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There are lots of negative images of climate change in the news. Drawing inspiration from eco-anxiety experts Caroline Hickman and Jocelyn Longdon, create a caption for the image below.


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  • I believe a good caption for this photo would be "Children of Mother Earth" because it represents how humans are now working together to restore the things Earth has lost with useful ways like, placing solar panels, gardening, and recycling.

    1. In response to your comment, I could very much see the idea of how "Children of Mother Earth" could work as a caption of the picture since humans were "birthed" from Earth, giving the idea of that everyone is a child of Earth. Further agreeing with the placing solar panels and contributing to the ways that earth can be healed, I would say that connecting more to the idea that we are Earth's children you could add how children must help their parents in some sort of way such as good grades or even chores. Our chores as Earth's children would be to not litter, to preserve resource that she gives to us, respect her(Earth overall the plants, trees, oceans, the dirt in general).

    2. Yes, I agree with you because the photo shows how we are working together to help save the earth. Though mankind has caused destruction to the earth by the activities being done such as bush burning, deforestation etc but now it is time we put our hands on deck, work together and help our dear earth restore back.

  • One caption I would suggest is
    With this title I I want to emphasize how our planet earth is important for us and all the living beings! It is our home but in order to keep it safe we need to change our environmental behavior and start being environmentally friendly either by recycling, planting and whatever it takes to ensure that we will continue living in balance.

    1. I really like your idea and I strongly agree with what you are saying. I also think that we need to work together as a community and help in all the ways that are possible as well as changing our environmental behaviour, being friendly to wildlife and having the ability to do whatever it takes to help our planet. I also really like how you have said that Earth is very important for us as humans as well as all living beings in the world.

  • “Only together can we save the environment” would be a great caption for this image. It shoes people from all walks of life working together to help minimize climate change and nicely depicts that everyone has to do their part and no one can do it alone.

    1. I completely agree with you! delightful_lemon.
      "Only together can we save the environment" is a fantastic caption for this image. It beautifully captures the essence of people from different backgrounds coming together to combat climate change. It reminds us that the responsibility to protect our planet lies with each and every one of us, and by working together, we can make a significant difference. It's inspiring to see individuals uniting for a common cause and understanding that no one can do it alone. Thank you for sharing such a meaningful caption!

      1. I couldn't agree more caring_spring.
        "Only together can we save the environment" is such a powerful caption for that image. It really captures the idea that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet. When people from different backgrounds come together and work towards a common goal, we can make a huge impact. It's inspiring to see individuals uniting and recognizing that we all have a responsibility to take care of the environment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • I do think that we have a lot of bad over whelming news, and i think it is high time we start working on this eco-anxiety, knowing fully well that our planet is in danger.
    Here are some things we could do to reduce eco anxiety
    1) Reducing the use of machines that use chlorofluorocarbon that could deplict the ozone layer
    2)Usage of Solar Powered machines, and not fuel powered that release a good amount of smoke in the air
    3) Use of electric or solar powered cars that don't release smoke in the environment
    4) Increase in afforestation and decrease in deforestaion.

    They are group of people who have decided to come together in order to safe the planet.
    In the image you will see.
    1: some one with solar: this means that this person have discovered that generators and gas, smokes from cars and bikes contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer, now by the help of solar this problem will be solved.
    2: recycling bin: this shows that waste that we discarded indiscriminately contribute to the climate changes, now when we start to recycle ♻️ we get to save the planet.
    3: plantings of trees: We have discovered that deforestation have greatly caused and contributed to the depletion of the ozone layer. Which is the reason why “ England decided to plant back the binsey populars”. In planting of trees, we get to protect the ozone layer directly from smokes and also the trees helps to protect us from the direct impact of the sun.
    Energy conservator and many more.
    In conclusion, I believe that this image means different ways by which we can safe out planet, and my caption is. “SAFE PLANET”.

    1. I really like your comment. I love the fact that you gave reasons why you would caption the illustration "SAFE PLANET". Also, I totally agree with you and understand why you would caption the illustration "SAFE PLANET". A detail that really stuck out with me is when you started naming things that you saw in the picture that made you think the way you do.

  • Well I think that a great caption we could give this is
    "Saving our planet from Eco Anxiety"

    1. I'm not sure about this because... It's saving people from eco-anxiety I think the caption should be "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle". This caption will always remind us what we need to do to save the earth. Our school did community service last year and we cleaned the area by picking up garbage. We all wore nose masks, and gloves,
      we filled 5 large garbage bags. That is a day that I will never forget.

  • Hi,
    I will like to caption this as "let's join hands and keep the planet clean". They are lots of negative images and bad news that shows our bad climate change and if this bad climate change doesn't stop or prevented by us the humans it will have lots of negative effects to us such as: poor mental health, lower productivity and so on.
    Putting efforts in order to make our planet clean will have lots of advantages on us humans i.e good mental health, higher productivity, reduce pollution, conserve our natural resources such as: recycling paper and plastics which will stop deforestation ie cutting down of trees which provides lots of advantages to us such as: oxygen, vegetables and so on.
    Thank you.

  • The world is mine - To raise, to raze.
    The world belongs to every life that exists on it, regardless of the specie, let alone age, gender or race. Thus, every little action will impact it on a huge level. So the world is everyone's, and it is up to us, weather we want to enact in a sustainable manner, to raise life standards, to raise the quality of the world, or we want to destroy with our careless and selfish actions.
    We can either raise the world - uplift it or raze it - destroy it. The world belongs to us, it is up to us, to choose.

    1. i love the way you responded to the caption. yes the earth is every one's responsibility regardless of our gender, race or even age no matter the number of people are trying to help it is sure to have a positive impact. Small things make a big change and i think every one should help in anyway they can to make sure we have a good and sustainable planet. If care is not taken, the world could end up like mars because of neglect for our planet.

    2. I appreciate the rhythm in your words. I agree with you because no matter our differences, our actions impact the planets we all share. Our choices determine if it's a comfortable place to live or not. Thank you for reminding us of this important truth.

