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  • The topic I would like to suggest that could make a great discussion is on
    DIGIT ALL- Innovation and technology on gender equality.
    It recognize and celebrate the women and girls who are championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital education.
    Although it's the theme for the women international day in the year 2023 and this could make another great discussion on the hub.

    1. Can you say what you'd like to discuss about this? What would the conversation be about?

      1. Hey Olivia!
        Thanks for reaching out. I think discussing the impact of innovation and technology on gender equality would be a fascinating topic.
        We could explore how women and girls are using technology to break barriers, promote inclusivity, and empower themselves. It would be interesting to delve into specific examples of transformative technology and digital education initiatives that are championed by women.
        What are your thoughts on this?

  • The topic I think that would make a great discussion is "how to balance the issues of Gender inequality among the society today"

    1. @caring_spring you can add your thoughts on this to the current thread on Gender inequality

    2. Certainly, addressing the challenges of gender inequality in today's society is crucial for fostering a more inclusive and equitable environment. Initiating a discussion on ways to achieve this balance can lead to valuable insights and promote positive change in our society, family, school and religious organization.

      1. I'm not sure about this because, gender Inequality in today society so hard to be use.tod

  • The topic I think that would make a great discussion is" WOMEN IN POLITICS". I suggested the topic because women are not entitled in participating in politics very well. Taking Nigeria for example, since when Nigeria had gained independence in the year 1960 on the 1st of October, a female has never ever been the president of the country, which is not good enough.
    Here are countries that women has president are Nepal,India, Estonia etc.
    I don't know why Nigeria never had a female president.
    I think that this would make a great discussion because there are some students on the hub that their country one/had a female president and some countries that does not have.

    1. Hi Caring_Spring, why do you think a women has not yet been elected president of Nigeria? What do you think would have to change to help them reach this goal?

      1. Hi Yarima,
        That's an interesting question. The topic of why a woman has not yet been elected president of Nigeria is complex and multi-faceted. There could be various factors contributing to this, such as cultural norms, societal expectations, and historical biases. To help women reach this goal, it would require a combination of societal changes, increased representation, and opportunities for women to participate in politics and leadership roles. It's important to promote gender equality, challenge stereotypes, and create an inclusive environment where women have equal opportunities to lead. What are your thoughts on this?

      2. In my own opinion after trying to understand why women are not elected to be the president is because of their gender, looking in a right and sensible way people are not expected to vote according to people's gender, race, or religion. but as long as they have good characters and good policies then Women should at least have access to participate in political campaigns to become the president. If women can be the backbone of society, can have their own goals manage multiple problems, and nurture others so why can't women become the president, maybe because of their weak side people think that they can not become the president.

      3. Hi Yarima,
        From the way I see it, in Nigeria, the absence of a female president stems from various factors deeply ingrained in societal norms, cultural traditions, and political frameworks. Throughout history, Nigeria, like many countries, has been predominantly led by men, reflecting traditional beliefs favoring male leadership. Moreover, women in Nigerian politics often encounter systemic hurdles like limited educational opportunities, cultural biases against female leaders, and unequal access to political engagement. Additionally, Nigeria's political scene is marked by entrenched power structures, where influential male elites dominate decision-making and party hierarchies. This poses significant obstacles for women seeking top political positions, including the presidency. To pave the way for a female president in Nigeria, substantial changes are necessary. Firstly, there must be a concerted effort to eradicate gender-based discrimination and promote gender equality across all sectors, especially politics. This involves implementing policies like affirmative action and gender quotas to boost women's political representation. Secondly, political institutions must undergo reforms to become more inclusive and responsive to women's needs and interests. This includes revising electoral processes to address barriers faced by women candidates, ensuring equitable representation of women within political parties, and creating platforms for women to voice their political agendas and many more.
        Thank you.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the portrayal of women in leadership positions in media because it's crucual to examine how these representations impact societal perceptions and as pirations for women and it is important to see how thos affects which people think women can achive.

    1. That's certainly an interesting topic. In what ways do you think women in leadership positions are portrayed differently from men? Can you think of some examples?

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the portrayal of women in video games because it's a significant aspect of popular culture that often reflects and influences societal attitudes towards gender. By exploring the representation of female characters in video games, we can delve into broader discussions about gender stereotypes, diversity, and inclusivity in media. Additionally, it's an opportunity to discuss the impact of these representations on gamers, especially young audiences, and consider ways to promote more positive and empowering portrayals of women in this influential form of entertainment.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about "Is gender inequality sometimes justified?" Because women are better at certain jobs than men, and vice versa. A nice example is home maintenance. Women are always better at the kitchen and in the house than men. This is mostly because most men are working to try and provide for their families. That is not to say that all men can't do this job; rather, most of the people who do it are women.
    There are jobs that are the complete opposite, such as bodybuilding. Because males have higher testosterone levels than females, they will have more muscles and strength in general. That is again, not saying that women can't do bodybuilding; rather, most of the people who do it are men.
    So, in short, I believe this will be an interesting topic for all of us Topical Talkers to discuss because it will teach us if gender inequality, or rather, people from different genders doing different jobs, is justified.

    1. Hello!
      I think that this is a very interesting (and quite controversial) topic! I can understand what you are saying, to some extent, that members of either gender may statistically be more inclined to adopt a certain profession, however I think the issue arises when people assume that this is a rule (or even take issue with any deviance from the trend). for example, a woman taking up a stereotypically female occupation, such as being the primary homemaker or stay-at-home mother, should not be judged as being 'anti-feminist', but at the same time, a woman embracing a more typically masculine lifestyle such as body-building should be judged as 'not feminine enough'. I also think the use of the phrasing 'women are always better at the kitchen and in the house than men' is slightly inaccurate, as it suggests a binary where all women fit into one category, while all men fit into another, although I get the impression that this wasn't the intention of the message! Overall I love the topic suggestion, and think that it could open up an interesting discussion about the extent to which society influences career or lifestyle choices versus natural inclination

      1. Thank you for the calm reply. I was raised in the Middle East; that is what women do here, but after a little bit of research, I found out that this isn't normal. Outside of the Middle East, women actually have some respect. For example, in Egypt, if a woman and a man are caught sleeping together without being married, the woman will be arrested, but the man will be freed. This is one of the numerous gender inequalities we have. So, again, thanks for the calm reply; it actually helped me learn something new.

