AI and Eco-Anxiety

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AI and Eco-anxiety

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  • I disagree with you in my opinion AI will not be as aware as human in explaining

  • I am also optimistic about the topic that in future AI might help us to tackle or overcome eco-anxiety. I agree with you that AI can help us to collect news about our climate and can also predict the consequence of our action. AI can also help us by providing innovative but effective solutions to protect the climate change. By using AI, we can raise the awareness among the general people to take steps to protect our environment. AI can provide us the live condition of the environment and let us know what type of actions we need to take now to protect the climate. By providing information earlier, AI help us to overcome the upcoming impacts of climate. I believe that people along with the help of AI, will be able to protect the climate from destruction if they start taking steps now. We also need to ensure that the use of AI will not have any negative effect on the climate. We have to first take step to make AI eco-friendly then we can use it to overcome eco-anxiety. Otherwise, AI can deteriorate the climate more. Through continuous monitoring the environment, AI will help us to protect it and to take step on time.

  • It will very good that AI will help the tackle of eco-anxiety in the country, for instance, when we carry to much load in the car, it will cause bad smoke into the ozone layer that we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, but with the help of AI we will be able to build a car that when we carry heavy load there will not be smoke coming out from the car that will not affect the ozone layer. But we need to make sure that the use of AI will not have any negative effect on the climate, but we should make good of it positively and avoid it affecting us negatively. AI can help in monitoring the climate more. By watching it continuously and inform us on what is going to happen in the future about the environment. With the help of AI it will help us to protect our environment and to find solution about the climate change on time.
    Thanks for the new idea and we find a way to put it into practice.

  • Well I think that whether or not AI will be able to help us depends on how they will develop in the years to come. If they ,as machines will be able to run on a completely clean energy source then they will be contributing to the battle against climate. Moreover AI can be very useful in collecting data about our planet and can even suggest ways of saving it . So for me, I hope to see AI help us in our fight against climate change.

    1. Hello intelligent orchard;
      I think what you said is somewhat flawed. I agree with you but not completely. I think Al will help us with eco-anxiety in the future. But for that Al needs to be created accurately. If Al is not created accurately then Al can make various wrong decisions resulting in worse environmental conditions in the future. So in my opinion Al can play a role in protecting the environment only when it is properly used and manufactured. What is your opinion about this? Please reply as soon as possible.

  • Ai in education may also involve a form of bias and this may even traumatize the students of different races or religions same could be applied to childcare.AI can't do what human teaching does. As a student, I feel teaching is a very significant job and as mentioned by you, compassion and kindness for the children is required. Secondly, children or students need some humanly advice or suggestions from teachers, some advices can be given by AI, but not all. If teachers really wish for the best of the students and they want to convey best advices and suggestions, they would understand the requirements of the students, and then analyze what is best for them, which AI can't every time do. Lastly, students need appreciation for good things and advices for something they shouldn't do.artificial intelligence is more addicted than old way of teaching because it always helps the students and never fails to satisfy our thirst of knowledge whereas our teachers usually ignore irrelevant questions to keep us on the track. In this way artificial intelligence may lead us to the roads where we will be confused where to go. So you are absolutely right that we need teachers and mentors to guide us to the right path.

  • Yes I agree with you! AI can help us with eco anxiety in 2 different ways.
    First of all, we can predict weather conditions, let alone extreme weather conditions and help us be more prepared.
    Additionally AI can help us understand eco anxiety and possibly give us more solutions or ways on how to handle this anxiety.
    I am really positive that AI can expand our horizons and bring us closer to tangible solutions concerning the environment.

  • AI is like a smart helper for our planet. It can learn about the Earth and suggest ways to keep it healthy. But if we use AI too much, it might need a lot of power, which can be bad for nature. We should use AI carefully to help our Earth feel better and not add to its worries. 🌱

  • I disagree with you. In my opinion AI will not be as good at some jobs as humans. For example; plumbing. It requires getting a little wet and it is possible that a robot would not be able to deal with that.

  • Your standpoint is perfect fabulous_editor, in my opinion it’s amazing 😉.
    I liked that you’re transferring the content in an exciting and easy way!!
    Congratulations!! 🎉