      1. I Confidently agree with you because even though we are different, we still share the same world and eny thing we do in the world, it will be back to us and so I think a good name for this image will be"good citizens of the world"because the world has brought up good citizens that will take care of it.

  • Well, seeing this picture is actually our perfect dream that everyone is working to save our mother nature. The first thought that came to my mind , ''Plant a tree Grow a flower lets give mother Earth back her power!''
    Our earth is the stand only planet we know that harbors life so it is crucial that we adopt sustainable practices to preserve our blue planet. It is our collective responsibility to raise public responsibility as our Earth is the only planet with the continuity of life.
    " Make Earth great, It's not too late.''

  • Maybe a caption for this image should be "Healing the World: One Step at a Time."

  • I think a good caption for this image could be - "Assisting our Earth: one hand at a time." I thought of this caption because the picture above shows people joining hands and taking small steps like using 3Rs and planting trees. I think this caption conveys a sense of individual responsibility and a collective effort towards Mother Earth.

    1. I agree because... I agree the image illustrates people uniting to protect the Earth from climate crises. It's crucial for us to find ways to assist and engage in actions that safeguard our planet. Developing our skills and collaborating effectively are key to achieving this goal. Discovering sustainable solutions and raising awareness among people are vital steps. Schools play a pivotal role by educating children and universities can further train young scientists to become agents of positive change. Additionally, schools can nurture aspiring reporters to spread awareness and enlighten individuals about environmental issues. Together, through education, collaboration, and action, we can build a brighter future for our planet and future generations. Let's work hand in hand to protect and preserve our earth.

    2. I love that caption, forgiving_hedgehog.
      "Assisting our Earth: one hand at a time" perfectly captures the essence of the image and the message it conveys. It beautifully highlights the idea of individual responsibility and the power of collective action in making a positive impact on our planet. By joining hands and taking small steps like practicing the 3Rs and planting trees, we can all play a part in caring for Mother Earth. It's a powerful reminder that together, we can make a difference. Great job coming up with such a meaningful caption! 🌍🤝

  • I think the caption for this image is "Together we can protect our planet and make it a better place"

  • One caption I thought of is Keep our planet Earth close to us!
    We can see how each person acts responsibly by taking action and nurturing Earth. With this way we can be close to our Mother Earth as people represent in the picture being all around.

  • Good day!
    I think a good caption for this image would be:
    " Small steps to a better future"
    The reason I say this is because every person in that image is putting in the little effort they can in order to save our earth. No matter how small the effort you are making seems it has a bigger impact in the long-run. A bunch of small changes will lead to a greater change.
    There is a saying that goes "Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase."

    1. Absolutely! distinguished_morning.
      It's amazing how the collective effort of individuals taking small steps can lead to significant change. Each person in the image is contributing in their own way to make a positive impact on our planet. It's a reminder that even the smallest actions, like recycling or conserving energy, can have a ripple effect and contribute to a better future. It's all about recognizing the power of our individual actions and coming together for a common goal. Keep up the great work!

  • I think a good caption that would fix this picture is, "Planting a Better World". The picture shows the picture green and people planting. It shows our contribution to the earth to help it be a better place for us humans, plants, and animals. Every living being on earth. So basically, we are planting a better world.

    1. I agree because... In the caption, it shows people from all over the world working together to protect the environment by planting of trees, using renewable energy like solar and wind power. The people are also cleaning up trash and taking care of nature.
      But I think the best caption for this image should be "SAVING OUR PLANET". If we all work together we can make our planet and better place

    2. I agree because... the picture clearly illustrates how people are developing their green skills. From engineers creating alternative light sources to individuals planting trees, there are so many actions being taken to help the environment. By working together and developing our skills, we can make the world a better place. It's important to encourage each other to continue improving and focusing on our green skills. Together, we can make a positive impact on the planet and create a brighter future for all. Let's keep supporting each other and striving to do more for our environment!

  • I think in my opinion "Teamwork is the way to save our earth " should be the caption for this image.
    This image shows that by the help of the teamwork we can easily save our planet earth. We should work together to save our planet earth. The effort of single person can't make a big change. So, teamwork is required to save our planet earth.

    1. I couldn't agree more with you, empowered_road! "Teamwork is the way to save our Earth" is a fantastic caption for this image. It perfectly captures the essence of the picture and the message it conveys. By showcasing people joining hands and working together, the image emphasizes the importance of collective effort in making a significant impact on our planet. It's true that individual actions are important, but when we come together as a team, we can achieve even greater results in saving our Earth. Let's continue to work together and make a positive difference!

  • I think this image should be captioned "Working together to save planet Earth🌍".This is because it clearly communicates the shared objective of the individuals in the image—working together. This fosters a sense of unity and purpose among the people involved.

    1. I exceedingly agree wit you enthusiastic_buffalo, the reason being is that you are right about the picture being captioned "Working together to save planet Earth".
      This is because you can see everyone in the picture is doing something to contribute to the protection of the world. This projects that everyone has to come together to produce something big.

  • I think a good caption for this photo should be " climate change cannot deafet us we are strong and we can fight anyone or anything who try's to destroy our planet" I think this is a good caption

  • Looking at the picture I'm struck by its powerful representation of teamwork and the impact of each individual's actions on shaping our collective future. With this in mind, I propose the caption: "Step up: Every action counts in crafting a transformative future." The reason for suggesting this name is that this image emphasizes how everyone can work together to create a sustainable environment and utilize renewable resources. Not only that, but it highlights how we, the current and future generations, can work together to make our planet sustainable. Therefore I think it's a suitable name for this image

  • I feel that the image can be captioned as " Living Green Fairly" I chose this caption because the image shows everybody doing what they can to make sure they live their lives as "Green" as possible regardless of their race, gender, and ethnicity depicting a truly "Green" and "Fair" world.