  • I understand that this week's discussion is focused on women, but I noticed that the topic of gender equality came up in several places. This led to a debate among my friends. Some of them argued that women should be treated the same as men, while others argued that if women were treated the same as men, they would become more miserable because men do not have all the facilities such as reserved seats, etc. So, the question is whether women should be treated equal to men or better than they are now.

    1. I agree with this mainly on the matter of reserved seats because even on boats like cruise ships its always women and children first and on many other facilities like planes they are always preferred to be saved, so if we have equality will men always have this disadvantage.

    2. I think that women should be treated the same as men because when women and men are treated the same, it could promote peace as there would be less protests and demonstrations. Also a society where women and men are equal would be privileged because women are better leaders than men and more caring as well. It has been scientifically proven that women are better leaders than men especially in Nigeria according to www.the Therefore if women were to be treated equally with men, there would be equal opportunities for both genders which would allow for female leaders which would in turn lead to flourishment of that society. So i think that there should be a hub discussion that SHOULD WOMEN BE TREATED THE SAME AS OR BETTER THAN THEY ARE NOW.

  • If I were a news reporter the headline I would suggest is " Resolution to Conflict". This is because there had been high rate of conflict, a great example is the Israel and Palestine, Ukraine and Russia etc.
    I suggested the headline because the people living in those country are not safe, they would have even been a state of emergency several times and this could limit the human right. This a great headline that a good news reporter would suggest.
    Thank you!

  • The headline I would suggest as a news reporter would be* Fake News*. This is because there had being high rate of fake news in the society of nowadays which has caused some many difficulties.
    I would like to ask a question*Who is responsible for fake news is it the people who gets the news from insecured or those that produces it.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about women in maternity. Though women are becoming more and more capable of confronting the issues in front of them, pregnant women find it difficult to get equal economic opportunities. I think there should be a hub discussion about government policies regarding maternal women

    1. Hello, Digital Fern,
      I honestly hadn't considered this angle, the economic impacts of pregnancy and maternity, and definitely think it is something worth discussing! This could also relate to the gender pay gap, and how women, who are typically expected to be the primary homemaker and parent, may be hindered in their careers, whilst men may be more able to continue their career progression following becoming a parent. I am not one hundred percent sure on the statistics, but it seems that women, including those who have jobs at a similar level to their spouses, and nonetheless expected to take on the burden of most domestic responsibilities , including child-rearing. Of course with more time dedicated to this, professional development may be deprioritised for many. This may vary from place to place internationally, but that certainly seems to be the trend here in Britain.
      I'd love to hear more about your stance on this particular issue!

  • I think this would be a good discussion "Does working mothers hinder their child development ".
    Because most mothers tend to pay more attention to their career and forget they have children to care for.

    1. Do you think that balancing a career and raising children should be a concern for both parents? If not, can you explain why?

      1. I think so,because before now everyone thinks a woman role is just to take care of the family, but due to various gender talk,alot of women mind set are changed ,they now believe they can be productive in career and in family.
        Now the issue is how to balance career and raising of children. Children are to receive parental love, care,attention and moral teaching. Any child that lacks all this trait is likely to be a problem in the society. And if a child becomes a problem to the society they will blame the parents most especially mothers.that why they don't give female the opportunity to go in a good career. Because they believe they will not be able to give their attention in the family.
        So therefore mothers should try their best to give their kids the parental consent and love they deserve and also do great in their career.
        And remember people will always look for your mistakes, and not your success.

        1. Hello,
          I agree because very young children that have mothers that are always absent usually do not get the opportunity to know their parents well enough to speak and associate with them. They would not be capable of confiding in them when they need assistance or moral advice or support. I understand that mothers need to work really hard to make ends meet, but they should likewise set aside time to stay and cater for their children. That way it would be really easy for children to confide in their parents and to trust them whenever they need help.

  • I really want to suggest a discussion about the "portrayal of women in advertising" because the portrayal of women in advertising plays a significant role in shaping societal perceptions of gender roles and expectations. By critically examining and challenging these representations, we can work towards creating a more inclusive and empowering media landscape for women.

  • A topic for a discussion post or hub could focus on the significant contributions of black women to society. Acknowledging the importance of giving more recognition to black women, both historically and in the present, and how their actions have paved the way for future generations is crucial. For instance Madam C.J. Walker who established her own hair care line, empowering women, especially black women to embrace their natural beauty and hair, or Daisy Bates who was a civil rights activist who raised awareness about segregation. Another woman is Serena Williams, whose impact on sports and the empowerment of women athletes is undeniable. Here are some key points to consider:
    How could these women be recognized more?
    What do you think you or other people can do to encourage more women around the world?
    What are some major contributions black women/women have made that have been brought towards the future?
    Thank you!!!

  • Hello everyone ,
    Here is a potiental question about women in media and gender inequality that can spark great and an interesting dissussion or debate :
    " How can we make sure that women are exactly and positively respected in the media to conflict gender categorize and encourage equality?"
    Thank you !!🙏

  • 1. Who has more power to stop bias ?

    1. Who has more power to stop bias ?
    People who can influence adults children’s behaviour

    2. Women are better at reporting about women and men reporting about men.
    I strongly agree.

    3. What was Zanny most most passionate about?
    “It’s important not just to think about women's issues”

    4. How often do you feel represented by the news by what you see?

    5. Total equality for women will not be possible without the support of journalists?
    Strongly agree

    People who can influence adults children’s behaviour

    1. Thanks for sharing your ideas, grounded_drawing! Can you choose one answer you gave and explain it?

  • Hi,
    I want us to discuss on the matter of women not being able to do certain things, I want us to discuss on the concept of women being "too weak" or being "incapable". Women over the years have been stereotyped if I do say so myself. Just because some women were not able to do some things other women's capabilities have been undermined . But the truth is that women are strong, resilient, bold and capable in nature, to me when men shy away from some things because of fear women face it head own. I had these neighbors who were attacked, when their dad had the opportunity he fled, but their mom stayed with them to protect them and tough she sustained some injuries, she was happy that her children were safe. Let me dive in a little bit deeper, I would like to bring up another discussion; why do you think women were given the responsibilities of being mothers and taking care of the home instead of men? To me there is a reason why the responsibility of giving birth, nurturing children and taking care of a home were given to women, women are patient, tolerant and caring in nature, To me men will never be able to tolerate what women have gone through especially as mothers, for example we as children know how annoying we can be especially to our moms, because they always have to do the work of the bad cop to put us in the right track we tend to dislike them a little and always prefer our dads because they are hardly the ones that have to deal with our excesses and correct us, but the mom has to deal with everything and still keep everyone happy. I have said what I think about this, I would like to know your opinions too.
    Thank you!

