why is it so arduous to own one?
    The discussion would be about what exactly shareholders look for in potential restaurant owners, why ownership is difficult to obtain and how much more beneficial it is to own a restaurant than go to the most prestigious universities – believe me I would give up a Harvard scholarship to own a BurgerKing any day, and lots of people my ask me why.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on "business and politics. What is politics?in your country who are those the politicians?
    What i believe is that politician are all liers.
    Becides what does business mean to you?
    Does business mean to love your business or what. I think that first thing first to do in yoir business is to have the appopriate tools and equipment that can promote love and kindness in the business.

    1. Hi @sincere_whale - why do you believe that all politicians are liars?

  • Hi everyone
    I think there should be a topic about poverty in the community.
    Any ways who the highest puppolation of poverty,due to the result of poverty, how can the business go on by increasing priceses.
    However poverty is one of the most severe case in which the govrnment should address on. Especially in rual areas .

  • I think there should a Hub discussion post about "Social media with regards to business and politics" because I think a Hub discussion on this topic could have diverse perspectives and insights Social media's role in business and politics is complex and often controversial. There could be questions like is social media a plat form for political propaganda or is it just a source of entertainment? Is there a hidden political agenda behind social media or is it for business purposes. Does it totally support the local people or is it influenced by government? . Does social media empower individuals and local groups?
    Thank you

  • Hi,
    Well I'd like us to talk about the topic "THE POOR QUALITY OF GOODS".
    Citizens nowadays are beginning to manufacture fake products and selling to consumers due to the fact that they may be experiencing some financial difficulties.
    Like there was a day I went out to purchase some flip flops .
    They were called CROCS ,and unlucky for me, I got the fake ones.
    And I didn't even know until I went back home to show my friend the new kicks I got.
    He told me they we're fake but I didn't believe him till he brought he's and showed me things that his own had and mine didn't.
    And those few things could only be noticed if I was observant.
    And how he's was better was that his own was more expensive than mine.
    So the main root of all these problems is the lack of job opportunities.
    Opportunities should be created to people that want to provide for their families because if they are not created, the citizens would go into stealing and other terrible things that a human should not engage in.
    So I urge the government of the various countries to please bring change.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on must taxes be payed before creating your own business because I think it's just not fair to pay taxes before building your own company. It's not like the tax is going to be any benefit to you. I think this is part of the reasons people are jobless because most people have great talents and plan to create a business in the future just to realize that you must pay for creating your OWN business. It's very painful. I think this law is useless since I see no positive impact on it. If this happens only wealthy people would have the opportunity to pay for it to create their own companies. And they are already very rich with lots of money. When this happens what would the poor people do?

  • I think that a hub discussion such as "Should students be able to interfere and speak up about things going on in politics?" would be suitable. I say this because there has been an ongoing debate on if students should have the privilege to speak up about politics during school hours. For example, many students have been seen protesting about stuff as in the Hamas and Israel war and others. The right to voice your opinion is protected by the first amendment. However, you mustn't disrupt the learning environment. All in all, I think this would be a good hub discussion since many people have different opinions about this certain topic.

    1. What's your opinionon this, daring_passionfruit?

      1. I personally think that students have all the rights as well as freedom to speak up/protest about political issues. I say this because the right to speak about what you think is right and what isn't is protected in the first amendment.

        1. How about students in other countries daring_passionfruit? Do you think these same rights apply across the world?

          1. Yes. I think that everyone deserves their basic human right to voice their opinion, don't you think? It doesn't matter if you're in the USA or not, everyone deserves the freedom to protest, even students. Everyone is allowed to speak up about what they think is right or wrong, so why not students??

  • I think a question that would make a great discussion is "What solutions would you come up with if you were president"? This is because most of us think some presidents ruling method is bad which is actually true but when I sat down to try to find solutions, they just didn't seem to make sense or help so I started to empathize with presidents thinking there were no solutions to fix the problems. Could it be that they are trying their best but the citizens or the solutions are not working. I would really love to hear people's ideas.

  • I think we should discuss overpopulation, since it's a huge thing. Overpopulation is when there is too many people living somewhere, this happens in slums a bunch. Slums are where poor people that can't afford much live in very harsh conditions. They could freeze to death, or the roof might not be stable, so it could fall. Houses in poor living conditions aren't nice. If you have a family, it could get really crowded.

    Thanks for reading!

  • The topic I really want to talk about is animal right. Did think should animal have right Without rights that are enshrined in law, there is nothing to stop up being harmed and exploited. Animals can suffer, like us, they have personalities and preferences like us, and they do not wish to be harmed, like us.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about AI's relationship to business.This could be hurtful or helpful to the economy. Is automation the better way to go or do we take it upon ourselves to help the environment?

  • my first comment on boycott did not go so that got me thinking do businesses value boycotts and how do boycotts influence businesses and companies

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the intersection of businesses and politics because it's a critical aspect of modern society. Understanding how businesses influence political decisions and vice versa sheds light on power dynamics, economic policies, and societal impact and many more.Most of the people are anawre of many of their political rights. Spreading it would be very beneficial for them

  • I think there should be a discussion on "Business Law",it is important to know that running a business without really this laws,can cause less productivity in a company.

    Business Law are rules and regulations which guides the operation of business activities.we have various kind of business law e.g

    *Contract and commercial law:this types of law deals with matter that involve contract among the buyer and seller.
    *Laws of tort:these law deals with injuries caused by a company, either to it workers, consumer or the society
    *Corporate law:This law deals with business and stockholders.

    Business that make use of this laws have flawless productivity and will have a good relationship with the consumers.most business have forgotten that this laws exist and tend to do whatever they feel is right.
    So therefore business law should Should be practiced in all companies.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the impact of political instability on businesses, because it's a timely and important topic that affects economies worldwide. Most countries worldwide suffer from political instability. I suggest this discussion so that we can talk about how businesses deal with uncertain political situations, what they do to reduce risks, and how it affects them and society in the long run.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion if companies and organizations should be able to say what they think about other buisnesses celebrities or nations in war for instance Nike ending their sponsorship and contract with Kanye Westor starbucks supporting Isreal in the war

  • Hello,
    I think there should be a Hub discussion post about, is it fair for businesses to be able to control workers by forcing them to do work? I think this because, some businesses might force workers to do things they are not comfortable with and might threaten to fire them. For example, a person who works an A. I. creating business might be afraid to lose their job to the A. I. they are making but they are forced to work. The hub post could have two choices for A, or B. and it could say,"Imagine if you worked at an A.I. making business but you are afraid you will lose your job to the A.I. one day. You ask the business owner can you get a different position, but they force you to do your job. Do you think this is fair or not?" The first option could be A, It is fair because the business needs you to do your job, and they have the right to force you to do it. Next is B, It is unfair for businesses to force you to work if you don't feel comfortable, and they shouldn't have the right to force you to do it.

    1. Which option would you choose, comfortable_meaning? Is one of those choices easier to argue for than the other?