  • I think this photo should be captioned, 'One for All: All for One.' I think this because, just like in real life, the illustration shows only one Earth, not multiple, and everybody is impacting it one way or another. That's where the 'one for all' part of my caption comes from. There is only one Earth for all of us. And then the 'all for one' part of my caption represents how everybody in the illustration is unified under the cause of supporting the Earth they live and breathe on. So only one Earth for all of humanity, and maybe all life, and all of humanity is impacting the one Earth they have, and in this case, it's positive.

    1. Genius! One for all : all for one is a brilliant way to put it. This shows how our earth has accepted us for who and what we are whether we be a man or a woman a boy or a girl and has given us the perfect living conditions for our survival. All for one suggests how we should give our all the save our earth and replenish it to as much as we can to the original we were given. Earth gave us so much to live for so we should give earth so much so it can live on to support several generations of the future like it did from the start!

  • Hi! One caption I would like to suggest is :
    Our responsibilities! This is what this pictures indicates, that we are all responsible to make our planet safer and healthier. If each of us, is fully aware of all the dangers that the future may hold for cli.ate change, then it will be easier to take action

  • I would like to caption this image 'Cultivating Gratefulness'. I feel this image shows what people will do when they acknowledge the generosity of Earth and finally feel grateful for it, and as a token of gratitude, they will help heal the wounds caused by them, creating a more sustainable future.

  • BE TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER WORK TOGETHER AND SAVE TOGETHER .firstly we have to unite together then we have maintain our unity then we should work , plan , importantly co-operate then finnaly together lets save our planent it's never going to help when we say mine , their land or your duty , it should be our responsibility its our planent that is getting polluted every one is getting affected because of it . If someone litter and you informed them to pick there trash but they are not, then it is our responsibility . BECAUSE OF SOMETHING WHO IS IRRESPONSIBLE WHY SHOULD YOU GIVE UP YOUR DUTY .
    Thank you.

  • I think that the perfect CAPTION for the image is "ECO-FRIENDLY LIVING" because the image illustrates people which are using things that do not affect the environment. It shows people of different age recycling, planting and putting solar panel on roofs, just simply saying that you're not too small to make an impact on earth. It explains to us that for us to secure the earth we need to change the forms of energy we use.


  • I would caption this as "ROLES OF EVERYONE IN THE BATTLE AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE". I chose this name for this caption because this image gives a vivid display of different people of different ages and occupations performing different roles while trying to keep our earth alive. This caption simply entails that everyone whether young or old, employed or unemployed, or even of different jobs has a role to play in the battle against climate change because we all have one planet despite our differences and must work together to protect it, this also entails that unity is a starting point in tackling climate change, so let's work together to save our mother earth.

  • In my opinion, a great caption for this picture would be "Taking Care of The Planet". I chose this caption, because in the picture, you can see that there are people recycling, planting trees, and renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines. And this could inspire daily people to help the planet in many ways. For example: Use less water in the shower, turn off the sink when brushing your teeth, and could even plant their own tree. And that could overtime reduce the effects of climate change.

  • What I think this illustration should be captured in is THE EARTH WILL FOREVER REMAIN IN OUR HANDS. I said this because when I looked at last year in topical talk what came to my mind was the earth is in our hands. So I just think that that will be a suitable caption for the illustration we were given because this illustration shows a healthy and green Earth were people recycle, plant trees and are happy about their evergreen world, OUR DEAR EARTH.

  • I think that a good caption could be : Planet Earth doesn't belong to us! We belong to planet Earth!
    According to this picture Earth seems to be in a pretty low level almost touching the ground but people hold it all around it! Being so close to it may signal that this is a reminder of Eartn that we can be close to our planet but we need to nurture her by planting trees, recycling and do every action we need to keep her safe.

  • " Developing green economy "
    A green economy is an economy that aims at reducing environmental risk and ecological scarcuties and that aims for sustainable Development without degrading the environment. They focus on sector like forestry , farming mining and fishing .

  • Making the world a better place
    The picture might be Representing people cleaning up the earth cleaning up the earth is a way to make it a better place here are some ways to make the earth better
    1) Reducing the use of machines that use chlorofluorocarbon that could deplict the ozone layer
    2)Usage of Solar Powered machines, and not fuel powered that release a good amount of smoke in the air
    3) Use of electric or solar powered cars that don't release smoke in the environment
    4) Increase in afforestation and decrease in deforestation.
    5) clean it up
    6)prevent using items that will create smoke in the air

  • If we work together we can make this planet better
    I say this caption because the picture shows different people doing different things to help our planet, for example I see someone recycling, recycling is good for the planet because it can reduce the amount of waste that can be sent to landfills and cause pollution. I also see people working together, taking time out of their day that they could be doing anything. But they chose to help our planet. One of the things we hear about affecting climate change, is pollution we are creating.

  • I think a suitable caption would be:
    I thought of this because the people in the picture are all doing something useful to help the planet, whether it be a small thing or a big thing. I get the impression that they are all making an effort and they are passionate and want to do something to help their environment . I really want to encourage this but it is true that some people may just watch the planet get ruined and will not do anything about it - in fact, some people may even make the planet worse - I STRONGLY DO NOT agree with that at all - I want to put an end to this IMMEDIATELY!
    I want to encourage people to help the planet as best they can, maybe just starting with a small thing instead of sitting there and watching.

  • I think this image should be captioned that 'Protecting the Earth or planet is everyone's responsibility'. We all live in this planet. We are alive now only one for planet's Water, light and air for soil We are still alive on this planet because of its light, air, soil and water. So, we should So we should work to save this planet. Good for our world and ourselves.
    So, Save planet with work together.
    Thanks .

  • hello everyone,
    I think it is better to cure a problem than to prevent it.
    The contribution of artificial intelligence around us is infinite. Everything from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night is somehow related to artificial intelligence. If we deal with a problem before it happens, we can develop preventive measures after it happens and remedial measures before it happens again. According to my opinion this hub of topical talk will be captioned "Earth conservation programs or human action to save the earth. If we do remedial work first then we don't need to do preventive action again.