    1. Firstly, I hope your neighbours are okay. I don't think we can jump to conclusions about why your neighbour fled, not put it down to his gender.
      You describe women as patient, tolerant and caring in nature, but to what extent do you think this is a self-fulfilling prophecy? By this, I mean that because you think that women are these things, and society tells you it too, women then live up to your expectation and fit the mould. What if the system was shaken up, would it still be the same?

      1. Hi,
        Honestly I do not know, Yes my opinion on this is based on personal perspectives and also social factors, but to think about the issue if the system is shaken is rather hard. And the truth is that about the matter of my neighbor I did my research before making the statement, and yes I can't judge all men based on this event, but honestly I still believe that women are all these things and more, women have made an impact in the world that cannot be compared to another, like I said from the roles of being mothers, wives and even leaders. They are strong and resilient despite the constant discrimination and disdain they have to go through almost in every situation they find themselves. A distant relative of mine, when she was younger applied for a certain job but too her dismay she was rejected under the pretext that they particularly needed a male figure for that post. Honestly, to me it will be rather hard for the system too be shaken, men do have problems they face too but they won't be ever able to experience what women have to go through since from ancient times, these problems of inequality did not start now, they started a very long time ago and as time went on these concepts were inculcated into the minds of the offspring and this is where we find ourselves today. Yes, gender discrimination and equality has reduced at a good rate but like I said in one of my comments for the tables to turn around or for the system to be shaken will be very hard , if not nearly impossible. I hope that you have seen it from my point of view and I appreciate you asking me this question because it made me to elaborate more to myself and to everyone on the hub my honest opinion on this issue.
        Thank you!

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about secularism and democracy. I think this is important because Nowadays although a country is stating that it is secular and democratic , the level of democracy and secularism are very low . Some countries state democracy but the government of the country is actually controlling the media and people of the country , also some countries officially state themselves as seculartist but aren't secularist. Also some countries not promoting secularism and democracy are taking these positive steps to encourage equality for and stop religious and gender based discrimination. .

  • I would like to suggest a discussion using this question:
    What way do you think is more effective to stop gender equality?
    A. Education: Are schools the only solution to gender equality? Changing the next generation's mindset?
    B. Advocacy: Public support or protest of gender inequality?
    C. Legislation: The government is the only one who can brainwash the people?
    D. Other: There are other better methods to stop gender bias.
    I would love us as children to find a solution to gender bias. I'm open to suggestions.
    Thank you.

  • I think an amazing discussion would be on the equal importance of males and females in the society.
    Females have importance like;
    They give birth
    They are great caretakers for children

    Males have importances such as;
    Until there is good gender equality, men are the money makers of most families
    Men (fathers) would mostly do anything for their children and work hard to put food on their tables

    1. Why do you think men are automatically considered the ones who bring the money in over females?

      1. I think it is because at the moment there are more men employ while the women take care of the children at home unless they go to school. But the women can actually run small businesses to bring in some money. In other cases though, the men may not have a job or would have a job that doesn't even give them half enough of the money they need and the women would have a job that brings in a lot of money. I feel it would be better if the men and the women were both working at jobs that paid enough for the families to go by.

  • So far reading the student's comment, I have seen and noticed one important topic that a lot of topical talkers made mention of. Their comments speak clearly of women, women, women. Why. What is the reason for this? Why are people talking more about women? Why don't they talk about men? There should be a reason for the student to talk about women. Let me emphasize on this. Human beings are of both genders, the male and the female. The males are the men, while the females are the women. So, if men all are allowed to do whatever they want and they are humans why not women, are they to not humans are they are toys that we use when ever we like.

    1. Can you think of some historical reasons as to why we celebrate International Women's Day?

      1. As for history, well, it can be interpreted in any way that it began when women demanded their rights in order to respect the movement of women's rights and to gain support for accomplishing their objectives. This is because of all the issues that surround women today, including unfair treatment of them. There is an obvious historical justification for the women's movement: shouldn't they be free to follow their passions, explore their desires, obtain an education, and do everything else they want? They are not toys that we may use whenever and however we like; they are human beings. Thus, this was a historical justification for International Women's Day.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion about "Pronouns". I say this because nowadays there are many people who identify themselves as something other than how they look. This would provide many people with the knowledge of how to pronouns the people around them without disrespecting them.

  • I think a good discussion will be about the royal family because I am an excellent news listener and have seen things about Prince Harry and the king's relationship.

  • Hello topical talkers I think that there should be a disscussion about the women that were famous in the media though the media neglected them so that the users in the disscussion can tell us about some examples about women why they were neglected and what we can do to stop that

  • Hello tropical talkers,
    I would like to suggest my topic in this discussion about the difference between the women and men in the media , let's go.
    In the past, the men was more famous and most of the celebrities was men even so, now the women is more famous in the media. Men give us more enjoyable content as well as they video their content and montage it with hard work to give us unbelievable and fabulous video. The women or ladies don't work hard but they are more attractable and they infinitely more beautiful but their content aren't that amazing to watch each video when it's uploaded directly. I hope you enjoyed with me.

    Best wishes

  • I think a topic that would make a great debate is " Gender inequality impacts on women." This is because what men or males have been saying is getting into the heads of women and women who are supposed to be confident enough to tell men that they are just as important as them now support them when the act sexist. Let's take this scenario: A girl and her friends go for sports and the males bully them and tease them about how bad they are at sports. Because of how often it's been heard, their minds have been trained to believe that females are horrible at sports. Instead, they should say and believe and educate the males on gender inequalities and tell them what they think. If this is not done, it is going to have a negative impact on them and they will start been sexist to themselves.

