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I agree with you. It is not good for the contestant to repeat the comment as it is. The more the... Balanced discussions on the Hub 05/5/23
I appreciate the work of Mr. Clover and I support the prediction of the climate and the spread... Clover answers your questions! 05/5/23
In the event that Metaverse allows me to learn a new language, I encourage that, as this gives... Particular people 28/4/23
We thank the organizers of this valuable competition, which gave us the opportunity to socialize... Balanced discussions on the Hub 28/4/23
There is no doubt that strikes negatively affect society. Nevertheless, the worker must obtain... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
I believe that if there are no strict consequences for neglecting the royal laws, then this will... Suggest a discussion! 27/4/23
I do not prefer that the rule in my country be a monarchy for the extension of their rule in the... The role of royals 27/4/23
Indeed, you are a great, ambitious woman with a high determination who deserves appreciation,... Ask Dr Rachel Clarke! 21/4/23
I believe that the category of cleaners has the most impact on the environment, as their entry... Strikes poll results! 20/4/23
I would like to comment on the phrase “patients will not find doctors to treat them.” In the... Suggest a discussion! 20/4/23
Scientifically, it is possible for a person to replace the protein found in animals with the... Competition #2 Global discussions 19/4/23
Any oppressed group has the right to go on a peaceful strike to obtain their rights... If the... Suggest a discussion! 19/4/23
What ideas were discussed at the summits in New York, London and Delhi? Ask Tina Brown! 19/4/23
What are the most important topics in your journalistic career that qualified you to reach this... Ask Tina Brown! 19/4/23
One of the advantages is that we live in a world that we all dream about and aspire to, but in... The metaverse: marvellous or madness? 17/4/23
1_ It is not possible to judge a person from one situation, but if bad or good situations are... A new realm to rule? 14/4/23
I can How take the appropriate decision after studying the problem in all its aspects and... Start of Festival survey 13/4/23