  • I think a good caption for this image would be "Reconstructing Our Home" because they are working to rebuild and make a better earth.

  • I think a good caption for this photo should be "let's power up and make a difference" I think this is a very good phrase for the photo that shows people trying to solve climate change.

  • One caption I think it would go is: Together we are stronger!
    With this caption we emphasize the notion of unity in our community and all over the world. We can see from the picture that if we share a common goal, it will make us stronger! We can even keep our Earth on our hands!!.this is what togetherness can do !

  • I think a perfect caption for this picture could be 'Helping our dear mother Earth' I think this because it represents people doing all kinds of different things to help our planet, by recycling,adding solar panels, panting fruits and vegetables and many other different things. This caption helps to show that everyone is and should be working as a team to help our Planet Earth. Even if you don't have as much money, it doesn't matter , it doesn't require you to spend money to help the world but it does require you to be willing to help. Even if it may not seem like that big of a difference of what you are doing, it doesn't matter, at least you are willing to help and are helping. As the saying continues "small things make big differences."

    Thank you

  • I think a good caption would be 'Together we can all make a difference'. This would make a good caption as the image shows everyone trying to make a change whether it is something larger like putting in solar panels or something smaller like recycling. This caption truly portrays the reality of us all being able to make a change no matter our financial or societal status. It also shows that individually our impact can be small but if we work together we can continue to thrive and hold up our world.

  • One caption I would use is:
    A common goal:Earth!🌍
    If we look closely in the picture we can see that every person is practicing an environmental act or helping our planet be close to us. For this reason all of them have a common goal! To protect it!

  • I think a good caption for this image would be " Taking Care of mother nature". I think this because in the picture there are people picking up trash, planting trees, and even installing solar panels.

  • "If We Can Stay Together, Then We Can Keep The Earth Together Too!"

    I would say that this could be a possible caption since everyone in the picture looks as if they are from different backgrounds as well as that they are all working together in order to help clean the earth. Which brings the idea that if we can get together we can put the earth together once more.

  • I think the caption for this image could be " Make Our Earth Clean And Green ".
    In this image we see that everyone is doing their responsibility to save the earth. Someone is recycling plastics which can be used more than once. That is making our earth clean. Someone is planting trees which makes our earth green. Planting trees also reduce the Carbon from the atmosphere. Some are using renewable energy. All these activities of human is making our earth clean and green. That's why, I think would a good caption for this image would be "Make Our Earth Clean And Green ".

    Thank you

  • Mother Earth is ours to Parent-
    I have chosen this caption as recently the earth has aged quickly in terms of climate change and alike a human, the older they get the more they may need support and guidance. Which is being displayed in the image above.

  • Good Day everyone,
    From the image above i picked some things which are some people holding up the planet earth while others are making use of renewable energy which is less harmful to the environment. What I learnt from the image is that in order to uphold and keep our planet high up away from destruction them we should begin to make efforts such as use of solar power, planting and replanting of felled trees, recycling recyclable waste, etc. I believe that if we all should try to follow what has been shown in this image it will bring about a better planet which will be free from danger.

    Thank You.

  • I think this picture should be captioned "United for Earth" because in the middle of the picture, a group of humans are holding up the Earth, and on the left, a boy is recycling and a woman is using an eco-friendly light bulb. On the right, a woman is planting trees, which I think represents reforestation. A man is also installing a solar panel, which is using renewable energy. Finally, in the back of the picture, there are two wind turbines, which are also utilizing wind, a form of renewable energy.

    In summary, this picture should be captioned "United for Earth" because it mainly shows a group of people working to save the environment and the Earth.

    1. Good one spectacular rock,if I was to caption this I would say"IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY IN SAVING MOTHER EARTH"because all the solar panel and light bulb are all technically inclined. So therefore technology is going to make a great impact in climate change.

      1. I love your caption idea! admirable_butterfly.
        "Impact of Technology in Saving Mother Earth" perfectly highlights the role of technology in combating climate change. The solar panels and light bulbs in the image represent the advancements in technology that can help us transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. It's incredible to see how innovation and technology can make a significant impact in our efforts to protect the environment. Your caption beautifully captures the connection between technology and the fight against climate change. Great job!

  • I think the caption for this image should be "Together, We Can". In the image, we can see that everyone is putting their hands together to raise up the planet in which we live in. We are switching from sources of energy that harm our planet to other sources of renewable energy which is not harmful and everyone one is doing it. If we decide not to change our planets together for the better, other people who are doing something will be discouraged and every effort that has been put will be in vain. WE CAN STILL SAVE OUR PLANET AND IT IS NOT TOO LATE.👍 Thanks.

  • I think the caption for this is "UNITE TO HELP SAVE THE PLANET"
    This image is telling us to unite to save the planet together so that there won't be any bad effect of climate change on the planet. It is also reminding us about the steps we can take to help the planet like; using renewable energy, proper disposal of refuse, management of the natural resources, planting of trees and stop to burning of fossil fuels. By doing these together we are saving the planet from the bad effects of climate change.

    1. I agree with you! Working together can indeed save the planet and protect it from harm. If we all pitch in, I'm confident we can make a positive impact and create a better tomorrow by reducing our carbon footprint. This picture clearly illustrates how teamwork can save the world.

    2. I absolutely love your caption, cherised_drangonfruit.
      "UNITE TO HELP SAVE THE PLANET" perfectly captures the essence of the image and the message it conveys. It's a powerful reminder that by coming together and working as a team, we can make a significant impact in combating climate change and protecting our planet. The image highlights important steps we can take, such as using renewable energy, proper waste disposal, managing natural resources, planting trees, and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. By taking these actions collectively, we can help mitigate the negative effects of climate change and create a better future for our planet. Let's unite and make a difference together!

  • "Earth life is in the hands of humans".I think this would be a good caption for this image because it is our responsibility to protect our earth and it is in our hands to save our planet. By the way in this image also humans are holding our earth by planting trees, using solar panels, etc.