  • One of the most pivotal issues that every woman have to face is the inability to harmonize their family and professional life. A working mother is responsible for providing both economically and intellectually to her family and enable her children to have opportunities in education. Thus, working can be put asided. This leaves the woman's urge to participate financially and feel like she is an active and useful member of our society, unsatisfied. So, a woman is not capable to combine both her personal and professional life. On the contrary, men can still work and support their family with their earnings and also consist great fatheric standards.This situation has to be changed and women should be capable to merge both of the aforementioned priorities.
    So, what could be the possible contribution of the state to make a woman's harmonization of family and professional life possible and what should be the laws it has to enact? For example, do they have to establish places where they will keep children occupied while their mother is working? What else could be done in order for this discrimination to be eliminated?

  • I believe there should be a Hub discussion post about how our world would be if gender inequality was solved. Gender inequality is a major topic and is often seen to be wanted to be stopped, but how would our world be like without gender inequality? Our world would probably be improved which is amazing, but HOW would have the world improve? What changes would their be? How would the world work? Those questions are questions I had found interesting and I believe through this Hub discussion, people could interact with each other and determine the changes our world would take part in.

    1. I agree because... Gender inequality is a major problem in our world which needs to be solved. Gender inequality has caused so many setbacks all over the world. Gender inequality has caused things like child marriage. Child marriage is kind of like a knife that cuts off a girl's childhood. Child marriage is wrong and a violation of a child's rights. Child marriage places girls at risk of abuse and exploitation. It also takes away the child's right to good education and parental love.These thing affect the child both directly and indirectly. Child marriage can cause females to dropout of school. Females dropping out of school can reduce the brain capability of an economy thereby, reducing the development of a community.
      A world without inequality will be pretty cool. Gender equality has the ability to make our communities safer and healthier for both genders. Unequal communities are more divided and often have risks of conflict because of women fighting for their rights. Gender equality can connect us more as a society and make our societies healthier and safer.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the portrayal of motherhood in the media because it affects what people think moms should be like, changes how guys and girls see their roles, and can make things tough for women. Looking into why media shows moms in certain ways and figuring out how to show more types of moms could make for a really interesting talk about breaking stereotypes and making everyone feel included in stories."

    1. What do you think the typical portrayal is, and how do you think this varies?

      1. In movies, TV shows, and books, moms are usually protrayed as perfect and always put their families first. They're caring, kind, and willing to give up anything for their loved ones. But this idea of motherhood can make it seem like all moms are the same, and it doesn't show how hard being a mom can really be. It's like they only show one side of what it means to be a mom, and it's not very realistic. Variations in how mothers are shown can be noticed in various types of media, like movies, books, and TV shows, and in different cultures. Sometimes, they focus on the hard parts of being a mom, showing the real struggles they go through. Also, more and more, we're seeing families in the media that don't look like the typical mom, dad, and kids, which helps break old ideas about what a family should be like.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about " WOMEN'S EDUCATION". Nowadays, women can go to school for education because people are being aware of education in women and girls but in remote areas, the women need to work in their home while men are going to school. It is really important for women to study because they are the backbone of the family. It is also a right of women to get education. "If a woman of a family is educated then the whole family will be educated." It is a really great proverb which shows the meaning of women's education.
    Thank you!

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about whether or not women are stereotyped or how they are represented in modern media, like movies and mainstream TV, and also whether or not these stereotypes empower women or defame and exclude them. I think there should be a discussion about this because in lots of media like TV and books, women are stereotyped in many ways, like some women are stereotyped as houseworkers while their partners are out working. This makes them look weak but in reality women are strong and independent. A question you could ask about that is, does this empower women? And then, like in another movie, a woman left at home brings another person to cheat on their partner, this portrays them as deceitful when in reality they are kind-hearted just like every other human. But in another movie a woman can be the CEO of a company. This portrays her as strong and capable. So you could ask, does her being strong and capable in the movie make it seem like women are also strong and capable in real life? That's why I think there should be a discussion about stereotypes.

  • I think that there should be a hub discussion on the way women are treated in the society. In my country, women are treated like second class citizens. I think that everyone has right

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about trans-gender sports because I believe that trans people should partake in sports and the Olympics but physically still have their born into biological gender. Trans gender people are always decimated and overlooked. Should the Olympics devise a separated gender-neutral sport and make women, men, transgender, nonbinary people etc. I have a friend who is transgender and athletic and is worried if they will be able to partake in any sport as they are excluded from both genders. What are your opinions??

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about "War: Israel and Hamas" war because the answers may help to solve the problem of the war it can give more information to war to those students who do not know about it.

  • The discussion I will like to suggest is continous learning. Learning is they process of continuously getting access to information. We should continue learning because they more we know they younger we become or they smarter we become. If we continue learning we might be able to do things that AI can do.

  • The topic I would like to suggest is taxes. I believe taxes is important so the government can fix Up the Country but taxes might be hard for some people to pay they might not have a lot of money and if you don't pay they will take away your business and any personal belongings so they can pay the tax the reason I suggested the discussion is so that's we can find a solution to the problem.

  • Hello! It's me from nepal vishwajyoti secondary school. In our society many people think so, that women's are only for cooking and other house works but not actually because without boyes cannot do any thing with out girls because like if women's are pregnant than new boy or a girl will appear so that girl is also important part of our world. In old generation all people think that women's work is only clean home and reproduction but now in today's world women can do any thing in their own life like job, study 📖 and other. In new generation women's are more powerful than man in the society but in village or a few place now, also people talk about old generation thinking and women's are dominate by society. City area man or women's are equal but in village area man's are thinking girl's or a women's is only kitchen works. People are also, saying that in girls menstruation time girls or a women's should sit in one room without facilities because they are think ominous in menstruation and they pretend very bad behaviour. In old generation women should were sari🥻 only but now, Days women's are more a head than man in fashion sence. Now, days women can were paint, t-shirt, kurtha and other clothes. Now, Days women can do any type of job and women's are free. Tn society women and man are equal in new generation so we have to pretend them equally.
    In Nepal, the women empower ment is given priority. The constitution of nepal has stated 32% legal rights for women. More than 60% of women in Nepal are educated and employed which is a great 👍 improvement for the developing countries like nepal 🇳🇵.
    Thank😊 you.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about “should focus only be on women issues”.
    This is because if we focus too much on women right we might reverse everything and start another imbalance against men and all of the hard works and efforts will be wasted\in vain.
    For example, a country where women are given a lot of or excessive rights on gender issues, also creates gender inequality against men. Such a country might also give several women a lot of higher position or appointments (e.g. there are already a lot of countries doing that recently e.g. Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg etc) and sometimes leading to neglect of men.
    As a result, nobody wants to be fighting for what they were fighting against since they are already in positions of authority. Women right activist may become angry and sad that people pushed too much for what they want.

