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If we see a stereotype such as 'men are better mechanics' we could acknowledge the stereotype... Stereotypes 13/3/24
Are you interested in starting a meaningful conversation related to this topic? If you have a... Suggest a discussion 06/3/24
Sometimes, our actions can unintentionally support stereotypes by making assumptions about... Stereotypes 06/3/24
Immigration policies can create strong divisions among people. Some individuals support new... Why so divisive? 05/3/24
Yes, I agree with the statement that protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility,... Businesses v the environment 29/2/24
I disagree with the statement that businesses should prioritize making profits over... Businesses v the environment 29/2/24
I disagree with a due to the fact that if we relly on computers and robots we would be nothing... Will schools exist in future? 28/2/24
I agree with c because you learn lots of facts in school but also you learn opinion in school... Will schools exist in future? 28/2/24
Global events like COP28 play a crucial role in addressing environmental challenges worldwide.... Global action! 28/2/24
Personally I think that not everything should be replaced by AI due to the fact that adults play... AI bots on the Hub? 27/2/24
"The student that made me think differently is amusing_ocean . They made me change my mind about... Competition #2 winners 01/2/24