    1. I agree with you, tidy_ostrich. "Earth life is in the hands of humans" is the best caption for this image. This is because, for example, a year ago, I used to throw papers and plastic wrappers on the roads. But now, I advise my friends to stop littering and have stopped myself as well. It's us humans who harm the environment, but it's also us who work hard to protect it. So, I believe that your caption would be the most fitting for this image.

  • According to me, this picture can be captioned or entitled as "Let's put our efforts to preserve, to conserve our planet." We, the humans are the ones who are responsible for the continuous degradation of the environment, climate and in fact, the whole planet. We ourselves are the reason for why our blue and green planet Earth is gradually converting to brown and dry planet. Its our own responsibility to offer improvement to the environment as it will benefit our physical and mental health. We can do so by following the 6R's i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Regrow and Repurpose. We shall maximize the plantations in our surroundings for a cleaner environment. The natural gifts of the creator i.e. sunlight (solar energy), air (wind energy) and water (hydro energy) are all what we shall use for the betterment for our planet. So, let us all get together for a drastic change to reduce eco-anxiety.
    Thank you.

  • I would like to caption this image as:
    This caption highlights the idea that if we continue to harm the planet ,we risk losing our grip on it's stability,potentially leading to it's collapse.
    Thank you!!

    1. Could this caption evoke eco-anxiety or reduce it?

      1. This caption will reduce eco anxiety because,it is passing an information to the people ,telling them reason why they need to keep the planet safe.with all this negative impact it will bring in the world,I don't think anyone is ready for this chaos, instead they will all join hands together and protect the planet by doing the right thing, which is to reuse, recycle and reduce. they now have a reason for protecting the world ,so eco anxiety will reduce, because when the do this things they will all be safe .

        1. I completely agree with you admirable_butterfly,
          This caption provides valuable information to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. By understanding the negative impacts and potential chaos that could arise, people are more likely to come together and take action. Reusing, recycling, and reducing waste are essential steps in safeguarding the environment. When individuals have a clear reason and purpose for protecting the world, it can help alleviate eco anxiety and motivate positive change. Let's continue spreading this message and inspiring others to do their part!

      2. Hi Alicia @ topical talk!
        I believe that This caption could evoke eco-anxiety because it highlights the potential consequences of environmental destruction. It may intensify feelings of worry or fear about the future of the planet and it could also serve as a wake up call, motivating people to take action to prevent such a fearful outcome, which might help reduce eco-anxiety in the long term.
        Thank you!!

  • I think a good captions for this image is"SAY NO TO DEFORESTATION", Because in the image we see different people doing other things to save the planet,but they were not cutting down trees.

    1. I love your idea admirable_butterfly.
      How about this caption: "Taking a stand against deforestation! Let's come together and protect our planet by promoting sustainable practices and preserving our precious forests." Let's spread the message and make a positive impact!

  • In my own understanding, I think the best caption for this image is UNITED WE SAFE THE EARTH. I choose this because I want to lay more emphasis on team work.
    Saving of the planet is not a work of one person nor is it a work of two people as a matter of fact saving the climate is a work of everyone that exists in this planet earth.
    This is the reason why the populars trees were replanted, we should not think that ooo Americans uses vehicles and generators more than Nigerian and so they are to do better works than us here in Africa or the ozone layer is only depicting there.
    So, that is why I said that it has to be a combined effort of everyone no matter your tribe, religion and language. They should be no discrimination in terms of saving the planet earth, everyone have to come together because united we go, united we conquer and united we will nova a mountain.
    The moment we decide to put aside any form of discrimination and come together we will save the earth more faster and better.

  • I think that the caption "THE PLANET'S BETTERMENT IS IN OUR HANDS" is good . I think that this caption will be kind of good as we humans can make the biggest difference in the planet . It is in our hand whether to make our planet better or worse . And I believe that everybody would want to make it better as it is our home. As in the image ,we all should also apply these thinkgs like using solar energy,planting trees, being eco friendly etc .

  • SAVE THE WORLD-Our home planet is facing with a dilemma/crisis that change things how they normally are.Pollution and climate change only scrape the problems we are now facing.After decades of trying to fix that and this,things still have to change.If we can all work together as a team and get deep into this problem without political world leader we can all make a difference.Even by doing the smallest thing like placing your rubbish into the correct bin and planting a few trees we can all hold our world up.So let us all come together and beat this crisis for our children,there children and beyond.Do your part.

  • I strongly think this a great way to stop climate change, because what they are doing in the image has no harm to the earth and will stop climate change, this is what some people are doing in real life, but most of the other people in the world would do the complete opposite of this, some of the actions of theirs is what's causing climate and making it worse on earth. If people change their ways and they stop polluting earth the climate change could be become better and could even be stoped.

    I think that this would be a great caption because the image shows people -like ourselves- all holding up our ideal planet. There are other people helping to create our world better on the image who are carrying things like solar panels, who are planting seeds and a of a man putting some rubbish in a recycling bin.
    Here is what I think about these actions:
    - The man carrying the solar panels- green energy is one of the main ways that we can stop climate change. Solar power is such a reliable and planet-safe way of creating energy.
    -The wind turbines in the background- these also show great ways of creating green energy like the solar panels.
    -The woman planting the seeds- She shows that everyone can make a difference to the climate situation by planting and growing things at home or in local parks.
    -The man throwing away his rubbish- he shows that we should all pitch in by recycling when we can.
    - The people all holding up the planet- they how that it doesn't take just one person to stop the climate crisis, we all need to help and do whatever we can.

    1. Great caption vivacious engine,what if it was captioned this way "will only TECHNOLOGY save us from climate change", because the were renewable energy in this image,but they are people who are still planting and therefore I don't think only technology can save us we still need the people.

      Technology and the people will work hand in hand,to form a climate change free society.