  • the topic I would like to be discussed on the Hub is 'the subordination of women in African politics'.
    I would like us to discuss this because there has only been nine president's of the female Gender in Africa so far and it is alarming. the ratio of male presidents to female presidents as at today shows a high rate of gender bias in Africa over the years.
    So what are we doing wrong?, what do we need to do?, which methods do we have to employ to spread awareness about the case of gender equality that we all seem to disregard.
    I cant wait to hear all about your different views and opinions.
    Thank you

  • For many years gender equality has been seen only from the side of women, and I feel this may lead to serious problems among the male gender because if only women benefit from equality is it really equality? So basically I think there should be a hub discussion still about gender equality but seeing it from a man's perspective.

  • Hi dear friends!!!!
    I think there should be a hub discussion post about the topic “HOW CAN GENDER INEQUALITY BE MANAGED AND CAN BUSINESSES HELP STOP GENDER INEQUALITY?"
    First of all, we are all aware that the gender that suffers from inequality is the females. It has been going on for years now and no solution has been brought up yet and it can continue for as long as it can be. So, I want us to bring up solutions or ways in which it can be managed. I also want us to discuss whether businesses can also help us. For example: prominent businesses like Gucci can produce advertisements to persuade viewers on how women are awesome and cannot be underestimated and there should be a gender equality between women and men. It can also be said that women give them pride when they were Gucci bags and they continue to make their business flourish. "There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise" By W.E.B Dubois

    1. I partially agree with your points. Does this mean that women can only be appreciated when they patronize businesses? In my opinion, let's appreciate ourselves. When we value ourselves, both genders will be happier. For instance, in my country, Nigeria, if a female fashion designer makes a dress for a customer, they may not fully appreciate her skills simply because she is a woman. There's a belief that the finishing touch will not be as perfect as a product made by a man, and the customer might even pay less for the service. However, if a man makes a dress for a customer, it's likely to be highly appreciated solely because it's made by a man, and the charges will be paid without hesitation. So, I believe that when we appreciate both genders, it will minimize inequalities.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on
    Should the payment of "BRIDE PRICE" be stoped or should it still be in practice.
    The reason why I chose this topic is because,I personally feel paying of bride price is like buying an heifer off the market is as if the woman is being sold, because as human I don't think there should be any price that can buy someone.this is one of the factor adding to gender inequality.
    Why I said it is adding to gender inequality is because the man and his family thinks they own the woman seen her pride price has been paid.she will not be able to speak out as a woman and she has to obliged to their command and this can result in maltreatment, domestic violence and gender discrimination.
    Now over to you topical talkers,do you think this needs to be stopped or you feel it a tradition that should continue.

    1. Rightly said admirable_butterfly.
      I understand your interest in discussing this topic. The practice of paying a bride price is indeed a complex issue with various cultural and societal implications. While some argue that it is an important tradition that should be preserved, others believe that it perpetuates gender inequality and treats women as commodities. It's important to have an open dialogue and consider different perspectives when discussing such topics.

    2. I agree because bride price is a really big problem in the society and I think that the paying of bride price should be stopped, I say this because there are a lot of people in my country that want to get married but they cannot because they do not have the money to afford paying the bride price, For example, in my country, according to, there was a man unable to marry his fiancée because he could not afford the money that his fiancée's parents wanted. This is a very sad story because that man would be missing his fiancée as he cannot marry her because of the money for bride price.
      Another downfall of bride price is that some men start feeling that if they paid a huge amount of money for her, which means that I own her. This starts causing chaos in the household because some of the men start maltreating his wife and this will cause serious problem in the society.
      In conclusion, I say that Nigerian men should stop paying bride price just to marry a woman.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion on young girls being maltreated. Girls are treated wrongly in some homes. They are expected to do house chores while the boys are given whatever ever they want and play without doing chores . I have seen where the boys are given iPhones and toys and with nice clothes. Whereas the girls wear old clothes or hand me downs as they are called. They always look unkept. Should girls always be treated like that? If the boys get what they want, the girls should also be given what they want. This practice should be stopped.

    1. Hi educated cheetah, I felt the way you felt about girls being tortured in their own homes when parent is expected to value their girl child and thanking god for what they have by keeping them well dressed with nice clothes and giving her toys. Because even just to imagine how this would feel when your own parent gives your own brother beautiful things and left with nothing , this will feel very painful, the girl child can make up her mind by saying that they do not love her or appreciate her for being in this world, thereby make the child live in misery and pain. So the way you have witnessed all this happen do you planned to stop it, if you had stop it I would like to know what where the measures you took to stop this negative act, because I can learn from you and make a change elsewhere, but if you had not I would like everyone to contribute to help stop it.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about women in economy because of the fact that the economy affects both male and female alike, but in some communities, they don't allow their women to have jobs because they think that a woman's job is to care for the home, the economy plays a very crucial role on the world, it determines the value of country's currency, I think that women deserve to know and take part in their country's economy.

  • In the present Hub, we discuss about women in media or we can say, women who are employed. We discussed about gender inequality and steps taken to reduce it. But we also need to focus on the reason behind why this is still in practice. When the children get exposure to these biases, they accept it and carry these biases forward. So, according to me, there should be a Hub discussion post about "The way children are shaped, shapes the country" so that we can focus on how the values taught to children affects the nation.

  • I think that there should be a group discussion about differentially abled women. Everyone in our country thinks about women rights but no one talks about the rights of differentially abled women. They are also a part of our society who should have the same rights as that of all the others. They are segregated because people think they are different and a liability for the country. But with the correct resources, they have the power to change the world.
    Sheetal Devi, an Indian Archer from Jammu and Kashmir, is a perfect example to show the capabilities of differentially abled women. She lost her hands and participated in the Paralympics with only her ‘legs’. She also won a gold medal which shows the power of differentially abled women.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the connection between gender inequality and immigration because there might be a reason why there are so many people migrating. Probably because women don't have enough rights or aren't treated fairly in their country, so they decide to migrate to a better country who treats both genders equally.

  • I think we should cover women in mental health. I think in the past women have been seen to be crazy or emotional for just having feelings. It would help females to feel less alone and feel more represented. As discuss factors that women face of getting help and how they are treated differently than their male counterparts.

  • The topic that I would like to suggest is " women 's revolt " I believe that after decades of being discriminated, not getting their rights and being treated bad from society women's protested against this discrimination and raised their voice and this step changed women's life .the discussions can be about how women protested about this ,what challenges they faced
    ,How society reacted on this what and at last what was its impact on women's life and this could be a fascinating topic for everyone.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about how equality can actually be balanced. A lot of people want women to be treated equally with men, this is a really great idea but some people often misinterpret it. Instead of making men equal with women, they often place women above men. The thing is that men are also discriminated. Inequality is not just about making women who have been discriminated equal with men, but also about men who have been discriminated equal with women. I know this is not really part of the topic but my conversation with allowing_piano actually drew my attention there and I really felt like it needs to be a topic. There is actually a system in which men are the ones who are below the women, it is called matriarchy. in this society, women are always above the men. For proper equality to be achieved, I think this must be solved.
    Female chauvinism must also be stopped. This is a belief that women are superior to men which is wrong. This is a belief that disregards males because of the belief that they are inferior to females. This is pretty unfair. An example is when female employers discriminate and humiliate men in their company. I really think this should be a topic. Equality is a two way thing which means both women and men need to be on the same level, everywhere.

  • I think that there should be a hub discussion post about the difference between “RESPECT AND FEAR IN GENDER EQUALITY”. Sometimes people want to discriminate between the women and men and especially women in high authority in order to respect them, is this respect or should I say fear. Even some women discriminate other women to make them respect them this is absolutely disrespect and fear. When on fear is installed in a girl it can affect them mentally by lowering their self-esteem and increasing stress and also enabling them to voice out their opinion and make them live in fear. Treating a woman with respect is by appreciating her worth and value, honoring their feelings and care for them. So in conclusion I would like to say Knowing the difference between fear and respect would surely make a difference in the an individual and the society and the world at large.

  • I think there should be hub discussion post about values. When people are treated well int the society, in that particular environment, it is as a result of values. We need to bring back those values so that we can all be respected in the society. With this people will live in a very free environment where everyone feel respected and go out freely without fear.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about gender diversity in corporate leadership because, sadly, in many areas, including politics, some folks doubt women's ability to lead simply because they haven't seen enough female leaders in action. This bias needs addressing because everyone should have equal opportunities to lead, regardless of gender. So, discussing and promoting gender diversity in leadership can help break these stereotypes and create more inclusive workplaces and societies.

    1. Thanks for sharing your idea @enthusiastic_buffalo - how do you think companies can address this issue?

      1. I think companies can address this issue by doing better hiring to include everyone, setting up special programmes to help women become leaders, and making sure leadership teams are diverse.

  • As per my thinking, I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the portrayal of women in leadership roles in media because it reflects and influences societal perceptions of gender equality......

    Thank you.

  • "I think there should be a Hub discussion post about the impact of beauty standards on women's representation in media because it's a pervasive issue that intersects with gender inequality, body image issues, and societal norms."

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about women rights and AI because AI can help women rights do a lot of things for example:
    1. It can help women rights become equal
    2. It can change the world
    3. It can stop gender bias (both men and women)

    AI can do a lot of things as they are also known to store a lot of information that can be helpful to journalist. Journalist may need to do a lot of research and information findings. Besides when journalists spend too much time on the screen it is not healthy for any human being’s body. AI will help journalists reduce time spent on the screen. When journalists have AI bots, it can make a journalist’s work easier and faster. It will also reduce work load and stress for the journalists.

  • I think the should be a hub discussion about CREATIVE WRITERS round the world. They really do a great work.
    The one at my disposal right now is CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE. Chimamanda Ngọzi Adichie hails from the south east (Anambra State) in nigeria. She is a writer who has won numerous awards and accolades for her skills, talents and passion for writing.
    She is the writer of Americana, things around your neck, half of a yellow sun and so many others. She believes that she can change the world through her pen and she is already doing that. She is indeed an interesting creative writer who bases information mainly on discussions that abolishes sexism, racism, nepotism, gender inequality and past occurrences. She travels round the world for shows that talks about her novels. She was natured and properly trained. So I have the impression and cool heart beat that creative writers should be appreciated.

  • It is common knowledge that women have contributed positively to various sectors with their accomplishments while still being a mother and working at the same time. Thus, they are responsible for their children's healthy, moral and spiritual completion while being obliged, if wanted, to occupy in the workplace.
    This gets me to my point. Although men have made many achievements profesionally, what our world would be like if there weren't any women left on earth and men were the only gender? What would happen as consequences and in what sectors our planet would fall apart?

    1. Hi educated_revolution, interesting thoughts. What sectors do you believe would fall apart, if men were the only gender?

      1. Despite the obvious that reproduction wouldn't be possible and consequently children wouldn't exist, I want to focus more on the real sectors that would fall apart. Initially, women nowadays have taken major steps in the commercial. They have accomplished in the context of fashion, as many a woman are fashion designers and in the context of cosmetics as this genre of commercial is what mostly women occupy with. Thus, the production of goods would be reduced causing a problem in the sector of commerce. Moreover, there would be many inevitable changes in the sector of medecine and the scientific discoveries would be decreased. Last but equally pivotal, if men were the only gender on earth, there wouldn't be any social cohension and our world would basically stop being how it is today. Besides, the existence of both genders is important for the proper continueness of life.

  • Hi!
    I think there should be a hub discussion about "how gender equality came about?" The reason for this is that we all know that gender equality has always been an issue for a very long time, but the question I can't get out of my head is that 'how did it come about?', 'who decided that women are supposed to be at home?'. What I really want to know is that what happened that people started having this perspective?