  • A name I would like to suggest is "Global Burden". This is because it's everyone's responsibility to protect Earth whether by preventing pollution or trying to decrease the dangerous effects of climate change. Wherever you are, whether you were in an city, farm, island, etc, everyone is affected. If everyone worked hard, then we will flourish and there would be prosperity. However, if we were different and we couldn't take action as soon as possible, we would be in a bad situation that will affect us and our kids.

  • A caption for this could be Just another beautiful day with earth and friends! In this photo you see different ages of people together and helping each other.They are helping each other out by doing what they can for this earth so it can be a better place for them and the future. The more they do for each other the more they are helping society to be a better place for many generations to come.

    1. Nice one strong jackfruit,if I was to caption this image I would say"how the fear of climate change can promote gender equality", because if it was to be other problem each gender will have the one the can do,they men will do theirs and the female will do their part.some times we do depend on government.but because of the fear of dangerous climate change,we can see in the image that every gender is participating.this is another way to show that every gender matters in the society.

  • I Think a good caption for this image is promoting "AFFORESTATION". Because in this caption there is an image of someone planting a tree and not cutting down of tree but planting one. This could help save the planet and make it a better place.

    1. The proposed caption "Promoting Afforestation" effectively conveys the message of planting trees to combat deforestation and contribute to environmental conservation. It aligns with the image depicting someone engaged in planting a tree, symbolizing positive action towards sustainability and preserving the natural ecosystem. This caption serves as a call to action, highlighting the importance of afforestation in lessening climate change and raising a healthier planet for future generations.

    2. That's a great idea caring_spring.
      How about this caption: "Planting the seeds of a greener future! Let's join hands and promote afforestation to save our planet and make it a better place for generations to come."

      1. I love your caption, great_impression.
        "Planting the seeds of a greener future! Let's join hands and promote afforestation to save our planet and make it a better place for generations to come." It's a powerful message that inspires action and highlights the importance of preserving our environment. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet!

  • In my opinion I think the caption should be save the planet because a lot of people are cleaning the pastures

    1. Absolutely! "Save the planet" is a fantastic caption choice. It's incredible to witness so many people coming together and taking action to clean up the pastures. It's heartwarming to see the collective effort to protect and preserve our environment. Let's continue spreading awareness and inspiring others to join in the cause. Together, we can make a real difference!

  • I think one caption could be:
    Let's join hands for our Earth.
    As we can see all people around planet Earth they seem to form a feeling of togetherness to make her feel secure.
    This unity is the only way to make our environment clean, with fresh air and no pollution.

    Every one can help fight climate change whether you are small or old.
    1)you can plant trees, vegetables and fruit in your garden or even on a window sill.
    2)recycle the right things and re-use if possible.
    3)solar panels and wind power are much better for our world.
    We can not physically hold up the world but we can support it. It is a start.

  • Hi,
    I feel I have a caption for this, what about" IN UNISON FOR A BETTER HOME" I feel this caption bests describes this picture, because the earth is our home and nothing can change that, and the picture captures people all taking part in activities that are friendly to our ecosystem and to me that carries a lot of depth, if we as humans come to together(in unison) to take part in eco friendly activities we could save our home, our world, our earth from utter destruction. From recycling and simply properly disposing of our trash, to doing things as planting a tree, if we all come together we individually will contribute to saving our earth and those small contributions will make big changes and differences. In a nutshell let's come together to unite and save our earth.
    Thank you!

  • The cation for this picture could be Around the world we go. I say it could be named this because it seems like everyone is pitching to help. The picture shows different races of people helping each other to make the world a better place.

  • Your Planet, My Planet, Our Planet: We as humans are a community.It is our job to come together to help our planet.People of all walks of life can make solutions to our environmental issues. You are invited to join us to help save planet Earth.

    1. I agree because... The planet is ours to protect. Irrespective of our age and status. Together we can protect our planet and achieve more.

  • I think this should be captioned everybody can help .
    People can do this by :
    Recycling . This could include putting things in the blue bin or putting glass in a communal bin .
    Cleaning up rubbish and not littering . This could go from putting things in bins and throwing on the ground or helping to clean at beach or a park .
    We could try and emit less Co2 into the environment . We could do this by trying to use renewable energy and try to use more solar energy .

  • The caption that I want to suggest is " Use Green Skills and Energy to save the Earth." In the picture, we are seeing that people are using green energy and renewable resources instead of non-renewable resources. People are changing their behavior and making it environment friendly. They are working together to save the environment and are inventing different strategies to protect the environment by using their green skills. They all become conscious about climate and environment. They have already changed their daily lifestyle shifting to an eco-friendly lifestyle using green energy. In a world, we are seeing the future that we are planning to build to save our Earth.

  • "OUR PLANET, OUR FIGHT", I choose this caption because the first thing that struck in my mind after seeing the image was no god or miracle is going to save this planet, at the end of the day we humans will have to take action, we will have to fight to protect it , we will have to plant trees, we will have use solar and wind energy and we will have to recycle the waste. WE HUMANS ARE THE ONLY LIFEFORM ON THIS PLANET WHICH CAN SAVE IT, AND THEREFORE IF IT IS OUR FIGHT!!! OUR FIGHT TO SURVIVE!!

  • Eco anxiety, a complex emotional reaction to environmental concerns, deepens with apprehensions about climate change, amplifying stress over shifting weather patterns and the rising global temperature; individuals navigating this anxiety can seek relief and make meaningful contributions by incorporating sustainable practices into their daily routines, like energy conservation and waste reduction, while actively engaging in and advocating for broader global initiatives committed to environmental preservation and effective climate mitigation.

  • Caption - “Saving the world”
    Reasoning - In the picture , it illustrates people working to prevent climate change from progressing and becoming worse. The picture includes someone gardening, someone recycling, and someone using solar power. The listed observations are all some of many ways to prevent climate change from becoming worse, showing how they are saving our planet from a very serious problem.

  • Caption - "Taking care of our planet"

    Reasoning - The pictures includes people helping the planet. There is someone using solar power, someone planting growing a tree or a plant, and someone recycling. The listed things included in the picture all describe ways to protect our planet and make our planet healthy.

  • If we're talking about climate change and my country. The first thing I would do is to.
    1 Create awareness: In my country we feel that climate change is a minor problem but through the economists I saw the need for a change why I would first do this is because when people do this they would put all efforts into changing their planet.
    2. Recycling: In Africa we don't like to recycle we either use things and throw them away but just imagine 50% of Africa working on changing their planet. There should be also governmental recycling dustbin for people to throw their trash.

  • At first glance, I thought of the caption "Let's unite to save our planet", we should all help saving our planet and reduce any potential problems. This picture demonstrates how unity could efficiently support the planet during the effective consequences that the planet
    is going through due to climate change. "But how can we save the planet?" -There are actually many different ways like "recycling " recycling is one of many ways to help save the planet that we can help in as individuals.

  • I believe that a suitable title for this photo is( LET'S RESCUE THE EARTH). I chose that title because we must cooperate from children to old people to rescue the Earth from climate change. We can rescue the Earth by recycling the trash instead of burning it, we can use electric car instead of using cars that use fuel and we can use solar panels and wind pipes to electricity generation. If we didn't do these things this can cause pollution and pollution causes climate change and climate change causes eco anxiety.

  • A caption that suits this image is "IMPORTANCE OF SOIL",in the image soil was used for planting trees.we should know that soil is very important in stoping climate change,if it was to be snow we can't plant on it.but it is soil we can plant trees that will save us from climate change.we should not destroy the organic matters by burning on the land and spraying of chemical.

  • Caption: "Amidst the rising tides of climate uncertainty, a solitary tree stands as a silent witness to the changing world around it, embodying both resilience and fragility in the face of ecological turmoil.Amidst the rising tides of climate change, hope floats in the collective action of communities coming together to forge a sustainable future.

    1. I really like your caption fantastic_plantain! Because the caption shows how nature can be strong but also fragile because of climate change. It also says that when people work together, they can make a better future for the planet. So let us all join our hands in unity to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.
      Thank you!

  • "Our future planet"
    The reason I've come up with this caption is because of the positive imagery drawn; someone recycling, gardening, multiple people holding the earth, and overly good deeds being done for nature.

  • This photo is a group of people who have came together and are helping the earth by cleaning it and planting plants.
    This group is dedicated to make sure they have cleaned everything they can and add freshness of flowers to raise them up. A caption i would give this is "keeping the world safe in our hands" because they doing manual work in order to help around and clean. There also putting up Solar pannels which is a good way to provide electricity with the sun .

  • Hi guys,
    I’d like to tell you my idea for a caption. I think the caption should be FRIENDLY ECO COMMITTEE.
    . I chose this title because I think that it summarises the picture in the best way. I also think that another caption could be BUILDING A HAPPY HOME. I chose this caption because I think that’s what you can see straight away when you look at the picture.
    Thanks for reading!

  • Hello everyone,

    According to me a good caption for this image can be:-

    The reason i say this is because- Environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect. The earth is what we all have in common.
    United we stand, divided we fall. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change mother earth into a peaceful body from a victim of eco-anxiety.

    And if we truly love mother nature, we can play our part in preserving it.

    Thank you.

  • Personally I would caption the image "Let's make a better tomorrow.".
    I say this because it seems like everyone that is in the image is helping planet Earth go back to where it was. Like teamwork. So that makes me believe that if they are all helping put Earth back where it was they are now making a better tomorrow.

  • I believe that some people don't change to make the environment clean. There are alot of reasons that make them like this.
    The first reason:these people are lazy, they can't walk only one meter to put the trash in the bin. They choose the easy way to throw the trash in the streets.
    The second reason: everyone of them says that he is one person so if he threw trash in the streets he think that nothing would happen.
    The responsible people for protecting the environment must make posters that contain advices to protect the environment from climate change and put it in schools, streets and every where to chang the behaviour of the people.

    I make what I can to protect the environment. I go to school bike instead of the car ,I throw the trash in bins and I recycle the plastic bags and bottle, l use them more than one time.

  • “Mission recreation – Making Earth a heaven again”
    This Earth belongs to all alive creatures on this planet and we have exploited it to our extent. Now it’s our duty to make our world a heaven again. Earth has protected all the creatures till now and now it’s our turn to protect the earth for our future generations. Now it’s our duty to reincarnate the new Earth. It’s only us – The humans who can make this dream true, so let’s come together and make this marvelous dream a reality.

  • Hi
    I would like to say that there are a lot of negative news about environment.But we can handle positive empact on environment only if us citizen of earth take our responsibility and take actual care of environment.
    In the picture above we can see a little girl,two men and a woman are holding the planet earth.Which explain that our earth is in our own hand despite of our age,gender,race,colour, culture,richness,poornessetc.Only we human can balance the environment of earth.To balance there are a lot of ways.Like we can see in the given picture.A girl is planting tress,which can help us human for production of oxygen.We can also use a lot more ways.

  • I think there should be a topic titled ''LET'S COME TOGETHER AND REJUVENATE THE EARTH''. We as humans should come together and save our planet earth irrespective of our race, tribe,financial status,skin colour and differences. We only have one earth so why don't we set our differences aside and work together to save our planet earth.

  • "Heroes of our planet" should be the caption. In the picture, it shows people working together to fight climate change. The picture shows someone recycling, someone planting a tree/plant, someone using solar power, and people holding Earth. The people doing all of that shows how they are saving the Earth, leading me to consider them the heroes of our planet.

  • I would like to caption this image as:
    "SAVE OUR PLANET FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS"Adding the caption "SAVE OUR PLANET FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS", this caption can serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of environmental conservation. It highlights the interconnectedness of our actions today with the well-being of future generations, emphasizing the need for sustainable practices to preserve the Earth for them.

    Thank you!

  • Another caption for this could be A change for the better.I call it a change for the better because people are doing things that can help the future of the earth. For example the girl that is planting is increasing oxygen levels by planting more plants and with this we can breathe better. Another example is the man with the solar panel. He is using more efficient energy instead of using things like gas or coal to make more energy .They are all doing their part to help out the earth by making a change for the better.