    1. Can you tell me why you think this perspective came about?

      1. Hi!
        In my opinion, I think that it was due to the strength difference between men and women that brought this perspective.
        In general, men are stronger than women, due to this it was believed in the olden days that women are supposed to be fragile and take care of the household, whiles men go out and provide for the family since the occupations that paid well during those days required lots of strength that some women did not acquire.
        Due to this mindset, it has been passed on to generations influencing a bit of the present era to believe that men are stronger than women. That is why when women are in sectors dominated by men or are engaging themselves in work that requires lots of strength people-mostly men- frown upon it.
        In conclusion, I think the reason that brought this perspective was the strength difference between men and women.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT because if women are empowered nationally politically or locally it can bring about ways on how to promote gender equality because men are always empomerd and do not represent the men as the represent the women .
    However, if women are empowered surely there would be no discrimi action between the two genders.

  • Here's a thought-provoking question:

    "Is the portrayal of women in media improving in terms of gender equality, or are stereotypes and biases still prevalent?"

    This question invites discussion on the progress made in representing women in media, the persistence of stereotypes and biases, and the responsibility of media organizations in promoting gender equality. It can lead to debates on representation, diversity, and the impact of media on societal perceptions of gender roles.


  • The topic I really want to talk about is women's rights. Discrimination and violence against women and girls, deeply rooted in the fabric of societies, are persistent and systematic. And in recent years, there has been a recurrence of scepticism against and denial of international standards concerning women’s human rights, gender equality, and gender-based violence, while women and girls are increasingly raising voices to demand equality, including through feminist movements.

  • Hi topical talkers I think there should be a hub discussion post about “The jobs mostly men shall work and jobs mostly women can work” because some jobs mostly men do and jobs mostly women do Like…
    Mostly females
    •Babysitters, Women can deal with kids more than men.
    •Hairdressers, woman can make hair styles for women because they have the same style.
    Mostly males
    •aviation because it is a pipeline problem also a woman called Rebecca Lutte said “because women are starting to have families and there is no work/life balance.
    •Construction 1.8 million men employed in construction compared with 340,000.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I think it lacks evidence. Can you support your claims - like "women can deal with kids more than men" and tell us where you got your evidence for your final point?

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about the way people feel about women and making them feel like 2 rated citizens.

  • Hello!!!
    I think that there should be a hub discussion post about "Technology, and the media, their rolesin stopping gender inequality, I think this is a crucial topic for discussion because I believe that the media and technology can play a crucial role in stopping gender inequalitydue to the fact that they both give information about societal happenings

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about inequality between men and women in different countries. For instance, people from different countries from all over the world would explain generally the situation whick prevails or even show the face whioch their countries show in this phenomenon. That's because people would share their opinions about different countries and suggest sollutions to each other. Finally, people could share some ideas to the social media in order to fight back this problem and overcome it as soon as possible because the equality needs to flourish again!

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about how different women are shown in the media than how they really are or how the attempt to do special things because i believe that women are undervalued because of social media.

  • There was a debate that we had in our class where many people participated to have their own say in the debate and the title was" do women have the right to their education". I was thinking that all the girls who participated would oppose and the some of boys would support this statement, but I was stunned by what I aw a girl of 15 years old said that girls should not have the right to education. She stated out some of the reason why she was supporting, one of them was" girls would tend to grow wings and start to feel boastful about their education because they can stand on their own two feet. I was confused for being a lady saying this looked very easy on her face. On the opposing side a very young girl tried to oppose what she said, by saying how would your mother be able to be where she is without her education, explaining the significant of education in a woman life. It was a very interesting debate which the whole class really enjoyed.

  • A topic I would like to suggest is the one that i have pondered for long...Women in military. I mean we know that women are found in this sector but we do not see much of common examples. Whenever a soldier is mentioned we picture them to be a he not a she! What could be the reasons for it? Is there inequality seen here? These are some facets that can be discussed..

  • Hello everyone.I want to talk about the topic about how both genders are equal.The thing I go by is that i can proudly say i see both genders equal,no more no less.However,in the past people didn't believe what I believe and that was a big problem in the past.In the past,men were taught that they were better then women.Due to that thought,some jobs weren't available to women (like joining the army) so they didn't work outside as much,instead they worked on the house like doing the dishes.Even though it has improved a lot (due to many peoples helping like Emmeline Pankhurst for England),its still happening and we all need to put an end to it.One quote that I've gone by is "Treat others how you want to be treated".This relates to the topic because this links to equality which is what were aiming for.

  • Hi,i am here to express my opinion about women's equality and the sports that women do. I think that there should be a Hub discussion posted about women's equality and what sports women can do. In the past there have been many discussions about how women get treated. For example women were not allowed to vote get a job or go to school. Even today people still get treated differently due to their gender. Another example is sports. There are many phenomenal women who are good at sports but don't get chosen because of their gender. It's said that girls should do ballet dance gymnastics volleyball and softball. There are some women's sports put out there but the reason why men's sports are seen more is because they mostly promote men's sports which get more views and popularity. However the lionesses are a big football team and it is inspiring young women to play football. Thank you for taking your time to read this comment!

  • I think there should be a discussion on the representation of women locally and politically or in politics because women are normally underrated in the eye of men and if women are given power locally and politically it can reduce the inequality between the two genders because the women will try to uphold justice regardless of the situation

  • It is morally wrong because 50% of the population is women and we need to a collective group and help the community

  • I think it is not fair that women don't get paid equal because of their gender and half of the population is 50/50 so why can't they be paid the same?

  • Hi, in my class we had a conversation about how half the world’s population is women and how we need women, which I completely agree with. One of the main concerns was how women’s footballers were paid less than men’s footballers. Though I agree women should be paid the same amount, the big companies can’t afford to push out the same amount of money for women as women’s football just simply doesn’t make as much. I fell this will change in the future as women’s football is growing and will eventually catch up to men’s football.

    1. I agree because the population can’t go up without women and different genders have different traits because we have evolved differently.