  • Through image i would like to caption- "Let's together along with Ai make the world better" through this I mean that we can together with combining technology make a change and repair the losses given to the climate through us, we can take steps like-
    1.walk for short distances
    2.less use of fossil fuels
    3.installing solar panels
    4.Afforestation and Reforestation
    5.switching to greener fuels
    these are some of the methods that can be used to make climate conditions better.

  • Hello, everyone.
    I think a great caption for this photo is "If you want to save the world, then go forward to protect the environment."
    Human activities are largely responsible for the destruction of natural resources and climate change. In this case, if people are not aware now, then every living thing on the earth will face various problems in the future. The existence of living organisms will disappear. So from now on, everyone must work together to combat climate change. Then a peaceful world will develop.
    Thank you.

  • Numerous actions are depicted in this caption to help stop climate change. One item in particular is depicted in this caption: the need for environmental transformation. People cooperating to stop climate change, accomplish a desired objective, and live in a better environment. It is also possible to utilize this caption as a source of inspiration for others. For example, it ought to be posted everywhere so that individuals can at least carry out one or more of the activities listed in the caption. In my view, this caption serves as both a call for change and a source of inspiration for others.

    1. I agree with the statement. The caption talks about different actions to help stop climate change. It shows how people working together can make things better for the environment. It's like a message encouraging others to join in and do something good for the planet. Sharing it everywhere could inspire people to take small steps towards helping the environment. So yeah, it's both a call for change and a source of inspiration for others. Nice caption educated_cheetah!

  • I think that a great caption from the picture above is "The future of our planet is in our hands".
    In the picture, we can distinguish many and different people trying both collectively and individually to make a change by taking some essential steps and actions.
    Using reusable energy, planting trees and recycling consists the main ways to redeem our planet and return to nature the benefits she offers us. Besides, we can not forget that even a small effort can make an enormous change to the world. So, we should stop procrastinating and start precrastinating because that is the only way we are going to accomplish our so desirable venture. To save the planet we live. To create a better place for next generations. To create a brighter future. To embrace with our real home.

  • I would like to caption this as "TAKE GLOBAL WARMING SERIOUSLY". The global warming is increasing day by day and people know about this but they aren't involved in the things that should be done to reduce global warming like decreasing the use of fossil fuels and AC, recycling waste materials, decreasing deforestation, etc. It will be very beneficial for every living beings in this world, if everyone be serious about global warming.

  • A good caption providing a reasonable explanation for this diagram would be:
    "Small steps in the right direction"
    I thought of this because the image depicts a group of people each making their own personal contributions towards saving the earth for a better future for us all. Yes the changes might seem insignificant but combined efforts yield greater results in the long run.

  • I think a great caption would be "Reviving the Earth"

  • One caption could be : All together for a common goal : Earth!!
    We need to cultivate the idea of unity so each one of us and all of us together to prevent anything harmful to the environment. Positive change can be achieved through our daily acts.

  • I believe that the negativity of the news about climate change is needed to make us do more. Think if you heard mostly positive facts then many people would think it's all being solved already why do I need to help if all I hear is about eco anxiety is good things. That's why many topics you hear on the news are bad, bad memories are easier to remember then good ones and social media uses that to their advantage. However news reporters fail to express how we can help the environment. I'm going to suggest three easy ways to help people around the world help their only planet.
    1. The prices of electric cars needs to be lowered, most cars that run on fossil fusses are cheaper and easier to find then the eco friendly alternative.
    2. Ban disposable vapes, I am not saying to get ride of vapes after all they have helped to significantly decrease the biggest form of pollution in cigarette buds but because of disposable vapes are slowly helping to pollute earth. In the uk nearly 5 million vapes are binned each week.
    3. Add recycling bins in public areas, around streets in the uk there are only one type of bins found around all public areas. I suggest we add recycling bins and waste bins instead of general waste to help the eco system.

  • A caption i think would go well with this would be
    We Can Save Our Planet But We Have To Do It Together.
    I think this would fit well because it shows people doing things that help the ecosystem and people like making solar panels, recycling, and gardening

  • I think the caption is MAINTAIN PLANET EARTH because this picture shows people doing all the necessities in order to save Earth. Someone is planting which could produce more oxgyen and make the air we inhale more hygienic. Someone is placing an object in the recycle bin to manage the amount of waste taken to the landfill site and finally I see someone holding a solar panel which helps to decrease the amount of electricity we use. If only this was actually happening, I don't think there would be anything like Eco- anxiety.

  • I think a good caption would be The process of evolving.I call it this because everyone wants to do their part to help the earth evolve.No matter what age or race everyone has come together and is trying to make things better for them and the people they love.This is why they are evolving into a new or better life for the community and ecosystem.It won't just benefit them but it will benefit the earth and the animals on it to.In the end this will make life better for everyone and everything in different ways.

  • The caption "The Touch of Change" fits this picture perfectly. It shows us, people from all over, coming together to help our Earth. Whether it's planting a tree or innovating something game changing, every little bit helps. This caption reminds us that when we all work together, we can make our world a better place.

  • A good caption for this could be- ‘A planet in peril: Confronting the climate crisis’.
    It reflects the idea that yes, our planet is in immediate danger and needs attention, but at the same time, people are confronting the situation and are working towards change.
    This caption has both a negative and positive dimension to it highlighting the problem, as well as its solution.

    Thank you

  • I think a good caption for this picture is "We Hold The Earth In The Palm Of Our Hands." We can influence what happens to the Earth by helping the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. We can plant our food and use solar power to help the ozone layer. In a way, it's like we're holding the Earth in the palm of our hands, like they're doing in the picture. This is why I think that a good caption for this picture would be "We Hold The Earth In The Palm Of Our Hands."

  • I think that the caption is a good one, it justicet looks like natural people doing there natural things.