  • In my opinion I think there should be a hub discussion on Nyquil Chicken. This was a trend on the app TikTok where people poured Nyquil on chicken and actually cooked it. It was also known as sleepytime chicken. Then the FDA releases a new warning telling people to not do this because the simple fumes coming off the chicken was already dangerous not to mention actually ingesting this. Then the news got hold of it and warned people not to eat it. However people were neer eating the Nyquil Chicken. People never actually ingested the chicken, people only did it for views and attention on social media. I think this is a perfect example of the news turning something small into a massive problem.

    1. A great example, thoughtfully explained (including the dangers). Well done!

    2. A great example, thoughtfully explained (including the dangers). Well done!

  • I think there should be a hub discussion about how people think of women when they play games. You don't really see women play video games everyday. Many people think women are bad at video games. So that's why i think there should be a discussion on .

  • Hello everyone,

    I was thinking about a topic that I believe could be interesting to discuss. The topic is about which gender is favoured more. I'm not sure if this is a controversial topic for some, but I think it would be beneficial for us to share our thoughts and opinions in a respectful and open-minded manner.

    It's important to acknowledge that everyone has their own individual experiences and perspectives, and it's not fair to generalize an entire gender based on those experiences. However, there are certain societal norms and expectations that can sometimes lead to biases towards one gender over the other. By having a discussion on this topic, we can gain a better understanding of these biases and work towards creating a more equal and fair society for everyone.

    I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on this topic. Let's keep the conversation respectful and open-minded

  • A topic we can all discuss is virtual versus in person school. Students could talk about how their life was impacted or what was the impact on their learning from the Covid shut down. We are still seeing kids "recover" from the loss of instruction during the pandemic. I wonder if it is the same in other countries as it is in the US.

  • I think there should be a Hub discussion post about food waste because food waste is way bigger than you think.
    And that's exactly why we need to have a discussion about it, because not a lot of people are talking about it. Food prices are higher and so many people worldwide are going hungry, yet we are still wasting food at grocery stores and restaurants. We have to do better and start a global discussion.

  • I think there should be a hub discussion post about woman because woman ,for the past years, have been believed to be powerless and useless. This belief must stop, woman are hard working people that provide memorable things to help us

  • Id like to suggest the disscussion about femenism in general. Women in society today get treated so unfairly. Comments are still made about us like get back to the kitchen or make me a sandwich. There is also the beauty standard. We are expected to look beautiful but not wear makeup because we need to be natural but get commented on for having imperfect skin or if we wear some makeup to match the standard then we cake makeup on and look fake and we are catfishes. When most women dont wear makeup for others we wear it for ourself to make us feel somewhat beautiful. In education we get treated unfairly from primary school up. Teachers say they need a 'big, strong boy' to help them carry something putting all of the aspiring little girls down showing that they cant be strong.

    We need to make society equal because we are all the same, we all work the same and we all have dreams and we all have aims that we are trying to reach.

  • My questions:

    1. Why is there an international Women`s Day but no International Gentlemen Day?

    2. More men are pilots, do the military, policemen, fishermen, farmers and detectives, what things do women do for the world?

    3. Why is it called a celebration when it talks about negative things?

    4. Why do people talk more about women than men at these types of conversations?

    5. Do people care about women more than men?

    6. How can people stop being rude to different genders?

    7. If men do more hard work what does the women do?

    Main Question:

    what has caused all of this?

    1. Some great questions, well done!

  • In addition, who started the International Women`s Day?

  • I think a good idea for a hub discussion would be be for people to share their ideas and experiences of gender inequality. Say if you were a woman you could say how gender inequality has affected your every day life, and also why they believe this person has done this to her, and if it was done out of simply the fact that they didn't know it was bad, or if they deliberately said it to be insulting. Also, if you were a man, then you could say how you have seen gender inequality, and if you haven't, then if it was out of disinterest or just simply not paying attention. I hope this can become a hub discussion, but after seeing some other comments, I believe that they thoroughly deserve it.

  • I would like to suggest a topic about the famous equality vs equity image and how it relates to the equality of women and men. I think that this would be a good hub discussion because there is a lot to say about it and I am sure that many people would love to share what they think is depicted in the picture. These are my personal views on the image.
    On the equality side of the graphic, everyone receives a box to see over the fence. In a community, this looks like every person receiving the same resources. However, though they all received a box (equal access to a box), look closely, can they all see the game? No. So, what’s the result? Inequity. Yes, they were all given the same resource (a box), but it didn’t meet their individual needs.

  • Hello!
    Every woman has that moment when she thinks, “I wish I was a man!”
    I believe there should be a hub post where women can speak up for themselves!

    Let’s ask women to tell us their story of a time in their life where they were feeling insecure in the society.
    Tell us if they took a stance and how they did it.
    If they didn’t, why and are they ready to take a stand now or are they still feeling like they won’t be heard?

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. You say, "Every woman has that moment when she thinks, I wish I was a man!" Is this true? Can you speak on behalf of all women?

      1. Thank you, Olivia!
        Well, there ain't only one but many moments! To understand this, let’s answer-

        Are curfew timings often imposed on women?
        Yes, you should be home by 8, no late night parties!
        Do women receive warnings about their clothing to avoid harassment?
        Yes, it was her fault, she was wearing short clothes, she wanted to attract men!
        Are women advised to take self-defense measures?
        Yes, carry pepper spray! But whyyyyy!!!
        Is it normal for men to have facial hairs and not women?
        Yes, I don't wanna shave my legs just cause girls have to!

        Well, it is clear that being a woman means being strong, fighting for your freedom and rights( ironically, women are considered weak and face comments like "don't cry like a girl!" Haha, even crying has a gender now)
        So, yes, I want to wear what I want without being judged, I want to go on a solo trip without any fear, I wanna enjoy my life JUST LIKE BOYS DO!

        I'd also suggest creating a hub post where men, along with women, are asked "why they wish they were opposite gender."
        It'd be interesting to know their perspective, too!

  • There are a lot of topics that comes to mind but I would like share some of those here .. I think that the hub discussion post about "where there is a gender pay gap" because when I solved the quiz I got to know that the women earns 77 cents of dollars for every dollars that men earn .. I can see there has been a huge discrimination.. I think we should treat men and women equally.. In India , there are many rural remote area .. those people believes that women should not go out to earn and gain the education.. they have cruel mentality about women .. for this we should raise awareness, organise workshop specially in these areas , etc .. we have to change their mentality...